The Dallas Observer Has The Creepiest Cover This Week

Very Cool

I knew there was a Men's Wearhouse off of Pipeline Road near Northeast Mall but I couldn't find it last Sunday. So, for the first time ever, I used Google via text messaging by typing "Men's Wearhouse 76137" and sending it to "46645" (GOOGL). (It was the only zip code I could quickly come up with) Within seconds, the address and phone number of the store came back.


Just looked at Yahoo's Most Viewed news stories and saw the above two.

Bridgeport Falls to 0-4

All scores here.


"Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."

If you're bored, watch Tyra Banks act like she is nuts on America's Next Top Model. (Youtube clip.) Her acting is worse than her talk show.

Billionaire's Club

Forbes has released it's list of 400 richest people (all of whom are billionaires). The list is here. However, the graphic above is the list of the youngest people to make the top 400.

My Eyes!

Interesting Analysis

The following was pulled from the Comments (under the Elmo toy) and reposted her for your assessment: The WCM reports that the Wise County Regional Hospital claims a $300 million annual economic impact on Wise County. Are they crazy? Based on a population of about 50,000 people, that's $6,000 better off every man, woman, child, illegal, and inmate should be each year. Or about $20,000 to $25,000 for every single family, based on average family size. In other words, the hospital is claiming it accounts for more than half of all income in the county. That's strange, thought hospitals were things that local people paid into, and not things that cut checks for $20,000 each year to every family in the county. Economic impact studies are notorious for overmultiplying, overestimating, and counting every dollar even if the dollars come from the local area.


I finally got to mess around with one of these things (for the first time ever) at the courthouse a second ago. Amazing. If I were a kid, I'd b wasting more time than I do now.

Oh, Mickey You're So Fine . . .

. . . but Tony Basil is 63 today! Holy crap!

That Didn't Go Quite Like He Planned

Playground. Dirty Pictures. Kids. Adults who were not pleased. Story.

New Tickle Me Elmo For Christmas

Saw this new toy on the local news the other day and now youtube has a demonstation. It makes me laugh. (And I love the dog in the background.)


I don't do video gaming and don't plan to start. And that's a good thing considering the price of the "next generation" gaming devices to be released in the upcoming months. (Story.)

I'm Worried About 20,000 People

Racing Sausages

I haven't been to a Ranger game all year (and have no regrets). But if they would replace the Dot Race with these guys, I'm there.


I'm Still Lost, But It's A Good Lost

I've rented the first season of "Lost" since everyone keeps talking about it. I made it through the two hour pilot and, so far, huge thumbs up.

Fairly Interesting

The Star Telegram on Friday will run a story on "hole in the wall" restaurants. You can read it here. I've only eaten at one: Sammy's on Northside. And that was at 2:00 a.m.

"We're Going Streaking!!!!"

Actual photo of Sen. Kerry from last week. Source.

Gideons v. Rockwall High School

Lead story of Fox 4 . . . News.

This Cover Slipped Past Me

I hope my anti-Horns sentiment isn't waining in my old age. Or maybe it's because I know they'll be able to throw down that National Championship Trump Card for the rest of my life.


Originally the subject of Liberally Lean here.

National Weather Service Says "Hey"

I (Really) Don't Know

Great Pic

"Bindi Irwin -- the daughter of Australian environmentalist Steve Irwin -- reads out a speech about her father (pictured on a giant poster) during his memorial service at Australia Zoo. Family, friends, fans and movie stars said a moving final farewell to the 'Crocodile Hunter' in a high-energy memorial service fuelled by laughter, tears and music.(AFP/Pool/Steve Holland)"

Limited Audience Blog

For KTCK - The Ticket fans, you'll find this interesting. The rest of you keep scrolling down.

Abortion Issues Resolved

South Dakota is passing (or has passed) a bill outlawing abortion (which would become valid if Roe v. Wade was overturned.) Supporting senator Bill Napoli, a good strong clean conservative, explains (1) when an exception should be made (hint: if the girl is religious and a virgin it helps - and "brutally" raped helps even more) and (2) how out of wedlock births should be handled.

From This Week's Sports Illustrated About A-Rod

You can take your suit off by 1:00 a.m.?


Time Waste Videos

  • Johnny Knoxville almost had a hole blown in his chest during Jackass 2
  • Weird Al Yankovic (who I normally hate) is kinda funny doing a spoof of "Ridin' Dirty" called "White and Nerdy"

Breaking Katie Holmes News . . .

. . . uh . . . not really (but if you ever wondered what the Moms looked like, here ya go.)

My Third Wife

This Was Actually In The Bridgeport Index Yesterday

But they kinda had the home field advantage on the story.

A Headline You Do Not Want To Be Associated With

There's A Baby In There?

That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Youtube 14 second video here.


It's Called The "Sexy Little House On The Praire" Look

He Just Keeps Coming

Remember the crazy right wing ad I posted in July from a guy named Vernon Robinson? Well, he's at it again with this new commercial. It should be entitled, "Vote for me because I bet my opponent likes Mexicans."

Dog Humor

Guitar Lessons A Little Too Hard For You?

I wonder if there is a guy somewhere who has no arms but can play a guitar and sing Tom Petty's "Last Dance for Mary Jane" very well? Well, I'll be. Update: I fixed it. Sorry.


I watched the end of the OU game last weekend and, boy, did the Sooners ever get screwed on the onside's kick. It was obvious the ball didn't go ten yards before Oregon touched it, but I had no idea that OU had actually recovered the ball. If you're interested in this sort of thing, you have to see this youtube clip where the play has been broken down more than the Zapruder film. (And, by the way, the officiating crew has been suspended for this week's game).

Speaking Of Ex-Wives

The Dallas Police Chief has another. (Source)


Madam Tussaud in London unveiled the Tupac Shukar statue today. And I can't believe I've got the exact same one in my office lobby.


As I jogged outside tonight, it occurred to me that it was almost three years to the day that I complete tore my Achilles tendon. (I was playing basketball with my fifth ex-wife who had made the outrageous claim that she still was her high school's all time leading basketball scorer - a claim that made more sense once I realized she was about 20 years old). Anyway, two days later I went under the knife for the first time in my life. Three Two months later I was back on the treadmill. And now I don't have any remnants of the injury. Shout out to Dr. John Riberio of Decatur for some fine work.

Computer Tired Head

I'm a self confessed nerd. I know databases. I design databases. I know what a relational table is and can write SQL queries. (Ok, I've proved my point.) So I wasn't scared to buy the above product for $40 which, in theory, would allow me to transfer my Access database tables at work to my handheld device and work with the data on the go. (Always nice to know who is in the hoosegow at the drop of a hat.) Over the last 24 hours I've spent the majority of time jacking with it, and only in the last hour got the dang to work. I can't imagine the number of people that threw up their hands trying to work with the thing.

And Those Eyebrows!

This is a composite computerized sketch of a lady who is suspected of snatching a newborn from her mother's arms in Missouri (a story that sounds very suspicious.) Be on the lookout for a girl with a mullet and a mustache

I Never Watch MTV's Laguna Beach . . .

. . . but apparantly this girl, Kristin Cavallari, is on it. This pic made the rounds this weekend because it was found on her My (The Devil Must Be Behind The) Space page.

People Starving In The Streets . . .

. . . and all that money on Grandma's campaign ads (which I see all the time) is going to waste.

Tuesday Morning Just Got Better

Nicole Richie Will Never Be Hungry Again