Shaq Meets Gov. Christi

"Feel my power."
"No. You feel my power."
"No. My power."
"No! My power."

Pics Of Big Press Conference Today AT WCSO

I heard some national heavy hitters were there, but I don't have any names yet.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That "shootout" yesterday turned out to be quite the national news story. And it'll probably have a little more legs today when Colorado officials fly into Decatur and another press conference is held. 
  • The story was on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night but some how did not ever reference "Decatur" or "Wise County". 
  • I knew the suspect had shot the Director of Corrections and a pizza guy in Colorado but I had to learn this from The Ticket this morning: He killed the delivery guy so as to use the pizza and vest/jacket to pose as a delivery guy when he knocked on the Director of Correction's door. 
  • Sheriff David Walker does a good job on TV. So many country sheriff's come off as hicks, but we don't have that issue. 
  • The spillway is open at Lake Bridgeport dumping water into Lake Worth when our lake is already over fifteen foot low.
  • The President visits Bethlehem today. 
  • I was walking up to the courthouse yesterday and tried to get out the intersection quickly because a car was coming. I might possibly have done a slight one-time "skip" move as I hurried along. As I got to the courthouse, a buddy was standing there who said, "Why don't you just go ahead and do a full skip across the street next time?"
  • While you were sleeping: Three marines dead at Quantico.
  • I made a horrible mistake during jury selection yesterday that the prosecutor graciously allowed me to correct. I think he was afraid I was going to die of a heart attack. More later. 
  • Everyone talked about LeBron dunking on Jason Terry (meaning Terry got "posterized") earlier this week which gave rise to this question I heard on the radio: Do they still make actual posters? And, man, that was some beautiful passing before it happened.
  • Your phone charges faster in airplane mode? I guess that makes sense. 
  • A couple of Wise County troopers and a deputy on the cover The Denver Post.


Decatur Shootout Suspect Identified

And he was (past tense only because he's dead) a White Supremacist.

The WCSO Car Hit By Gunfire This Morning

Press release is below. But an update: The suspect has now died.


Story. We've got us a national story here, people.

I'm In Trial And This Is An Automated Post

But rest assured, I'm ending every cross-examination with, "Kapooyah!"

Man Down!

Messenger Update. Cops firing bullets.

Edit: Wow. This began as a deputy shooting on 287 in Montague County.

Edit: Reader photos:

Edit: Chase back up on 287 southbound:

Cat Crisis At The Courthouse

Edit: Attempted cat rescue! But the cat jumped to a different balcony.

Last Chance To Sign Up For Liberally Lean Tourney

Sign up here. Games start later this morning and then the sign ups end.

And Clint Phillips brought by this edition of the August 1, 1990 edition of the Dallas Morning News that the second place winner can claim. Fairly cool. I looked up Ryan's line: 7 2/3 innings and 146 pitches.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think I've ever used the word "myopic".
  • It's been a long time since the shooting of the Kaufman County ADA with no apparent leads. That might have been a professional hit. A very well done professional hit.
  • The Highland Park Romo kid who was no-billed in the date rape case is now suing his accuser. That sounds Angry Parent Motivated.  But Fox 4 reporting that they have already spent "several hundred of thousands of dollars in legal fees" seems next to impossible -- unless they are the victim of a legal robbery.
  • The Heat were down 27 last night in the third quarter and came back to keep a streak alive that even I care about. Not enough to watch it, but enough to be interested. 
  • I didn't listen to much of Jasmine on 105.3 The Fan, but her contract was not renewed yesterday. Radio is a dog eat dog business.
  • A long article in D Magazine about Chris Kyle which begins and ends with the mysterious story of him killing two guys during an attempted car jacking at a gas station in Texas -- a story which can't be verified. After reviewing his life, the writer basically concludes that it might be false but we all need to believe in legends.
  • We had a modified "And Another" out of Colleyville except both the accused and the alleged victim are both males. And the accused looks like a kid himself. 
  • I had to get my laptop repaired because it wouldn't charge. Charger was fine. Battery was fine. But some connection where you plug it in had to be soldered (I think that's the right word) back on to the motherboard. 
  • What a bizarre story out of Maypearl: Two teenagers try to burglarize a home but flee when the home owner opens fire. They then kill themselves.
  • I may be out of pocket today since I should be in a DWI trial. 
  • Did you know that Reagan and Bush #1 never visited Israel during their presidencies?


Late Afternoon Pick Me Up

The Alabama quarterback's girlfriend on Splash last night.

Viral Video Of The Day

The guy was doing good at first but finally caved. Man needs some Scene Control.

Man Interrupts Mayor's Speech

That was some serious style. Just interrupting the speech like he owns the place. And you know what the funny thing is? I'm dying to know what he was going to say. As Mia said to Vincent in Pulp Fiction, "Oooohhhh, this doesn't sound like the usual mindless, boring, getting-to-know you chit-chat. This sounds like you actually have something to say."

P.S. How cool is it to be named "Sly"? Sly Green. I like the way that sounds.

Above The Fold

Liberally Lean Tourney: "Fifty Big Ones To The Winner"

It's about 24 hours until the deadline to register for the Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Tourney of 2013.  I've decided to go with a $50 gift card (Visa/Mastercard) for the winner. I doubt if there will be a tie, but, if so, we'll use Yahoos!'s tie-breaking system. In the one in a krillion chance there is a tie even after the tie-breakers, the $50 prize will be split.

Sign up here.

Man, there are some funny bracket names you guys throw out there.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • AI guy in a self check out line in Walmart yesterday was telling people behind him, "I might be a while. I've got a lot of pennies." He then methodically stood there paying in pennies like it was a slot machine. Shouldn't you cash those pennies in first before going through the check out line?
  • The Texas Senate voted for term limits (two of them) yesterday. The most vocal opponent was Wise County's own State Senator Craig Estes. Maybe he needs more than two terms to find Wise County.
  • The legislature is also considering allowing government entities to post required public notices online instead of having to buy space in local newspapers. Local newspapers are not impressed with this idea. 
  • The Family Pup #2 (the Yorkie saved from death row) is a little bit more rambunctious than The Family Pup. He'll hound you to play fetch all day long and has this weird ability to jump onto window sills that are over two foot off the ground.
  • And Mrs. LL, I promise when I look around and see the chaos of you, the kids, the dogs, and the cat, I don't say to myself, "What have I gotten myself into?" Promise. Double promise. 
  • Whatever happened to the metroplex cop who was involved in a high speed chase and then shot the unarmed fleeing man a krillion times? 
  • The President is in Israel today? I thought you guys told me he didn't care about that country.
  • After my Vicksburg trip, I've gone back and watched some of Ken Burn's "The Civil War" documentary online. I was stunned to see it first aired in 1990. 
  • I wrote over Thanksgiving that everyone should read the two part series in Texas Monthly about the falsely accused Michael Morton who was falsely imprisoned for killing his wife until DNA led to someone else. That "someone else" is now on trial for Morton's wife's murder and Morton took the stand yesterday. He is, after all, a witness as to the last time he saw his wife alive. 
  • I missed George Mason Robert Morris beating Kentucky in the NIT yesterday. The game had to be played in the 3,000 seat home arena of George Mason Robert Morris because Kentucky had a scheduling conflict. Kentucky averaged 12,000 at home per game. Edit: Huge error. Kentucky averaged 23,099 per game.


"Let Freedom Reign"

It's the 10th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq.  That was then.

This is now.

I was against the war ten years ago. I've got witnesses!

High Kicking Like Nobody's Business

From last night's Mav's game.

(Maybe there was a sniper in the rafters?)

Ted Cruz Gif That Makes Me Laugh

He is not impressed.


The McCain dance isn't bad, either.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The greatest request ever for an attorney general opinion by an elected Texas County Attorney: Can the commissioners' court prevent me from bringing my 16 year old miniature dachshund to my county office even though the fine puppy dog creates a "safer work environment"?
  • What the County Attorney meant was that he often deals with angry people in his office, but he believes the dog has a "calming effect" on all parties. At first I thought that was silly. The more I think about it the more that makes some sense. 
  • Don't know how to make the picks in the Liberally Lean 2013 Tourney? How about base it upon the most famous graduate of each school
  • Oh, yeah. Enter here.
  • Brad Watson is leaving Channel 8 after thirty-four years. Did he ever smile? 
  • Obscure random thought: Some guy announced his candidacy for Tarrant County DA yesterday, and he sounds like he has some decent credentials. However, for all my lawyer friends, would you ever send out a press release with a citation to one of his famous cases that is in complete violation of the Texas Green Book Rules of Form? Edit: The press release is a little old. I learned about the DA announcement here.
  • The Texas legislator that was arrested for DWI took to the floor of the house yesterday to apologize for her mistake. "Lawmakers applauded loudly, eventually climbing to their feet. Some gave Gonzalez hugs and high-fives. Flowers were left on her desk in the chamber." Huh?
  • While you were sleeping: Seven marines killed, eight wounded. In Afghanistan? Nope. Nevada.
  • Turf Wars: Bridgeport ISD continues the Cold War by voting against installing turf at Bull Stadium. 
  • I have no understanding of Cyprus potentially seizing 10% of all bank accounts in the country, but did you know the taking of 10% is an accurate meaning of the word "decimate"? 
  • I actually watched some of the Heat/Celtics game last night since the Heat was attempting to go for its 23rd straight win. I guess that was exciting. (But the bounce the ball off the guy's back to run out the clock was pretty clever.)
  • Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings was on Fox 4 last night discussing a rally this weekend against domestic violence. "One out of two women in their life will be hit by their intimate partner. That's amazing. It hits everybody." I think he meant, "Domestic violence impacts us all." 
  • Frisco home exploded this morning. Gas leak?


From The Email Bag

"This guy cut me off on I-35 in Oklahoma a few days ago."

Two Americas

Cute puppy trying to learn to play catch on one hand. Two chicks fighting in the street on St. Paddy's day on the other (in Austin?)

                                "Get me this puppy!"

What's Going On Up There?

I was talking to a buddy this morning who said there were probably 3,000 people there this weekend. (I posted a video a while back of some guy destroying his fancy pick up on a jump. I'm sure there's a ton more out there.)

Last Vacation Pic

This was just the last evening on the beach as I walked alone to take it all in one last time. I don't know why I thought this was so funny/sad/odd/telling, but these two girls were just texting away as the sun was setting and waves were hitting their feet.

It's 2013.

Today's Texas Monthly Story By Wise County Assistant DA

I haven't read it yet. Link:

Does The Devil In "The Bible" On . . .

. . . the History Channel look like the President?

2013 Liberally Tourney Pick 'Em

I hope this link works.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm back at it this week but I'll wrap up with some post Spring Break thoughts. 
  • After driving across the South, I'm now a big fan of the GPS. Yes, I love technology. 
  • Vicksburg National Military Park Thoughts: (1) Fantastic place and thanks to whoever it was that suggested it, (2) I took a crash course in the history of it before I went through it, and I'm glad I did, (3) I was whipping everyone in the car with "fun facts", (4) and I also spent a lot of time saying "be reverent" to the jokesters in the car, (5) the fact that many people use the park for jogging is a little unnerving, (6) coming up upon the USS Cairo was a treat, (6) no matter how hard I tried to envision what that battle(s) was like,  I know I wasn't close.
  • Alabama might want to work on its roads a little bit. 
  • Based upon the billboards, personal injury law is alive and well in the South.
  • I was stunned by how few confederate flags there were but how many azaleas covered the landscape.
  • Texas Monthly tweeted last night to check its site tomorrow "for an amazing personal essay by Wise County's asst DA [about] the death penalty." I'm really confused by that but will post a link as soon as I find one.
  • I'll also post a link for Liberally Lean March Madness 2013 in a bit. There may be just one prize this year -- last year I got beaten down by getting about seven different gift certificates sent out. Ain't nobody got time for that. 
  • Stolen from Gordon Keith: The headline in the opinion section of the Dallas Morning News yesterday that read, "Should we put robots on trial?"
  • "Orange Beach looks to restrict obscene merchandise after mayor 'sickened' by T-shirt logos." The mayor hates some T-shirts sold during Spring Break. I don't know what the government can do about it (and I'm not sure they should have the right to do anything about it, but I agree with his sentiment. Classless.
  • I watched a little bit of the CPAC convention late at night while on vacation. Donald Trump. Sarah Palin. Rick Perry. Ted Cruz. Man, they work themselves up into a frenzy, and they are not helping their cause. 
  • Saddest story that you may not have heard: The Seton Hill's lacrosse team bus was in a crash last week killing the bus driver and the coach who was pregnant. 
  • Crazy plane crash yesterday in South Bend. One of the dead is Steve Davis who led OU as quarterback to two national championships in the 1970s.