Holy Cow

Something else I found from Bud Kennedy's Facebook page. You can buy it on eBay.

Right After Being Sworn In As Governor

Rick Perry heads to Vegas to sign some books and hang out with Ted Nugent and one (or maybe two) hot chicks.


Credit: Bud Kennedy on Facebook.

That "Adult Entertainment" That Is Opening Up Near DFW Airport

The local news has been covering how local politicians were "outraged" at Rick's Caberet for opening near the DFW Airport just in time for the Super Bowl, and the Fort Worth mayor issued this statement in opposition to it getting a liquor license. (Fox 4 Screenshot).

Despite the fact that the allegation could be made against every single bar, I love a good typo.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • In 2007, the Texas legislature stupidly (good word) took away the right of a jury to give probation in a murder case. Amazingly, in a trial in Austin last week, the judge, defense lawyer, and prosecutor didn't now that. So the jury, when given the option, gave the defendant probation.
  • There's an old saying: "Doctors bury their mistakes. Lawyers print theirs in books."
  • Oh, and why was it stupid to take away the right of a jury to give probation in a murder case? Think about it: The elderly married couple mercy killing, the homeowner killing an intruder who didn't technically comply with the so-called "Castle Doctrine"; and the list goes on.
  • This Saturday is the first sports television wasteland that we've had since August.
  • This week Texas Tech backed out of a game with TCU for this fall. And, to take another kick, the conference that TCU is leaving is considering moving new member Boise State's game against TCU from Fort Worth to Boise.  
  • Everyone keeps telling me to see True Grit. And although they all describe it as "really good", I've noticed no one gives it an enthusiastic "It's great!"
  • Two things in the Update which are tailor made for Liberally Lean audience: (1) Newark passed a "trailer ordinance" and (2) the Decatur ISD is spending over a million dollars on sporting facility improvements but the story specifically mentioned that turf would not be included. 
  • I was asked to spell "unh uh" last night. That's a heck of a lot harder than you think.
  • "Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right." - Ricky Gervais on the (pretty darn entertaining) Piers Morgan Tonight show last night on CNN.
  • And I'm a huge fan of Gervais in a world where I'm a very huge fan of almost no entertainers.
  • And when Gervais, English born and bread bred, spoke of his past weight problem, he said that he had "weighed 14 stones." This caused Mrs. LL (and I'm not making this up) to yell at the screen: "Oh, come on! Speak American!!!" Love it.
  • A video "Hey, Now."
  • Hey, you guys over at Wise County probation: What does it mean that the proposed budget slashing state appropriations bill will eliminate "funding for misdemeanor probation supervision and reduces the felony probation formula funding per diem to $1.37, based on the LBB June 2010 population projections"?  It's Greek to me, but it sure doesn't sound good for your typical probation department.
  • The lawsuit against TCU by the former student who was allegedly sexually assaulted on campus gives the public another justifiable reason to hate lawyers.
  • Jessica Biel went to the beach. Not sure what I think about her. 
  • Think it was cold in Wise County this morning? It was -41 in International Falls at 5:00 a.m. according to the weather gal on Channel 5. I didn't believe her, so I checked it out.  Yep, minus forty-one!


Did I Pose With A Murder Victim?

During my crazy wedding weekend in Vegas last summer, the new Mrs. LL and I caught a show. And before that show, some of the dancers came out to pose for pictures (see me pointing at my wedding ring to kill the awkwardness?). Anyway, news broke over the last couple of weeks that one of the dancers in that show was abducted and killed. Her name was Debbie Flores (the gal in the top two pics).

So the question is: Is that her with me?

Google images of her to help.

Remember That Gal That Fell Into The Mall Fountain While Texting?

Everyone is up in arms today about the fact she is considering suing the mall (yawn), but I'm more surprised to learn she looks like this and is 49 years old!


Things That Guys Can't Pull Off

Justin Bieber at Golden Globes:

State Rep Marc Veasey walking in Austin this morning in a Spiderman cap:

Alvord ISD Shut Down?

Little did we know that the Great Wise County Blizzard of 2011 hit without us even knowing it.

(My jury trial fell through when a plea bargain was reached during jury selection. That happens sometimes. Not very often, but it does happen.  I hate doing all that work and not getting to use it, but it's results that matter. A fair one was reached here.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Heard Alvord ISD had a delayed opening this morning. Not sure about others. Slidell looked icy on the ol' weather map. 
  • The new Republican Alabama governor, shortly after inauguration, said that anyone who was not a Christian was not his "brother or sister."  I guess that's fine for the new pastor on the corner (maybe), but not for an elected official. He's already backtracking
  • The new Republican controlled House voted to repeal Obamacare yesterday. I guess that's OK for a Tea Party meeting but not an elected body (since the vote is only for show with no chance of becoming law.)
  • Jennifer Aniston in Allure is a triple "Hey, Now." She's definitely not sporting "The Rachel."
  • Surprised that the Arizona Representative who was shot in the head stood up yesterday.
  • Kyle Clifton trivia question from yesterday: He was flagged for jumping up and down on defense before a field goal attempt by the other team. The rule is (or was) that you could not leave your feet on defense before the ball was snapped. 
  • Mrs. LL's operated wrist is doing very well. Just about three more therapy sessions.
  • It'll be slow posting today --- it's jury trial day. Yep, DWI. I love it and hate it at the same time.
  • The toughest part about preparing for one of those trials is not voir dire, cross-exam, or closing argument. That stuff is easy. It's watching the video listening for every little word and watching for every little misstep.
  • If you read the 100th most popular book on the best seller list, is it safe to say you would never meet anyone that has also read it?
  • No way I'm watching American Idol. And then I looked up to see that it has been TIVO'd. That's some recorded space I'll never get back.
  • I think it's bad when I hear a pop, smell an electric fire, and see a small poof of smoke come out from Mrs. LL's chair. Yep. Happened last night. 
  • I took a beating on the "DA Sorriness" post yesterday. That's fine. But my point was that an elected official did not need to be using his official Twitter account to point out a spare web site posting booking photos of DWI suspects. My posting of the funny booking photos out of Denton is worthy of criticism, but I'm not an elected official who is sworn to do justice.
  • But I don't mind the criticism. Of all the things I'd change about me, my thick skin is not one of them.
  • Obama's approval rating is back above 50%. Look out, folks. I've said for months that if the economy turns around he is a lock to win re-election. Wise County political views are not the national political views.


Somebody In Decatur Doesn't Like Da Police

Got this from the Messenger's blog which, after talking about iPhones for a few paragraphs, mentions the new graffiti on the CenturyLink building and the Lion's Club building.  They've got another pic as well.

Workman Killed This Morning Near Boyd?


Report said "hit by a pipe."


Developing . . . .

District Attorney Sorriness

Montgomery County, Texas DA tweets about local "news organization" publishing photos of those arrested, yet not convicted, of DWI.

So much for his respect from the presumption of innocence.

Edit @ House of York: Those City of Denton bookin/booking photos I link to every now and then are actually posted by a North Texas student who is not associated with any government agency.

Edit: I stand corrected, the City of Denton does post bookin photos. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. (I guess that's where the North Texas student gets them and then twitpics them.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I really didn't know much about Sargent Shriver who died yesterday, but he sounded like a great guy. 
  • The Christmas decorations on the Wise County Courthouse were taken down yesterday. I was hoping they'd make it to February. 
  • I was joking yesterday when I asked if Tony Romo was out of the hospital, but I didn't know he was schedule to team up with John Daley next month in a golf tournament. I'm about ready to rank Romo right behind Danny White. Or maybe far behind Danny White. 
  • Jon Stewart goes after Fox and Friends more than I do.
  • Some lady avoided a trial in the Wise County district court yesterday by accepting some plea agreement. It didn't sound very exciting: Dope. 
  • I'm sure you've seen it, but the price was announced yesterday to buy a ticket to sit/stand outside of the Super Bowl: $200.  Any one want to think about the weather on February 6th? And, yes, those buying a ticket will be counted towards the "total attendance" of the game. 
  • Someone asked what former Bridgeport resident and longtime New Jets linebacker Kyle Clifton's first penalty was in the NFL. I remember it because it was a mid-game highlight during a different Cowboy game. Anyone?
  • A lot of criminal defense law practice is avoiding disasters.
  • The Dallas Morning News has started implementing it's pay-for-content plan. It seems any story on their home page with a little "d" in a circle is pay only. 
  • Former Southlake Carrol and failed North Texas coach Todd Dodge is now quarterbacks coach at the University of Pittsburgh? I'm serious: I'd rather be the head coach of Abilene High School.
  • You know, the parade following the upcoming Royal Wedding (and, yes, there will be one) would seem to be a security nightmare.
  • Idiocracy at the convenience store that I saw: Right above the "5 Hour Energy Drink" was a similar bottle labeled "6 Hour Energy Drink."
  • A MLB pitcher walks away from a guaranteed $12 million in the last year of his contract because he can't pitch. My new hero.
  • You know who the Muslims believe to be God? They believe Him to be the one Abraham spoke to. (Yep, the same Abraham in the Bible who was willing to sacrifice his son.) And did you know that Jesus is spoken of reverently in the Koran? It even speaks of him ascending into heaven. Yep, I learned some stuff on the Smithsonian Channel last night -- it was part of their "Islam and the West" series.
  • Funny quote from Mark Twain that I read in Newsweek when someone asked him whether a significantly paid corporate exec had a "tainted salary". "Yes", he said. "His money is twice tainted: 'taint yours and 'taint mine.”


I'll Give You A Million Guesses . . .

. . . as to who got this on her arm. (National figure, not local).

Is Tony Romo Even Out Of The Hospital Yet?

I'm mildly interested in the NFL playoffs, but I was pretty surprised that this second year pretty boy could hold such a record.  Didn't Stauback win like a 100 playoff games or something like that?

And he looks like Vince from Entourage.  Ladies, consider this to be your bi-annual Afternoon Pick Me Up.

News I Don't Care About, But You Might

But it is worth remembering the Seinfeld episode where Kramer appeared on the show to promote his coffee table book about coffee tables. And if you didn't have a coffee table, it turned into one. (Clip.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I couldn't help but watch the Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin lovefest last night on the Fox News Channel. She seemed a little down.  
  • But it also seemed she was seriously hinting at running for president. Please, please, please.
  • And then I got to see the story about the Reagan boys feuding. (One claims Reagan's Alzheimer's began while he was still in office.) One things for sure: The believe in capitalism as both of them ho themselves out to sell their books.
  • I felt like I was jacked up on caffeine all day yesterday -- I tried to jog it out of me in the evening but that didn't even seem to work. 
  • A restaurant on the square in Waxahachie went up in flames this morning three weeks after it was purchased. 
  • The Family Cat likes to knock over a potted plant onto the carpet. This leads to an ugly exchange between the two of us -- me yelling and her ignoring. Cats can't show remorse? None? 
  • The outside of Cowboys Stadium has a huge screen looking thing that I don't think is a screen. What's it for? (Other than to put the Super Bowl logo on it this week.)
  • This isn't for everyone, but last week's This American Life podcast was fascinating: "The Invention of Money."  The second segment dealt with the Federal Reserve (in understandable English) and even had a sound bite from Ron Paul. (Jarhead would have gone crazy with glee.)
  • A Fort Worth man was electrocuted yesterday near Chico.  (He passed away but can you be "electrocuted" and survive? Or does it necessarily mean death.)
  • I had a radio in the bathroom that would shock me as a kid -- and I don't mean a spark on my finger -- I'm talking about a blast that would run up my arm and cause excruciating pain. I remember telling my parents "that radio shocks me sometimes," but I think they thought I was just talking about static electricity. 
  • The Dallas Morning News has a new look today (better), but I haven't run into any "paid only" content as promised.
  • I don't think the Dallas mayor has a chance in the world of winning Kay Bailey's Senate seat. And if I had to bet, I put money on the despicable David Dewhurst (who will be sure to feature campaign commercials showing him on a horse.)
  • Dick Cheney has a heart pump that "leaves [him] without a pulse because it pushes blood continuously instead of mimicking the heart’s own beat." Wow. 
  • This was very political today. 


The Sarah Palin Battle Hymn

Drunk? Nope.

It's a weird phenomenon, but some people can't handle the feedback over the the loud speakers.

The Ticket made famous a bowl representative at a North Texas game who strung out "invitation" for about ten seconds once in a similar situation.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL and I have decided that our memories are so bad that we are very much like the movie "50 First Dates."
  • I whip her so much with sports that I turned to her on Saturday (while a conversation about Cam Newton entering the draft was on the radio) and said, "You pretty proud of yourself for knowing who Cam Newton is?" Her response, "Who is Cam Newton?" Maybe she doesn't listen as much as I thought. 
  • Having a 7th Grader in the house reminds me how much I hated 7th Grade. There's a lot of drama going on at that age. 
  • Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger wears a glove on his throwing hand. 
  • Mrs LL actually said, "You're wearing that shirt?" before we went out on Saturday.  I guess "But it's comfortable" is not the best justification in the world. 
  • I don't know who is running HBO, but they know what they are doing.
  • Mrs. LL loved Temple Grandin. Me? Not so much.
  • Apple's Steve Jobs announced he was taking a "medical leave" this morning. Just a hunch, but I think something very bad is going on. 
  • "Don't Stop Believing" has become so pop culturally iconic, I'm kinda happy I saw Journey perform it live at Reunion Arena back in the day.
  • We ate at the sushi place near the Sam Moon in North Fort Worth on Friday.  Are sushi places popping up everywhere?
  • It may be a good thing that the Runaway Bay police chief keeps such a low profile that I didn't even know his name after four years of service. 
  • "Teachers in Tarrant and surrounding counties make an average of $51,370, the highest of any region in Texas."
  • I'm a big fan of the Messenger, but its decision to print incendiary Ken Hughes letters and then fill up the paper with anti-Ken Hughes letters the following week seems like a failed bit to me. 
  • Former Denton Sheriff Weldon Lucas has died. I met him once when I was DA and was strongly considering backing out of the Drug Task Force which he supported. I was way ahead of my time. 
  • "There has to be an easier way to get a standing ovation" - Michael Douglas (at the Golden Globes last night as he implicitly acknowledged that the crowd was supporting him as he battles cancer.)
  • "I wished I had Johnny Depp's look." -- Me watching the Golden Globes last night which got the strangest look from Mrs. LL. 
  • Foot fetish coach Rex Ryan in the Super Bowl would be fantastic. (And Dallas just hired his long haired brother as defensive coordinator).


The Five Finalists For Miss America Last Night

And the winner is: The one who is seventeen. Wait. What?

Edit: Wordkyle dutifully points out Miss Arkansas' talent: