It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

This time in April is historically bad. Especially today. 

  • Israel launched missiles into Iran late last night.    It appears to be a reserved and measured strike. Both sides have now pulled punches with each other. 

  • The D.A.s office in Wise County has jurisdiction over Jack County. Their murder caseload just increased. 

  • Oh, my

  • The arrest mentioned as the lead item in the Update yesterday was put into motion because of this video.
  • Day 4 of Trump's criminal trial begins right now. A full 12 jurors were selected yesterday and now they will finish up the alternatives today. It has moved faster than most expected. But Trump didn't like the cold courtroom yesterday. 

  • Harassment by ultra MAGA extremists:

  • Your reminder that this unsolved mystery has a strong Jacksboro connection

  • I don't know who the PR agent is for Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, but I want him What a makeover.  

  • I could not avoid learning that last night Taylor Swift released a 31 song album.  (Side note: Since the 1990s, I have always had a weird distain for saying an album "dropped.")  (Second side note: Pearl Jam released their twelfth studio album in the middle of the night as well.)

  • The Business Second™.


  • The Second Business Second™. That number also represents the total number of Cybertrucks which have been shipped to date. 

  • Not much of a punishment to make someone who is already retired to surrender their law license. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 291 days.


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

People showing up in public with long barreled firearms - something which has been somehow legal in Texas forever - was becoming a thing. I think the guy in the hat is Kory Watkins, who I haven't heard about in years.

  • The lady who believes in Jewish Space Lasers, has doubled down on lasers. This is real.

  • This was on CNN last night.  Two other small Texas towns in the area were hit as well. I don't know how every government entity, large and small, is not scared to death about a cyber attack.  And we all need to fear the day we wake up and suddenly find the Internet simply not working.

  • Another example of how the Republican Party is now controlled by extremists that would make Ronald Reagan turn over in his grave:  A Speaker is about to be ousted because he supports Ukraine in its battle against Russian aggression and expansion.

  • This is interesting, but none of the stories about it tell us anything of the circumstances of when and how she went missing. 

  • Elon Musk is shocking dumb or shockingly reckless.  Does he ever think, "I wonder if I'm right about this?" before he speaks or writes something?   If you own a flag - any flag - you can burn it (even in a public area if open flames are allowed.) 

  • More evidence that Trump has lost his mind:
    • Not only is it weird to be ranting about Jimmy Kimmel at the crack of dawn, but he confused him with Al Pacino who was the person who actually presented the Best Picture award.

    • If a party had unlimited jury strikes, how would you ever get a jury seated? Just object to every single person. But that never occurred to him. 

  • Kind of legal nerdy stuff:
    • I know no one is watching the Young Thug trial in Atlanta, but I've never seen a prosecutor very loudly argue with a judge and get away with it. And the judge needs some scene control. Video.

    • This is a fantastic thread about a former Tarrant County prosecutor (name eventually revealed) who now has a job he doesn't need to have. 

  • The Business Second.™ I go back in forth between "everyone is broke out there" to "who are these people with all this money?"

  • If you like journalism, this part of this story is jaw-dropping.

  • Messenger - Above the Fold


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

A drought led to the discovery of a body in Lake Granbury which had been missing since 1979. 

  • We've got seven.

    • Four men and three women
    • Two attorneys, a nurse, a software engineer, a teacher, an IT consultant and a salesman.
    • And although their names have not been disclosed, there's so much information out there about them that it wouldn't take much to figure it out. Example: 

    • Dismissed jurors were getting in front of a camera upon leaving the courthouse. 

    • Opening statements could begin Monday although that's probably optimistic. 
    • Trump, before court yesterday, laid out his complete defense -- that he made the payments as a "lawyers expense" -- to the viewing audience.  I loved watching the expression of his lawyer during the explanation. 

  • The shingles are being removed from the Wise County Courthouse as part of the restoration project and now some of the original roofing -- made of shale -- have been discovered underneath. The new roof will match the way the roof looked in 1895. Link

  • The new triple headed right wing block in Tarrant County (The County Judge, Sheriff, and DA) formed an "Election Integrity Unit" last year to much fanfare.  The results were predictably underwhelming. 

  • Speaking of their county judge -- who is a MAGA extremists to the highest order -- showed his true colors yesterday when addressing a county commissioner. 

  • He's out promoting the scam he's trying to pull off against teachers and public schools.

  • OAN had to settle a defamation lawsuit brought be Smartmatic for its spreading of The Big Lie.  However, they are still facing a bigger lawsuit from Dominion who caused Fox News to fork over $787.5 million for the same conduct. 

  • Kari Lake needs to stay on script. This was very Trump like.

    Lake (right) with the Little Ball of Insurrection

  • Here's the video of it. There is no question the fix was in. 

  • New this morning: The lady who sued Dak Prescott for sexual assault has dropped her civil suit that she filed in Dallas County. But Dak's "counter-suit" (a misnomer) is still pending in Collin County.