Video Of Wise County Attorney Being Tazed

He's A Jerk Dallas Lawyer Even Before He's A Dallas Lawyer

"Do I look like a guy that requires the world to bow to me? Why, yes. Yes I do."
Kids today. That's some guy from SMU who's enrolled in law school but just got kicked out of the school's simultaneous MBA program before it even started. This email thread circulating around the Internets explains why.

Decatur > Philly?

If Philly is full of guys like this, uh, the answer is a profound "yes."

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I wasn't sure if I had posted the top pic before, so I had to add a bonus pic. It looks like her name is "April."
  • Craziest lead story in the news was that commercial plane that overshot the airport by over 100 miles -- and the pilots would not respond to radio contact. The pilots claim they were arguing. I bet they fell asleep. But does either make you feel better?
  • TCU has a "no umbrella" policy for football games (which wasn't the best policy for last weekends rain game).
  • Last night's crazy dream: I was in a 1,500 seat arena to see Elton John (whose voice was cracking) but my seat was connected to the back wall on a swivel with it's default position looking directly into that back wall.
  • Watched a horrible movie about Ted Bundy the other night. But I couldn't look away.
  • Blew past Praire View v. Southern last night which was a football game between two predominately black schools. Oddly, they both had white kickers. Let me correct that, both had horrible white kickers.
  • I would never initiate a standing ovation.
  • But I never have the guts to not stand during a standing ovation.
  • Did ESPN ever air the footage of Bridgeport game where Colt McCoy was in the stands?
  • Literally vs. Figuratively bugs me. When someone says, "He literally took that guy's head off" he really means, "He figuratively took that guy's head off."
  • I'm not a music guy, but I noticed some group called Phoenix singing 1901 on Jay Leno and I heard it again in a new Cadillac commercial. And when I googled it, I found out they've already sang it on Saturday Night Live. The song reminds me of something.
  • If we only knew what was going on in other people's lives -- it would make out wheels off lives look boring.
  • I think the man in the background could be a Blog reader.
  • I hope this Fort Worth boy scout was always prepared. Oh, my. They don't have merit badges for that, do they?
  • Wow. Take a look at the cover of the book coming out to counter Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue." I think I'd pick up the wrong book by mistake.


Don't Taze Me Bro

Source. (Be nice. I have to work with this guy.)

Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up


  • When he was elected, we couldn't find Dick Cheney. Now he won't shut up.
  • The feds have rounded up 300 on the "War On Drugs" but I couldn't help but notice the arrests alone required 3,000 agents on the taxpayer payroll to execute it.
  • The roundup were mostly of members of the Mexican gang La Familia which reminded me of the above video. And a Fort Worth restaurant.
  • The feds HAVE to have given the roundup some catchy name. I'm looking for it.Edit: Found it! "Project Coronado"
  • Rush Limbaugh is going ballistic today over Obama slashing executive salaries by 90% of those companies that the government bailed out and still have a huge stake in.
  • The guy that killed the former schoolteacher from Carrollton (and whose body was just found a couple of weeks ago) gets 15 years today in a plea bargain?
  • College mascot mocks end zone prayer.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • [Insert expected "wow, that was a lot of rain" comment here.]
  • For those that followed the very tense Firebombing blog, it looks like it is over.
  • Funny post on Facebook yesterday from a guy from Bowie who said he saw a waitress at Mexican restaurant ask a guy wearing a DEA jacket if that stood for "Drink Every Day?"
  • If you heard about the "Fatal Attraction" affair the ESPN on-air personality had (news broke yesterday), you only could say, "Oh, my." TMZ even had the wife's 911 call when she saw the crazy woman in her driveway. Chilling.
  • And the crazy girl in the affair was 22 and wasn't even remotely as hot as Glenn Close.
  • If you ever look at the Missing Kid Wall at Walmart you come to the conclusion there are a lot of missing kids.
  • Our County Attorney appeared shirtless in the "throwaway" section of the the Wise County Messenger yesterday. And he was getting tazed (which may or may not have anything to do with him being shirtless.)
  • I just heard what I thought was a dog collar jingle in my office. Turns out it was just jewelry.
  • Today's Update has a funeral announcement for a 19 year old Decatur girl.
  • More bond voting trickery courtesy of the Update: "Early convenience voting will also be 6-8 tonight at an open house at Bridgeport Middle School." It is simply amazing that that is legal.
  • A weekly thought of mine: "Was that guy I just talked to high?"
  • I was reminded a couple of days ago about the long defunct Southern Kitchen in Dallas. Sadly, I bet most people have no idea what I'm talking about.
  • You've probably seen it, but here's a guy on some Home Shopping Channel having a very unfortunate accident with the Wii.
  • When I see someone talking on a cell phone I normally assume that the call is not necessary.
  • ESPN has started a new documentary series called 30/30. Watched one last night on the USFL. Verdict: Fantastic.
  • If you have orange hair and were arrested in Denton for the odd charge of "soliciting money without a permit", I've got your picture.


From The Four-Warn Doppler Storm Chasing Radar Situation Room Center

Crazy, Man. Crazy

I was just going to watch a second of this, and then got sucked in. It almost looks like a Steve Martin bit -- if it weren't so shockingly sad.

Just Incredible

They just keep coming. Few facts have been released but there's a news conference this afternoon. But the Dallas Morning News reports the defendants were convicted after the jury deliberated for six minutes. I don't know if the old Dallas DA's office was corrupt, but it was probably full of prosecutors that simply didn't care. They would pick up a file, read it, refuse to think critically, assume guilt, and then go review their conviction rate as compared to their co-workers.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tired of hearing about the Swine Flu shot or lack thereof.
  • Sarah Palin is going to be on Oprah. I'm in. But my Head Brain might explode by watching the two most irritating women in the world.
  • ABC/Washington Post Poll: Only 20% consider themselves Republican -- lowest since 1983. Demographics are our future.
  • I really don't know anyone who has been to Vegas lately. And I don't know why it is so expensive to fly there.
  • Lots of people volunteer lots of information to people who do not care.
  • Red River Rivalry bathroom fight from last Saturday between two girls which kind of got started with the utterance of "Fatties up front."
  • The thought of the Dallas Mavericks starting a marathon season gives me Tired Head.
  • Daylight Savings Time has to right around the corner, but I don't want to look it up.
  • I don't know why there's not a death every day at Hwy 287 and FM 2264 south of Decatur. People crossing. People pulling out onto the highway. People driving on the shoulder. It's chaos. Chaos, I 'll tell ya.
  • Did gas prices just jump 20 cents in one day?
  • An entry in the Update this morning that caused a question mark to form over my head: QUEEN "B" - The city of Bridgeport is hosting the first Queen "B" Contest 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 26, at the Bridgeport Stage. The male employees of the city will participate in female form to earn the title Queen "B."
  • Barack in 1980? That would make him 18 or 19.
  • Puppy on my desk yesterday.
  • I still think it's silly when I hear a white guy talking about an album "dropping" on a certain date.
  • The quick cycling traffic light drives me crazy. But I fear the running of the red light so I'll hit the the brakes every time.


Balloon Boy's Neighbor Is Not Happy

Stick with it. It gets a little crazy.

Aggie Yell Leaders Need To Rethink Pre-Game Routine

More Boring Football News

What does this graphic mean? I have no idea.
The mighty TCU, which the commentors seem to love, puts its unbeaten record on the line this weekend against the Mormons of BYU. The game is so important that even ESPN's Game Day is headed there. But there is a problem. At least for some of you. The game is on the Versus Network. DirecTV and Versus are in a fight, and DirecTV refuses to air the Versus channel. Ergo, if you are a fan of TCU and have DirecTV, you've got a problem. Jarhead?

Who Is Running This Thing? ACORN?

If an election were about criminal justice reform, would you want a ballot box in every bail bondsman office? If an election were about abortion, would you want a ballot box at every Planned Parenthood location? If an election were about a school bond issue, would you want a ballot box at a location where the parents of intermediate school kids (the ones who would use the improvements) would be sure to be?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The best headline for the balloon boy story that I saw was: "Con Air."
  • Hyperbole to the Nth degree: Any American professional athlete saying, "We shocked the world tonight." Perspective, buddy. Perspective.
  • Denny Crane posted something on his blog that I've distanced from. Makes me tense.
  • Property Fail: Remember when Intel was going to build a gigantic plant at Alliance Airport only to abandon the idea in 2000? Well, it was going to sell the property to a company that was going to develop an indoor ski resort (remember that crazy idea?) but now that's dead. Story.
  • I'm beginning to see some natural gas derricks dot the Wise County horizon but nothing like two years ago.
  • Dumb question: How did a country as unstable as Pakistan ever get The Bomb?
  • I think all the construction on 287 is due to the economic stimulus package proposed by the President That You Love To Hate.
  • The Messenger has always run boring syndicated opinion pieces which no one reads (Do you care about what Dave McNeely or, heaven forbid, Annette Bridges has to say?) If they'd have one of their staff members write one about anything, it would be so much better.
  • I've got the most wheels off friend who is always getting in trouble. I think that's why I like her so much.
  • Uncomfortable commercial: From "Where The Wild Things Are" where the kid tells that monster looking thing, "We can all sleep in the same bed together."
  • The proposed health care reform bill is 1,500 pages. Oh, my.
  • Sports in one bullet point (since I'm trying to cut down): (1) Tech's new QB is out 2-3 weeks which is bad news for Tech, (2) great endings to both baseball games last night, and (3) people are asking if this is the dirtiest play in the NFL in a long time.
  • I don't like jokes. You know, joke jokes.
  • Hey, now.
  • People go out to eat too much.
  • The cattle trailer chase through Wise County was crazy but filing "attempted capital murder" charges against the goofball driver is equally goofy. (They say he swerved at officers.)
  • Viral video: The Japanese Sniper prank. That's just weird. And wrong.
  • I'm proud of myself when I get gas in the evening so I don't have to do it the next morning. I hate getting gas in the morning
  • The guy who wrote the song and lyrics to the Green Acres theme and the Addams Family theme is dead of death.


18 Years Old. Can You Imagine?

The news broke today about this girl pleading guilty to stabbing her mother to death in Roanoke. She received 60 years in prison as part of a plea bargain. That means 30 real years before even being eligible for parole. Denton County keeps its criminal records online as well as some quality mugshots.

Luckiest Man Alive (And Still Alive)

News About News

The always hawt Lari Barager says that Fox 4 will have dashcam video of the great Wise County Cattle Trailer Chase of 2009 tonight at 6:00. Edit: I'll embed the video once it's on the web site. Edit: Got it.

Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Brit in Mexico this weekend.

Little Car Spotted In Decatur

Man, I'd be scared to drive one of those things. (Thanks, Becky.)

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The New England game in the snow, in October, was cool.
  • But some goof balls will claim that's a sign that Global Warming is a hoax. Hey, it's about the average global temperature raising one degree every 100 years -- not about one day in October.
  • The only entertaining lawyer blogger from Fort Worth says, "Hey, kids, don't be a lawyer." I'm hearing more and more of that.
  • Went back to Flip's on Saturday night. That place is borderline crazy late at night. (I can't describe the guy who had been to a wedding at Fossil Creek golf, experienced an open bar, and was now upset that a guy was "eyeballing" him. Then his buddy showed up who said he was a caddie at the Dallas Country Club.)
  • The spread of Texas/OU was Texas -3.5. Texas won by 3. There is justice in this world after all.
  • Change we can believe in: Federal law makes marijuana possession illegal. A couple of states have legalized marijuana possession for medical purposes. Under the Bush Administration, the Justice Department would arrest and prosecute those under federal law regardless of the medical exception (saying, in a legally correct manner, that federal law trumps state law). But no more: The Obama administration says such a policy is simply stupid.
  • I ran the 5K Sarah's Cure this weekend in Decatur (that's 3.1 miles) in 22:43 and finished 6th of 6th in my age bracket. Who were those five fast old men?
  • Three people died running the half marathon in Detroit this weekend? I'm running a half marathon in December.
  • I bet the stolen cattle trailer chase in Wise County yesterday was bizarre.
  • My favorite UT penalty from Saturday.
  • I'm still digesting the Willingham did-he-kill-his-family-or-not case, but his lawyer (who sounds more like the Sheriff) was on CNN saying his client is a cold blooded killer. I dont expect you to watch all 10 minutes of this youtube video, but please watch the first 48 seconds (it includes a reference to "checking cows" and forgetting the question.) What an embarrassment.
  • Thank goodness for Halloween. That means the Inkernet will receive a new batch of hot girls in hot outfits which makes finding the Random Thoughts girl easier.
  • I watched Southpark for the first time in quite a while the other night. Incredibly shocking.
  • Speaking of Sheriffs, the one in the Balloon Boy case is an idiot. He spends two days saying he's absolutely convinced that the kid's parents were innocent of a scam, and now he says charges will be filed based upon the "non verbal clues" from the Larry King interview. He's like a basket case of Emotional Evidence.
  • The last time Miley Cyrus came to DFW, it was all over the news. I didn't even know she performed at the AAC last night.
  • The most irritating person in the world: Cowboy Martellus Bennett. Never has anyone received so much publicity for so little productivity.
  • A couple of years ago, UT was given the option of sitting on the south side of the stadium at the UT/OU game but declined. I don't know why. The Longhorn crowd has to look back into the sun every year.


Police Chase. Shots Fired.

I've got not info other than DPS shot out the tires of a vehicle fleeing around Bridgeport.

Football Mind Bursts

"Hook 'em"
"I wish I knew how to quit you!"
"Does it hurt when I do this?"
  • Baylor is horrible. (Lost to Iowa State). Triple horrible. One of these days I'm just going to give up.
  • A&M may be worse getting steam rolled, 62-14, by a pitiful Kansas State team. That may be one of their worst losses ever.
  • I think Tech, now what their wheels are on, could beat Texas if they played again.
  • OU turns over the ball five times and Texas just wins by three points?
  • The "point to the sky" gesture has become tiresome.
  • SMU is 3-3 but could easily be 5-1 and a win away from bowl-eligibility. The Mustangs held second-half leads against Washington State and Navy (last night) and then lost in overtime in both games.
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a year like this where there is not team that seems like that dominating monster. (Florida, Alabama and Texas look like they could be beat easily).
  • I always refuse believe the hype about TCU because they couldn't get through the Big 12 without three loses.
  • A Connecticut player was stabbed to death after its game.