It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Let's Check In On A Millennial
And his buddy?

 "Hey, 911. I'm a little kid. And my momma isn't too bright."
 Ninja cat.
 And his buddy? (See what I did there?)

And, in the end, I think I'd leave civilization to cats instead of humans.
They would only do that when they knew 100% they could pull it off. 

Tell Me This Texas Lawyer Didn't Do This

From his website: "Mr. Henry started to practice law after graduating from St. Mary’s Law School in 1988 and has been handling personal injury matters since his first day in practice. Since becoming a lawyer, Mr. Henry has handled innumerous jury trials and has represented thousands of people throughout the state of Texas and the United States"

Uh, "innumerous"? They can't be counted?


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There is some show called Brooklyn 99 and Jacksboro plays a part of the story line although nothing was filmed there (That's per an emailer. He, nor I, haven't seen anything online to link to.)
  • The new season of Black Mirror, which I love, is about to be released. Every episode I watch I always say, "That is going to happen."
  • Yesterday I referred to "Celsius" as "Centigrade." I confused myself so I had to look it up. I'll be: Centigrade was the forerunner to Celsius and the term was changed in 1948 and slowly made it's way into the vernacular. Something had to be in the deep recesses of my brain to have said that. 
  • Al Franken announces he will resign and asks the party of Family/Christian Values to look themselves in the mirror: “There is some irony in the fact that I am leaving while a man who has bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the Oval Office, and a man who has repeatedly preyed on young girls campaigns for the Senate with the full support of his party.” And he didn't even mention Blake Farenthold who used your money to settle a sexual harassment claim. 
  • An ex-officer finally received 20 years for shooting a guy in the back. And I'm disturbed that it took a federal prosecution to pull that off when the State could only get a hung jury.
  • Meanwhile, in Arizona, an officer was found not guilty of killing an unarmed Granbury man. (Both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer were awful. Here's a tip: Never read a closing argument.)
  • The Waco Biker indictments which have resulted in no convictions after two and a half years might be the least of the problems for the dumbest DA in the State. And the FBI is investigating him. 
  • I love the cold weather in December. I hate the cold weather in February.
  • I was on to Bitcoin from the start but I'm scared of it and never invested. Heck, I'm scared that I'm in the stock market right now. If there is ever going to be crash, however, Bitcoin will be the first and the hardest. Look at this graph for the value of one bitcoin over the last year. What has happened in the last few weeks is insane.:
  • Bitcoin and American currency have similarities and differences. Both exist because people agree they have worth. A $20 bill is worth $20 because we all agree it does. (We can't go to Fort Knox and trade it for gold.) Bitcoin is worth what it is because people agree, day to day, what it is worth. But a $20 bill becomes worthless only when the grocery store won't let you exchange it for a loaf of bread. Bitcoin could become worthless tomorrow.
  • When I just wrote "bread" and "gold" I had a flashback to the old Christian "contemporary song" of I Wish We'd All Been Ready which was buried into my head as a kid.  I just looked back at the lyrics. Those are pretty dark. (You middle aged Southern Baptist folks are smiling right now.)
  • I looked up Larry Norman.He died at age of 60 and his tombstone reads, "Larry Norman / Evangelist Without Portfolio / 1947–2008 / Bloodstained Israelite". What does that mean?
  • I had a fun conversation about Cremation vs. Burial at the courthouse yesterday. (That's admittedly an odd statement.)  People have polar opposite opinions. For the record, again, I want to be cremated and have my ashes, mixed with glitter, shot out of the courthouse bell tower in front of my friends who would do nothing but smile and laugh. (I'm still working on the music choice.)
  • Alan Dershowitz, an O.J. Simpson lawyer and life long Harvard liberal, has suddenly discovered he can make more money as a right wing pundit than a liberal pundit. His feelings have been hurt and Fox and Friends is coming to the rescue this morning.
  • The following graphic contains a horrible pun. And, afterwards, D Magazine's Tim Rogers was blocked by Shipp on Twitter. You are going to need a thicker skin than that, pal, if you are running for Congress.
  • So it snowed pretty hard yesterday and this morning in Big Bend, Austin, and San Antonio as well as, amazingly, the Texas coast, but Wise County was left out. I don't know North from South any longer.
  • From the Update: "COALITION MEETING – The Wise County Community Coalition will meet at noon Monday at Pizza Hut in Decatur." What is that group?


Do Not Touch This Man!

Maybe he feared The AID?


This Definitely Qualifies As An "Oh, My!"

That Guy Likes Rabbits

I'm guessing his last name isn't Fudd.

Above The Fold

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've got a new University of Texas apartment update via email from a faithful reader: "[My] teenager......one bedroom apartment 8 minute walk to campus at UT: $1,625 a month plus $100 parking fee plus electric.....486 square feet, sir."
  • An Oklahoma state rep was caught in a hotel room with a 17 year old boy during a sting operation. But, oh my, that T-Shirt! That's Ephesian 5:22.
  • Last night, according to public records, the Wise County Sheriff's Office arrested four men for prostitution. That's a new one.
  • I don't understand this Jerusalem news nor do I care. But there are lots of folks in this world who do. 
  • Trump slurred his words yesterday during the announcement and the boys on the radio nailed it this morning: It's either medication, loose dentures, or a guy getting old and tired.
  • Al Franken, under pressure from Democrats, might resign today. Meanwhile, Republicans refuse to denounce Roy Moore.
  • If you saw Anderson Cooper interview Roy Moore's "spokesperson" last night you saw someone get crucified. She has no idea what she is doing. All she could reply with was, "The Constitution . . . ." I wish Cooper would have asked her what's in the First Amendment. It would have been a deer-in-headlights moment.
  • Mrs. LL is confused by the Roomba. She asks, "Where does all the dirt go?" And when you compare it to a regular vacuum, she has a point. 
  • The Messenger has a new toy which will haunt you. See it in action.
  • Boys, it is cold outside. If you walked outside before 7:00, you felt the warmest temperature of the day.
  • The Texas Law Hawk has a new commercial. I'm back to hating the guy -- and I'm a guy who is a fan of bits.
  • That story of a guy having a multitude of metroplex clubs to sell cocaine and two police officers being involved is insane.  One club was in the old "Seminary South" shopping center. 


You Know, I'm Not Sure I Remember This

This Photo Doesn't Do The Height Of That Crane Justice

This was this taken in Decatur this morning. I'm not sure what is going on.

I'll guess that platform is 70' high. It's higher than the "castle" looking toppings on the courthouse sides.

Side note: I've walked in that courthouse over a thousand times, and I never do not look up and admire it.

Edit; This is what they were putting up.

Wednesday Morning Random Thoughts

  • I know a kid at the University of Texas who has put a deposit down on an apartment not far from campus for next Fall. Get this: Two bedroom, two bath, 597 square feet and ........$2,300 a month. I'm so happy I'm old. His momma sent me this: 
  • Maybe I'll just live, literally, in the jungle: "An American tourist recently died off the coast of Costa Rica in a tragic shark attack."
  • I was watching the end of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid which is a great flick. As the credits rolled I saw "Card Player #2 .........Sam Elliot." Yep, that Sam Elliott. I found a screenshot. Edit: I've had two comments that this is not Sam Elliott. It's the first image that shows up in a Google search for him and the movie. Sure looks like him but, as always, I might be wrong. 
  • The Supreme Court oral arguments yesterday in the Gay Wedding Cake case were intense. The justices were grilling both sides, and I felt sorry for the lawyers.  Here's the transcript. The audio will be released on Friday. (And I had no idea the heart of the matter was Free Speech.)
  • Not only will I be inducted into the Sports Genius Hall of Fame, I'll be inducted into the Media Coverage Hall of fame for my patented "Ads Which Are Disguised As News Stories". (h/t Bud Kennedy). Article:
  • "Davey Edwards of Alvord filed this week with the state Republican Party to run for Texas land commissioner." I read (and wrote about) that he was trying to collect 5,000 signatures to avoid paying the $3,750 filing fee. I said he would never pull that off. Was I right? 
  • I guess I need to apologize. I didn't know she baked pies. What is this, 1950?
  • Due to aging , last year we retired the Elf on the Shelf. But I look at him every day when I go into the closet. He's actually in a shoe but maybe we should retire him more creatively.
  • Good, god!
  • Time magazine: 
  • This was great comedy yesterday. A Republican Congressman turned on pedophile Roy Moore, and the same guy sat by Trump earlier in the day. The Toddler In Chief is gonna be mad.
  • I heard this yesterday: "Different scares people." But that is how you separate the smart folks from the rednecks.
  • Mitt Romney pointedly criticized Trump for supporting pedophile Roy Moore. Romney immediately was attacked, predictably, by . . . 
  • And I predict Roy Moore will win in Alabama. 
  • California is, indeed, on fire. That's Highway 405: 
  • Ron Meyer, 76, coach of SMU's Pony Express or "Pony Excess" has died. 


My Secret Life Has Been Revealed

And you guys just thought I was a bass kayak fisherman!

Let's Check In On The Heartland Of America

And  . . . they were both fired.

I'm stunned, absolutely stunned, they referenced Trump. Who would have thought?

Harris: The first three names we gotta remember are Enzo Gebara, Spencer Espejo, and Nikolas Padilla for Eagle Grove. They have a lot of … um, apparently…

Kusserow-Smidt: Español people.

Harris: Español people in Eagle Grove.

Kusserow-Smidt: Gee, I wonder why that is?

Harris: I wonder why.

Kusserow-Smidt: But the latest there is that they’re just going to gradually come into town, yeah right.

Harris: Uh huh.

Kusserow-Smidt: Uh huh.

Harris: Gradually work their way in.

Kusserow-Smidt: Gradually work their way in … so, who are these people again?

Harris: Oh, you wanna know the names? Enzo Gebara, Spencer Espejo, and Nikolas Padilla.

Kusserow-Smidt: They sound like they’ve been here a while, given the first names.

Harris: Yea, I think they’ve been there. Padilla, I think that’s P-A-D-I-L-L-A.

Kusserow-Smidt: Yea, Padilla.

Harris: Padilla, something like that.

Kusserow-Smidt: Yea.

Harris: The there’s Chase Blasie, he sounds like he’s not a foreigner. Could be though.

Kusserow-Smidt: Yea.

Harris: They’re all foreigners.

Kusserow-Smidt: Exactly, all foreigners.

Harris: As Trump would say, go back where they came from.

Kusserow-Smidt: Well, some would say that, yeah, some days I feel like that too.

What Is This?

Any Bets On Whether He'll Be Arrested Today?

I feel pretty good about that bet.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Something happened to the original Random Thoughts. This is the best I could recover
  • When the Cowboys start visiting children's hospitals but don't announce it to the the media, then I'll be impressed.
  • The only thing that surpasses their idiocy is there cowardice. 
  • You could at least tell Sean Spicer knew he was lying. Sarah Huckabee Sanders acts like she believes her lies.
  • You can't make this up.
  • I endured the dreaded high school band holiday concert last night. (Actually, it was pretty good.) But the oddest thing was a guy with a beard who was sitting on the floor while wearing a kilt (or a skirt -- not sure.)
  • Here is a man holding a type of footwear he has never worn before.
  • The "Super Moon" last night was amazing as it appeared over the horizon. There will be another on on January 1, but I suspect tonight will be pretty good even though it's not a true full moon.
  • I don't care if you are a local or news organization. I don't want to see a video about the printed text on your web page.
  • Wait. What? 


In Case You Missed It

Gronkowski is a punk. 

The guy he literally attacked, Tre'Davious White, is now in concussion protocol.

Edit: One game suspension announced. That's it. 

And A Girl Beat Him

$25,000 for the winner.

Edit: $100,000 for the girl and this guy got $25,000?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas Rep. Brent Farenthold (far right) used over $80,000 tax dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim. He is a former conservative talk show host and graduated from Incarnate Word. He is married (that ain't her) with two kids.
  • The Aggies money whipped Jimbo Fisher and landed him. This is full Aggie. 10 years and $75 million. And if they fire him at any point, he is entitled to the full balance on his contract. But when he left Tallahassee,  he left:
  • I deal with lots of folks who are in now in trouble because it all started because of a traffic stop by the police. One development I've seen over the last three years is that they have no idea where they were when they were stopped because "I was using the GPS."
  • Buzzfeed had a funny headline after the Flynn guilty plea. And they are right. Kushner is next.
  • I did a double take on Saturday morning when I scanned past one of the ESPN channels and saw the Cornhole League Playoffs: Georgia v. Florida. Idiocracy is speeding at us at warp speed.
  • I don't know how the Fort Worth Police can screw around wasting taxpayer dollars. And did they pay a licensing fee to use the image of Chewbacca?
  • Texas AG  Ag Commissioner Sid Miller proudly announced that the defeated Sheriff Joe, who had to be pardoned by Trump to avoid a jail sentence, has endorsed him. 
  • There's nothing more disturbing than your dog going crazy and barking in the middle of the night. Our default (groggy) reaction is always, "He knows something that we do not?!" 
  • Wait. What? Is that a "b"? And you think it would be the other way around.
  • I spliced wires on some old mini Christmas lights to get rid of dead ones. I even used one of those electrical wire cutters to strip away the plastic casings. It was a total success despite Mrs. LL cocking an eyebrow. 
  • Well, I correctly predicted Oklahoma would throttle TCU. Is there a Sports Genius Hall of Fame? I'd be a first ballot inductee.
  • Trump, via Twitter, denigrated the FBI this weekend and endorsed an Alabama pedophile this morning and admitted to a crime (which the White House later tried to blame on his lawyer.) As to the latter, I can't tell you the number of times I have overtaken my clients' twitter accounts and tweeted something that will get them indicted. It's Law School 101.
  • The Republicans passed a 479 page tax bill 51-49 at 2:00 on Saturday morning. The Dems made a motion to recess until Monday so they could read it. The Republicans said no. Those handwritten amendments were troubling. 
    This is real.
  • Wade Emmert, who in my opinion might be the biggest spare political activist there is, was ousted at the Dallas Republican Chair last year by a guy who spent $30 to do so. Now he's the new Assistant General Counsel to the Texas GOP. Texas does have swamps, doesn't it?