Fatality On 380 On Saturday Night

Or so I'm told.

The Day After: Compare and Contrast

"It's Time"

So I found myself in the dark hills of Arkansas as the Rangers played to get into the World Series. Who would have thought a trip planned months in advance of October 22nd would conflict with Texas Rangers baseball?

But I had a panic moment. Leaving Texarkana shortly after 7:00, I couldn't find the game on Satellite radio to save my life. I've got three ESPN channels and I knew the game was on ESPN radio, but all the channels were playing junk.  I defaulted to the regular car radio and .... nothing. I couldn't find the game on any AM or FM station.

From there, I fired up a baseball scoring app that kept me abreast of what was going on, but that's not exactly the safest way to get your family down a dark highway.

Then in the third inning I was able to find the game on an FM station broadcasting dang near from Tennessee. But the signal was great, and I was happy. Rangers up. Rangers winning. All is right with the world.

Then the signal cut out. I'm scrambling again.

In the meantime, Mrs. LL is feeling extremely guilty for my dilemma even though I know it is not her fault. Then, like the voice of Baseball Angel, I hear the familiar voice of Eric Nadel coming out of her Android. Not only had she tracked down the Ranger game, she had found the Rangers' home broadcast. (The gal tracked down the MLB.com app and shelled out some bucks and then figured out how to use it.) We routed it through the auxiliary jack as the game filled the car.

So an hour or so later we are driving down a lonely stretch of dark highway as the Rangers recorded the last three outs. She's like me -- We weren't going to believe it until the final out was called. There was something kind of romantic it about it as the kids got involved and were listening to the radio along with us. Eric Nadel, the Rangers' radio play by play man, has suffered with that team for decades. So there was something pretty neat listening to that man excitedly tell us that strike three had been called on Alex Rodriguez (it couldn't have been scripted any better) and that "the Rangers are going to the World Series." That's something I truly believed I would never hear.

I've got myself a memory.


He's Going To Perform Where?


I thought Tort Reform killed all this excess.

Arkansas Homer Call Of The Week

Everyone is talking about the announcer going crazy, but I'm more fascinated by the fireball shooting across the screen at the :40 second mark.

WBAP's Mark Davis This Morning: "Can We Have Our 7th Inning Stretch Back?"

At least he asked if the question should be asked.

It was prompted after wondering whether we've grown tired of God Bless America in the 7th Inning of every game. And that thought was prompted by the lady pictured above singing that song at the Giants/Phillies game last night.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Others have already said it, but pitcher Tim Lincecum of the Giants (who was on TV last night) looks just like that kid from Dazed and Confused. (And there was a scene in the movie where he was a pitcher.)
  • Bud Kennedy asked last night if it is appropriate to start an article about four women vying for two political positions with the sentence, "Four ladies. Two seats."  I thought it was kind of clever.
  • Brooke Hogan in a bikini.
  • I attended a middle school band concert last night. It finished up in less than an hour so a didn't even gripe much. (But I didn't expect to hear "Funkytown".)
  • Saw a guy that showed up in jogging shorts and a white T-shirt. He wasn't poor, just oblivious. 
  • Worse that Rick Perry may be Lt. Governor David Dewhurst whose commercials invoke Nancy Pelosi's name and say we must "repeal Obamacare." Repeal? Our Lt. Governor votes in Congress? I know why they put stuff like that in the commercials but it's shameful. 
  • This "So You Want To Go To Law School" video has been popping up over the last couple of days. It's kind of inside humor.
  • Commercials are promoting the next Glee episode which will focus on The Rocky Horror Picture Show - a film I've never had even the slightest bit of interest in.
  • Dallas Republican Congressional candidate says the idea of a violent overthrow of the government should be "on the table."  The outrage is expected but, like it or not, that idea is always on the table for every government on the planet.
  • The family kitten will suck on my shirt like she's nursing. Weird. 
  • No offense, but why does breast cancer get so much more publicity than every other type of deadly cancer? (Chico is having a "pink out" tonight at its game, and First Financial in Decatur is serving pink lemonade today.)
  • Later today, I'll be taking the longest road trip with kids in the car that I ever have in my life. I think I'll download "Holiday Road" before we take off. 
  • Bad timing. A jury convicts a Fort Worth man of murder. Last month, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals reversed the conviction based on the doctrine of "factually insufficient" evidence. A couple of weeks later or so, in a different case, Texas' highest criminal court holds that the "factually insufficient" doctrine is dead. The Fort Worth Court of Appeals (who still had jurisdiction for a few more days) then withdraws its opinion yesterday and upholds the conviction. Talk about an emotional roller coaster for the Defendant. 
  • And get this: If you are a defendant who had your conviction overturned for factually sufficient evidence in the past, you're safe. (Like this doctor who was tried for murder in Fort Worth.)
  • The Rangers must win tonight. I have a bad feeling about a Game 7 regardless of Cliff Lee. 
  • Edit: If you're a fan of Antoine Dodson, you'll love this


Talk About High Tone

Want to see inside that swanky home in Westlake in the Vaquero development (which is surrounded by a huge wall and guarded like fortress)?

You Knew That Was Coming

EMBED-Slingshot Gone Bad -

(Language warning)

That is, if you remember the chick launching a watermelon that I posted a few weeks back.

But why are they shooting beers?

We've Got Us A Caning!!

Sixteen years ago, America went nuts when Singapore leveled cane strikes on the back of U.S. teenager Michael Fay for the crime of vandalism.

Well, we've got a new one. And the offense? Staying in the country more than 90 days on just a passport.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Rangers play tomorrow night but I'm going to be on the road. Ugh. Let's see how that satellite radio holds up. 
  • And it's supposed to rain tomorrow night. A rainout wouldn't hurt my feelings at all. (Double random thought: Has there ever been a playoff game called final after six innings? Do they even have that rule in the playoffs? Edit: Answer.)
  • Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione died Wednesday in a Plano hospital at age 79. That's a guy I hadn't thought about or heard about in a long time. 
  • A 20 year old has become police chief in a Mexican town which sits in the middle of a drug war. She's a student who apparently needs to go back to school. 
  • The 7th grader in my house prefers small spoons over big spoons so I always grab a big spoon if I need one so more small ones will be available. Made me think of all the small silent gestures parents do that the kids will never know about. 
  • Apple introduced a couple of new Macbook Airs yesterday. Cool. Very cool. 
  • I've now got some neighbor kid hanging around and who won't go away. And he'll look up at me and say the strangest things. 
  • TCU coach Gary Patterson seems perpeptually unhappy.
  • I think my new puppy might be smart. We can put a food treat on his paw and he won't eat it until told to.  Heck, I don't have that much will power at a Mexican restaurant. 
  • Tried to watch the Ranger game yesterday but through the first three innings I had the 2nd Grader talking me ear off. I just didn't have the heart to tell her, even nicely, to let me watch the game. 
  • Heard a Rick Perry commercial this morning which began in an ominous voice: "Obama promised he would create jobs." Perry is running against Obama?
  • The University of Nebraska is auctioning off 158 game worn jerseys from last week's loss against Texas. Minimum bid is $250 each.
  • Camera loving attorney Gloria Allred about to go after the Evil Empire?


For The Right To Have The World Series In Arlington: Game 5

Let's hope Nolan is as happy today.

Yahoo live game.

Edit: After 3 innings, he ain't smiling.

Edit: And everyone go dog pile 4:49 p.m.

Edit. Rangers lose (but fought the whole game.)  I'm telling you, I'm not at all comfortable until the Rangers are ahead this weekend, in the 9th, and the last out is rung up.

Pick Heads Or Tails

I was going to make a No Country For Old Men reference but the writer of the article actually already did so at the bottom of the story.

And, as a side note, that story sounds very suspicious.

They Couldn't Wait Until The End Of The Season?

Or maybe he asked to be put out of his misery.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • California wannabe governor Meg Whitman has spent $120 million of her own money to try and obtain the job. (Insane.)  So she's probably not happy that her spokesman who, in a tweet to promote her campaign last night, included a link to a cross dressing Asian. (You know, I've always been worried I'm going to do that some day.)
  • Gov. Perry trying to link opponent Bill White to President Obama (by using side by side photos in his commercials) should offend you, but it probably won't.
  • I woke up at 4:00 a.m. because of a puppy who, for the first time, decided to play in the middle of the night. I took her outside shortly thereafter for a (ugh) "t t potty" session which led to nothing. Then I couldn't go back to sleep.
  • That made me think of what having an infant would be like. 
  • Might I take off early just to watch the Rangers? Yep, I might. This is sports history (and I consider myself a scholar so it's academic research.)
  • I'm going to Arkansas for a wedding this weekend that Mrs. LL wants me to attend (but I don't actually have to attend the wedding -- just have to endure the journey there.). We are staying with her grandparents who allegedly have acres and acres of land, a heated pool, a wifi connecton, a satellite dish and me the freedom to wander at will. I think I'm looking forward to it. I wonder if the trees are turning?
  • Weatherford cops fired at a car yesterday involved in an undercover drug deal at a fast food restaurant. I'm sure that flying bullets in  a crowded parking lot was worth that penny ante drug arrest.
  • My flat screen in the living room that I bought seven years ago (I was an early adopter and paid the price for it), is going out. The replacement will be much cheaper.
  • Other than the JP #3, is there any other legitimate political race that's interesting for Wise County voters? 
  • An anti-DWI ad that even I think is effective.
  • A Jessica Lowndes "Hey, Now."  What's up with all these new 90201 chicks?
  • I won't believe the Rangers are going to the World Series until that last out occurs. On my TIVO, coincidentally, is the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, Four Days in October, about how the Red Sox came back to win four in a row against the Yankees after being down in the 9th inning of Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS.
  • And did you see the TV camera which had its lens shattered by the broken bat last night?


Fan Interference -- Not Called -- Leads To Yankee Home Run

Credit: Dallas Morning News photo blog
  • This game (in progress at this moment) has every chance of being Wheels Off.
  • We almost had a Chicago Steve Bartman Moment in the 5th. If the Rangers had scored, that crowd would have killed that guy. 
  • Wow: Naked guy that ran onto the field in last night's game was after A-Rod because of his relationship with Cameron Diaz. That's normal.
  • Going live blog from here on out. 
  • 5th inning: Oh, my. Mark Texiera, who makes $20.6 million for this season, can't run to first base without pulling a hamstring. Ever heard of "stretching"? Not within your pay grade?
  • 7th Inning: Oh, my.  Hamilton. Yard.  I think those Yankee fans are going to burn that place down. 
  • The lead actor from Little Children, Phantom of the Opera (2004), and Hard Candy can sing? (God Bless America in during the 7th inning stretch.)
  • In the 8th, I'm tense  (and it's past my bedtime -- but I respect history so I'm going nowhere.)
  • More from the 8th: Yankees have bases loaded. One out. Is this Game One all over again?
  • Wow. Hit batsman who didn't know it and then flys out on the next pitch.
  • Wow X 2. Shot to Michael Young who bobbles it and then throws out runner. Three outs. Eighth inning over. On to the 9th. 
  • Top of 9th: Josh Hamilton goes deep. Ribs must be healed!
  • Now: Nelson Cruz homers! I just looked at Mrs. LL and said, "I cannot believe what I am seeing!"
  • Bottom of the 9th now. Let's get out of here. 
  • Hello, win column. I really can't believe what I'm seeing.
  • And, finally, an animated GIF of the guys in the stands that started this whole post. (Must see.) What a punch of New York jerks. As has been said, it's like a bunch of Turtles from Entourage.

From The NY Governors Debate Last Night

I'm from "The Rent's Too Damn High Party".

First June Cleaver And Now . . . .

. . . him!

 We've got a trifecta in the making.

Man Shot In Chest At House On CR CR 4371 This Morning . . .

. . . but it looks to be self-inflicted although it's not clear whether it was accidental. There was a great deal of law enforcement response. CR 4371 is east of 730 just a few miles south of Decatur.

At Least It's Not Only Americans That Are Barbarians

All I know is that it is from some "Ontario Football Conference" game on Saturday night.

And there's nothing more bush league than swinging your helmet as a weapon. Ultimate sorriness.


But considering there are about 3,500 troopers and 39,500 school buses in the State, this is more for show than for enforcement.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hide you wives, hide your kids, hide your husbands: The Dallas City Council is on a retreat in Paradise starting today!  Edit: Oops. My bad. That was last year. (Always double check that first sentence when making a first bullet point at 5:00 in the morning.)
  • There's a Wise County Tea Party web site?
  • My front lawn was transformed into a Halloween Spider Invasion Theme last night. My neighbors will think I'm on drugs.
  • I was shocked to see Yankee stadium clear out last night near the end of the game. They are normally hardline-stay-until-the-end kind of people.
  • 105.3 The Fan's Richie Whitt was at the game - want to see his vantage point from inside Yankee Stadium. 
  • It's amazing Rick Perry won't debate but Texans will re-elect him going away. Then again, I guess that's why he's not debating.
  • I spend a lot of time telling my puppy to "Hush!" even though I'm 100% convinced she has no idea what I mean. 
  • There has been talk over the last couple of weeks of creating a new DWI offense nicknamed "DWI-Lite" for those driving with an alcohol concentration between .05 to .08. But no one has said what the level of the offense would be. Right now, regular DWI is a Class B misdemeanor. Would the new offense be a Class C -- the equivalent of a traffic ticket punishable by fine only? I don't see that happening.
  • And, in related news, there was a wrong way driver causing death this weekend on Airport Freeway in Hurst on Saturday morning.
  • The 7th grader in my house became 1st Chair in flute, proclaimed it to be "ice cream night" per our earlier agreement, made a trip to the store to get it, and then forgot to eat it. 
  • And, in kind of related news, Bobby V's Sports Bar is still open in Arlington?
  • Who in the heck were all those women in that one section cheering for Texas last night at Yankee Stadium? Players' wives?
  • Good grief, I may never watch an episode of Conan if they don't stop showing commercials about it. 
  • The Update tells me 277 voted early yesterday in Wise County but I have no idea if that is light, average, or heavy turnout. 


As The Rangers Begin Game 3 . . .

. . . with Josh Hamilton breaking out the boomstick for a 2-0 lead, check out this amazing panoramic, zoomable, high resolution pic of the Ranger crowd in Game 1. If you were there and sitting somewhere other than the outfield, you'll probably be able to find your mug.

And when I say "zoomable", I'm not kidding:

Edit Post Game: Cliff Lee is masterful!With all due respect to Nolan Ryan, the Rangers have never had anything like this. Through the playoffs, he has 34 strikeouts and 1 walk.  For this moment, the World Series doesn't seem like just a dream.

Had A Friend Show Me This The Other Day

But for the life of me, I forgot where he said he took it. (Cell phone pic.)

But you don't see five (presumably) non-working satellite dishes on one home.

A Christina Sighting!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • "Learn how much pecan pie will cost you this year!" - A tease from Channel 8 news last night
  • I had someone once tell me that I dance like Morrissey. I have no idea what that means.  Edit: Jarhead sent me this example of Morrissey dancing. No way. Not me! Not me!
  • I told you the Cowboys will never be successful so long as Wade Phillips is coach. Fear is the greatest motivator. He projects absoultely no fear.
  • I ate Friday night at Oyster Ranch and Seafood Grill off of Western Center. It was a raucous crowd with the Ranger game ongoing and pretty fun. But the food was somewhat marginal. 
  • A Rutgers player was paralyzed during a game, and the NFL had three vicious head to head hits this weekend (video of one of them). I've said it before: Someone is going to die. 
  • Denton County book-in photo for aggravated assault. Ouch.
  • Before noon on Saturday I had jogged, washed two cars, edged the yard, trimmed the bushes, and I think something else. 
  • June Cleaver has died.
  • Annalynne McCord is hot.
  • The video of the Trooper in Austin being an absolute jerk to a passenger is shocking (and it probably shouldn't be since he's been in trouble before.)
  • Funny: Dallas' final play to the Benny Hill theme.
  • Odd: A County Attorney makes some phone calls to an Assistant DA in an effort to get a case against the County Attorney's aunt dismissed and gets convicted for it. (Not Wise County.)
  • That was a crazy motorcycle crash in Wise County on Friday.


Hey, We're Famous!

Bridgeport chick makes Tarrant County's "Most Wanted" list. (Link - PDF.)

Facebook page?

It's Officially Idiocracy In Amerca

Jackass 3-D leads the box office with $50 million? Really?

Folks, this country is to too dumb to make it another 100 years. Edit: An ironic grammatical error.

Unrelated random thoughts:

  • Kudos to the Rangers for coming back and winning on Saturday. After having your heart ripped out less than 24 hours before, that was borderline shocking.
  • When they go back to New York, take a look at that crowd. It'll be like 50,000 Turtles from Entourage. I'd pay big money to be there. 
  • I can't believe the Evil Empire beat Nebraska. 
  • Miles Austin leap frogging a standing Roy Williams? Impressive and almost worth the penalty.
  • I was able to successfully record and watch the Baylor game against Colorado this afternoon. Yep, went off the grid. And we have five wins!
  • For the first time during my weekly jogs, I'm beginning to feel old. That's a little scary. 
  • What happens when Crazy Texas Mom has a boyfriend who has tattoo of his ex-wife's name on his chest? Hilarity ensues.                  
  • This mayor does what?