Slow Saturday

Yeah, not much posting. Yard work. Errands. Cleaning up. And then I took the very unusual nap. I think I hate the nap. I wake up an hour later and am completely disoriented. It's light outside? Did I oversleep? Am I supposed to be at work? Is it Monday morning? Panic.


Wise County Training Ground

This clip is important for so many reasons. First, it teaches you kids never to get drunk and try and climb down your ex-girlfriend's chimney in the middle of the night. Trust me, that is never a good idea. Secondly, select your girlfriends very carefully. The screaming lady in this clip (the "ex") wouldn't be welcomed in the Walmart in Decatur at 10:00 p.m. on a Friday night. And I've been there at that time - it normally requires a flak jacket. Finally, the short clip is worth watching for the climax. The crazy woman throws a "wine" bottle at the guy and catches him square in the head. Pure gold. The man, who may be invincible, doesn't even wince.

Loved This . . .

. . . picture today from the front page of the Dallas Morning News (taken at yesterday's march in Jena.)

Edit: This photo isn't quite as heartwarming.

And on an unrelated note, I laughed at this Letter to the Editor. (Sixth one down entitled "Neiman's glitz tarnished.")

Demon Rum

At the Wisconsin football game Saturday night, all students that had previously been ejected from a game or were required to "pass through" the police station at the game, will have to blow into a portable breathalyzer before entry

If you are under age, you have to register .00, and if you are 21 or older, you have to come in at .08 or lower. If you don't, you're not getting in the stadium.

Big Brother is watching testing you.

Greed Is Good

Forbes has released it's 400 richest Americans list. So why do I post a pic of this guy? He's the youngest one on the list at age 33. Freakin' 33!!!! He's also from Texas. Net worth: $1.5 billion. (All Texans are here.)

And Mecca Is Just This Side of Greenwood

So a New York congressman catches a little heat for making this comment? Sheesh. Wise Countians would proclaim, "We don't know what a mosque is but we're glad we don't have any!! We don't, right? Or is that where the Jehovah Witnesses hang out?"

We all know that if it doesn't have a steeple, it ain't a house of worship.

I Hope Neil Young Will Remember

Just exactly what is "Southern" gospel? Do you have an underlying beat of "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Freebird"? And is it really "free" when you know the obligatory "love offering" pitch will be made before the plates are passed around?

Friday Morning Jump Start

- The Aggies didn't look so hot last night against Miami
- I watched part of Rockwall and Southlake Carroll which was, amazingly, on Channel 21
- Megan Henderson was especially hot on Fox 4 News this morning
- I need to go to the jail to see some court appointed client who might be crazy
- This morning would be great if it didn't feel like summer
- Some anonymous guy tried to post about a public official driving like a bat out of hell last night but I couldn't confirm it. So he cussed me this morning in another attempted comment because I didn't post it.


O.J.'s Girlfriend

Stuff I stole from somewhere else:
  • Jan. 2001 Police are summoned to Simpson's home after a neighbor called to report an argument. Prody told police Simpson was angry that she came home late. No charges are filed.
  • Sept. 2000 Prody accused Simpson of using a key to break into her home, erase a message on her answering machine and take a letter. She called police but did not press charges.
  • May 2000 Police are called to a Miami hotel after Simpson and Prody got into a loud dispute and Prody allegedly slapped and kicked him. Simpson refused to press charges.
  • Oct. 1999 Police respond to a 911 call Simpson placed from Prody's house. According to a police report, Simpson said Prody had been on a cocaine binge. Simpson later calls that a misunderstanding. (Source)
  • Sept. 2007 Wise County Sheriff David Walker responded to call at Frilly's parking lot after Simpson and Prody were arguing. Walker and Brody ended up drinking pitchers of beer and singing Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is" on the karaoke stage. No charges filed.

  • Ok, the first four were true.

    Random Observation

    I've heard a whole lot of emergency sirens in Decatur today. An unusual amount for our little crime free town.

    "High Five"

    I really like O.J.'s lawyer. Seems smart. Seems professional. And he was able to fight through this guy to his left. (I read he was part of Jimmy Kimmel show, but I really don't know.)

    Marcia Clark

    Then and Now.

    "Leave Coach Fran Alone!"

    If you saw the video of the gay guy defending Britney Spears, you'll understand this. I'm not saying you'll necessarily laugh, but you'll understand it. And since A&M plays Miami tonight on ESPN, it is at least timely.

    Selma, Alabama?

    This story is all over the news, and I'll swear I've never heard anything about this before.

    But this rally, in a town of 3,500, looks like it has the potential for trouble. Big trouble. The first speaker this morning was from the Nation of Islam.

    Edit: Wikipedia article on the whole imbroglio here.


    The World Has Officially Gone Crazy

    It's not often you see a man in a full body fishnet outfit - an outfit which, heretofore, had been high on my list of outfits for humans that do not qualify as men. But this isn't just any man. This is the famous boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya. (Wikipedia entry here.) These photos have exploded all over the Internets in the last few hours.

    That's right, my fellow truck driving, bull riding, welding, roofing, and roughnecking Wise Countians, this man in some fashionable black pumps could kick your arse.

    Edit: de la Hoya's people say it's fake. You would expect that. But they also might be right.

    Lord Help Us

    I always check out the Texas prosecutors' message board for tips. I just saw this one (posted above). Why on earth would that prosecutor want to go after the 16 year old? In Texas, consensual sex between a 16 and 15 year old is legal. Sex between a 16 year old and a 13 year old is not. And, amazingly, it is not a defense that the 16 year old was mistaken about the "victim's" age. That, my friends, is a law that needs to change.

    Adam Poole, I don't who you are, but you might want to rethink this one.

    Edit: I learned that Adam may be a little new to this prosecutor thing. (Source: Comment 17 on this unrelated blog.)

    Hypothetical To Contemplate This Afternoon

    The Ticket morning crew proclaimed this "the greatest hypothetical ever." You must learn one of the following: (1) The time of your death, or (2) the manner of your death. If you chose the time of your death, you have the advantage of planning the rest of your life perfectly. No missed good-byes. Perfect financial planning. But there are by-products. For example, do you tell your family? Do you want to burden them with that? And wouldn't the last year be filled with dread? The last week? And what about waking up on that final day! And what if you learn that your death is next week? If you chose the manner of death, you have the benefit of doing to prolong your life. For example, if you learn that you will die from a heart attack, you can engage in frequent doctor visits, change your diet, and exercise. But remember, in the end, the heart attack will get you. And it can be a little crazy, too. That is, what if you learn you will die in a plane accident? Yeah, you can avoid plane trips, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be looking towards the sky all the time since one might fall on you. And what if you HAVE to take an emergency plane flight after avoiding a plane for twenty years. Think that would be a white knuckle voyage? Hmmmm.

    Evil Empire Busts A Move

    At UCF last weekend. Let's all sing a long: "Crank Dat Soulja Boy!" Edit: And my favorite Tech blog pokes a little fun at the Horns.

    Knee Jerk Prediction

    O.J. will never be convicted because of this Las Vegas incident.

    - One of the victims has already had a heart attack
    - Every single witness is shady
    - One of the victims was on The Today Show today saying the TMZ released audiotape had been edited (and that everyone needs to "calm down.")
    - The fact that there is an audio tape at all screams "set up."
    - The prosecutors added a charge of "kidnapping" yesterday which indicates they already don't know what they are doing.

    Dumbest Thing Ever

    From Watagua. Found by a guy who is a bar owner and a cop.


    Fear The Camera

    This sweet little college girl attempted to express her displeasure about a missed field goal while being broadcast live on ESPN on Saturday night. (I added that crazy little green ball over the offensive gesture because I fear the WCSO busting through my door and hauling me to 200 Rook Ramsey Boulevard if I were to show it.)

    But if you want to see the youtube video of this incident (which, I warn you, is of a quality less than the Zapruder film), you can see it here.

    Best Of

    The Fort Worth Weekly (a great alternative weekly newspaper) has released its "Best Of" edition.

    I love that stuff. Here.

    Hey, Jack County.........Duck!

    I Don't Know

    Things Aren't Going Well For The Evil Empire

    First, there is a column this morning about the multiple arrests of Longhorns this year.

    Then later this morning we have new crime blotter news.

    Oh, my.

    "Don't Taze Me, Bro!"

    I'm equally disturbed and amused by this mouthy college student and his treatment. This was all over the news this morning, but this clip gives you the full picture. And his foreshadowing line of, "Don't taze me, bro!" comes near the end. Followed by schoolgirl-like screams as the bro did, in fact, taze him. (Background: John Kerry speech at the University of Florida. Warning: A couple of F bombs.) Edit: I just heard on WBAP that the kid was "charged with resisting arrest with violence - a felony." Puuuuuleeeeezzzeeee. Edit #2: Shorter version with a different angle here.

    Talk About Getting Your Guns Up

    I need a faithful Red Raider to confirm this is a real pic.

    I Take It All Back!

    Baseball is exciting! Just watch the bat.

    Somebody Explain . . .

    Who is the manufacturing business?
    What was the incentive?
    And just what criteria does the EDC use when handing out taxpayer money?


    There Are More People Attending A Boyd Footballl Game

    I've debated about posting this pic, but I couldn't hold back any longer. You guys hate sports posts. I know that. I hate baseball. You know that. But this is an actual photo of a Florida Marlins game in progress held on Wednesday, September 12th.

    There aren't any exceptional circumstances. No rain delay. No screw ups as to the starting time.

    Just America's past time on its death bed.

    Glengarry Glen Ross

    I still think it's a goofy name for a movie, but I finally watched it for the first time this weekend. Verdict: Outstanding. I would have never of believed that a movie about land salesmen who do nothing but talk would be any good, but I was sorrily sorely mistaken.

    And I've never really been a fan of Jack Lemmon, but he was simply incredible. If you ever want to feel the pain of the desperate American worker (and who of us haven't felt that?), watch him in action.

    Cast members: Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Alec Baldwin, and Kevin Spacey.

    Alabama Gals From Saturday Night

    Britney Training Ground?

    Baylor almost got beat by Texas State this weeked. (And, by the way, read: Southwest Texas State located in San Marcos - the school tricked the legislature to get rid of the regional reference because having a regional reference in your school's name is the kiss of death.)

    Anyway, some little Texas State coeds showed up in Waco for the game.

    Not So Fast My Friend

    As I shook my head at this headline from the Dallas Morning News today (how in the heck did that happen so often in Dallas?), I also had to tap the brakes when I read these sentences:

    "Mr. Phillips also pleaded guilty to eight charges for sex crimes that police said at the time were committed by the same man who committed the rape . . . . [His new lawyer] said Mr. Phillips simply gave up and pleaded guilty to those charges."

    That will make getting out of prison a very, very difficult proposition.

    And With The Last Precincts Reporting . . .

    And any of you guys have any suggestions for a poll question? My brain isn't working.

    Finally . . .

    ... some positive news on an otherwise boring Monday.


    Call Back

    This appeared in the Dallas Morning News today.

    I'm not sure if many metroplex readers will understand it. But if I recall correctly, around 1990, over a series of months, a number of people were arrested at the rest stop along 287 near Alvord for alleged homosexual activity. Yep, it was illegal back then. There were allegations that those arrested were directed by Sheriff's personnel to a particular bail bond company to make the cases "go away".

    From Our Sheriff's Camera Phone

    What's he doing in D.C.? Has the Terror Threat risen?

    Jerry Did What?

    From Friday night.

    We've Got An Epidemic Going On

    A couple of weeks back I posted about an Escalade in my neighborhood having its wheels stolen. A couple of days later someone mailed me a picture of the same thing happening in Haslet.

    Anyway, I'm in Dallas yesterday, look up, and see this.