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The "Global Warming" Debate Gives Me Tired Head

. . . but it drives me nuts when folks like Limbaugh, Hannity or the rest of the band of idiots discount it completely simply because it "snows in Arizona" due to some freak, isolated weather event. Global warming is about the Earth's temperature increasing, on average, a tenth of a degree over, say, a ten year period. If that happens consistently then you can say goodbye to this planet. The fact that we are hit with an ice storm on two days in one week in Decatur doesn't matter one iota.


Anonymous said...

The Al Gore types were pushing the global cooling agenda in the early 70's and I think we survived that OK. Ever heard of the Ice Ages? I wonder what happened in between them that caused the ice to melt? Could it have been that the earth heats and cools in cycles?

Anonymous said...

Well - this discussion, while it isn't new - has recently reached the ears of my 11 year old. (Or maybe she finally "heard" it) Now she thinks we are all going to die - not eventually - but we are all going to drown - soon.! I've spent the last three days talking about personal responsibility to the environment (which we talk about frequently anyway) ... and being prepared for death, in any fashion which could come at any time. I know we can't protect them forever -but this is really difficult for young minds.

Anonymous said...

The band of idiots don't dismiss it because it snows in Arizona. They dismiss it because Al Gore is pushing it while flying around in a G4 and collecting on his big oil stocks his daddy gave him. What Al hot air doesn't tell you is that the Antarctica is increasing in size. All he tells you is that the northern ice caps are shrinking. Just because you can get a group of scientists that will benefit financially from government funding to study it does not make it so. Scientists that don't have a vested interest will tell you that earth warms and cools in cycles. So enough with the sky is falling bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Hang on a minute, maybe Barry's onto something -- of course, we'll pass laws against global warming, but it needs to be done before it's too late. That's what old Barrymeister meant.

Anonymous said...

Think of the global warming that must have occurred about 10,000 years ago to melt the ice that covered most of the U.S. during the ice age. Why didn't the cavemen do something about it by using their rocks and sticks? The earth, by the way, will be just fine. It's just a big ball of silicon, molten iron, etc. And all the life on earth (located in that very thin sliver of a layer that contains some life-sustaining elements) is pre-programmed to expire in the wink of an eye (geologically speaking) anyway. Nobody is "killed" by global warming. If the earth heated up all of a sudden like it apparently has on occassion for gazillions of years, things would happen over time, and not fast enough for a particular person or animal to notice during their lifetime, whenever that is. And if you're born a few hundred years from now when there is no polar ice, Florida is underwater, and crops can be grown in Alaska, well that's what you'll be used to and you won't really have a sense for what it used to be like before global warming. Just like us today, when we have absolutely no concept of what it was like before a previous global warming, when Oklahoma was covered by ice.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason Barry called it a debate. There is no credible scientific evidence that we are in a global warming phase relative to hundreds of years and certainly no scientific evidence that man was the cause of such a non-event. All the scientists who get their money for foisting false theories on the gullible public like Barry and his liberal arts background have to go on is the "debate". If it was a scientific fact, then there would be no debate.

Anonymous said...

if , all the eco freaks, al gore's and fanatics would walk everywhere and live in tents with no electricity our problem would be lessened. i think this would be a good start to solving the problem.

Pseudonym said...

What does this all have to do with
Christina Aguilera?

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where each of you non-believers(or are you only one who posts over and over) got your climatology degrees. You're certainly convinced you know more than a host of respected scientists. Wait, maybe you're just stupid and in denial.

Anonymous said...

Where's YOUR climatology degree? Do you have any facts to support your contrived cause? Of course not. Your "respected" scientists don't have any either. Keep watching and believing whatever comes on your TV, you bleating liberal sheep.

comment4U said...

Pseudo, you are a brilliant comic. Bravo....=)

That aside, all I can think about every time Al's little movie is mentioned is this line of "deepness" from one scene: "I had a dog. I had a pony."

Al trying to reach out to the common man gave me the giggles when I sat at The Mag watching it, desperately trying to be open-minded....

Anonymous said...

Pseudo, stop with the comedy. You are killing us. OMGROFL

Anonymous said...

You guys are so stupid. Everybody with any brain knows global warming is real. It has been proven by some the the smartest mind on Earth. Even the religious nuts now admit its real (well the educated ones anyway)

How dare a bunch of un-educated, wise county, Republican hicks argue against people who actually graduated 6th grade!

Global warming is very real! The year 2005 proved it. The worst year for natural disasters in history! Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes is November, wild fires the destroyed entire tows that were fueled by the worst drought in history, lack of any seasons (it stayed summer from April 2005-September 2006! I thought the world was coming to a end that year. Something is causing this to happen. And science has proved its mankind. You people just don't wanna get rid of your SUV!

Anonymous said...

Worst drought in history? Try the worst drought since records have been kept. Say roughly 100 years. Show me a scientist that says its real and I'll show one that says it isn't. So if we all give up our SUV's, does that mean we won't have dust bowls like they had in the 30's when there was no such thing as a SUV? 2006 was an even worse year than 2005 for hurricanes wasn't it? NOPE. Now if we could just plug up those volcanoes that spew no telling how much more CO2 into the air than all vehicles since the invention of the automobile, I would be right there with you. Have you ever thought that the sun might be going through a particularly violent cycle right now and that is causing the weather to be out of whack? No, blame it on Bush and come up with a way to tax my lifestyle if it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. I love the liberal mindset.

Anonymous said...

Earthquakes are caused by global warming? You seriously need to seek professional help and get your medication adjusted. I think when you stood out in the sun this summer with your tinfoil hat, you did serious drain bamage to yourself and the symptoms are just now beginning to surface.

Kingfish said...

Nobody is debating whether or not the global temperature is increasing. That is a fact. The effects of the increase are in dispute.

I agree with the poster that pointed out the difference in opinion from scientists. So true. But there is merit to think that effecting nature will somehow effect us at some point.

I think it makes sense economically to move the country to an energy policy to use less Oil. If that benefits the climate that would be great. The problem is the Chinese and Indian economies are taking off and if we thought we were bad CO2 producers, we haven't seen anything yet.

I predict nobody will do anything. So the points are moot no matter who is right. I love the humanist mindset.

Anonymous said...

Actually Earthquakes are not caused by global warming. I should not have even included them. My bad. Earthquake activity has been increasing nobody knows why but one theory that i believe is nuclear weapons test. It actually has merit if you study it.

Worst drought in 100 year is still horrible!

And yes of course we would have dust bowls in the 30s. There have been natural disasters since t he dawn of time. They have been getting alot worse lately! Ask any old person they will tell you we did not have all this crap back 50 years ago.

As for 2006, we got lucky! There were three conditions that protected us from another 2005 hurricane season (cant think of them but i will look them up later). We still had NO winter in 2005 and no spring in 2006. Our hurricane season was still average compared to what we've been having these last 20 years. I admit there are hurricane cycles but they were fueled by global warming.

Oh and the whole sun thing? Please... everybody knows there is a hole in our ozone the size of Antarctica...

Our ozone layer is being depleted by human activity.

Pseudonym said...

I'm going to see the Inconvenient Truth next week and will do a full review. But I should add that you cannot prove or disprove global warming. You can follow weather patterns over long periods of time and make a guess. And I don't mean just following local Seattle or Austin weather patterns but global changes. If you guess wrong then either we waste a lot of money on projects that are meaningless...or we leave a scarred planet for our children. It's a tough choice people.

Anonymous said...

barrys lover

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Antarctica is not "getting larger". It is shrinkng. One enormeous ice sheet is on the verge of breaking off and becoming an iceberg the size of Maui. But hey, don't mind me. ya'll just keep exchanging your shekels there on the temple steps. Far be it for me to disrupt commerce.

Anonymous said...

well its warmer than it was in the last ice age, and thats good. but i seriously doubt that theres anything we could do about it. i dont think mankind is big enough, or smart enough to destroy God's creation. but the arrogance it takes to think we have any control over this at all is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone say "El Nino"?

m&m said...

The global warming followers do the same thing Barry. Read some of these blogs. They look at record drought or record high temps in isolated areas and during a year or two of time and cry out, "See global warming is real." The shoe fits on both sides of the issue.

Anonymous said...

Did cavemen cause the global warming by rubbing sticks together to create fire that melted the glaciers during the ice ages?

Anonymous said...

What is arrogant is the belief that we canNOT destroy what God created.

The power to create is divine. The power to destroy is all too human.

Anonymous said...

All this talk of Global Warming just gets me hot under the collar.

m&m said...

The power to destroy is divine as well. Remember Sodom & Gomorrah, Jerico, etc.

oldphilosopher said...

"The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands."

---Havelock Ellis

"Man is not the omnipotent master of the universe, allowed to do with impunity whatever he thinks, or whatever suits him at the moment. The world we live in is made of immensely complex and mysterious tissue about which we know very little and which we must treat with utmost humility."

---Vaclav Havel

"We won't have a society if we destroy the environment."

---Margaret Mead

"We do not inherit the land from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

---native American proverb

Anonymous said...

Will Al Gore ride a bicycle to Hollywood to be with the beautiful people at the Oscars in which his piece of crap propoganda film is nominated for two oscars?

Pseudonym said...

Lindsay Lohan has left word from Rehab to say that she fully supports global warming and is wearing a brown ribbon for the rest of the month. IS THAT PROOF ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

you base your faith on a quote from a guy(?) named havelock

seems a little limp risted to me

Anonymous said...

Lindsay is not wearing a brown ribbon, she is not washing her underwear and is wearing a brown stripe.

wordkyle said...

The pro-global warming people don't even want to allow discussion. Read about the letter that politicians sent to Exxon, warning them about global warming "deniers."

By the way, the list of skeptics who question the idea that global warming is caused by man and that it will cause global disaster includes:

* Dr. Daniel Schrag of Harvard
* Claude Allegre, a decorated French geophysicist
* Dr. Richard Lindzen, professor of Atmospheric Sciences, MIT
* Dr. Patrick Michaels, University of Virginia
* Professor Bob Carter, geologist at James Cook University, Australia

Quite a set of "uneducated hicks," huh?

Kingfish said...


What is "pro-global warming?"

Using YOUR sources that YOU cited.

* Dr. Daniel Schrag of Harvard

"However, it is possible that the ultimate consequences of climate change, occurring over decades rather than days, may be just as severe and disastrous."

If you read his article, you would find out he isn't as "pro-global warming" as you would like us to believe. Somehow, I doubt you read it, but I bet you will now. By the way, he studies coral reefs and their existence in the Ice Age. Paleoclimateology. As close to current climatology as the Texas Rangers are to getting decent pitching.

* Claude Allegre

"the ecology of helpless protesting has become a very lucrative business for some people!"

Is he describing politics, religion, or sports? Oh it's global warming. Is he paid to be a skeptic?

* Dr. Richard Lindzen

"It does pay to speak about the levels of atmospheric CO2. They are increasing. To be sure, over long periods, climate can cause CO2 changes, but the increases observed over the past century are likely due to man's activities. When and if the levels double, they will increase the radiative forcing of the planet by about 4 Wm-2, or about 2 percent. This will prove relevant."

I agree Kyle. This guy is an expert and he is getting paid, but notice the self ownage. Reminds me of a Pharmaceutical ad. He is actually refuting himself and you at the same time.

* Dr. Patrick Michaels

"He has admitted receiving funding from various fossil fuel industry sources."

Okay Kyle, you are warning us not to believe the hype, which is admirable, but come on. You cite a scientist that was on Exxon's payroll? Then link an article to Capitalism Magazine. Please.

*Bob Carter

This man Was paid for his expertise in Offshore drilling. But I'm quite sure he isn't biased.

And finally offers this up in one of his assessments, "The first thing to be clear about is that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant." This from an Australian Minister of the Environment. He is actually right, it isn't a plants. But too much of it in the atmosphere HEATS UP the atmosphere.

It looks like the uneducated hicks need to learn how to do research before they spout off in a public forum, lest they get refuted.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:16
The number of scientist that agrees that global warming is happening far out weighs the morons that say it isn't. We have been talking about this in the scientific community for years. Yes, way before Al Gore brought it up. It has nothing to do with being a liberal. When it comes to major storms for 2006 look to the Pacific Ocean, ever hear of a Typhoon? Same thing as a Hurricane just in a different ocean.
Global Warming is about warming and cooling. So the AZ snow storm fits right in with the model. Read more, speak and write less.

Problem for the people, who know and understand this, is that by the time everyone else catches up it will be too late.