Bridgeport Man Pays Nearly $1 Million!!??


So how have I never heard about Big Ed? (If it is the same Big Ed who occasionally comments  on here he needs to take one of us along - you know, to be in the back seat or something during the jump.)

Heck, he's even got the jump all planned . . .


Above The Fold

Tuesday* Addams Dancing You Into The Weekend

It's just so insane, I had to use it. 

*Edit: I have made an egregious error. My apologies to "Wednesday" Addams.

And Another - North Carolina

2013 making a huge comeback.


Oh, My!!!!

Now This Is Confusing

I was prepared to rant about another story of the cops saying, "He pointed his weapon at us so we fired in self defense". But then I went beyond the call of duty and actually read the story.   The statements of his neighbors makes this whole thing even crazier than the headline reads.

All Hail The Crazy Female Protestor

Youtube description: Anfield-born Hollie-May Saker, 18, was modelling for Nina Ricci at a show in the Tuileries gardens yesterday when two half-naked female protesters invaded the stage.

I have no idea what that sentence means since I've never heard of Saker, Ricci, or Tuileries gardens. And  I'm not exactly sure what they are protesting. 

But that bottom photo is an instant classic.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The new Big Tex weighs so much more than his predecessor that this one will not use guy wires. (I hope an engineer was consulted -- Having the thing topple over and crushing someone eating a turkey leg would not be good.)
  • Explained to the Sophomore in the House that I disliked Oprah because of her "look at me" style. Less that an hour later we are driving and ended up behind a guy in a Corvette convertible with personalized license plates. I said, "There's a whole lot of Oprah in that car." She told me that was a horrible joke. Ma'am, that was a tremendous joke. 
  • Ok, "Where da goat at?" explanation: Three or so days ago I saw a photo on Facebook of a Wise County guy serving beer to his goat. It was really funny so I posted it. Later in the afternoon I got an incredibly polite request that I take it down, so I did. 
  • Remember the Argyle middle school principal who was accused of placing a hidden video camera in a locker room during her daughter's high school basketball game to see how much the coach yelled at the players? Well she was convicted yesterday of "unlawful interception of oral communications". (She was found not guilty of the goofy "improper photography" law.) Was it necessary to criminally prosecute her for that? A public reprimand or suspension isn't good enough?
  • Kind of goes back to my post the other day about government prosecutors suing/prosecuting other government workers all the time. It's like busy work. 
  • After the guilty verdict, the prosecutor and defense lawyer agreed to a probated sentence instead of having the judge or jury assess the punishment. But this is odd: The defense lawyer said he would now appeal the conviction. So the prosecutor agreed to a post-conviction plea bargain on punishment but didn't make it a condition that the defendant would waive an appeal? 
  • Glee is a big player in our house and last night they had a Beatles theme. The show began with one of the girls walking around singing "Yesterday" as a tribute to the cast member who died over the summer. (And every time I tried to walk out of the room they'd fire up another Beatles song.)
  • And I know the Comment Dog Pile that I'm asking for by mentioning Glee. Hey, I don't watch the thing -- it's just on. I'll just look up from my lap top from time to time. (But then normally the room begins "to spin real fast... cause of... cause of all the gayness.")
  • Explain this to me: Last night the attendance at the Rangers/Angels game was 26,198. The game against Houston on Wednesday night drew 43,207.
  • By the way, time is running out for the little Rangers. 
  • Hey: To the goofy guy who always accuses me of stealing from "Gordo's Corner" (which doesn't make sense due to that segment on The Ticket coming on after I post Random Thoughts), Gordon mentioned the Fort Worth McDonald's story early this morning when I posted it yesterday. He obviously stole it from me, right? I mean he mentioned a major metroplex news story so he could have only heard of it from one place. 
  • One of my weird life's pleasures: Eating at an airport restaurant before a vacation starts. 
  • I knew Ted Cruz would be crazy but I didn't know he would be so crazily entertaining. 
  • Ticket fans: Man, if you listen to the station over the Internet you will absolutely be driven crazy by the commercials of Progressive's Flo, Granada Theater, and "I'm having a stroke".


There's a video?

WFAA TV (@wfaachannel8)
Video shows Wise Co. man violently attacked while sleeping in his bed bit.ly/1h73oyX

Cruz Is Trying To Go Over The President's Head!

Big Tex's New Face Revealed

 You mad, bro?

Edit: He was unveiled earlier today:

The old:

Flash back to 2012:

Johnny Football And Uncle Nate Resurface

Looks like he showed up in Houston for Slim Thug's* show this week.

But the best part of this picture is that Uncle Nate (Nathan Fitch) is there. For the uninitiated, Uncle Nate is Johnny Football's 20 year old best friend who dropped out of college to be his manager. If real life were Entourage, Johnny would be Vincent Chase and Uncle Nate would be "E" but with the personality and brains of Turtle.

Second to his parents (who don't know how to parent), Uncle Nate (background here) is the worst possible influence on on Johnny Manziel.
*I will readily admit I have no idea who Slim Thug is. I presume he is a rapper who has a somewhat thuggish disposition and prefers low fat meals.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure why there isn't more coverage of a near mass killing in a McDonald's in Fort Worth on Tuesday. Gun jammed, gunman goes outside and unjams it -- firing twice -- comes back into the restaurant and the gun jams again. One cop channeled Jules from Pulp Fiction calling it "divine intervention."  (As Vincent Vega explained: "That means God came down from Heaven and stopped the bullets.")
  • America won the America's Cup yesterday in a sport only the one-percenters understand or care about. 
  • The Rangers are down one game for the final wild card spot with four games to play against the Angels. What the ultimate beat down: C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton come back to keep them out of the playoffs.
  • A criminal court magistrate in Tarrant County (who I think is related to the Billy Bob's family) is placed on administrative leave but we don't get to know why? That seems wrong. 
  • An extra depressing fact in an Update post about a house fire yesterday in Lake Bridgeport: "A broken down 2005 Expedition sitting close to the house also burned."
  • I'm kind of surprised that the home in Alvord, which was the scene of a "home invasion", had security cameras that actually worked.
  • Troy Aikman, in all seriousness, said this morning on The Ticket thought he could still play in the NFL. (That boy must be suffering from concussion syndrome.)
  • I remembered a shocking case of two young Oklahoma girls being found murdered along a remote Oklahoma road in 2008. I looked the mystery up and learned that an arrest was made a couple of years ago of a man named Kevin Sweat. The last update I saw had the judge granting a motion to have "all three" murders tried at the same time. Amazingly, he's also accused of killing his girlfriend in 2011. (But it is beyond bizarre that all cases would be tried together.)
  • Came in from jogging last night to catch the kids scrambling with their plates from the living room to the kitchen table. My rule of "no food outside the kitchen" may be being violated. Just a hunch. 
  • There was a fantastic brawl in the Atlanta-Milwaukee game last night after Carlos Gomez hit a home run and crazily taunted everyone on the bases like a madman during his home run trot. The catcher was waiting for him.  (Video and break down here.)
  • Cumulus radio has posted a "help wanted" ad to replace Randy Galloway. (h/t Richie Whitt). The Ticket bought 103.3 ESPN earlier this summer and the speculation was they would put Galloway justifiably out to pasture.
  • Cumulus will also replace Sean Hannity nationwide with Michael Savage. (Although Savage won't help the nation's IQ).
  • Breaking Bad note: Go back and watch Walt watching the Charlie Rose interview in the bar. I'm not sure he's as stunned by seeing the owners of the company he founded as he is when  Rose says there are still reports of "the blue meth" being on the streets. Walt's eyes get slightly wider. 


FBI Releases Video: No Shooting Shown But Still Chilling

And Ted Cruz Has Left The Building

Blocked By Paywall!!! I SO Want To Know More About This Case

Client on a stretcher. Attorney handcuffed. It's chaos!!

Found a little background which makes it even crazier:


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Edit: Oops. That's a repeat. Replacement . . . 

  • Ted Cruz certainly learned from Wendy Davis how to promote oneself. (Although Davis at least accomplished what her stated objective was -- albeit just momentarily.) 
  • Gregg Abbott had waffled on whether the "defund Obamacare" was the way to go, Rick Perry was openly against the tactic (calling it "nonsensical"), and David Dewhurst just hates Cruz.  But (I think) I saw that all three of them fall in line with the "Stand With Cruz" movement last night on Twitter. Man, does the old Republican guard fears Ted Cruz.
  • Cruz and all those who support the "defund Obamacare" movement justify their actions because "the majority of Americans" support the movement. Regardless of whether that is true, aren't those politicians the same people who always yell, "We don't live in a Democracy! We live in a Republic!" when the majority of people don't support their position-of-the-moment?
  • "The wife of a Burleson youth minister filed a wrongful death suit Tuesday against the parents of [an allegedly drunk] teenager who authorities say was driving a pickup that hit her husband and three other people on a dark road in southern Tarrant County in June." The parents? She's suing the parents? Edit: Someone commented that I must have missed the law school class that taught parents are civilly responsible for the actions of their children. Vicariously? Without any fault on behalf of the parents? You might want to rethink that one, hoss. 
  • "Ken Anderson, a Williamson County district judge who has been embattled over his role in the Michael Morton prosecution [because he hid evidence from the defense and was a corrupt DA] has resigned his position." To which I say: I can't believe he was still on the bench!!! 
  • Three Child Protective Services workers were arrested Tuesday in connection with an investigation into the murder of a teenager Alicia Moore of Greenville in 2012. I have no idea what this case is about (evidence tampering, I think), but it is another example of government workers suing government workers. It's like they create work. 
  • "The judge who held Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins in contempt of court has been subpoenaed by a grand jury looking into whether her ruling was improperly influenced by other judges." What did I just say? 
  • Wordkyle came in strong last night with an opinion that, "Most millionaires in America are in mundane businesses (like plumbing, or bricklaying) and made wise choices in life. They didn't inherit money or win the genetic lottery. Their wealth was the result of the choices they made . . . ." I love the guy, but do most Americans believe that? Or is the statement correct because it began with "most"?
  • And is the statement more likely false if "billionaires" is substituted in the place of "millionaires". All those Waltons on the list sure hit the genetic lottery. 
  • Some guy on here has called me an "ambulance chaser" for years. Again, an "ambulance chaser" is a term for a low rent lawyer who solicits personal injury lawsuits from recently injured individuals. I've never had such a case in my life. I don't mind personal attacks, I just prefer they be accurate personal attacks. Or at least funny inaccurate attacks. 
  • The Internet was abuzz yesterday with a video of an idiotic frat boy giving an intramural football team a crazy pep talk laced with about a krillion F bombs. Deadspin has posted an edited version with the Any Given Sunday music behind it. (Just like I know I won't like the guy who weaves in and out of traffic, I know I'd hate that guy, too.)
  • Channel 11 reports there is a billboard in Greenville urges prostitutes to get out of the business and become "Sugar Babies." It's sponsored by ArrangementFinders.com. 

Above The Fold

Yell at me all you want, but comments are closed. I represented him once and told him I wouldn't let any crazy comments go through. It's easier just to shut 'em all down.


Ted Cruz Has Launched A Filibuster In The Senate That Can't Possibly Work

As I understand it, there is a deadline tomorrow when the current debate in the Senate on defunding Obamacare must end. After that, the vote will happen. He can talk up until the deadline, but not past the deadline.

Until then . . .

"Craig James Killed Five Hookers"

A Fort Worth store is selling those t-shirts for the Frogs upcoming game against SMU.  This story would be much better if it were the official campus bookstore doing the peddling

(For those confused, Craig James, a former SMU running back, did not kill five hookers. But he was the victim of one of the first "Google bombs.")

Random Football Rule

Who knew you could punt the ball to another player who may advance it so long as he catches it behind the line of scrimmage? Lets see those hands. Thought so. (What if it had bounced into him? Could he still advance it?)

But wouldn't have been a little easier just to throw it?

Out Of Inspiration Comes Some Sorriness

From the D Magazine  Frontburner blog: 

Charity Boss Honors Dead Daughter by Paying Himself Healthy Salary. Thirteen-year-old Taylor Storch died in a skiing accident. Her heart was donated to a woman. Her parents, Todd and Tara, started a charity to increase organ donor registrations. They appeared in People magazine and on the Ellen Show. In 2011, the charity generated $163,000, its first full year of operations. Todd, the charity’s CEO, earned a salary of $100,000, plus $8,500 in expenses. Well, that’s $54,500 left to increase organ donor registrations. That’s a good thing, right?

The child's story was inspirational when Todd and Tara traveled to visit the lady who had received Taylor's transplanted heart:


Edit: Wait a second. Some of you are defending him? What if his pitch to you had been, "I'm here raising money for charity. For every three dollars you give me, two of them will go to me and one will go to the charity"? You donating?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Republicans are shooting at each other in this silly Cruz-Defund-Obamacare stunt. 
  • Loved the crazy logic of Mark Davis this morning. He said that Republicans didn't have to choose sides but instead could "stand united." With that, he urged those Republicans with "frilly drawers" to "put on their big boy pants" and join him to stand with Cruz. Party unity at its finest. 
  • A lady was charged with the murder of her husband near Weatherford yesterday. Based upon her book-in photo, a defense comes to mind. 
  • Sports: (1) Peyton Manning was 21-24 for 264 yards and  3 TDs by halftime last night -- It kind of reminds me of when Joe Montana went to the Chiefs with tremendous success, (2) I'm not sure Longhorn fans will -- or should -- see QB David Ash again as he's suffered a second concussion this season on Saturday night, (3) Did anyone see the frightening scene of Green Bay Packer TE Jermichael Finley struggling to try to get off the field after a blow to the head on Sunday? It may just be me, but I didn't see that replayed hardly at all on the post-game shows. I wonder if the NFL is cracking down on the networks from showing the results of head injuries. (5) Ticket Fans: The prank phone calls utilizing the George Dejohn drops makes me laugh out loud. (7) And breaking Cowboy news: Jerry Jones said on The Fan this morning that Anthony Spencer will have another surgery and could be done for the year. 
  • When jogging yesterday I passed a lady walking her dog with a beautifully colored bird on her shoulder. 
  • I did a Google search on "speaks volumes" and found the phrase was once used by a prolific and conservative Letter to the Editor writer to the Messenger
  • I only occasional glance at Facebook, but I want to strangle anyone whose posts begins: "Repost this if you have the courage to say you love" your spouse/children/Jesus/your country/etc. 
  • Texas Motor Speedway announced plans to build a massive video board which is 79% larger than the one at Jerryworld. It's name?: "Big Hoss." Idiocracy?
  • For the first time ever yesterday, I saw the courtroom for the JP and the County Court at Law #2 over in Bridgeport. That's a really nice place. 
  • Mrs. LL played the "Alphabet game" (saying the alphabet by seeing the needed letter on a a sign or license plate) all by herself as we came back from Waco on Saturday. After she got to Z she yelled, "Winner!"  The rest of us just looked at her. 
  • A "high end" Kenyan mall was not something I expected to hear this week. But, man, those scenes inside of people hiding while a storm of bullets is raining down is frightening. And news now is that three Minnesota teenagers may be involved. 
  • As selfish as I can be (which is a lot), I always know the right answer when one of the Kids In The House asks, "Would you like to see . . . ."


Lawyer Gets Ride Home After DWI Arrest

This is a couple of weeks old, but I just saw it.  A lawyer crashed his car in downtown San Marcos, failed the field sobriety tests, and then refused to provide a sample of his breath. Being the first No Refusal Weekend in the county's history, the cops then went to a judge to obtain a warrant for the lawyer's blood.

"Not so fast my friends" (or something like that), the judge said. Since he knew the lawyer and considered him to be a "friend", the judge didn't think he could be impartial and, in essence, recused himself from the warrant process. He was the only available judge.

Ok, that's a little bit of a stretch, but that's at least plausible.  But the cops actions after the judge not signing the warrant were peculiar: Despite having formed probable cause to arrest the defendant, had arrested him, and taken him to the county jail, they took him home because they believed there would be insufficient evidence without the blood sample.

The Ex-NFL Player Who Had His Home Trashed By Kids Is One Weird Guy

Come to find out that his home was in disrepair and being foreclosed on. And, in an interview, he starts off by giving a bizarre Ninja turtles shout out to his grand kids, monopolizes the interview and won't answer a question, and accuses his neighbor of being a wife beater. They finally have to go to commercial break with the guy babbling on.

Baby Drinks Beer After A's Clinch Division

Hey, give the kid a break. He's been a life-long Oakland fan.

Flashback: Wise County Fire In 2008

The Paradise fire. My post back in the day.

How A Litigious Society Will Kill The Taser

I love tasers (especially when they are used on our County Attorney.)  Video.

But now it looks like they will be used as often as guns -- rarely and judiciously. Many departments are banning their use for the simplest of reasons. This year, the company tweaked its safety warnings to include language that using its products "could result in death or serious injury."

Why? The manufacturer was getting sued when a taser's use resulted in a death. So the company now simply warns officers that the taser can cause death. Problem solved for the manufacturer.

But that puts the officer on the street in a bit of a predicament. If he now uses the taser in a non-deadly force situation, he's been warned he could kill the target. So now he's faced with the question, "You were warned the taser could kill him and you used it even though the situation didn't require deadly force?"

Call in the lawyers.

Kill me.

I'm Not Sure What Flugtag Means . . .

. . . but that looks like a lot of fun in Las Colinas this weekend. Slideshow.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mark Davis said this morning that Democrats were "startled" by the "boldness" of Ted Cruz. I think the correct term is "amused". 
  • " The trial of a former Argyle school board member accused of improperly recording video in a Sanger High School girls’ locker room in February 2012 is scheduled to begin today." I hope the defense attorney at least tried to challenge the constitutionality of the "improper photography" statute which was struck down by an appellate court last month. Yeah, you may want to make it illegal to do what the guy allegedly did, but the statute also makes it a crime to take a picture of a hot gal fully clothed in the park. 
  • Sports: (1) I wouldn't buy Cowboy Superbowl tickets just yet, (2) As a reminder, I said the Rangers would fail down the stretch but grab the last wildcard spot -- I may have been wrong, (3) Former Tech coach Mike Leach drops an F bomb on the opposing coach after putting a beat down on his team. (4) Jason Whitlock wannabee Jean Jacques Taylor tweeted yesterday during the Cowboy game that "Bernadeau strong on pass protection that snap". Translation: You guys aren't' watching the finer points of the game like I am. (5) Demarcus Ware became the all time leading sack leader for the Cowboys with 90% of them coming during trash time or meaningless games.  (6) I've always hated the phrase "The ground can't cause a fumble" because it's not true -- as RG3 proved yesterday. (7) Derek Jeter's girlfriend looks like she's 14. (8) So Dez Bryant can shove a defender into the first row for a TD catch? (8) Yeah, yeah, they haven't played anyone, but look at these Baylor offensive numbers: Their 25 TD drives are averaging 4.6 plays, 62.4 yards and 65 seconds. Eleven have lasted less than 60 seconds. Oh, my. (9) Greg "The Hammer" Williams went after 105.3's Mike Fisher this weekend. 
  • Is there anything better than a Fall morning?
  • Took the Family Unit down to the Baylor game on Saturday.  Hearing the Fifth Grader In The House say, "That was really fun!" on the way back is all you can ask for. 
  • I live in the house where the other three occupants were more giddy about the band performance at halftime than a 35-0 first quarter lead. 
  • Stopped in West for kolaches on the way home. The Kids chose the Sonic next door instead. (Sigh.)
  • On the way to the game we got behind a truck which had an NRA sticker and a bumper sticker that read, "Work Harder - Millions on Welfare are Counting on You!"
  • In a bit of embarrassing laziness, I trimmed my hair on the sides all by myself instead of getting a haircut a couple of weeks ago. When I finally got a haircut this weekend, the stylist looked at me and said, "That's how the mullet got started."
  • More Tom Delay: “Because I’m walking with the Lord, I had no burden. He’s had the burden. He carried it.”
  • Two adults and three children have been found dead in Rice, Texas. (Rice is in between Ennis and Corsicana.)
  • Any chance that companies are dropping health care benefits because of greed and simply using Obamacare as an excuse? No question. 
  • Even if you don't get or like Twitter, you would love the "History In Pics" feed. 
  • Unimportant Breaking Bad thought: I'd like to see the rest of that Jesse upper body strength. 
  • There's a Volkswagon commercial which basically reproduces the old Aha Take On Me video. If you know what I'm talking about, you love it. Right?
  • Remember the girl who couldn't stop hiccuping and was on all the national news shows? She's been convicted of murder