As I sit in a restaurant in Boyd (don't ask), I've seen a ton of
emergency vehicles go by.

I really don't know where Davidson is located, but I looked up last night at a TV in a Mexican restaurant (Oscar's) and saw they had won a game to get into the final eight. We all love an underdog.

But this pic has a lot going for it.
- First we have the hot chick holding up the sign. If that's all we had, it would be a success.
- But then we've got the guy with the "#1 Fan" shirt. Always. Always a bad look. (It's not quite as bad as "#1 Dad" but close.)
- Then we've got the guy on the right who wants to lean in to be sure to get in the picture. Uh, buddy, just where do you think the lense was going to be focused upon. Oh, right.


Good News For Some Wise County Residents

Story. It's also very good news for one particularly sex-obsessed guy who just happens to be in Texas this weekend.

Decatur Resident In Money Magazine


(Comments off. This story has quite the history in Decatur and Wise County.)

(And thanks to emailer for pointing this out to me.)


A buddy of mine just became the proud papa of this little nipper.

But check his stats: 10.5 pounds and 23.5 inches.

P.S. Be sure to get his DipTet and "mind his little fontanelle, now."

Friday Morning Pick Me Up

Jeff Crilley, And His Hair, Quit Fox 4 . . . News


Two Year Toilet Sitter Update

I was curious what the boyfriend look liked, now we know.


37 Year Old Woman Has What?


I'm pretty sure I've never had to express a formal position on nipple rings. I personally find them a pain to put in every morning, but that's just me. I have sensitive skin. But this lady was on Fox 4 a second ago complaining about airport officials making her remove her areola jewelry. (She's the lady in black. The woman in pink is a LA lawyer who will kill her mother to get in front of a camera.)

Ma'am, let me say this in the kindest of terms, you do not need to have anything to do with nipple rings. Use this as a learning experience. Give 'em up.

Random Criticism

From an email: I'm surprised and disappointed that you haven't had an entry regarding the Decatur Mock Trial team winning the Texas State Championship (the first 3A school to win state I believe). They will soon be competing for the National Title. Love or hate DHS, it is a pretty impressive accomplishment for a podunk 3A school in Wise County. Huh? Just so these kids can come back in a few years and cripple my practice by taking away all my clients? No way. I'll never mention it.

Random Pic From Dallas St. Pat's Party

Bridgeport PD Hires First African-American Drug Dog

City claims dog was "most qualified" and "not given preference over Shepard dogs that just happen to be German." Trainer promises to "take a bite out of crime" even though "cultural differences" may delay initial arrests. Dog strangely hits on Cristal Champagne at Moonshine Liquors.

Yankee Invasion

That's the big news today as DFW was announced to be the fastest growing area in the nation last year. I believe it. Traffic in the metroplex is insane. Just 10 years ago, you could easily cruise from Decatur to downtown Fort Worth and never hit your brake lights. These days, sometimes traffic is backed up on 287 as it merges onto I-35. And don't even think about a quick trip to Northeast Mall. (Sidenote: Did you know that a Best Buy is being built at Golden Triangle Blvd and I-35?)

And although Wise County continues to grow, its not keeping pace with Tarrant County. It's an odd phenomenon in north Tarrant County where it seems that housing subdivisions pop up everywhere but tend to stop at the Wise County line.

Received Email With Subject of "Vague News"

"Reported huge grass fire around TXI or Latamore."

Day Old Celebrity News With My Own Personal Touch

Random Legal Note

I'm not exactly sure where Potter County is (and I don't really care enough to search The Google) but a very old defendant accused of marijuana possession was found not guilty this week. Not because it wasn't proven that he possessed the plant (that grows naturally out of God's earth) - he did. Instead, the judge allowed the jury whether to consider the defense of (medical) necessity. They did. He walked after eleven minutes of deliberations. The state prosecutors are upset. It's probably more of a case of a jury not caring about marijuana possession and looking for an excuse to tell the State to quit wasting their time.


New Bridgeport Liquor Store . . .

... catering to Hip Hop crowd.

More Vague News

Getting reports of another motorcycle wreck "near the Sheriff's Office."

And Another

Meet Lisa Robyn Marinelli, 40.

Occupation: Substitute Teacher

Alleged victim: 16 going on 17

Trademark Text Message: "Real men only need 20 minutes"

Verdict: Normally, I would convict any teacher who is 40 on the basis of age alone. But take a look at this gal! She's a full fledged cougar that can't help but be seductive. Those eyes! Those lips! Sheesh, it's not her fault. We've got a full fledged middle aged hottie here.

Three years probation.

Next case.

Walmart Employee Of The Month

You, sir, are simply misunderstood.

Come To Think About It, Has Anybody Seen My Monkey?

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- The Messenger is reporting that the westbound lanes of 380 will open next week. Just like a thief in the night.
- The now former DA in Rockwall is going to hoosegow for four years (I can't imagine.) But you're not being told that he'll be eligible for parole once his real time plus good conduct time equals 15 12 months. Still, that's a long 15 months.
- Kids find the parachute of D.B. Cooper? I doubt it.
- American Idol news on Fox 4 beats me down.
- "Chelsea Clinton Bristles at Lewinsky Question" (youtube video)
- President Bush issued a few pardons (15) yesterday. Most of them are so odd - like the guy in Denton who served three years probation in 1985. Why him? I've got a whole file room of people I could recommend.
- An 18 year old Florida high school cheerleader died during breast surgery.
- I got an email inviting me to attend a Barnett Shale Expo. It's sponsored by the energy companies. Uh, no. Nor would I attend a "Know Your Rights" seminar sponsored by DPS.
- During an in-game interview with injured Dirk Nowitzki last night, Mark Cuban snuck up behind him and made the "rabbit ears" gesture. How that 10 year old man-child ever made a dime is beyond me. (Jump to last two seconds of this clip if interested.)
-The families of the victims of the Virginia Tech Massacre are being offered $100,000 to forego suing the State. Huh? Why? And some of the cash starved lawyers are saying they will reject it. Sheesh.
- Ann Curry is on my TV right now. Life force sucked out of me.


Vague News

Have a report of a motorcycle accident on 287 in Decatur with the operator being flown to DPS JPS. Developing . . .

Star Telegram Shout Out

The Star Telegram which can generally be characterized as "not bad, but ain't great" rolled out this periodic videocast about the local news on its web site a couple of weeks ago. I would have never have clicked on it had someone not recommended it because I presumed it would be lame. Verdict: Not lame at all. Actually, pretty funny.

A Mosaic Made Of What?

Oh, my.

And Another

Name: Kelly Sweet, 26

Occupation: 8th Grade Teacher

Alleged Victim: 14 Years of Age

Offense: Uh, they sure use some weird terms in Wisconsin.

Verdict: That kind of looks like a hard 26 but she has an otherwise cute face. Maybe it's the hair. That kind of got to me. And with a name like Sweet, who could possibly lock her up? I'll vote for two years probation.

Next case.

(Thanks to Jacksboro embedded reporter and emailer)

Random Prosecutorial Watch

Just noticed that some prosecutor over on the State message board is concerned about his DWI case where the defendant blew a 0.00.

It's a crazy world out there people.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- As they reconfigure the lanes at I-30 this morning (for new road construction), someone didn't know what they were doing. Only one lane is getting through. (I somehow get a guilty pleasure of watching the traffic carnage in the metroplex on TV every morning.)
- "I gave him to the government nice and healthy, and the government returned somebody who is capable of doing something like that," Andres Acevedo said. Story. The Iraq War has not only needlessly killed 4,000 young men and women, it's screwing up those that survive.
- Edit: Regarding 4,000, you have to see this.
- I hate wind. I'll take cold. I'll take hot. But real windy days beat me down. And we are in store for three in a row.
- I'm so confused. Boston and Oakland are playing the first game of the baseball season right now (7:00 a.m) in Japan. It's suppose to be on ESPN2 but the network has lost it's signal. To quote Barry Switzer, maybe they got Japped.
- The Rockwall DA is insane for stealing a few thousand dollars which led to his conviction yesterday. When I became DA at the ripe old age of 30, I had exclusive control over the same checkbooks that got that guy into trouble (hot check fees, seizure money.) My dad strongly suggested I take those books over to the County Treasurer and require her co-signature on any expenditures. I did it.
- The "Awareness Test". Sent in by an emailer and, trust me, it is absolutely worth 50 seconds of your time. Do it.
- Gas prices and electricity bills this summer are going to kill us.
- Random "Cowboy Up."
- I wonder if that pic at the top enlarges if you click it.
- Added: Is this Aggie Interpretive Dance?


I'm Wasting Time Now

An emailer sent along this link thinking I would post it. Of course, I wouldn't. Personally, I was offended after the first hour.

I'm Insane Now

A Basketball Injury That Doesn't Involve A Big German . . .

ORU basketball player slips on Tennessee cheerleader's sign. Tears ACL.

Poor cheerleader.

I'll Order The Mutton

D Magazine has an NCAA Tourney Pool with the top prize of a $200 gift certificate to Texas de Brazil). Since only 157 people entered, I figured I'd enter the fray with this strategy: Pick only the favorites (up until the Final Four.) So far, I'm tied for 10th place. Maybe I'll order the big salad.

Unavoidably Detained

In a county that has some pretty old signs.


Politically Incorrect Ads . . .

. . . from days gone by.

Where Are They Now

The Messenger was in love with Northwest ISD softball pitcher Brittany Barnhill last year who struck out a record 12,209,976 batters (or something like that) in her career.

She now pitches for The Evil Empire and has a record of 3-5 but might be figuring it out.

Two NCAA Tourney Pics

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick checks out the action. I'm offended.

And just a fun pic:

Calling All Book Reviewers

Mark Cuban says The Fountainhead was the most important book he's ever read. As I was reading/listening to my Supreme Court book today, I learned that Justice Clarence Thomas says the same thing.

So I checked it out on audible.com (via I-Tunes) and found out that the thing is 32 hours long. Most audio books run 6 to 10 hours, max.

Anybody know about The Fountainhead? Is it worth the read/listen?

My Annual Easter Lunch At The Gaylord Texas

Good times. (And there are five huge tables - as seen in the bottom photo - in that room.)

A Faithful Reader Sends This Along

Subject: Benefit for Jackie Murphree Hi Barry, you can use these if you want to . . . . Just thought that we should share this. In only a matter of a few hours over $20,000 had been raised and they were still counting!! It would'nt surprise me if it goes to $30,000 or more. I know of one trucker that came in all the way from Dalhart, many of them were 300 to "500 miles away from home". Makes a person proud to be from Wise County!! Thanks!! Photos here. Edit: Updates about her condition here.