It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 Don't Get Me This Dog!
 Free car wash.
"I've got a great idea! It'll be fun!  Let's . . . "
 Any chance this guy is still alive today?

 That was an impressive unnecessary jump off the top of the fence.
 I've had buddies throw golf clubs in frustration. But this?
Bull vs. Goat. Who ya got?

Let's All Go To An NFL Game!

Language warning.

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Do They Not Understand That Deadly Force Is The Last Option?


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Orlando Scandreck is my hero
  • UT coach Tom Herman has Shake Voice during every news conference.
  • The goofy tweeting Texas Supreme Court Justice has not tweeted since being nominated for the Fifth Circuit. The fake "Aw Shucks" guy has turned into "I Got What I Wanted By Being Fake 'Aw Shucks' Guy."
  • I decided to buy yogurt at the grocery store the other day. Good grief. How can there be that many choices?
  • One of the oddest and funniest guys I follow on Twitter is Fake Bo Pelini.
  • There was a comment yesterday that all NFL players are paid millions.  That always drives me nuts. Dak Prescott's salary this year $540,000. (And there is nothing he could have done about it due to the collective bargaining agreement.)
  • He threw a tantrum again last night. Probably held his breath afterwards. He couldn't even wait until the morning.
  • Hey, it's Friday the 13th.
  • Ugh.
  • Junior Miller of The Ticket had a hot speculative opinion regarding the missing three year old Richardson child: She was sold. I wouldn't rule that out. I wouldn't rule anything out. 
  • It's always a bad sign when my friends at the courthouse tell me, "You need to chill out."
  • This is haunting. They were traveling in a private plane, but jumping from island to island. 
  • Mark Davis this morning on healthcare reform based upon Trump's (yet another) executive order: "If you are in need, you won't end up living under a bridge. You will be taken care of." Ummmm. You been under a downtown Dallas bridge lately?
  • Any update on the "home invasion" in the gated community in Fort Worth from a couple of months ago?


Obviously A Video Produced By Dirty Libtard Snowflakes

OU vs. UT: College Is Different Than I Remember

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I noticed that Breckenridge is playing Paradise this weekend. Didn't Breckenridge used to be a football powerhouse in the same classification as Bridgeport and Decatur? Has the population decreased that much. (And, by the way, they are 0-5.)
  • "Black man beaten at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville faces felony charges."  But always remember, there are "good people" on "both sides."
  • ESPN's Michael Wilbon said this about Jerry Jones' declaration that every player will stand during the anthem: "And the word that comes to my mind, I don't care who doesn't like me using it, is plantation. The players are here to serve me and they will do what I want no matter how much I pay them. They are not equal to me. That what this says to me and mine."
  • I've said it before that the NFL Draft should be compared to slavery. Players, after going through the combine and stripped down and looked at on a stage, are then drafted and have to play for a team they have no choice in and paid a salary they no longer have a say in. 
  • Make no mistake about it, if Trump ordered a nuclear strike, the military would simply say "No, we will not."
  • LSU has a problem as many members of a fraternity are arrested after a hazing incident left a student dead with an alcohol concentration of 0.495. (Good lord!) It was due to something they called "bible study" where you had to drink if you got a wrong answer during a fraternity history quiz.
  • The police officer who manhandled and handcuffed the nurse who rightfully refused to take blood from a person has been fired. Good riddance. You gave good cops a bad name due to incredible arrogance and stupidity. And nothing will destroy the career of a cop quicker than the combination of arrogance and stupidity,
  • The "Politics of Dancing" applies to the courthouse.
  • This is very confusing why he said this earlier this morning: 
  • Especially when you consider this: 
  • I'm convinced that I have people who comment on here who are brilliant and others who are as dumb as a box of rocks. (The box of rocks boys will never understand they are in the Box Of Rocks category.)
  • Always remember that the current Secretary of State and former CEO of Exxon (from Texas) believes Trump is a "moron." That is an undisputed fact.This will not end well.
  • Steve Bannon told Vanity Fair in a recorded interview that he thinks there is only a 30% chance Trump makes it for four years. That should shock Bubba to the core (assuming Bubba knows who Steve Bannon is.)
  • It is now October 12th with no appointment from the Governor of a district judge for Wise and Jack Counties. There is a primary election in March. 
  • Trump doubled down last night on his ignorance of the First Amendment.  
  • But wait, there's more! And who are these "people" he is talking about? 
  • There sure were a lot of "news stories" about Arby's new menu items yesterday. Hmmmmm.
  • The Boy Scouts will allow girls. My take: So what? Who cares? It's a private organization who gets to make their own rules. 


This Is Great

And shoutout to BagOfNothing for finding it. a-ha doing a legendary song "Unplugged."

Here's the original for you kids out there:

He's Insane

If he could shut down the press and impose a single government news source, he would do it. And he has no idea how stupid this tweet is. He can't find the First Amendment but he is certainly scared.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The first Waco Biker trial started yesterday with jury selection and the defense lawyer, Cassie Gotro, showed up 20 minutes late. The other noteworthy aspect is that the lead prosecutor has no idea what the law is. He made so many misstatements. A twitter feed of a reporter following the trial is here  and is pretty entertaining. 
  • The Ticket's very conservative Bob Sturm called Trump "a tweeting moron" yesterday.
  • I said that it was odd for the Las Vegas shooter not to have online presence. A prosecutor over at the courthouse pointed out to me that he didn't either. I told him, in retrospect, it might be the smartest thing someone could do. 
  • I'm interested, as I always am, in OU/Texas this weekend. OU is a 7.5 point favorite. But if Texas starts Sam Ehlinger and OU's secondary doesn't get their act together, Texas will win outright.
  • Dubai now have hoverbikes for cops. Good lord. Video.
  • The New York Giants have lost three starting receivers for the year including  Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall, 
  • Man, that Harvey Weinstein is a pig. How was this not reported over the years?
  • Trump challenged Tillerson to an IQ test. Mensa immediately said they would sponsor it.  I'll help fund it.  I'll make Tillerson a 30 point favorite -- and that's conservative. I may need Wordkyle's opinion on this. 
  • I can't make any comments about 660 AM's Mark Davis because suddenly the station's signal is so bad that I can't hear him.
  • At one point there was a court at the Wise County Courthouse which would play portions of an modified and clean version of My Cousin Vinny before jury selection began to entertain prospective jurors. It was great and they loved it. Then, after a couple of times something dawned on me and I told the jury panel, "You know what that movie is about? Someone falsely accused." It was never played again. 
  • The only thing about My Cousin Vinny that I hate is the DA at the end of the movie. He's happy and just wants to congratulate Vinny. Dude, you tried to falsely convict two kids of murder and that doesn't disturb you at all!?
  • If you turned on the local news this morning, you would be thankful you don't drive I-35 in Dallas. It was completely shutdown and a total parking lot. And wrecks on Central and the Tollway also make you not want to live there. People drive like idiots. 
  • There is not a single time I come across Die Hard that I can look away. Hans Gruber is one of Hollywood's greatest villains. 
  • No one thinks twice of a Texas Supreme Court judge promoting a speech sponsored by a huge law firm that will likely appear in front of him?
  • I heard a radio advertisement for "Wealth Expo" featuring Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Pitbull and Jerry Jones. (What an odd combo.) The ad actually said it would be a steal at $249 a ticket but it was being offered for $49. The only people who are going to make any wealth off that thing have been mentioned (and the promoters.)


Get Me This Dog!

(Credit: Faithful reader Jody.)

Sports Comedy



Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: This went up late today because I forgot to push a button before a courthouse docket.  
  • What the heck is up with a Texas Tech student shooting a Texas Tech cop? And how in the world does he have a gun on him without the cops not knowing? (He was taken to the police station after a "welfare check" call where the cops found "drugs and drug paraphernalia.") I don't know if he was under arrest. The facts are confusing. 
  • However, there is the law: If arrested, the cops can search you incident to that but you would be stunned how often that does not happen. If you are "detained" but not arrested, you can only be patted down if the officer has a reasonable fear for his safety.
  • The story about the missing three year old from Richardson is weird. The guy made her stand by a tree at 3:00 a.m. because she didn't drink her milk? I don't think so. 
  • But I don't understand the Amber Alert for the girl being "deactivated." One, why? Two, what does that even mean? 
  • ESPN suspended a basically unknown reporter for saying that sponsors need to boycott the Cowboys because of Jerry Jones' statement that any Cowboy won't play if they protest during the anthem. That seems a little over the top. But the Toddler In Chief was happy about it this morning: 
  • Before the high school volleyball game I went to with Mrs. LL I turned to her and asked, "If I took a knee while they play the anthem would you kill me?" Her: "Absolutely."
  • Cat Fight!
  • Regarding the Waco Bikers Cases, the D.A. down there might have committed perjury. Every arrest warrant affidavit was basically a cut and paste job and signed by the same guy. The D.A. was asked under oath if he talked to the affiant about the cases and he said yes. The affiant later testified he never talked to him at all and seemed stunned by the question. 
  • Those California fires are horrific. Neighborhoods are going up in flames.
  • There are going to be seven new hotels in downtown Fort Worth?
  • A faithful reader found this: 
  • Trump and Pence saying people shouldn't protest might be the most un-American thing ever.
  • The Sonic commecial guys were funny 10 years ago. This time around, not so much
  • This is the greatest two point conversion in the history of ever. (Well, maybe with the exception of Boise State's statue of liberty play against Okahoma back in the day.)


You Okay, Buddy?

Not to be outdone, I proclaim today "Monday."

He's been watching Fox News again regarding the criticism of Christopher Columbus.

Random Flashback:

Uh, I Don't Think That's Correct

And To Think He Shot This Video

Miami Dolphins offensive line coach. (At least for the next couple of hours.)


Edit: I was wrong about the two hours.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to a high school volleyball game on Friday night. Verdict: Highly entertaining.
  • The Vice President took a taxpayer funded trip to an NFL game at your expense so he could do a publicity stunt by walking out when he saw players protest. CNN estimates the cost at close to $200,000. This is the most dishonest administration in history and full of con men. 
  • Ouch: 
  • "Here comes the sun." It always plays a factor in late afternoon games in October at Cowboys Stadium.
  • The Office is famous for the phrase, "That's what she said." I somehow ended up watching Wayne's World this weekend and guess what phrase was used? And they also did a lot of stopping and talking to the camera. (Side note: Do you remember that Ed O'Neill had a brief part in that movie?)
  • College football: (1) OU being beat by Iowa State is amazing. OU was a 30.5 favorite. Yet it is the seventh straight year OU has lost as a double digit favorite. (2) In a seven overtime game a guy's sister ran onto the field when she thought they had won the game. They hadn't. (3) Texas escaped. (4) TCU escaped.
  • Texas county government lawyers are certainly getting crazily aggressive:
  • Powerful cover from the New Yorker
  • What? 
  • Trump's Secretary of Education had some great insight this weekend. Sheesh: Edit: I fell for fake news again - actually satire - but I believe she would actually say this. 
  • For morning news guys: Why has Tim Ryan not been on Fox 4 for over a week?
  • It's been over two years and not one plea or trial in the Waco Biker Cases. 
  • It's going to be 97 degrees today.

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