A Plea For Common Sense

A Star-Telegram story that explains why I pull my hair out every day: - A cop gets accused of rape - He proclaims his innocence and wants a trial - At the trial, the prosecutor violates a court's ruling and a mistrial is declared - The jury, in post trial interviews, says that they were ready to find the defendant not guilty had the mistrial not occurred - The trial judge rules that the defendant can't be prosecuted again based upon Double Jeopardy - The bloodthirsty State appeals and finds a Republican court that agrees with her: the case can be retried - Today a second jury finds the defendant not guilty

Friday Night Lights

Bridgeport is 0 - 5 Decatur is 5 -0 Boyd beats a 3A team for the second week in a row Messenger scores here.

Underage Is Bad. Underage and Same Sex Is Worse.


Random Decatur Homecoming Parade Pics

Dang It. I Was Gonna Do That Tonight.

"Dennis Rodman donned a pink, small, Playboy camisole in Las Vegas last night. He partied with friends at Tangerine where he took part in their burlesque show. He danced around the room with female guests and took off his cute little shirt during a striptease."

I Don't Know

Baseball Nugget

I don't care about baseball, but I do like good stories and we have one going on with the Houston Astros. Nine days ago they were 8 1/2 games behind the division leading St. Louis Cardinals. Heck, if you are 8 1/2 back at the All Star break, you are as good as done. Since then, however, the Astros have won 9 games in a row and the Cardinals have lost 8 of 9. That's amazing.

Dave Campbell 2A Football Poll

If you click on it, you can see Pardise and Boyd.

Dave Campbell 3A Football Poll

If you click on it, you can see Decatur. I've clicked on it several times (really hard) looking for Bridgeport. I don't see them.

Big Brother Prevails

Opinion is here. (pdf format)

Just Because It's Friday: Elisha Cuthbert

Finally A Lawsuit I Support

Every waitress should be a Jehovah Witness. Not because I care about the religion, but because it would kill the Dreaded Birthday Bother Everyone In The Restaurant Celebration.

From The Update

Rhome has lost its collective mind. You always hear about the BS camera system for red light runners but rarely do you hear about it for speeders. And they wouldn't dare think about setting up a camera on highway 287, would they?

Theater of the Bizarre

Stay with me here: If you are a fan of Napoleon Dynamite and a fan of Carl from Sling Blade, you have to watch this youtube.com clip.


Surely This Is A Mistake

Edit: Nevermind. The cops decided to forego that troublesome judicial criminal process and killed him.

Insert Obvious Nascar Cliche Here

ABC World News Tonight taught me that NASCAR has teamed up with some romance novel writers to produce a series of books. One is here. My first suggested line: "As I grabbed her waist and pulled her close, she became so hot that she needed a restrictor plate. My fears of commitment rushed into my mind but I brake-checked them as quickly as I'd accept a free ticket to Talladega."

Vs. Stay And Die?

If I hear Bush or any other Republican Talking Head say "Cut and Run" one more time, I think my head will blow up. Iraq is a debacle.


Yahoo has a story on CraigList.com but I'm not particularly interested. But if you have ever roamed around the free-for-all classified site, you'll find some very weird things. I mean, very weird.

Posh Beckham For "The Blog's" Many UK Fans

I know. Bad excuse.

Janeane Garofalo Is 42 Today

And she has always sort of jazzed me.

Cat Speaks From Grave

Jeff Crilley was beating me down again with his 100th story (ok, I exaggerate) about some guy that tortured a cat. Yeah, it's bad. Yeah, we love animals. Yeah, the jury gave the guy eight (!!) years to do. But I was kind of taken aback when I saw that a Victim Impact Statement was read to the defendant by Marty McManus a "Former Animal Cruelty Investigator." That statement is read after the jury has been dismissed and after the sentence has been imposed. It has no impact on the judgment or sentence. It just seemed a little bizarre. After all, she's a victim? People can be so dramatic about animals.

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

The ratings wars for 9:00 a.m. in Dallas/Fort Worth (don't worry about what the numbers out to the side mean - it would give you Tired Head.) Source: Ed Bark (very recent ex-TV critic of the DMN)

Good While It Lasted

I watched most of the second half of the game and my only impression was that the BYU receivers caught everything thrown to them. Mormans: Thumbs Up Disciples of Christ: Thumbs Down

Time Waste

. . . looking at every old cereal box you can think of.

Speaking Of Closing

Despite the krillion commercials I saw promoting it, I never have understood "ESPN Mobile." Well, I don't have to. It has been axed. ESPN apparantly took a financial beating on the deal with the best guess being a loss of $135 million.

Oh, The Humanity!

Tia's has filed for bankruptcy and closed its remaining thirteen restaurants. Me loved me some Tia's.

Athlete Graduation Rates (Click To Enlarge)


"We're Gonna Take Back Texas"

You might want to tap the brakes there, Howard. (Story)

What In The World Happened To Jesse Ventura?

Viewer Friendly

TCU has a home game tonight today. For those interested, it starts at 5:00 p.m. Don't want to mess with traffic? You can find it on the, get this, the Versus network. Good luck with all of that.


"You Got Me In This Mess, Now Say Something Good To Get Me Out Of It"


Well, hold on. This image is from "Heroes" - a new TV series that debuted last night on NBC (that's Channel 5 to you and me) at . . . get this . . . 7:00 p.m. Just when I think the Right Wing has taken over the country, I reconsider.

Gadget Crazy

I finally figured out that I could add a storage card to my phone and load it up with MP3s and Podcasts (I'm the only person I know who actually downloads podcasts and listens to them). Not to be out done, I even figured out how to put a client's DWI videotape on the phone and watch it. (I showed a few seconds of it to four people I come in contact with on a weekly basis - trust me, they have access to the tape anyway - and three of the four simply said "You're such a nerd" and walked away.) And then today, an Internet purchase of wireless bluetooth stereo headsets arrived. The things are cool. When I was a kid, the only new invention was a microwave oven. And the phone is a Cingular 8125 which I bought at a local Cingular store. I really had no idea what I could do when I bought it because my old phone simply died and I needed a replacement.

Saw This On The DMN Home Page

I cannot imagine anything more horrific. It makes me shudder to even read the headline.

I Lied

Ok, one more T.O. post because I couldn't resist. I now offer proof why he needs a new publicist based upon these two statements she made today in the press conference. (Transcript.)

ETHEREDGE: There was a lot going on, just like the 911 call. Listen, when I see a man of his statute, not responsive. This is a very strong human being. and when I ask him a question, he's not responding and I know he's not feeling well, you know I use my judgment to call 911.

ETHEREDGE: I just think, again, this is sad. Terrell had a reaction to different pills and just to state he was trying to commit suicide it's just, it's unfair. Terrell has 25 million reasons (emphasis) why he should be alive.

Sister Wednesday

Last T.O. Post

He says it was all a big misunderstanding. WFAA video here.

Learn Something Every Day

I just lost a bet on the difference between cirrhosis and psoriasis.

All T.O. - All The Time

. . . because there's not much else going on. But I have learned: - He has been released from the hospital - He lives in a loft in Deep Ellum - Some girl drove him home in a black Cadillac Escalade - Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders and Drew "Next Question" Rosenhaus are at his home - His female publicist is the person that called 911 and now has the job of downplaying the incident - TO will give a news conference from Valley Ranch at 2:15 - The DMN Cowboy blog is a pretty good place to keep up with the updates

T.O. Police Report (Click To Enlarge)

Breaking news

Channel 8 reports Terrell Owens hospitalized due to attempted suicide.

Edit: Rebecca Lopez of Channel 8 was on The Ticket a second ago and reported that she had obtained a copy of the police report. She said that Owens had a prescription for 40 pain killers that he had filled last week. Up until yesterday he had only taken 5 of the pills. A female with Owens yesterday indicated that he had been "depressed" and when she saw him take two of the painkillers she tried to stop him and then learned the prescription bottle was empty. She called 911 and paramedics arrived who tried to induce vomiting. They asked Owens if he had tried to "hurt himself" to which he replied "yes". Developing...


Now That's A Heck Of An Attorney-Client Relationship


Mighty Big Talk

I really don't understand all the hoopla over Clinton taking Fox News' Chris "I'm Not Smirking" Wallace to task the other night. And I really don't understand Condi Rice coming out today claiming Bush did so much more than Clinton to find Bin Laden. The above graphic is from her testimony before the 9/11 Commission. As Hillary said today, "I'm certain that if my husband and his national security team had been shown a classified report entitled 'Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside the United States' he would have taken it more seriously than history suggests it was taken by our current president and his national security team."