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Dateline: Cincinnati


Every Wise County Employee Got Paid Twice Today

Yep. Twice. As in double the amount they were supposed to be paid. An email has already been sent advising county employees to not spend it.

We Live In A Very White Area Even For Texas

Source. Dark blue means a high concentration of whites . . . 

 Percentage white (Wise County in yellow)  . . .

Fort Worth's Texas Law Hawk Has A New Commercial

My head just exploded.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dozens of people were burned Thursday night after walking over hot coals at a Tony Robbins motivational seminar in Dallas, and at least five of those hurt had to be hospitalized, officials said." Did they not learn anything from Dwight in The Office?

  • And Tony Robbins is still doing that shtick?
  • I'll admit that I really don't understand the European Union vote (but prepare to see the U.S. stock market in a free fall this morning and then quickly recover.)
  • Funny sports humor line I saw: The European Union should immediately invite BYU to replace Great Britain. 
  • When I went to sleep, most of the major media outlets were saying the vote was "razor thin" close at 51.5% to leave and 48.5% to stay with half the vote counted. Boys, you need to take a statistics course. If you have a sample size of 50% of the vote, the result is known. 
  • All three local sports shows had live NBA draft coverage last night. So much media effort. So little public interest. (And Mavs fans had to wait until the 46th pick to see how they would screw it up.)
  • A 19 year old was sentenced to 25 years for meth over in Grayson County.  The War on Drugs continues.
  • That story says he will be eligible for parole after he serves 1/4 of his time. Not true. It's actually quicker. (Technical point: I bet 90% of criminal lawyers and prosecutors in Texas don't understand the wording of the "1/4 parole law" for non-3g crimes.)
  • The former McKinney Police Officer who tried to crush the unauthorized pool party from last summer was not indicted by a grand jury. Although he shouldn't have been, every criminal beat reporter should have Microsoft Word autocorrect "gjnb" into "Grand jury no-bills police officer" because it happens so often.
  • But I don't understand the teenager suing the police agency. Even assuming it was a civil rights violation (doubtful), you weren't hurt. 
  • This image alone cost him his job: 
  • Evil Empire acceptance rate by race (source):
  • I always have to link to the Texas Tribune because they called me out once for potential copyright infringement. 


Official Liberally Lean Girl Just Killing It On Twitter

Get Me This Monkey

I Predicted Wrong On This One (Edit: I Was Only Half Wrong)

I even listened to the oral arguments.

But be clear: This has nothing to do with DWI prosecution (regardless of how MADD has lied over the last few weeks in an effort to get money). The Supreme Court reviewed a couple of state laws that made it a crime to simply refuse a breath or blood test after you were arrested for DWI even if you weren't guilty of DWI. As for DWI prosecutions, nothing has changed.  (But it is a blow to the "implied consent" terminology -- the myth that you have somehow agreed to voluntarily provide a sample of breath or blood if arrested for DWI. You have agreed to no such thing.)

Huge Edit: Hold the phone. I just read the opinion. I think the AP was a little off on the headline. It looks like a State can make it a crime to refuse a breath test but cannot make it a crime to refuse a blood test.

(For criminal lawyers, DWI cops, and eggheads only: A huge underlying holding in the case is that police do not need a warrant to get a breath test. That's amazing. But there are two problems. First, you can't logistically force someone to provide a breath sample. That is, if someone doesn't want to blow, you can't make them blow. (The Intoxilyzer needs several seconds of continuous breath.) Secondly, Texas still has a statutory scheme requiring that a warning be read (DIC-24) and a person be asked to provide a sample. Those laws are still in effect and can't be bypassed. The only crazy scenario I can come up with is that the police don't read the DIC-24, take someone to the jail, tell them to blow into the new Intoxilyzer, and the person complies. The State will argue that the results should be admissible because there is no requirement for a warrant plus the smaple was provided with consent -- although they have to concede there will be no driver's license consequences because the DIC-24 wasn't read. The defense will argue that no evidence is admissible under art. 38.23 if there is any violation of the law and, since the DIC-24 wasn't read, there is a state law violation.)

Wise County Art

Behind the Visitor's Center off of the square.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tennessee guy is running for Congress under the campaign slogan, "Make America White Again".
  • The Chewbacca lady will throw out the first pitch at a Grand Prairie Airhogs game this weekend. At least she's down to a spare minor league baseball game. Her time in the spotlight is finally on its last legs.
  • The dad in Melissa who has been arrested in the death of his baby who was left in the hot car tried to save it by putting the child in the refrigerator. What a horrific experience. (The police charged him with Manslaughter which proves they have never even remotely looked up or understand the definition of "reckless" in the the Texas Penal Code.)
  • There was another child left in a car yesterday in the metroplex but the child survived. Cops called that just an "accident". 
  • The Grapevine Mills Mall will get a new anchor, Fieldhouse USA, which is a "106,000-square-foot facility [which includes] nine basketball and nine volleyball courts, offering year-round league play in team sports such as basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. The company said the venue will also host performance training, all-sports camps, baseball/softball, birthday parties, boot camps, cheerleading, club volleyball, corporate events, dodgeball, lock-ins, skills training, taekwondo, and tumble." That concept sounds like it would work. But, if so, why there aren't more of them?
  • The word "taekwondo" has caused this image to be stuck in my head: 
  • The House Democrats staged a sit in on the House floor yesterday in response to the lack of gun control legislation. The Republican response was to shut off the CSPAN cameras which only led to more media coverage via Periscope. I think we have a shortage of competent PR advisers in this country. 
  • Johnny Football was the alleged victim of a hit and run in Dallas this week. Junior Miller of the Ticket pointed out this morning, "He's like a vampire. You only hear about what happens to him at night." 
  • I'm four episodes into Game of Thrones, and I might be hooked. It dawned on me that it has the feel and substance of the action scenes of the very underrated Sucker Punch film (it was big on swords and even had a fire breathing dragon). And I'm a fan of 300. And Gladiator. Oh, dear, I like gladiator movies
  • Anybody see a trend? (Source):

  • Sad bit of irony: The Argyle Fire Department chief had his house burn down this week.
  • The coast guard is looking for a missing family off the coast of Florida. They were in a 29 foot sailboat that "the family had lived on  . . . for about a year." I googled "29 foot sailboat". Those are big boats but I'm not sure I would want to live on one. And I dang sure wouldn't want to live on it with three other people. 
  • California cheerleader charged in homeless man's death
  • Yep, same girl.
  • Jim Schultz from the Dallas Observer yesterday: "I had dinner with an attorney who said he thought few people appreciate that the district attorney holds the most powerful elected office in the county. I do know, because I know that a reporter can spend months compiling irrefutable evidence of a person’s criminality, then ask the DA why he or she refuses to seek an indictment, only to be told honestly, 'Because I don’t feel like it.' The office of DA is one of those full-stop points in the local power structure. The person holding that office can say, 'I rule that your traffic accident was an indictable homicide.' Or not. And there you have it."
  • I mention the Rangers for the first time all season yesterday and then news comes that Derek Holland is placed on the DL and Colby Lewis will miss two months. The Liberally Lean curse continues. 


Picture Of The Day: Cleveland Victory Parade

There's A Lot Going On Here

Obviously Falsely Accused

Above The Fold

Full page pdf.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • If I'm Dirk, I jump at the chance to go to Golden State. Why stick around with Dallas? He doesn't owe them. They owe him.
  • As with all recent presidential elections, it comes down to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida. Trump needs all three. Clinton can win the presidency with just Florida. Fox News reported she has a massive lead there of 47-39 percent. (Hispanics and Latinos make up almost 1 in every 4 Floridians.)
  • On the rumored three person short list for Hillary's VP is Texas' Julian Castro.  Let me call your attention to a random thought on Liberally Lean from April 1, 2015: "Hillary should select one of the Texas Castro brothers as her vice president nominee. She won't win Texas even if she did, but it could awaken the Hispanic electorate in general. And once they are awakened, it's game over. Not just this election but for years to come." #MeEqualsPoliticalGenius
  • I'm a huge fan of Texas Monthly's Skip Hollandsworth and enjoyed an excerpt of his new book about an Austin serial killer in the 1880s. He will talk about the book today at an odd place: Highland Park United Methodist Church. 
  • TCU might just win the baseball National Championship. 
  • I saw that our County Judge is reading Empire of the Summer Moon. A fantastic book with a history lesson relevant to Wise County.
  • Austin's transportation department went undercover to catch underground ride-sharing drivers they say violate city code. Cars were towed and fines were issued. I may have to change my saying from "Too many cops" to "Too many cops and wannabe cops."
  • Robert Jeffress, my nemesis from FBC of Dallas, is all over Fox News these days and is constantly promoting his appearances on Twitter. He did so this morning so I did a quick look at a few of his followers who had immediately "liked" his tweet. One was from Heather Jones whose profile reads, "I believe Jesus has saved my soul and Donald J Trump will save America."
  • I always make fun of WBAP's Hal Jay and The Ticket poked him with a stick this morning as he was confused about the Orlando Massacre thinking that the shooter had contracted AIDS from a Latino. Notable quotes: "He was a gay Muslim with AIDS" and "He's just mad that a Latino gave him AIDS."
  • I laughed at the comment yesterday taking me to task for liking the Ticket because it's "nothing but a bunch of old guys over 40." (Paraphrasing.)  The Ticket has a character named "Dylan the Attitudinal Teen" who would say something like that. 
  • We had a horrible case up in Melissa where a baby was left in a hot car and died. Note to cops: You didn't have to immediately arrest the guy. Let him grieve for 48 hours, get a warrant, call him, and let him turn himself in. It's a procedure that happens all the time. 
  • I didn't watch the USMNT soccer game last night against Argentina, and I'm glad I didn't. All that time and the U.S. didn't have one single shot on goal.
  • I think you should at least have to show your G.E.D. before using the word "Libtard".
  • So how many same sex marriage licenses has Wise County issued? It's coming up on the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision. 
  • “It’s rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes . . . .” - Mark Cuban on Donald Trump.
  • Knee-jerk reaction: This doesn't look like a kid who would drown . . .


Chinese Bank Employee Punishment

"When I tell you to push those money market accounts, I mean push those accounts!!"


Trump Announces His "Evangelical Outreach Board"

I've noted the names which got my attention. How did Joel Osteen, Ed Young, and Rick Warren not make the cut? And I would have thrown in Ernest Angley to get the nostalgia vote.

(Graphics compliments of Liberally Lean Art and Graphics Department. All rights reserved.).

Presidential Twitter Wars

Random Crime Stats: Felony Cases Pending In Texas District Courts

County                            Population  Pending

That really is insane. Texas counties with basically the same population but with a vast different amount of pending felony cases as of 8/31/15 -- last stats available. (District court data source)

Starr County sticks out. I thought for a second that perhaps by some fluke that the district court had misdemeanor jurisdiction as well. Nope. They have 2,866 misdemeanors pending in other courts. (County data source).  Get this: Wise County has 666 misdemeanors pending!!!

A Happy Gilmore Tribute -- Made Me Laugh

He does other things well, too:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I preached all during the primary that the Trump campaign was going to cause the implosion of the Republican Party at the national level. Now it is happening. Dissension among the rank and file. Trump fired his campaign manager a month before the convention. Trump is low on campaign cash ($1 million to Clinton's $42 million). And the all important minority voting block is revolting.  This election is basically over and the GOP better worry about long term damage.
  • The Senate voted on gun control amendments to an appropriations bill yesterday. All failed. In fact, more people died in the Orlando shooting than those who voted for the bills.
  • It took me a few hours to realize the actor who died in a freak accident, Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in Star Trek was the young actor and not the Chekov from the original series. I remember him most from the great Alpha Dog.
  • Random Trivia: The original Chekov character was played by Walter Koenig, 79, who got the role, in part, because he looked like the Monkee's Davy Jones. In fact, he even wore a mop-top type wig in the original series to accentuate the look.
  • I've not mentioned much about the Rangers (9.5 game lead in the West this morning) because I'm beaten down by the fact there are 91 games to play. The last regular season game is on October 2nd. 
  • Someone asked me yesterday why I link to a page of Google News search results when I mention a news story. Answer: I figure if you are interested enough to click on the link that you'd rather pick your own source than read a particular story that I handpicked for you. I'm fair and balanced that way. 
  • BagOfNothing's odd story of the morning: He once played football with a teammate who had a baby arm. (Ticket fans just laughed. The rest of you will be offended by that reference. And I'm now telling Mrs. LL there used to be a Baby Arm geocache -- she will be giddy about the news.)
  • "I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning." - A DA in Alabama Louisiana on his decision not to indict two Crimson Tide football players on dope and gun charges. 
  • Yesterday, the Supreme Court allowed evidence to be used against a defendant even though the person had been illegally detained. It's not necessarily ground-breaking but does involve something I hate: A "three-prong test" with a "cost-benefit" analysis. I feel sorry for any prosecutor who actually reads the case and has to advise the police. The only thing he can say is, "Yeah, the courts might bail you out from time to time but don't think you can go out there and stop people without a reason and always get away with it." 
  • A 13 year old died at a Southlake ISD swim practice. How does that happen? There were 24 students in the pool and two coaches on watch. 
  • Dallas DA Susan Hawk is on her third "leave of absence" for depression.  She needs to resign - not because of mental health issues but because the office can apparently run just fine without her. It actually is a pretty good case study that the office needs to be an appointed position instead of an elected position. (Side note: I get hypnotized by Hawk's duck lips.)
  • DFW news this morning: "A semi driver followed a man he thought stole another semi. Alleged thief was hit, killed by the 1st semi driver." I hope, at the very least, that the guy actually stole the semi. That being said, I'm not sure he deserved a privately imposed death penalty for stealing a truck. Maybe there's more to it. 


At Around Lunch Time: Not Good

Tranquility Amongst The Chaos

Walmart Fireworks

Walmart sells fireworks?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • On Friday, there were were 123 more DPS Troopers in Texas. 
  • Liberally Lean curse: On Friday I said the Baylor Scandal had become a dumpster fire. On Friday, there was an actual dumpster fire in Southlake. 
  • Billy Bob from Varsity Blues died on Friday.  (Side note: The girl in the whipped cream scene from that movie is now 40 years old and still very hot.) 
  • We've got another just-six-months-in-jail sexual assault story. This time it comes from Alabama and involves a state trooper. 
  • "A 23-year-old Fort Worth man was found not guilty this week in the fatal shooting of an aspiring rapper in the parking lot of an Arlington sports bar two years ago." Two things: (1) Both defense lawyers are former prosecutors and one of the them left after the new administration took over, (2) This case involving a shooting outside of a club with no scientific evidence. The not guilty verdict demonstrates the problem that exists with all the  Waco Twin Peaks bikers prosecution.
  • I went to Benihana yesterday. It's like Panda Express on acid.
  • Hasbro has created a "Chewbacca Mom" action figure. Will we ever get rid of her?
  • Today is the first day of Summer and a full moon.  I don't know the significance of that but it is pretty rare. I tried to look up dates for the last time and the next time it will happen, but I came across a story that said it depends on what time zone you are in. That gave me Tired Head so I abandoned the search. 
  • It took a game seven with historical consequences, but I finally watched 1/2 of one game of an NBA game last night. CBS News said President Obama stayed 10 minutes longer on Air Force One after landing to watch the end of the game.
  • Three years ago Skip Bayless tweeted: "Johnny Football will one day be bigger in Cleveland than his buddy LeBron ever was."
  • Some guy in the Liberally Lean Pick 'Em tournament a few years back received an autographed Lebron James jersey that a buddy gave to me to give away as a prize. I think it was a Cleveland jersey. 
  • “Hey, you want to hit the papers tomorrow? Let’s get that horse. I’ll ride that horse. The problem is, even if I make it, they’ll say I fell off the horse and it was terrible.” - Donald Trump at Gilley's in Dallas last week when he confused the mechanical bull with a mechanical horse.
  • "These 50 Sodomites [in Orlando] were all perverts and pedophiles and they are the scum of the earth and the earth is a little bit better place now, and I’ll even take it a little further I heard on the news today that there are still several dozen of these queers in ICU and I will pray that God will finish the job that that man started" - Fort Worth Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church. (The place looks like it might have a salad bar.)

  • He also has hot religious opinions regarding today's churches: "[Our] church is old-fashioned, has traditional music, and is King James Bible only! The new evangelical movement in America has been a complete disaster. The worldly, rock and roll, contemporary-style churches are not getting the job done when it comes to preaching the Gospel to every creature, teaching Bible doctrine, and preaching hard against sin. We do not pattern our church after these trendy social clubs. Stedfast Baptist Church stands for the old paths and zero compromise preaching." He should trademark "Preaching Hard". That's pretty catchy.
  • A thought: If you asked a male under 25 what King James refers to do you think they would refer to a version of the Bible or Lebron?
  • Fox 4's Jenny Anchondo got married over the weekend. Any "Hey, Nows" in this pic?
  • Top 10 in alcohol sales in DFW in April: (1) Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center $1.87 million. (2) American Airlines Center $1.31 million, (3) Toyota Stadium $1.14 million, (4)  Happiest Hour $1.07 million, (5) Hilton Anatole Hotel $1.06 million, (6) Globe Life Park $969,162, (7) Omni Dallas Hotel $967,354, (8) AT&T Stadium $837,251, (9) Varsity Tavern $727,472. (Source)  Happiest Hour is near Uptown. Varsity Tavern is in Fort Worth.
  • I pulled the following data for March in Decatur. I guess Bono's in not in the city limits:

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/living/food-drink/article84500557.html#storylink=cpy
  • I do not understand how to navigate Reddit.

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article84469317.html#storylink=cpy