Oh, The Irony

This is the guy running against Craig Estes. I'm no fan of either. But Fallon is a dangerous far right wing nutcase.

His above post demonstrates he hasn't been to a movie house that serves dinner and drinks lately. Heck, maybe even a regular movie house in Frisco lately.

From the Wichita Falls Times Record News:

“I’m not going to apologize for having a little bit of success.”

The three-term representative for Frisco is giving up his House seat as of Dec. 31, 2018, to challenge against Estes. Fallon had about $1.4 million on hand to bludgeon all comers when he filed his Jan. 15 report with the Texas Ethics Commission. He has loaned his campaign $1.8 million.

And since we are talking about money: "State legislators in Texas make $600 per month, or $7,200 per year, plus a per diem of $190 for every day the Legislature is in session (also including any special sessions). That adds up to $33,800 a year for a regular session (140 days), with the total pay for a two-year term being $41,000." 

That is, obviously, $20,500 per year.

So what's the return on investment (comparing how much a movie house makes on a Coke) for being a run of the mill Texas senator?

Above The Fold

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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Getting past that was a sorry thing to do, why use your foot instead of just your hand?
I do that same walk every morning on the stairs after I get up due to old age. 
I expected a split trampoline and a broken back. 
Even against a kid, that's David Copperfield stuff. 
That little kid! And the Keystone Cops women!
Smartest kid on the court. 

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A house blew up in Dallas this morning.
  • Greg Abbott approving clemency for a guy set to die was surprising to me. The fact that he announced the decision less than an hour before the government was going to kill the guy was not. 
  • The Canadian hockey player is catching heat for removing the Silver Medal seconds after it was placed around her neck. I don't have any problem with that, and at least one of America's greatest athletes would agree with me. 
  • The ice on the trees in Wise County is/was amazing, but branches were snapping left and right. And while I was driving in Decatur yesterday I found myself dodging long lines of ice dropping from power lines (and Decatur has a ton of above ground power lines.)  
  • "Kaufman County investigators searched the offices of a defense attorney for video evidence in the sexual assault investigation involving boys on the Forney High School soccer team." Say what? 
  • This is cool: 
  • The school resource officer, Scot Peterson, who did nothing during the Parkland shooting, must not have heard of the "they run towards the danger" slogan.
  • And that guy only has one t in his first name, but when I heard it yesterday I just thought about this man: 
  • Ivanka has arrived at the Winter Olympics (but she brought along Sarah Huckabee Sanders so we can't rule out an international incident to be forthcoming.)
  • Breaking: 
  • For some reason I watched A Football Life on Eddie George last night.  The number of blows to the head he took was staggering. Today, flags and fines would be flying. (Side note: Do I have correct subject-verb agreement in that second sentence?)
  • More bad news for the Mavericks: Dennis Smith, Jr. is named by the FBI in their probe of "corruption and bribery" in NCAA basketball. So is a current player for the University of Texas. (More shocking to me is that the FBI "intercepted" 4,000 calls in less than a year.)


The NRA Is At CPAC And They Are Angry

I think this is in Deuteronomy:

This lady got roasted last night in the town hall at the arena I referenced earlier.

Google Has Fixed The Comment Section

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • PSA: Trump's mistress, Stormy Daniels, is coming to Fort Worth. This PSA, of course, does not encourage you to visit that establishment on that date:
  • Man, it was cold yesterday. And I don't need to remind you I'm The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.
  • "Please be advised that the Needville ISD will not allow a student demonstration during school hours for any type of protest or awareness!!" Superintendent Curtis Rhodes said. Does the school district not have a lawyer? What if a group of kids want to have a moment of silence during lunch? What if one guy wants to walk through the hallway with his fist up? What if three friends come dressed in all black? 
  • Since Texas has passed "open carry" I have never seen someone open carry.
  • The Trump "Listening Session" was very suspicious.  Did you know no one wanted to talk about guns? The students and parents didn't even mention it other than a "guns aren't the issue" reference. What a coincidence! This Administration, for however long it lasts, will always be selling snake oil. That was a staged PR stunt. And . . . 
    He had to have a note which said, "I hear you."
  • Flashback: 
  • Trump supported arming teachers yesterday during the Listening Session. That would be as dangerous as me walking around with a gun at the courthouse. And let's do another Flashback: 

  • DPS has purchased 17 drones. One cost $48,000.
  • Hey, local school districts, our Governor has solved the school shooting crisis. You guys get right on that, OK? (Side note: He "orders" it?)
  • Mark Cuban's defense of not firing Earl K. Sneed (who I had never heard of until yesterday) is ridiculous. He screwed himself yesterday giving that interview to ESPN.
  • Before the Cowboys ever played at old Texas Stadium, Billy Graham had a crusade there. I was in attendance.
  • I'm stunned that one of the new allegations in the lawsuit by a former player does not include Patterson sending Trevone Boykin back into the game after taking a cheap shot to the head by Baylor's Ahmad Dixon in 2013. Boykin lasted just a couple of plays and was clearly suffering from a concussion. I've heard horrible things about Patterson for years. 
  • One of the craziest things I have ever seen was a "town hall" (held in an arena) on CNN last night concerning the school shooting in Florida. Sen. Marco Rubio took a beating which even I found uncomfortable. That crowd was openly hostile. (And Rubio, in defense of taking donations from the NRA, saying, "People buy into my agenda" was tone deaf.)
  • When the sleet and icy roads hit Wise County around noon yesterday, there were a few school superintendents who had to have been freaking out about not closing their schools from the start. (In their defense, the weather forecasts did not not predict it. Thanks, Delkus.)


Mark Cuban Is Having A Very Bad 24 Hours

Translated: It cost him over a half million for saying it was in the team's best interest to tank the rest of the season.

Firing It Up

We've got some pretty heavy sleet at 11:30 in Decatur.

Edit: Well, that escalated quickly.  For those on 287 or 380, stay out of the ditch.

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Oh, My

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Billy Graham has died at age 99. This is the cover of Time in 2006:
  • Trump moved to ban bump stocks yesterday. They were used in the Las Vegas mass murder not the most recent school shooting. Keep up. 
  • A guy named Benjamin Kelly works -- well, did work -- in Florida state government. He thought this would be a good idea to send out this email. By the end of the day Monday, he was fired.
  • My comment section is still down. I'm having withdrawals from not seeing craziness.
  • If the the Thunder Truck isn't in Wise County this morning, my faith in local news has been destroyed.
  • Sports Illustrated is after the Mavericks. And the team "responded" fast by issuing a statement even before SI released the story last night. They say Mark Cuban had "no knowledge" and that they had hired an outside firm to investigate. This sounds bad. 
  • There's a commercial on The Ticket which warns against banks offering a temporary/promotional interest rate on savings accounts which later plummets. I haven't seen an interest rate on savings accounts advertised in over a decade --  maybe longer.
  • Let me state the obvious: The weather is nasty today. 
  • The parole board in Texas recommended clemency yesterday for Sugar Land man slated to die for murder-for-hire plot. No Greg Abbott has to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down. 


For $100,000

But to put it in perspective, after taxes he couldn't cover Jay-Z's bar tab.

Jay-Z Went Out This Weekend

Shout out to Dayhana for a successful night.  Story.

Firing It Up

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wise County is considering a "veterans court." I'm in support of it, but it really has some Equal Protection issues when you think about it. 
  • I came across The Blues Brothers the other day and, after getting past the fact it came out 38 years ago, I was struck by the production of it. Like this scene which lasted only a few seconds but is truly artistic.
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on 60 Minutes this week and refused to deny that he called Trump a "moron."
  • Overheard at the grocery store yesterday: "Unless you are dying, don't call me!" I'm guessing that's the product of a relationship that didn't work out.
  • What's a "death panel"?
  • The superintendent of Southlake ISD makes $338,488.
  • Little red corvette:
  • Link for this Wise County story:
  • I would presume this is a very short book: 
  • Donald Trump has endorsed Mitt Romney's run for Senate. Let's check in on what Mitt said two years ago and what he says now:
  • New this morning: A lawyer with a connection to the Ukraine has cut a deal with the special counsel's office. He will plea later today. 
  • Yep, the comments section of this blog is still not working. 


Johnny Football

He posted this and then deleted it.

I'm not sure a cigarette would do it, but who knows since he is on his Redemption Tour.  Maybe it was the bandana (which is a very bad look). Or the tattoos. And who is in the back seat?


The Daytona 500 was yesterday, and the Texas Motor Speedway opened up so you could watch it on "Big Hoss."

This screenshot was taken from Fox 4 last night. Give that camera guy a Pulitzer.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I still can't see the comments which are submitted. Google, which runs this platform, has acknowledged the widespread issue and is allegedly working on it. 
  • Weird: A driver of a U.S. mail truck was shot and killed on the mix master in Dallas this morning.
  • The indictment by the U.S. Government of 13 Russians cannot be understated. They deliberately infiltrated social media, in a sophisticated manner,  to fool you with lies. And, interestingly, there is a paragraph in the indictment that says they communicated with a Texas group who told them to focus on three states. 
  • Now remember that he won't impose sanctions on the Russians and remember this: 
  • But that news on Friday completely buried the story that Trump cheated on Melania (again)  -- this time with a Playboy bunny.
  • Trump is running scared. The following is a complete lie. He called it a "hoax" multiple times. 
  • Tell your kids that if they want to watch Watergate in real time, this is their opportunity. 
  • Mitt Romney is running for Senate. He's a Republican who despises Trump, and he will win in a landslide.
  • Mrs, LL watched a portion of Airplane with me. She laughed. I don't even know her any more. 
  • Black Panther brought in $192 million on its opening weekend. 
  • There's a growing sentiment for an organized student march in support of gun control. (One date being considered is 4/20).  The other date is a Saturday, 3/24. I would rather see it on a school day.
  • I haven't heard it, but Fergie must have butchered the national anthem last night.
  • I didn't know Joel Osteen supports "speaking in tongues."
  • If you are the superintendent of Desoto ISD, I'd be nervous after this agenda came out.