Hair Tutorial Taking You Into The Weekend

This Morning At The Texas Legislature

Guy tries to sit at a senator's desk. (Source)

I Hate Change

They've installed new locks on the Wise County Courthouse outer doors.

Edit: We've now got instructions on how to get out.

(Anybody got the code?)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Boyd's own Greg "The Hammer" Williams has been absent from 105.3 The Fan for a couple of weeks and no one knows why. Uh oh. 
  • I'm not sure the multiple media appearances by the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas in light of the Tebow controversy makes anyone want to go to his church. That guy just creeps me out. 
  • The Christian Right is being merciless in their dogging of Tebow for "buckling to worldly pressure."  I don't know, maybe he learned that the pastor has said that the re-election of President Obama would "pave the way" for the Antichrist and began to question just how biblical his messages are.
  • Jesus spent almost all of his time ministering to the poor, sick, and afflicted. The First Baptist of Dallas just spent $115 million on construction including an elaborate fountain. 
  • A drive-by in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip caused a crazy scene and a lot of deaths yesterday morning. It occurred right between the Bellagio and Caesars. 
  • The snowstorm moving into the Northeast has been named "Q". So very odd. 
  • A teenager in Rockwall sped at over 100 miles per hour on a highway while talking to 911 and claiming there was nothing he could do to stop the car. The whole story has an underlying feeling of, "Yeah, right kid."
  • I think "Sixto" is a cool Spanish name. 
  • "A rabbit tattoo clinic is 2-4 p.m. Sunday at the [Decatur] Extension Office." What's the purpose of that again?
  • These automatic budget cuts ("the sequester") are just a tiny drop in a big budget bucket, right?
  • I'm already hearing commercials about learning how to "flip houses." We'll never learn. 
  • Just announced: The Blade Runner will be granted bail. 


Tailgating Warning

I don't know why I think this is so funny, but I do. I love the name "powermove". The shirt and tie. The racing gloves. The toothpick (?).

To quote Drexl Spivey from True Romance, "Y'know what we got here? [Expletive deleted] Charlie Bronson."

On I-30 At Collins Right Now

Teenager Falls Off Ski Lift

Santafenewmexican – A 17-year-old Albuquerque teen who fell about 45 feet from a ski-lift chair onto steep, snowy terrain at Ski Santa Fe a few weeks ago is reportedly OK.“Basically, the kid is home and he is fine,” said Cody Sheppard, the ski patrol director at Ski Santa Fe. “It was kind of a dramatic deal. I guess he was attempting to throw a snowball to the chair in front of him, where some friends were, and when he threw the snowball, the momentum just carried him out of the chair. He did hang on for awhile, but then he had to drop.”

And Another - Maryland

There's not a whole lot of scoring so far in 2013, but it sure is taking lots of shots.


Tebow Turns On FBC of Dallas

Link to his Twitter page.



Brave Kansas Fan At Oklahoma State Last Night

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, even though the floozy counselor received probation in Tarrant County, I'm not sure that prosecution was worth it.
  • Seems kind of odd that Paradise ISD's athletic director suddenly stepped down in the middle of the school year.
  • Read lots of comments about a new Texas Monthly article about a man on death row who might be crazy. Well, that is if you think plucking both your eyes out while on death row constitutes crazy.
  • Mark Cuban was on Howard Stern yesterday acting like Cuban. Take away a few billion and he'd be better suited for Honey Boo Boo than Shark Tank.
  • About a week ago there was a story of a professor at Columbia University who stripped down to his underwear in class while scenes from 9/11 played in the background. His reason? "In order to learn quantum mechanics you have strip to your raw, erase all the garbage from your brain, and start all over again." All I could take away from the story is that there would be a 100% chance I'd fail "quantum mechanics" at Columbia.
  • 100% agree with bagofnothing.com: "The adopted girl on Modern Family has to be the worst [child] actor in the history of ever." Mrs. LL and I talked about that the other day when she kept delivering the line, "Call me a wambulance."
  • The Update is/was in some kind of funky "mobile mode" this morning where only one ad got through. 
  • One odd thing about the monster truck/strip club story (below): The guy gets drunk and runs over the gal and he is found to be 30% responsible and the strip club is 70%. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  • DPS released a web page yesterday with a list of cold murder cases. There is one with a Jack County connection but none from Wise County. Do we have any infamous unsolved murder cases?
  • I don't think I've ever heard of so many houses, and now a business in Kansas City, blowing up from gas leaks. 


Dallas Strip Club Popped

Ah, it's the age old story. Guy goes to strip club. Guy gets drunk. Guy gets in monster truck and runs over a girl in parking lot. Girl's family gets rich.

Some of you civil lawyers might want to chime in on how tort reform could impact the verdict. I haven't seen a breakdown of the damages yet.

Oh, and her's a pic from the aftermath of the incident.

Texas Judge About Another Texas Judge: He may "hurt or kill someone"

This isn't from our neck of the woods, but I've never seen anything quite like it. It seems like there are many people in Galveston who think this judge is going to go off.  Story.

And there's even a website asking for him to be removed (which has a lot of background stories.)

What The Heck Is Going On At Fox and Friends?

Video of the dance number that ensued is here. It may be the worst thing ever on morning TV.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

(New photo)
  • Is the killer of the Kaufman County prosecutor going to get away with it? Maybe. I wonder if it was murder-for-hire.
  • It was sleeting this morning for a bit.
  • There was a weird lawsuit filed in Texas by a 16 year old girl who claimed her parents were coercing her into having an abortion against her will. Everyone came to an agreement.
  • Talk show host Mark Davis called her parents "evil" this morning and said the girl should marry her 17 year old boyfriend and "get into church and start listening to God."  He wasn't that religious when at WBAP.
  • Sports: The self-important Jean Jacques Taylor tweeted this weekend: "Romo threw only 83 passes when ahead last year. Tom Brady threw 335 passes when ahead. Wow." He basically called me stupid when I asked him how many more minutes the Patriots were ahead than the Cowboys. 
  • Bill O'Reilly had two lawyers on a panel last night who said to have a successful lawsuit against Carnival Cruise the plaintiff would have to prove the company "knew" the engines would fail. That couldn't be further from the truth.
  • On the home page of the Star-Telegram this morning: A photo spread of the Twin Peaks restaurant's "Lingerie Week". Scantily clad women to promote a web site? Who would stoop so low? Oh. Wait.
  • According to the Update, Bridgeport is considering artificial turf for its stadium. That'll cause someone in the comments section to go crazy. 

Above The Fold


Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend Puppy

Her dog of ten years had passed away.

Get me this dog!!!

Good Grief

 The Wife
The Counselor

On Monday [morning around 11:00 a.m.]  jurors in Judge Ruben Gonzalez’s court found defendant Sheila Loven guilty of sexual assault. Loven, a marriage counselor, counseled a couple whose marriage was in trouble, encouraged the wife to file for divorce and then had a sexual relationship with her husband.  She was convicted of using her position of authority to have sex with a client who was emotionally dependant on her. The punishment phase begins at 1 p.m. Assistant District Attorneys Betty Arvin and Sean Colston are prosecuting the case. 

Hey, Mrs. LL . . .

. . . remember last night when I looked on our lists of recorded shows and saw that I recorded the 6:00 p.m. newscast of Fox 4 news? Remember that I told you that I wanted to show you something but, after scanning through it,  I couldn't remember what it was because I'm going senile? This is what I wanted to show you. Two bobcats in Carrollton yesterday.

The news had an "expert" on who said these animals are absolutely no threat to humans. What.Eva.Er.

The President's Golf Weekend Is Over

His golf weekend in Florida at an exclusive community is over. He golfed with Tiger Woods. Hung out with the boys. Relaxed as he prepares for the next four years.

(Is this post the equivalent of pouring gasoline on the floor, dropping a lighted match, and saying, "Fire? Who me?" Why, yes. Yes it is.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a huge Internet rumor yesterday of Tony Romo being in a car crash and breaking both of his legs. I never saw it, and first heard about it on the way home when both The Ticket and The Fan were talking about it simultaneously. Apparently the rumor was engulfed by the Facebook World and never got traction in the Twitter World.    
  • Bud Kennedy last night with a picture of Greg Abbott addressing the Tea Party in Kingwood: He didn't know what the speech was about, but he doubted it concerned voting rights or diversity. Funny.
  • Sports: (1) #1 Baylor women beat #3 UConn on the road last night, and I watched every second of it, (2) Johnny Manziel is only taking online classes this Spring because he's become such a distraction in Aggieland. Kind of defeats the college experience, doesn't it? (3) Josh Hamilton got everyone fired up because he said Dallas was not a "baseball town". He may be dumb, but he's right about that, (4) The only college football teams to go for it on fourth down more than they punted it are Air Force and Army. That seems fitting. 
  • Ted Cruz is getting roasted by being the new "bad boy" of the Senate. I respect him for taking the positions he said he would, but he will be incredibly insignificant and irrelevant for doing so. 
  • Tim Tebow is going to speak at the First Baptist of Dallas but now the national media is finally focusing on its crazy (and, my words, "ambiguously gay" pastor.) "Agreeing to speak at intolerant church is Tebow's greatest sin" reads the headline.
  • Mrs. LL made a call back joke the other day to the Geico commercial of, "Because I'm a pooooooothole." Loved that commercial. 
  • Ticket fans only: Did former Tech coach Spike Dykes record that commercial in a well? 
  • From the Update: "Senior citizens ages 55 and older are invited to an enchilada lunch with all the trimmings noon Thursday at the Decatur Senior Citizen Center." 55? Woah! Woah! Woah! Let's tap the brakes on that minimum age!
  • The jury in Fort Worth returns today to deliberate the guilt/not guilt of the female counselor accused of "sexual assault" by using her position to seduce a husband of another women. Hey, sue her if you want to but the State of Texas prosecutes that as a crime?
  • Something I read in 2011 that stuck with me: The federal government does not have the budget of the typical American family. During times of a recession, if the government does not spend more than it has, the country might not pull out of it. 
  • All the Girls In The House are convinced the Family Pup is pregnant. 
  • If I ever read a headline about a shooting in or outside of a metroplex club, I have to click on the story to read the name of the place. There was one last night in Dallas. The name of the club? "Chocolate City".
  • What I refer to as a "Hey, Now", TMZ says "Great Googly Moogly!" I may like their saying better. (In reference to a new pic of Katherine Webb, the Alabama QB's girlfriend.)
  • I finally watched Duck Dynasty last night after everyone told me that I would hate it. I didn't. But I didn't like it either. It's more scripted than a State of the Union speech. 


Craziest Photo Of The Day

Katherine Webb (girlfriend of Alabama quarterback and object of Brent Musburger's affection) and Kareem Abdul Jabbar (former NBA great.)

Edit: And this just happened - Dirk with Olympian Gabby Douglass.

Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

Think they are scrambling over at corporate headquarters?

Wise County Guy Makes It Into New York Times


Down Goes The Ump! Down Goes The Ump!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • For some reason I read an article about the assassination of Robert Kennedy this weekend. I had no idea that NFL star Rosie Grier was the first one to get to Sirhan Sirhan after he open fire. 
  • Per the Update, Rhome has a "Full Armor Biker Church"?
  • Explain this to me: NFL commission Robert Goodell made more than $29 million from the NFL in 2011. 
  • I finally saw Mumford and Sons this weekend when I recorded VH1's Top Twenty Countdown. I'm not sure what I think. They aren't bad but they sure are over-singers. 
  • The prisoner on the run in Grapevine was shot and killed this weekend. The cops justification for the killing? He was armed with "sticks". It was an unnecessary killing by the police that no one will care about. 
  • Mrs. LL eats the potato skin of her baked potato. That's weird, right?
  • Saturday Night Live had a shocking skit this weekend which was a biblical take off of Django Unchained.
  • Danica Patrick won the pole position for Daytona. That is absolute and definitive proof that NASCAR drivers are not athletes. 
  • Mindy McCready dead of suicide at 37. Her wheels have been off for a long, long time. 
  • Mrs. LL and the girls watched a coming of age movie called Sleepover this weekend.  For a movie I would have never have watched five years ago, I was teary eyed by the end of it. 
  • Nothing like spending a Saturday afternoon watching a cup stacking competition.
  • Channel 11: "Good Deed By Boyd Girls Gets Noticed"
  • How in the world could the Die Hard sequel win at the box office this weekend?