Edit: Star-Telegram's story today which includes this:

"Wise County Sheriff David Walker, who is [victim] Richter's brother-in-law, said the trial was difficult on his wife and other members of the family, but they never lost faith.

"I deal with this in my law enforcement career and it bothers you, but there is nothing worse than sitting next to your wife and looking at crime scene photos in a trial," he said.

"The family said prayers two or three different times, and I think it was the good Lord's help that helped the jury decide. It's been a long time coming, and it gives the family some closure and will let them start moving again.

Wise County Lawyer Paul Belew . . .

. . .  sends along this pic of a vehicle he saw outside the Tarrant County Justice Center this morning.

Hey, I've Got That Tattoo!

So the paparazzi tracks down Hannah Montana at the beach. Meh. But check out her friend's back.

Random Friday Morning (Barely) Thoughts

  • I have no idea why this site was down for almost a day. Google acknowledged they were “working on the problem”, but didn’t really say what it was. I want a refund on this free service! (Yeah, yeah: Try wordpress. Try wordpress.)
  • And Google posted this message: “To get Blogger back to normal, all posts since 7:37am PDT on Weds, 5/11 have been temporarily removed. We expect everything to be back to normal soon. Sorry for the delay.”
  • There probably won’t be another guy-rams-police-car story for the rest of the year. What you say? There was ANOTHER one last night in Dallas? (No link yet. Saw it on Fox 4 this morning.)
  • Man, Mrs. LL has gone “start from scratch” on the flowerbeds. I think I uttered, “I hope you know what you’re doing” yesterday.  And the look on my face must have concerned her because she asked if I had some “sentimental” issues with the bushes that were gone.
  • Saw my first interview with Tony Romo’s fiancee yesterday. She’s hot but, man, I bet she’s annoying. Anyway, here’s a pic of her ring.
  • More craziness from the Fox affiliate in L.A.where Megan Henderson went: Pole dancing in studio with a crash.
  • For a guy who thought Fox News’ treatment of the President for having Common at the White House was silly, Jon Stewart’s segment on the issue was a piece of gold. (Referenced President Bush inviting Johnny Cash to the White House even though he had lyrics of shooting a woman while high on cocaine, and Sean Hannity embracing Ted Nugent even after he told President Obama to “suck on my machine gun.”)
  • Enjoy the 70s this weekend (the temps, not the decade), you won’t see them again until October.
  • I previously wrote about some Western Hills baseball players sacrificing a chicken on the field. Last night, the team visited Crowley and were met with the “Chicken Dance” song being played over the speakers.
  • Man denies he took purse on Judge Judy. He also might be the dumbest man in the world.
  • The Granbury double murder trial saw the jury go home for a second night without reaching a verdict. Hung jury? Edit: Looks like there might be one holdout.
  • Small south Texas town’s police chief found shot to death in his cruiser.
  • The Star-Telegram is laying off people left and right but is also the second fastest growing newspaper in the U.S.? They need to put a reporter on that story.
  • Ron Springs, former Cowboy great, died yesterday after four years in a coma. Note to all of you: If I’m in a coma for over six months, grab my pillow and make sure it’s not six months and one day.
  • And I was going to mention a great play Springs made in a fantastic Cowboy game in 1979. Then it dawned on me that it would be the equivalent of someone in 1979 telling me about a game in 1947. Wow. Just wow.
  • Completely random Cowboy highlight taking you into the weekend: Million pound lineman Larry Allen running down a Saints linebacker who had picked off Aikman. Still amazing.
  • San Diego Charger cheerleader tryouts almost caused my “Hey, Now” radar to explode.

As I Was Saying

The deleted posts should return shortly (or so they say.)

And just when you thought about quitting me, you found out how painful it would be to go on without me. Let that be a lesson to you. It's an addiction.


Delkus Is Probably Issuing A 'Imminent Death' Warning

ESPN Writer Needs Some Sensitivity Training

Alabama lineman found dead today. Let's contemplate how it impacts the depth chart.


LOL: Taliban On Twitter. Wait. What?


This got me thinking. If they are on Twitter (here), then you can search for and read public messages sent to them.

With Americans being Americans, there's some comedy gold in some of those messages.

(I'm not sure if you have to have a Twitter account to see those links).

Quiz: Spot The Guy Happy To See The President

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "Winds estimated at 60 to 70 mph overturned several recreational vehicles at the Smith RV Center on U.S. 287 in Decatur and uprooted trees, according to the Wise County Sheriff's Department. The night before, strong winds blew down signs at Braum's and Taco Bell in Decatur." Source.
  • "Wise County Fire Marshal Marc Dodd said lightning struck and ignited an oil tank battery, but it was quickly extinguished. He said reported winds as high as 70 mph toppled four recreational vehicles in a Decatur lot, blew two mobile homes from their foundations and smashed some lightly built sheds and barns. No injuries were reported." Source.
  • "BRIDGEPORT: Water lightly stained; 67-74 degrees; 5.15' low; Black bass are good on Jackall Bling 55 crankbaits and Texas rigged Jackall Sasuteki Craws. Crappie are good on jigs and minnows." Source
  • Come on. Throwing in the last one was funny. (And I was thinking yesterday that a Jackall Sasuteki Craw would do the trick.)
  • And another guy smashes into a police car. (This time a bit closer to us in Westlake.)  What is that? The fifth time?
  • The Family Cat has now decided that running from one end of the house at a speed which might possibly break the sound barrier is a good way to spend the day.
  • The Star-Telegram laid off even more employees yesterday. This time the number is 45. 
  • Funny tweet I saw yesterday: "Obama's got 99 problems but Common ain't one."
  • The Granbury murder trial went to the jury yesterday. No verdict, but they come back this morning. Man, that evidence seems weak. (And what's the connection? One of the victims is the sister of a Wise County officer?) I had heard that some local officers had been sitting in on some of the trial. 
  • There will be another DNA exoneration announced in Dallas today. No biggee. He just spent 27 years in prison!  I'll say it again: If you ever serve on a criminal jury, don't be afraid to tell the prosecution that they failed to prove their case to your satisfaction.
  • Going to Waco for a college graduation this weekend. Time seems to be moving at rocket speed. 
  • Newt Gingrich has announced he will run for president. Good luck with all that. He stands about as much chance as Herman Cain (who America has never heard of despite the claims of Obama haters.)
  • My entire front flower bed is being uprooted today and a complete make over begins. Something about how a "clean" look is "in" per Mrs. LL.  (Need to get those home improvement channels removed from the programming package.)

Chico Storm Damage

Decatur Storm Damage Makes Fox 4


About That Package . . .

This Can't Possibly Be True

Another burger post.  I would think that some of those people are in line for the drive-through at that place, but not all. Right?  I'm guessing some are in the lane waiting for a right hand turn, but I'm not sure about that. Wouldn't even those people think something is wrong, and pull out to find an alternative route?

One Final Burger Post Because We Have A Winner For The Most Irritating Girl In The World

Earlier when she had a T-shirt on ....

Drafted By The Dallas Mavericks . . .

. . . and immediatley traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for Dirk Nowitzki in 1998.

(Not to minimize the man's death, but I'm still confused by that trade. The Mavs took Traylor with the #6 pick and the Bucks took Dirk with the #9. Then they swapped players.  I guess the Bucks called the Mavs and said "Take Traylor for us before teams at #7 and #8 can and we'll get Dirk for you." But that only works if Dallas is sure Dirk won't be taken at 7 or 8 otherwise you'd want to scoop him up at 6. Plus,I would think Dallas would want, you know, something for the effort. Probably should use the Google.)

Idiocracy: A Photo From In and Out Burger This Morning

It was posted around 9:45 a.m. so it was obviously taken before that.

But nothing is as goofy as a reporter "live tweeting" the event.

Edit: Wow. Look at this photo posted around 10:15 a.m. (those are my badly drawn red arrows to show the crowd in the back.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a civil trial going on at the courthouse which involves a car wreck in front of the Devon offices on 380 near Bridgeport. The only thing noteworthy is that one of the attorneys works in the law office of former Dallas city councilman Domingo Garcia and another is the brother of Texas Supreme Court chief justice Wallace Jefferson. 
  • Notable Denton County book-in photo.
  • The Messenger reports (in today's newspaper with tomorrow's date on it) that the body of the deceased in the Bridgeport-Alleged-Murder-With-A-Car case landed 100 feet off of the road. Oh, my. (And there's some pretty good Joe Duty photos.)
  • Boy, that case is proof positive that Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking sites can be important to both the prosecution and the defense. (But it also seems ripe for a murder mystery along the lines of Basic Instinct: "Do you think I'd be stupid enough to wish someone dead on Facebook and then go kill them?" <-- Purely hypothetical. The Bridgeport girl didn't post anything like that.)
  • Channel 8 news has been running a clip of a school fight (more of an assault) in a Seagoville ISD classroom as the teacher stands back and watches. To my surprise, the callers to conservative talk shows have given lots of support to the teacher -- mostly along the lines of "They don't get paid enough to break up fights." 
  • You know you're old and have been living here a long time when you hear someone refer to "Channel 11" and for a second you've completely forgotten that CBS now occupies the channel.
  • In turning on my alarm last night, I stopped and thought, "I've been doing this routine for a long, long time." 
  • And this morning, when four people pulled out of their driveway in my neighborhood to go to work at the exact same time, I thought of the novel Babbitt that I read in college.
  • But I guess it's better living a life that includes camping outside in front of a new In and Out Burger in Frisco last night. Really people?
  • I have no idea what's the real deal about the Bridgeport High School Controversy of 2011, but it sounds like complete chaos. Last night, the school board reversed its decision made two weeks ago regarding the number who can be on the squad. 
  • It's easy to forget about Westover Hills, a town within the city of Fort Worth: Under 700 residents, 96.7% white, with an average mortgage payment of $4,001 (for those who have mortgages.)
  • Governor Perry, who tweets infrequently, sent one out two days ago wishing Israel a happy birthday. Think that one is political at all?
  • What does this mean?: "The kickoff time for Texas' game at UCLA on Sept. 17 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena , Calif., has been set for 2:30 p.m. Central and will be televised by ABC with a reverse mirror on ESPN." Reverse mirror?
  • Watching a group of middle age white folks on Fox News criticize Michelle Obama for inviting hip hop artist Common to the White House makes me cringe. 


And You Think I Have Typographical Errors

That's it! I'm applying for a job in Fox 4's Graphics Department. Their wheels are always flying off. (They had one this morning that I almost captured but it was, uh, morning.)

Interesting Facebook Posting Of Accused Wise County Gal

(They say that's her mom's pic on her profile in honor of Mother's Day.)

Edit: And some of those Facebook quizzes can be creepy:

Fox 4 Is On It

Obviously from a prior book in photo.


Something Big On 101 One Mile North Of Bridgeport [Moved to Top for Update]

Lots of cops responding to death on 101. Call first came in as fight then revised to be car vs. pedestrian. Scanner traffic calling it a "crime scene."

Edit: Now have confirmed death. Male.

Edit: Driver was Bridgeport woman named Tammie Jo Chaffee. (Quick search reveals she had a misdemeanor marijuana case pending earlier this year in Wise County.)

Edit: The deceased had an Assault case pending where the driver was the alleged victim.

Edit: Confirmed cops obtained Murder warrant.

Barry (from iPhone)

Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner . . . Or Steals Her Spotlight?

Did they make this video specifically for Liberally Lean? It has everything: Crazy chick giving it the What For. Foreign language caption. American hip hop on the sound system.  Some guy in the background acting like he's about to fire up the Wobble Line Dance (first few seconds). A fight. And.......the star of the show........a puppy dog who comes on stage quicker than anyone else.

I couldn't have directed it better.

What Is This Thing?

It was on 380 yesterday and then traveled 51 Northbound.  There are lots of wheels on that rig not to mention the truck in the front and back. Plus there's a guy steering the back of the trailer like an old time firetruck.

Click to enlarge.

Credit: Mike Honcho.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver split after 25 years? What gives? They've discovered they really don't like each other after all? 
  • The Dalai Lama received an honorary degree from SMU yesterday. Two things: (1) There is a certain demographic of guys who can never hear his name without thinking of Caddyshack, and (2) He was only 45 when mentioned in that movie when most of us assumed he had to be 80.
  • The Family Yard looks awful in places -- even after pouring a ton of water on it. Is a full overhaul with new bermuda and expensive proposition? 
  • Look out folks, President Obama has set his sights on Immigration Reform. He's in Texas today to kick things off. 
  • I'm apathetic about any professional sports team, but I do root against particular individuals. Maverick coach Rick Carlisle is very high on that list. (And it all goes back to a brief post game interview with Chuck Cooperstein when he mocked Cooperstein's laugh in the most condescending way. I can't find the audio.)
  • Mrs. LL is tearing up the flower beds in front including the removal of massive bushes. I think she has me on record as saying, "Do whatever you want out there." 
  • The Fort Worth face transplant guy is a difficult story to watch. But did you know that the military paid for his surgery? And then Obamacare will pay for his drugs under his father's health care plan until he's 25? And then Medicare will pick up most of the tab because he is disabled? Are you guys going to put up with that? 
  • Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend is a "Hey, Now" who hangs out with a "Hey, Now."
  • Is it appropriate to tell someone they look like someone famous if you secretly believe that famous person is not attractive? I did that the other day. 
  • There's a mom in the Wise County courthouse who ended up at Hooter's for dinner on Mother's Day.
  • Former Fox 4 goddess Megan Henderson has a bizarre crew around her at her new gig in Los Angeles. 
  • Granbury double murder trial update (what little there is.)  That case is Dateline worthy and is getting no coverage whatsoever.
  • A prosecutor told me one of my clients had a hickey on his neck in court yesterday. 
  • You think eBay wants a do-over?: Skype was purchased by eBay in 2005 for $2.5 billion then gave up on the service and sold it to a private firm for $2.75 billion in 2009. Microsoft will announce today that it is acquiring the company for $8.5 billion in cash.


My Belated Mother's Day Gift To All Republican Women Out There

A 29 year old Congressman who is conservative, a Baptist, not married, and on the cover of Men's Health?  It's the G.O.P.'s secret weapon and Wise County's Dream Candidate. Obama better be glad that guy isn't old enough to be President.

(Personal note: That looks exactly like the photo I used in my DA campaign when I, too, was 29.  I was soooo ahead of my time.)

Dear Family Cat: I Take It All Back

(Thanks @myownworld2100)

Edit: Lots of comments I couldn't post (but shout out to the guy who submitted a couple of lines from  a particular song about "control" and signed it "Double Fake Prince." Genius. )

The Most Mesmerizing Video Ever

Some people like fireplaces. Others an aquarium . Some prefer bird feeders. To each his own when it comes to relaxing.

But for me, it's this video. I'm just going to loop it for the rest of the day.

We May Have A "Bum Steer Award"

Heard this morning that a guy walked into our DA's office and wanted to know if his son was on the docket because he was going to kill him. As in really kill him.

I think the cops are looking for him now. The daddy. Not the son. (Who wasn't on the docket at all.)

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Bad Deputy: "WEATHERFORD -- A former Parker County sheriff's deputy accused of stealing from a memorial fund set up for the family of a fellow deputy has been indicted on felony theft charges." Good grief, man.
  • Sometimes I think the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office is nuts: They've ruled as a homicide a guy who had a seizure and fell off of a stool in his home. Homicide? Well, he did receive a gunshot wound 26 years ago so the two are obviously related, says the ME.
  • Someone noted a two year old sign on a vending machine at the Decatur ISD multi-purpose building. They made the reference that it showed "passive aggressiveness." 
  • Ticket Fans: Did you catch 1920s Reporter Guy asking Laker's coach Phil Jackson a final question at his press conference yesterday?
  • Driving through Grapevine on 114 causes me white knuckles. I hate it when there the shoulder is taken away by a concrete barriers.
  • I started off Mother's Day in pretty good standing but got a "You do realize it's Mother's Day all day long?" when I issued a Piddling Alert later on in the morning.
  • Really don't know about the cheerleading issue over at Bridgeport High but it's gone public based upon a Special Agenda that's been posted. (pdf)  Edit: Keep away from personal attacks, please. We all know Texas cheerleading is a hot button. 
  • WBAP's Steve Lamb on the Rangers game yesterday, "You don't see a Grand Slam very often." Yeah, if you consider at least 120 or more a year in MLB "not very often."
  • The best documentary ever on the background of 9/11 is National Geographic's "Inside 9/11".  I watched a part of again this weekend and my ears perked when I heard the main culprit in the first Trade Center attack, Ramzi Yousef, was captured in Islamabad, Pakistan in a house owned by Bin Laden in 1995. No wonder we were looking for Bin Laden in that area.
  • If Bin Laden hadn't been found in the raid last week, I guess we would have never heard about it. And if Pakistan did make news of the raid public, I suppose we would deny it. Which begs the question: I wonder how many raids we had conducted where Bin Laden was not found?  
  • Heard on the radio: Was there really much of a difference between Bin Laden's home and a prison? 
  • Awkward moment on Fox 4 News this morning when they flashed a picture up of two of the crew members at Mayfast with a random person between them. Anchor Lauren Przybyl quipped, "That poor man in the middle!" It was awkward because that was not a guy.
  • More proof we're doomed: Philadelphia police release video in an effort to find those involved in parking lot assault. Man, there's one guy who is a complete goon. 
  • Found myself cutting out those hair tie thingys out of the Second Grader In The House's hair after she went swimming. Her ponytails were in "knots", she said, and it seemed like necessary emergency action.


When I'm Wrong, I'm Wrong

Ok, I've predicted (almost guaranteed) for months that the Mavs would be long gone by either the first or second playoff series. I was wrong. Dead wrong. They sweep the Lakers by winning four games in a row which only makes sense if you consider an unthinkable tsunami in Japan, a an unthinkable tornado in Alabama,  Osama being captured, and Obama being elected. (Audience pandering on that last one.)

That 2012 guy might be right.

(But, man, Dallas could have launched a shot while being water-boarded and it would have gone in today.)

Edit. Funny: didthelakersgetswept.com/