He Was Obviously Competent To Stand Trial

Story (and his background is just as crazy.) I'm reminded of a line from Midnight Express which was something to the effect of, "All humans are machines. But sometimes the machines are defective." But, in this enlightened age, we just kill those machines.


That's the new daily price of the Dallas Morning News. I may be the only one who cares since no one else I know reads the newspaper, but enjoy it while you can. I don't know when it will happen, but there will soon come a day when there is no paper edition of the DMN.

And Another

Story. Well, she did rank high on the Commitment Factor.

Baby, I'm Still Sad Too

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That's Florida's Tim Tebow's girlfriend above. I think. Even if I'm wrong, she's worthy of a "Hey, now."
  • On one my football excursions three years ago, I was at the University of Florida for the very first time Tebow took the field as a freshman. The stadium exploded and had no idea why.
  • It's been ten years since The Sixth Sense and The Blair Witch Project were released.
  • I cannot take a "quick" shower. Once I'm in there, I don't want to leave. Maybe because it's so comfortable to be in the fetal position.
  • I love Pappadeaux's, but I can't remember the last time I ate there.
  • I've not had a speeding ticket since 1990 - the last time I was even stopped for speeding.
  • I'm wrong about a lot of things but I was dead on yesterday when I predicted our "probation guy on the run" story would go national.
  • I had a Star Telegram writer and a Fox 4 reporter contact me about the story.
  • The plea bargain he turned down: 2 years in the pen. Trust me, when all is said and done, he'll wish he had taken that.
  • I normally agree with the doom and gloom predictions of Pat Buchanan.
  • There's a boat show going on this weekend in Fort Worth. The bang to hype ration of a boat is completely out of whack.
  • One high brow movie that I want to see is Slumdog Millionaire.
  • Final AP and Coaches Poll here. TCU ends up #7 in both. Oddly, Mack Brown proclaimed on National TV that he would vote the Evil Empire #1 in the final poll. He didn't.
  • I still feel fat.
  • The U.S. unemployment rate rose to 7.2% this morning. Get ready. (But I also saw yesterday where Gamestop's profit rose 10% in the last quarter -- I guess people are buying video games so they don't have to go out for entertainment. Or they are unemployed and have nothing to do.)
  • I get excited when I hear the phrase, "We need to talk."
  • I'm still surprised Israel has continued the bombing of the Gaza Strip. Normally its m.o. is to strike hard for a short period of time simply to send the message, "Don't screw with us."
  • I'll admit to be stupid: Does the average Jewish person lean Republican or Democrat?
  • I've not cut my hair since July. And my goatee is back.
  • Another guy and I walked across a parking lot towards each other yesterday near the courthouse square. There was no one else around and barely any cars in the lot at all. As we got within 10 feet of each other, he looks down to avoid eye contact. I can't tell you how often that happens.
  • I'm beginning to get addicted to The Travel Channel and crack. I mean just The Travel Channel.

Friday Morning Pick Me Up


And It Begins

The Star Telegram is first. And I know for a fact that Fox 4 vixen Lari Barager is on the case as well. Edit: Edit: And the funniest graphic art goes to . . .

Video Alert: Super Broker Shuffle

I warn you, this tune will burn your brain. But you've got to watch it and stick with it as each salesman does his own individual "rap." I'm still dancing. And after you watch it, only one phrase comes to mind: "Yeah, white people!!!!!"

Wise County "Pay It Forward" At Starbucks?

I've never heard of it, but a sweet reader who is also a girl describes it to me this way this morning: The person in front of you buys your coffee. What do you do? Well I feel guilty and I buy the person's order behind me. It then turns into a chain. The longest chain has been 33 cars (last time I asked). I stopped buying for the car behind me for a little bit, but I felt too guilty. I feel really bad for the person in front of me because most of the time I have 3 drinks. The person behind me was only $4 so I saved $5 this morning . . . . When did this start?

That'll Get You 180

The Defendant who made a run for it was sentenced this morning. As he had to, the judge ordered 6 years in the pen but probated the sentence. He made the probationary period as long as he could (10 years) and also assessed 180 days in jail as a condition of probation. The Defendant just earned the first "Bum Steer" award of 2009 by Texas Monthly. And on the probation. The guy had no criminal history despite being in his 40 and the evidence connecting him to the dope wasn't that strong. The jury deliberated on his guilt for over three hours.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm excited about OU/Florida tonight but sad that the next college football game after that will be in August.
  • Speaking of, OU will play BYU in the new Cowboys' stadium this Labor Day. I'm there -- if for nothing else than to see the stadium.
  • WBAP's Hal Jay (who I continue to believe is senile) made reference to Brake-O today. The man is stuck in 1972.
  • The guy that shot and killed the Dallas Police Officer was wanted for Aggravated Assault. Someone needs to get a hold of the probable cause affidavit (it's public record) that gave rise to that warrant. Sometimes, Aggravated Assault is nothing more than a threat while holding some weapon.
  • Kidd Kraddick got divorced?
  • Yep, all the living presidents got together yesterday. When I saw the photo, the first thing I thought about was, "Is this the best we've had to offer?"
  • I watched a little of the People's Choice Awards last night -- it was one of those awards shows that you could predict who would win by who was in the audience. If they were there, they won something.
  • Had a buddy call me about a decade ago and ask, "Can you go to Rio de Janeiro in two weeks. We've got a place for you." I could. But I said no. Never again.
  • I kind of want to go to Costa Rico. Edit: I mention the country and look what happens a few hours later.
  • There's a chance out "guy who got probation but bolted from the courtroom before his sentence" story could become metroplex news and maybe even national news (in a Paul Harvey sort of way.)
  • The federal deficit this year will reach $1 trillion (that means the federal government, in one year, will spend $1 trillion more than it takes in). Last night, I saw a graph of the deficit over the years and it was absolutely shocking how 2009 looked. And didn't we have a surplus during the Clinton years?
  • I can't resist marshmallow peanuts.
  • One of the lawyers in the dope case yesterday began the closing argument with, "You are on this jury because someone had faith and trust in you or . . . (pause) . . . or less faith and trust in other people than you." Translation: You're on this jury not because I necessarily trust you, but because I didn't trust those other nut cases I struck off the panel. That was just bizarre.
  • Have you truly lived if you've never been threatened with a restraining order?
  • Going through the exact same "get ready for work" routine makes me feel like a robot. Which, in a way, I guess I am.


Newest (and Greatest) Photoshop Yet

Emailer is working towards the Liberally Lean Hall of Fame.

Crazy News: Defendant Bolts

Shocking news moments ago from the Wise County courthouse. In the case I have been following (see below), the jury announced they had reached a verdict --- but during the break before they could be brought back into open court, the defendant, James Carroll Franklin, 47, of Azle, bolted from the building during a bathroom break. Here's the kicker: the verdict was for six years to do BUT WITH THAT SENTENCE PROBATED! Yep, the guy took off when he would have been free to go home any way. The verdict had been reached, so that's a done deal. The cops caught the Defendant out on 730 and he's in the Wise County Jail tonight. He'll be brought up to the courthouse tomorrow morning at 10:00 for sentencing and, you guessed it, he'll get probation -- no one has any other choice. (But the judge can hit him with a bunch of conditions including 180 days in jail.) This is bizarre. And there really isn't an "escape" charge that he can be hit with because he wasn't in custody during the trial. Developing.

Dope Trial Update

Let me describe the trial: BOR-----ING!!! But the jury just began deliberating after eating at Sweetie Pie's Ribeyes for lunch. (I wonder if one of the liberal jurors will argue that chicken fried steak smothered in gravy with a side of french fries is more dangerous than meth?) I'll keep ya updated. Edit: No verdict as of 4:10 p.m. Jury asked to have some of defendant's testimony read back. (Bonus inside courthouse pic.) Edit @ 4:45: Guilty. Punishment phase tomorrow. Edit: Oops. They fired up the punishment phase today. Edit @ 5:50: Jury will deliberate punishment tonight. Get this, the range is from 5 years or probation to up to life in prison. Sheesh. The bailiff should text me with the verdict if we get one. Side note: I know the plea bargain that the defendant turned down. I'll reveal that once the jury is discharged.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a new Clint Eastwood movie where the trailer has him saying, "Get off my lawn." And they say the magic of movies is gone.
  • Watched a bit of ABC Primetime last night where they hired a couple of actors to walk around Paris as "ugly Americans." You know, obnoxious simpletons (They would order "freedom fries" and ask "ya got any American beer?" at fancy bistros). And the guy had on a backward baseball cap and a Tony Romo jersey. The wife wore a "Paris, Texas" t-shirt. Verdict: Surprisingly funny.
  • I stopped down this morning to listen to Pearl Jam's "Jeremy". Never gets old.
  • The new movie about the mall security officer looks horrible. Maybe it's a kid's movie.
  • America's Funniest Home Videos had an entire segment the other night dedicated to guys getting hit in the groin. If you saw the movie Idiocracy, your smiling right now.
  • Awful news last night about the Dallas officer that was shot and killed. But could the local TV stations find a better picture of him?
  • And Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle had a very odd statement at last night's press conference when he described how the fallen officer met his wife (also a police officer). The deceased was working at the Dallas County Jail when his eventual wife came in. "Norm was working there, and he came up to her and said, 'You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.' " In retrospect, I guess that's sweet. But if that happened today at the Wise County Jail, someone would have a complaint filed against them.
  • Saw two women out jogging this morning in two separate locations. That motivation kind of jazzes me.
  • You would have thought Israel would have backed off beating Hamas to death by now.
  • I think anyone who thinks Sarah Palin will be a legitimate contender for the GOP nomination next time is out of his mind.
  • My law partner climbed around on our roof yesterday trying to fix a leak. I stayed on the ground and told him he was doing a fine job.
  • I mentioned "No Reservations" with Anthony Bourdain a couple of weeks ago and since then someone at the show has sent me two personalized emails thanking me (even mentioned Liberally Lean by name) and asking me to promote the new season.
  • I just saw an obituary in the Texas Bar Journal for "John Radney Foster", 77, who leaves behind a son, "Radney Foster." I wonder.
  • Funny viral link from yesterday: A guy got caught dangling upside down a chairlift at a ski resort yesterday which left him, well, exposed.
  • I hope the new Messenger owner (see below) has a sense of humor.
  • Obama, Bush #1, Bush #2, Clinton, and Carter will all eat dinner today at the White House. I'm looking forward to that photo.

Big News Tomorrow

The local media will have big news about the local media tomorrow. (I promised to hold off and let the Messenger report it --- since they were nice enough to give me the heads up.) Edit on Wednesday morning: The Messenger has been sold to this guy. And here is Roy Eaton's goodbye.

The Drug War: 2009

Just walked up to the courthouse and it looks like we've got a drug case going to trial. I saw Jim Shaw out of Fort Worth at the defense table. The jury just got picked: 7 women and 5 men if I remember correctly. It was 1:40 and they hadn't broken for lunch yet although I think that was about to happen.

Hot TV Chick Alert

I've never watched any of Good Morning Texas because I work for living in order to pay child support to various children living, I believe, in Mexican resorts. (Shout out to little Juan.) But I got to check it out the other day during one of our weekday Christmas holidays. Low and behold, this gal got my attention. I think her name is Amy Vanderoef but I'm not exactly sure because I had just finished off some oatmeal sprinkled with Xanax. I'm not saying she's the best host in the world or all that bright, But she was pretty cute. That makes her an A+ television personality in my books.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • While you were sleeping: Abilene Christian 147, Texas Women's 143.
  • I went to bed before the end of the Texas/Ohio State game got exciting. Ugh. I knew better. (Texas won in the last seconds for those that care but don't care enough to watch it.)
  • Colt McCoy's hot girlfriend runs track at Baylor? Well, that's just not right.
  • "New Texas speaker to shift House dynamic toward middle." I keep saying that the era of the far right conservative is over.
  • I bet Phil King is sad.
  • When I see the cops have someone pulled over, my initial reaction is one of "Who are they screwing with now?"
  • Legal note of the day: Is it illegal to cuss out a cop?
  • Gas seems to have shot up 20 cents a gallon over night.
  • Is everyone truly "refreshed" after the holidays?
  • If I wrote "see AnnaLynne McCord in a bikini" would you click on that link even if you didn't know who AnnaLynne McCord is?
  • I watched the opening credits of Reversal Of Fortune the other night and in the background, shot from a helicopter, was mansion after mansion along the coast. I spent the next 30 minutes tracking down where that was and looking at satellite images of it on the Google. (Turned out to be Newport, Rhode Island.)
  • I had a horrible nightmare last night. I woke up and found my heart pounding. And now, for the life of me, I have no idea what it was about. Drives me nuts.
  • I haven't been in a limo in 10 years.
  • For folks going from Bridgeport to Fort Worth, I think it's easier to go through Decatur now that 380 has been expanded.
  • Most Bridgeport folks make it to (or at least through) Decatur all the time. I wonder if your average Decatur resident ever goes to Bridgeport?
  • I'm still made at UPS because of The Christmas Eve Incident of 2008. I response, I've had friends send me hidden camera videos of UPS throwing packages at doors here and here. And then someone tried to make me feel worse by claiming my UPS delivery person looked like this.


We've Got Us One Heck Of A Transformation

Remember this gal? She's a former Wise County girl that first made her shocking appearance on Liberally Lean on October 19, 2007. Well, she's gone on to do some more modeling with her latest gig being on the cover of a magazine. Want to see? Sure you do.

Ref Gets Handsy

Odd and funny.

From My Email Bag

"Some good news and bad news out of your hometown. 1st the good news is that 11 BHS football players made the Texas High School Coaches Assoc. All State Academic Football Team. 2nd the bad news is that BHS All State running back, Corbin Green, has reportedly transferred to Paradise as of today. PHS Coach Danny Neighbors has just received his best Christmas present of all time."

Hey, You Jurors For Tomorrow

If you've got jury service tomorrow in the 271st Judicial District court tomorrow in Decatur, it's been backed up by one hour. The reporting time is now 10:00 a.m.

Weather Talk

Per Update. Anyone having trouble out there?

A Couple Of Things

Let's all think of the beach. (It might be sleeting outside but I didn't care enough to look since it'll be hours before I cross a "bridge or overpass.") Now back to the picture. First, this gal is Chloe Sevigny. I had to look her up to find out who she was, and I was surprised to learn that she's been in a ton of movies that I've seen --- even one just the other night (Boys Don't Cry.) I've decided there are just too many people in this world to keep track of. Either that or I'm becoming more stupider*. Secondly, what's up with the guys in this picture? With the exception of the creepy guy in the upper left hand corner, all the rest of them are sitting around yucking it up as if a gal in a bikini is not right there in front of them. Everyone knows the drill: Grab a book, put on a pair of sunglasses, tilt your head down, and then look up to check her out. That's what made this country great. ___________ *Yeah, I know.

Well That Was Disappointing

You'd think a new video of the Crazy Mexican dressing up like Britney Spears would be the mother load of entertainment for me. But, alas, it just didn't deliver. 2009 better step it up a notch.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Boy, the TV stations were in full "Arctic Blast" mode this morning.
  • There has to be something to film other than a sand track on days like this.
  • If I was a school superintendent, I'd be a little nervous that everything freezes up at the exact moment everyone should be arriving for school.
  • There's someone playing blackjack and drinking at this very moment in Vegas. Heck, that might be going on in Rhome right now.
  • I've seen Jimmy Johnson on some infomercial about stock market investing. Cheezy.
  • I hate the first full week after the holidays.
  • There was a story in the Star Telegram yesterday about a couple adopting nine kids -- mostly kids who were abused or neglected. Man, that makes me feel like a slug.
  • I wish Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp would take over as head coach. That would make the Evil Empire more fun to hate.
  • I always like the Messenger's "year end wrap-up" issue.
  • Ever think about completely changing your life? Anyone have the courage to do it?
  • I'm thinking about banning the 2012 doom and gloom commenter. Either he's a nutcase that believes it, or he's trying to be funny --- which he isn't.
  • Any ad on a web page that automatically starts playing video or audio should be banned.
  • Saw the Timothy McVeigh traffic stop video the other day (really wasn't much to it.) But I had forgotten he was stopped because he didn't have a license plate on the rear of his car. All that planning and he overlooks that detail?
  • Two guys died in the crash of an old plane near Justin this weekend. I had gone through Justin about an hour before the crash. That's really not that big of coincidence, is it?
  • I think the airport is the one off of 730. I always thought it was odd that there were "low flying aircraft" warnings along that road.
  • I've never had a desire to get a pilot's license.
  • I'll admit it. I got a big bag of nothing this morning.

My Arctic Blast Report

At 6:30 a.m. it was raining with my outside car temperature gauge reading 32 degrees. It should be seeing freezing stuff falling from the sky, but I didn't. Developing.


Incredible Random Thought

Hush a by Baby On the Tree Top, When the Wind blows The cradle will rock When the Bough breaks The Cradle will fall, Down tumbles baby, Cradle and all. What does that mean?