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My Dream

As Jerry Jones looks for a new coach for the Cowboys, some think that the most recent coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Cowher, would be a perfect fit. Two problems: (1) He wants to take a year off to watch his daughters play college basketball, and (2) he is still the property of the Steelers for one more year which means that Jones would have to give the Steelers some draft picks to get him. Here's my dream scenario: Jones is willing to wait one year for Cowher but since there is no way you can hire a coach for one year in the interim, Jones names himself coach for 2007. I would absolutely love to see that experiment. And, with a talented team and good offensive and defensive coordinators, it might actually work. Cowboy's Winningest Coaches: 1. Barry Switzer, 45-26 2. Tom Landry, 270-178-6 3. Jimmy Johnson, 51-37 4. Chan Gailey, 18-16 5. Bill Parcells, 34-32 6. Dave Campo, 15-33