I Didn't Care One Iota About Maryland vs. Penn State

Now I want Penn State to demolish them.


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The Most Random Tweet Ever For Halloween

I have no idea how I came across this, but the fact that Tarrant County has a hold on a guy named Fester Uncle Addams on Halloween must be be posted.

Let's pretend this is the book-in photo:

Halloween Cheerleaders Taking You Into The Weekend

Index This Week: Snakes Running For Election?

Parenting 201

Parenting 101

Index - 8/8/74

  • A quick draw competition?
  • Another pageant
  • Meet the Teacher but leave your kids at home. 

It'll Make You Smile

Kid has to make a layup, a free throw, a three pointer, and a half court shot to win a $10,000 scholarship.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • How in the world did any adult approve that Arlington Martin football t-shirt.
  • Regarding the crooked Pink Stripe on the Decatur Square that I mentioned yesterday, I got called out by email: "The line is painted, not by a machine, but by the hands of women in our community, each taking a turn and is an emotional and empowering opportunity for each of them.  I have attached a picture so that you can see the faces of the women we celebrate: the moms, aunts, grandmas and friends, for enduring such a difficult time."  Duly noted. 
  • I've received a couple of complaints about Wise County on the Web being down. It's not. It's a local computer issue. A few years back I suddenly couldn't get CNN.com or The Drudge Report despite the fact they were up and running. I had to tinker in a way I wasn't comfortable with.  This discussion is similar to something I used, but if any of you have any simple solutions, post away.
  • Nightcrawler is getting great reviews.
  • Funny bit I found out about last night while watching the Florida State/Louisville game. When your fans are so distraught that they put both hands on their heads, they are in the "Surrender Cobra" position. 
  • I think we had a real live Doomsday Prepper in the comments yesterday. 
  • The Crazy Homophobic at the DFW Airport was said to be charged with Class C Assault - Offensive Touching (punishable by fine only) as opposed to Assault Bodily Injury - Causing Pain (which carries jail time.)  I don't understand that. 
  • Bridgeport's Colin Jones got a sack of Drew Brees last night in the Carolina/New Orleans game. Photo
  • From the Update: "Rabbi Marty Cohen of Bedford will bring ancient Old Testament manuscripts to the 10 a.m. service at the Bay Community Church in Runaway Bay Sunday." What exactly are these "ancient Old Testament manuscripts"? I'm guessing he's not driving around with the Dead Sea Scrolls in his trunk. 
  • Are we never going to hear what really happened to Ron Washington? 
  • Random thing found on the web: "Douglas Patrick of Bridgeport, Texas, says his ’49 Willys CJ-3A has provided counseling during and after his divorce. His 'Beast on a Budget' build has a ’58 Hurricane F-134 engine, the original T-90 transmission, a Dana 18 transfer case, a Dana 25 front axle, and a Dana 44 rear axle." I certainly understood all of that. 
  • And in today's "There's No Racism In America" news . . . 


Last Thing From The Index Below

The Index would also print the Bridgeport High School student newspaper. In it, there was an advice column called "From The Bull Pen ".   This is the complete answer to a freshman boy's question.


Bridgeport Had A Liquor Election In 1971

Those opposing it in a two page ad in the Index in 1971:

During jury selection on DWI cases in Wise County, I normally bring up the old heated wet/dry elections to point out what a hot button issue alcohol can be for some people. But as time goes by, I'm beginning to get looks of "There you to be heated elections about that?" 

Ad in the same paper: 

A pro-wet ad (that could have used some jazzing up.)

And two pieces of gold on this page (one just for me). Check out the Chamber of Commerce "report". They don't take an "official position" but could they be any more obvious?  And I never knew my dad took out an anti-drunk driving ad back then.  (And, as I always say in jury selection, "No one is in favor of drunk driving.") 

Chevy Guy Almost Went Full Chris Farley Last Night

"Technology and stuff"

And people do comedy:

And Chevy immediately embraced it:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Junior in The House is always looking at, and typing on, her phone but I rarely see her talk on it. 
  • World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner's series stats: An amazing 21 innings pitched, 2 wins, 1 save, and an .042 ERA. His current salary: $3.75 million which is a steal for the Giants. 
  • The game was in the sixth inning last night, and Mrs. LL wanted to watch a recorded episode of Survivor. My reaction? "Go ahead. I'm really not interested in this." And I was 100% sincere.
  • I watched the 30 for 30 episode on Brian Bosworth. For a documentary series which is great, there was nothing more cheesy than Bosworth and his son going through old memorabilia that his father allegedly kept in a storage shed. It was beyond scripted -- which was easy to tell when there's a camera from inside the shed filming them opening the door. And the goofy son kept smiling and laughing because he knew it was so silly to see his dad go into actor mode.  Other than that, it was great. And I loved watching all that old footage with Keith Jackson and Frank Broyles doing the call.  (Edit: The Ticket's Musers said pretty much the same thing at 8:25 a.m. this morning but I promise I wrote this before I heard it.)
  • Chris Christie has to think it is endearing to tell a heckler to "Sit down and shut up." Outside of New Jersey, he has no future.
  • So I make an unfunny joke involving J.D. Clark and some of you goofballs think I'm making fun of him? Hey, he got his name and picture on this blog days before an election. He probably would have paid for that. And his opponent will probably demand equal (unfunny) time. Lighten up. 
  • There was some type of "Pink Out" last week on the courthouse square for breast cancer awareness. It happens every year and a huge pink stripe is painted down the street on the south side of the courthouse. I've got to get a picture: This year the stripe looks like it was painted by someone who was drunk. 
  • Update on the number of people who have died after contracting Ebola in the U.S.: Still zero. 
  • I never really understood the Wall Street pit where traders are yelling buy and sell orders. The volume alone makes that method impossible.  And do they still exist today? 
  • BagOfNothing wrote today that he had never heard of the phrase, "As the crow flies . . . ." I find that amazing. Then again, I can't tell you the last time I heard someone say that. 
  • I missed one of the announcers in the Cowboy game referring to Decatur as "a small town" not far from there who had "cancelled Halloween" because of a high school football game. 
  • "If it turns out to be just the pain tolerance, I will play,’’ Tony Romo said. Isn't that the equivalent of saying "There is no amount of pain which can keep me from playing" -- a statement which has to be patently false. 


We Had A Bank Robbery In Rhome By A Guy Wearing A Texas Longhorn T-Shirt


Not to be confused with . . .

Separated At Birth? New York City Guy and Chico Guy

Want To See A Kid Who Will Suffer Flashbacks All His Life?

Fast forward to 46:30.

What if I told you that there was a high school quarterback who believes that once the clock ticks down to 0:00 the game is over -- even in the middle of a play.

Halloween Party Mugshot For The Win

Side note: She was arrested for DWI and released and arrested again for DWI that same night?  Something doesn't seem right.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Heck of a unmanned rocket explosion last night as it was set to provide supplies to the Space Station. (1) That rocket was the product of a private contract which kind of hurts the "private sector is always better than the public sector" argument. (2) What exactly is the purpose of the Space Station?
  • Three boxes and a bag of unopened mail, some two years old, were found in a Dallas district court judge's office. "It included letters from defendants about their cases and some checks to pay fines and court costs."  Hey, is some defendant was told to pay a fine through the judge instead of the district clerk and/or probation, there's a bigger problem here.  
  • The Family Cat peed on New Family Pup. I agree with you guys: Something is going on. Now I just have to find a Cat Counselor who deals in Cat Depression Syndrome and acting out. 
  • Re me almost getting ripped off yesterday: Channel 8 had a story last night of some lady who got scammed in Rockwall when she got a call from a fake court official saying she owed a fine for missing jury duty. How did they want her to pay it? A MoneyPak Green Dot card -- just like my scammer. 
  • Thanks to all of you who called the scammer yesterday to jack with him.  The number probably won't last long but, once again, it is 442-237-1781 and will be answered by the Fake Escondido Police Department. Ask for Eric Matthews.  If you can mimic a voice right out of The Sopranos or The Wire, double thanks. 
  • The Rhome mayor resigned last night.  You know, for years Newark was considered the red headed stepchild of Wise County but Rhome has claimed that title going away. They have to get their act together. 
  • The release of the Top 25 by the College Football Playoff Committee was refreshingly great on ESPN last night. The show was only thirty minutes long and they got right to it. (Hey, TCU, did you see the high in Morgantown this weekend will be in the low 40s?) 
  • The video of the homophobic guy at DFW Airport getting restrained finally made it to the local news this week. At least a little. Man, it's true that if you want news buried with the best chance for the least traction possible, release it on Friday afternoon.
  • Man, I saw the Frontline episode on ISIS last night and they didn't censor some of the mass executions.  Good lord.  And their rise can be traced to the incompetence of Republicans and Democrats at the national level. We had no idea what we were about to do, have done, and are doing. (And Frontline may be one of the best under the radar shows there is.)
  • BagOfNothing posted video of the lady who walked around New York for 10 hours and recording the "catcalls" she received. That's the worst thing that happened to her? Lighten up lady. (Loved the guy who said, "You should say 'thank you' more.")
  • Offensive cop who might need a vacation. (Language warning.)
  • A Texas kid gets suspended from school for creating a 3D courtroom setting project for her criminal justice class which included photos of administrators and school board members? There has to be more to that. 
  • An "Oh. my" from the Update: "FREEDOM TEXAS – Freedom Texas will meet 7 p.m. Thursday at Pizza Hut, 501 S. Washburn St. in Decatur. This is a group that educates people about the sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency of Texas, and promotes its eventual independence."

Bonus Random Thought Girl sent to me by emailer:

Above The Fold


I've Said Before "I Couldn't Possibly Be Scammed" aka "I Had A Crazy Morning And Almost Got Scammed"

Ever heard of MoneyPak? Me neither until this morning. Those four cards (attached to the back) are on my desk at a value of $500 each. So how did they get there? Holy cow.

My dad urgently called me this morning and tells me that he had received some bad news from my nephew. One of his best friends had been killed in California and he had flown out there over the weekend.   He was picked up by a friend of that deceased friend who he didn't know at the airport , a traffic stop by California's finest had subsequently occurred, and a small amount of marijuana had been found in the guy's car. Unfortunately, both were arrested.  My nephew had called my dad, crying and distraught, and told him he didn't want to call his parents or tell his wife because the situation was so embarrassing and he didn't want them to worry.  He dropped some personal info as well. He said he had been appointed a lawyer (Eric Matthews 442-237-1781)* who was working at the Escondido Police Department building that day.  So what gives?

Bond was at $2,000. A cash bond only. And the lawyer had made reference to a cash card which you could load and then scratch off to get a code from the back. Give him the codes and the nephew would be out of jail today.   Dad felt the deal was legit but wanted me to talk to the lawyer. I obliged. (Dad thought about calling my nephew to let him on his cell to let him know we were working on it but I assure him that since he's in jail, he wouldn't have access to that phone.)

I called the number the lawyer gave dad and a nice gentleman answered the phone "Escondido Police Department." Odd, but the guy was a public defender and some of those guys work in government buildings. I asked for Eric Matthews and was transferred. I spoke with the guy and, man, he was convincing. I hit him with some criminal law questions and the answers were legitimate. He said a surety bond wasn't possible and that a credit card wouldn't work because "all of the phone lines are recorded." OK, that's a little weird, but the guy DIDN'T want a credit card number.  We also said we could also wire the money but that could take a couple of days. He explained how MoneyPak works and that would be the way to get him out of jail today. Once the case was disposed over, I'd get the money back -- which is exactly the way a cash bond works. He ended the call saying that he didn't expect the charges to stick since my nephew was in a car with a stranger and the marijuana was found stashed in an area of the car that wasn't open and obvious. He's right. That would be a crappy criminal case. I like the way this guy thinks.

I called dad back. Everything seemed legit we agreed. A little weird, but legit. Who knows how California works. "That's why I called you to get your opinion on this thing," he said. We've got a family member in jail in California and we need to get the kid out. He's got to be panicked. We're a little panicked ourselves.

I had to run to docket in Decatur so I got the money to my assistant, Darla, to go down to CVS to buy the cards. (The lawyer had been kind enough to inform me that the cards are available at CVS.)  When she later handed them to me, she told me the clerk told her that once the card was used, the money is gone. There wasn't any type protection.  In fact, some customer had come back last week trying to get his money back.  I looked at the back of the card which read: "Use your MoneyPak Number only for the accounts and only with partners listed at www. moneypak.com. If anyone else asks for your MoneyPak Number, it's a scam and we are not responsible for paying you back." Ummkayy.

Ok, now I'm suspicious again.  I google the Escondido Police Department and don't see the number that I used to call the lawyer.  I checked out the California Bar Association and searched for Eric Matthews and got nothing. Hmm. I dialed the number that I used to talk to him the last time and I hear "Escondido Police Department."  I ask the guy who Eric Matthews was and he tells me he's a public defender who will be at an office at the police department that day.  He transfers me to Matthews and I asked him straight up, "Hey, I don't want to offend you but can you verify for me in some way who you are?"  He is evasive at this point. I tell him his name doesn't show up at the Bar Association website. "Do they list public defenders?" he asked. He then says he's with Clarks Law Firm out of San Diego (he certainly could be a part time public defender). I'm trying to google and talk at the same time. I'm close to giving him the numbers. But, I pause, and tell him to give me thirty minutes. Oh, he actually said, "You're going to just have to trust me a little bit in this deal."

I called dad back to ask him how he got in contact with Matthews in the first place.  He tells me that my nephew called him (dad), knew personal information, and then he was transferred to the court appointed lawyer.  Sheesh. He talked to my nephew? However, it sounded like a quick and panicky call so I'm still worried.

At this point, I put my best person on the job: My assistant.  She called the Escondido Police Department with their listed number from their website to verify my nephew was in jail and to verify Eric Matthews identity. She was barely able to speak two sentences before the nice lady asked her, "Is this about someone being in jail after a marijuana arrest and a lawyer wants you to send him money for bond? It's a scam. We've been dealing with this for weeks."

Holy cow.

She said the calls appear to be via VOIP and are probably coming from Canada. She also said they seem to be targeting the midwest over the last couple of weeks.

Holy cow again.

I thanked her and hung up. Wait a second. I was watching the Cowboy game last night and didn't I see my nephew throw out a couple of tweets about Colt McCoy?  I double checked. Yep, he did. So now I come up with an obvious problem solver: Call my nephew.  "Where are you?" I ask. "Waco," he says. "You're not in a jail in California?" I ask. He replied with, "This is the craziest conversation I've ever had."

I should have know Google would have been my friend . . .

Upon reflection, yeah, it seems like an obvious scam.  But someone was able to trick dad into thinking he was talking to my nephew.  And then once dad calls me to tell me he's talked to my nephew who is in jail, I'm biting hard.
*I didn't post a comment because of, uh, colorful language, but it was suggested that everyone call that number just to screw with them. Be my guest.

Edit: I found that earlier this year a similar scam involved a "Sergeant Eric Matthews"

We've Got A Pop Culture Crisis Again: Taco Bell Has Gone Dark!

Home page is black.

Its twitter feed is black:

And some advertising firm is earning its money right now (even though I have no idea what is going on.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Did you know in Texas that you don't have to pay property taxes on your homestead once you hit 65 years of age? They'll still accrue and become due once you die (and there's a tax lien on your property), but you don't have to pay the taxes while alive.
  • From the Update: "CITY SECRETARY TO RESIGN – Rhome City Council will accept the resignation of city secretary Ramah Burns and discuss that position in a meeting today at 6 p.m. According to the agenda, council members will also discuss the police bank account . . . . " Not sure what's going on, but Burns has been there forever. And discussing a "bank account" can't be good news. 
  • Cowboys: (1) Good for Colt McCoy. Always liked him. (1A) Did you see the interview of McCoy in the tunnel right before the game? I'm not sure I've ever seen someone so nervous.  (2) I was excited when they interviewed Jerry in his box during the game but disappointed he didn't say anything wheels off. (3). John Gruden beats me down. (4). Big controversy this morning on the proper ruling after the Cowboys interception. If Dallas has possession and the ball is knocked out of the end zone, shouldn't that be a safety? No one seems to know. (5) Loved the "no means no" moment after the game. (6) Did I hear one time that Colt McCoy's dad is a jerk? (6) Heard this morning: Colt McCoy's parents look like they came out of central casting for Friday Night Lights. (7) Well, it looks like my prediction of the Cowboys winning only seven or less is right back on track. (8) Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote a column last night that it would be a "disaster" if Romo is sidelined because of a back injury. ESPN pays him money for that? (9) Why was RG3 wearing a toboggan on the sideline? (9) Romo said he received an injection in order to get back in the game. 
  • The Daily Show is in Austin and promoting the appearance with the slogan "The one part of Texas we won't get shot at." 
  • Heard from someone who early voted in Denton who said she was basically accosted in the parking lot by two groups opposing each other on the fracking issue. 
  • Still mad at The Family Cat. 
  • Dallas ISD has 175 administrators who make over $100,000 a year. But no one cares about waste in education (or law enforcement or the military.) 
  • Craziest photo you'll see all week: Yao Ming and John Daly. That looks photoshopped but I think it's legit. 
  • Mrs. LL and the girls are addicted to geocaching. I don't get that at all. 
  • On TCU's trip to Morgantown this weekend: They will "fly into the North Central West Virginia Airport and stay at the Bridgeport Conference Center." (There are a lot of Bridgeports and Decaturs in the U.S.) 
  • The Republicans will win the Senate. The Republicans will win every state race in Texas.  That's not news. 
  • Second paragraph of a review of the Florida Georgia Line concert in Dallas last weekend: "And I would gladly endure [contracting Ebola] so long as I never again have to suffer the experience of sitting seven rows back from the stage while Florida-Georgia Line and Jason Aldean gleefully danced on the grave of one of the most purely American forms of art to the tune of cheers from 9,999 very intoxicated people."  And more: The "modern country music fan [is] privileged, a little slow, boisterous and in love with terrible music and terrible beer."
  • One thing I've noticed about flying over the last five years: The plane is always packed. That wasn't the case 15 years ago. I once took a flight to D.C. once and I promise it was less that half full. 
  • A long read from the Dallas Observer which I scanned but looks fascinating: "The Facebook Comment That Ruined A Life." And it makes you question whether the American criminal justice system is "the best in the world." 


Well, Since It's "Sexy", I Guess It's OK


Man, She Loves To Kill Things

"Can't wait for my boots and handbag!"

(Thanks emailer.)

I thought the same thing! (Hope it is true)

Jay Hawk (@gimmethewooby)
Oh Hey, Paul Rudd Was One Of The Dallas Airport Homophobe Heroes, No Big | Wonkette wonkette.com/564538/oh-hey-… 

Edit: And it is not.

People of Walmart?


And We Thought We Only Had To Worry About Player Concussions



Index: 1974

If I remember correctly, that occurred on 114 as it bends around  Paradise.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Random tweet I saw on Friday regarding the school shooting in Washington: "If twelve dead elementary school children at Sandy Hook won't cause changes in gun laws, nothing will."
  • I have it from reliable sources that a prominent Decatur banker was in Las Vegas this weekend and saw Official Liberally Lean Girl Britney Spears in concert. I'm jealous. 
  • Whatever happened to the crisis in the Ukraine? 
  • November 14, 2011 is the day that we had the last soldier die in Iraq in combat.  Edit for commentor: Do you know how to read the words "in combat"?
  • I was once in a board of directors meeting at a bank where they were discussing a church's loan that was seriously in default. The conversation ended with the Chairman, in a deadpan manner, saying, "Were prayerful." 
  • The goofy Texas Supreme Court judge was in rare form this weekend. 
  • I fed The Family Cat this morning. I petted The Family Cat this morning. Then it went over and peed on my suit jacket. Buddy, your days are numbered if you do that one more time. 
  • Very early Sunday morning I almost armed myself when I swore I heard someone downstairs. I got up to take a look and saw the mother-in-law roaming around. (I didn't get the message she was spending the night because her and Mrs. LL were going to do some mini-triathlon.) 
  • Sports: (1) How is TCU's Trevone Boykin not in the Heisman talk? (2) Give Gary Patterson credit for bringing in the Tech coaches to revamp the offense. But there is no question he has no idea how the offense does what it does. (2A) TCU is impressed by a school record 785 yards against Tech. They gave up 782 against Baylor. (3) TCU goes to WVU this weekend. I went to Morgantown a week ago and now ESPN's College Game Day goes to Morgantown. (4) "In Dallas-Fort Worth the Giants-Royals on KDFW (Channel 4) averaged a 6.3 rating on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. On Thursday night, CBS’ NFL offering that featured the Denver Broncos on KTVT (Channel 11) scored an 11.5." (5) There are sixteen one loss football teams in college and you can dang near make a case for all of them to make the final four. (6) After watching Real Sports, I was shocked to learn how little minor league baseball players make. They aren't part of the union. (7) Texas Tech is a 24 point favorite over the Empire in Austin? That cannot be right. 
  • I'm not sure anyone knows what the laws are regarding a "forced quarantine." That's something that doesn't come up every day.
  • In the weirdest wager ever, I bet Mrs. LL that "TCBY" either currently, or in the past, stood for "The County's Best Yogurt."  I lost and had to get a pedicure. (Which was a really weird experience.)