Camera Phone From The Game

I'm Off To See Baylor vs. TCU

I might throw a couple of updates if I can. And I'll take my camera. Even though a beating is expected, I love this stuff.

Best Month Ever

July was down due to the week's vacation (and I soooooo want to go again.) June was down for a reason I can't explain.

But we're back on track.

Saturday Afternoon In The (Almost) Fall

"Now, honey, if you practice real, real hard someday you can be a USC cheerleader and stand in the water with your sweater on. Dream big, baby. Dream big."

In The Ghetto

Elvis and Lisa Marie singing together alongside babies with guns - all in one youtube.com clip.

Big 10 Network

I just discovered I get the new Big Ten Network on my satellite dish. (218-221 on DirecTV). When I was a kid, I was lucky to get two college football games on Saturday. I'll bet there are ten going on right now that I can watch.

And Michigan has there hands full. I can actually watch it on Channel 220.

Edit: The upset of the century. And I'm so glad I stumbled upon it while in progress.'

Edit #2: Head coach Jerry Moore of Appalachian has some Texas connections. From wikipedia: "Prior to coaching at Appalachian State, Moore served as the head football coach at the University of North Texas from 1979 to 1980, and at Texas Tech from 1981 to 1985. His record at Texas Tech was 16–37–2. His career record at the end of the 2006 season stood at 167–115–2."


Football results from the Messenger here.


Friday Night Lights

I got a report that Decatur and Burkburnett are scoreless after 1. (Although I'm in no mood to do quarterly updates).

Edit: Decatur up by 7 with 10:03 left in the 1st.

Edit: The Burkers just scored with 40 seconds left in the first half. 7-7. What a barn burner!

Edit: Ok, I'm getting tired of this updating crap. But Burk kicked a field goal at the end of the 3rd to got up 10-7. I really don't care. But something in the back of my mind makes me think that Burk might be a 2A school. I'm off to the Internets to check that out.

Edit: Ok, my source is still at the game. Decatur kicked what is called a "field goal" and has tied the game at 10-10. Dear, lord, please don't let this go to overtime.

Edit: Ok, via text message I've learned that there are two minutes left and Burk has the ball. I'm so excited that I'm balled up in a fetal position in the corner. Or I may be sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer. Either way, I'm happy.

Edit: With less than two minutes left, Burk has the ball on the 13 and the Eagles called a timeout. I might have just wet my pants.

Edit: Burk just kicked a field goal with 1:35 left. Burk up by 3. Oh, the humanity.

Edit: Decatur returns the kickoff to the 50. They then run a play that gets them down to the "thirty" although my source didn't give me any details. Remind me to divorce her tomorrow.

Edit: My source tells me "Burk intercepted it but we [Decatur] got it back. It's crazy."

Edit: Holy cow! Decatur gets down to the 2 (spiking the ball into the ground) but chickens out and tries for the field goal. It's good. We have a tie game. Freakin' overtime awaits.

Edit: Decatur has the ball first.

Edit: Decatur misses a field goal. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Eagle stands. God is not happy with the Eagles apparently.

Edit: Sheesh, Will this game ever end? Those hookers in my kitchen are getting restless.

Edit: Game over. Burk scores a touchdown. A dark cloud falls over Decatur. The sun may not rise tomorrow. No funeral. Burk 19. Decatur 13.

The Most Difficult Job In The World

The President's press secretary, Tony Snow, announced he would be resigning in a couple of months. Snow, who has suffered from cancer over the last year, said the reason was "money" - he makes over $160,000 a year. Even though he could have picked a better reason, he was probably being honest - something I appreciate.

And I also think he did a tremendous job. I can't imagine being able to walk out in front of the Washington press corp every day, answer ever question, and never make a mistake. He served his president well.

"You Need A Three Day Weekend!"

From The Onion

Click to enlarge.

Random Real Estate Thought

I drive by this house every day. I had no idea that was the asking price.

Found through a pretty good property search engine.

And I think property prices in Decatur are extremely high when compared to all the subdivisions going up in North Fort Worth.

KXAS Did A Story . . .

. . . on Jackie Murphree. Link.

Ivanka Trump Says,

"I'm sorry that Boyd lost to Gunter last night. But I knew they were going to run that quarterback sneak for the two point conversion. My daddy would go crazy and so fire that nice coach. And where is Gunter? Is it close to the Upper East Side?"

Raining Men, Part 2


This scandal is very strange. But random thoughts:

(1) He was an idiot to plea to even disorderly conduct.
(2) He was an idiot to even talk to the cop.
(3) It was wrong for the cop to discuss how the case could ultimately be resolved in the courts.
(4) He "probably" was trying to solicit some gay sex, but the State could never prove it "beyond a reasonable doubt."
(5) His political career is over.
(6) Here's a question that no one asks: It's against the law to solicit/ask for gay sex? I mean, he wasn't trying to buy it which would make it a prostitution case. He was, at the most, asking. I mean, if the senator had hit on a guy at the hotel bar would that have been illegal?

I Think I'm Amused By . . .

. . . VH1's Rock of Love.


The NFL Preseason is a beating, but nothing like game four. I watched approximately 30 seconds of that snooze fest last night. But I did spend quite a bit of time on LSU/Mississippi State until that turned into a blow out.

But I'm excited about tomorrow. And I've decided I'll head out to Amon Carter for the Baylor-TCU game. But I'm TIVOing Oklahoma/North Texas and Tennessee/California.

College football season is short. But it's the best.

Parents Of Miss Teen South Carolina

Link. (And I'll probably leave her alone after that. Maybe.)


Hiccup Girl Redux

Since I'm obsessed with how much I think NBC's Ann Curry is the worst TV personality in the history of ever, I was interested to learn that she interviewed the very emotionally disturbed "Hiccup Girl" recently. During the interview, the girl breaks down at the drop of a hat at the mere mention of meeting her biological father. (Man, every guy that ever dates her in the next 20 years will sooooooo have to hear about how her daddy wronged her.)

Anyway, as I steal the line from one of the commentors on the site, it would have really been funny if Ann's line of questioning that sent the girl into a crying fit had also caused the hiccups to return.


Activity In The Area

Edit: It was there a second ago. Edit: Except around 9:15 when a huge storm exploded over Decatur. Triple Edit: I think that "storm" was "false echo" according to Fox 4 News. My bad.

Rumor Or News

Somebody emailed me about a dead girl being found in the Grasslands. Say what? Anybody heard this?

gwee-her-may march-EE

The Dallas Morning News covers a Decatur bull rider that I had not heard of.

I Don't Know

Death Row Games

Lots of activity today on this case. I just saw where the parole board has recommended to Gov. Perry that he commute the death sentence to a life in prison sentence. You NEVER see that happen.

Edit: Gov. Perry just commuted the sentence. Holy cow. When's the last time that happened?

I'm really not that familiar with the case other than to know this guy was driving the get-a-way car that was some 90 feet from where his co-defendant shot and killed another man. Foster (they guy above) was convicted under the "law of parties" and sentenced to death.

The law of parties allows for a defendant to be held equally responsible for the conduct of another if that person "acting with intent to promote or assist the commission of the offense, he solicits, encourages, directs, aids, or attempts to aid the other person to commit the offense."

So in this case, the jury found that Foster intended to "promote or assist" the offense of capital murder. I have no idea if they are right, but that's what they found.

I'm against the death penalty. But the talk shows and print media are acting like this man got the death penalty for driving a get-a-way car when he had no idea his buddy was going to murder someone. That's not what the jury found.

Miss Teen South Carolina Song


A Crazy Flashback

I admit that this will have limited appeal.

The Ticket was doing a bit today involving a recurring character named "The Generic Youth Minister." It's pretty funny with the guy, in an effeminate voice, suggesting things like, "After the bible study on Paul's letters we can all leave from the Fellowship Hall and go get some pizza or KFC and stuff. We can take the church van if you guys want."

But the Youth Minister threw in a reference to "Jot" today. Man, I hadn't thought about that very crazy Christian cartoon in 20 years. And, like so many things, youtube has one of them.

Tennis Update

The U.S. Open has begun this week.

Bethanie Mattek is in the tournament. I don't know who she is either, but I'm very impressed by her overhead smash. But that headband kind of makes me think of Xena, Warrior Princess.

Quick Hit

For some reason I'm watching Channel 5 News with Mike & Jane. Kill me.

Anyway, Jane was reporting on "breaking news" involving an Arlington officer that had just been involved in a traffic accident on 360. Then came this (in a very serious Jane Voice): "The officer was injured. All they are telling us right now is that he is conscious and he is breathing."

As opposed to the many who are conscious but not breathing.

DWI Education

Most of my practice is DWI defense and, of all the things in life I don't know, I do think I'm pretty well versed in DWI law. That being said, I love this lawyer's blog out of Austin. The guy is smart and a good writer. I read it all the time and learn something every now and then. I've only caught him in one error which is an amazing track record considering how much he writes. If you care about DWI law, check it out. If you don't, ignore this post.

Yet Another . . .

. . . follow-up story, this time in the Morning News, about a survivor of the deadly teenage crash in Wise County a few weeks ago.

I Appreciate . . .

. . . any girl that can take a shirt and wear it as a dress. It shows she's sexy and frugal. I mean, honestly, she doesn't have to spend any money on a skirt. And she's probably the kind of girl that clips coupons.

Uh, more of Britney in the outfit (yep Britney) is here.

I Kinda Want To Buy This

The sub-headline that is difficult to read says: "Because the kids are smarter, stronger, and better looking than yours. And they prove it every Friday night."

"I"m Really, Really Not Gay"

Currently embattled Sen. Larry Craig had this to say about Clinton in 1989. Edit: Uh, and I want to apologize to The Devil for not posting his comment. But, sir, even Lucifer can't say that.

Watch Your Tires

Last weekend, I posted a pic showing that my neighbor's wheels had been stolen. Today I get this pic from a faithful reader (who didn't give me his name or location) showing what happened to his next door neighbor's car last night.

"Under God" Fight With A Wise County Connection

The story:

A day after thousands of schoolchildren began reciting the revised Texas pledge honoring "one state under God," an atheist couple asked a federal judge in Dallas that the language be immediately removed.

Legislators inserted the language into the pledge earlier this year to mirror the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance.

U.S. District Judge Ed Kinkeade denied the request late Tuesday by David Wallace Croft and his wife, Shannon, for a preliminary injunction to stop the use of the pledge before any trial. No trial date has been set.

The trivia: Judge Ed Kinkeade is the brother of the former pastor of the First Baptist Churth of Bridgeport, Hal Kinkeade.


Random Tennessee Titan Cheerleader Pic

Let's all band together to stop this offensiveness.

Or not.

Elle McPherson At 43

Goodness! I think it is unfair that the woman has had to live all her life under such strict pressure to stay thin. She should move to Decatur - Sheesh, she could gain a good 20 or 30 pounds and still qualify as smokin' hot. Anyway, she'd be free to eat all the McDonalds, Arbys, Jack in the Box, and Burger King that she wants. And if she wants to get all high-tone on a Saturday night she could grab a Chicken Fried Steak at K-Bobs. Or maybe a big old steak at Cow Camp.

It's Raining Men

Republican Senator Larry Craig is under some heat today after it was revealed he pled guilty to the lesser charge of "disorderly conduct" after allegedly trying to solicit some homosexual sex in an airport bathroom.

The offense report is here. He claimed he pled guilty without the benefit of a lawyer. He needed one.

He just gave a press conference. I think he uttered, "I'm not gay" about 10 times.

Depth Perception Challenged

Actually Six . . .

. . . until the Pirates invade SMU in Dallas (I've never been to that stadium.) Coach Mike Leach is crazy. Me loves me some crazy.


Just got word that my first court partner ever in the Tarrant County DA's office died last night while watching television with his wife. He was younger than me.

Edit: The Star Telegram now has an article on him. (But I was wrong about his age.)

My Gift . . .

. . . to all Wise County dairy farmers.

A Faithful Reader . . .

. . . with a fancy camera sent me this pic he took this morning of the lunar eclipse. Quite frankly, I'm not really sure I understand the lunar eclipse, and I didn't feel like staggering out into my lawn to look at it. But the picture is cool.

Now a solar eclipse is cool. I think the last big one we had was in the 1970s. And I'm not sure when a big one is coming around again.

In Case You Missed It

Yesterday it was announced that Mark Cuban will be on this fall's Dancing With The Stars. Get ready for the white man over-bite to break out.


1992 Barcelona Olympics

I wish I had found this for a Father's Day post. We all need a little inspiration every now and then just to finish. Even if we don't win. Just to finish. (Thanks to www.bagofnothing.com for finding it.)

Hey, Now

I'm so used to seeing Renee Zellweger as a plump Bridget Jones that this new pic was a nice surprise. Eating disorders, while tragic, have some healthy benefits.

College Football Starts This Saturday

Well, actually LSU and Ole Miss (I think) are playing on Thursday. But I'll wait until Saturday to officially celebrate the Third Holiest Day of the Year. (I'm respecting Easter and Christmas although Christmas has the edge in the #1 position because there is always some football game being played that day.)

But I'm struggling. Baylor is playing at TCU. In the past, I would always go to something like that. But Baylor is a 21 point underdog which, by the way, is freakin' unbelievable. How have those pseudo-Christians become a constant Top 20 team while the God-Fearing-Baptists always face a third and 20? But I digress. It'll be hot, there will be traffic, and I really don't want the hassle of being hit on by TCU coeds. But I'll probably break down and go and maybe, just maybe, I'll get to witness a Miracle On The Trinity. Or I'll leave at halftime with Barry Tears rolling down my Barry Cheeks.

Sic Em?

I'd feel much better about good old Baylor's football team if these guys didn't look scared to death on the cover of the newly released media guide.

"You mean, we have to play Oklahoma, TCU, Tech, A&M, and The Evil Empire? Like play as in football? Tackle football?"

Hey Brit, Careful With That Cigarette

Which Comes To A Surprise To His Deceased Father Who Thought He Lived A Pretty Good Life

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned this morning. He didn't say much except to throw out a confusing statement.

Creative Spam

I get tons of spam, and lately its been in the form of fake e-greeting cards.

But I got this one this morning (click to enlarge). I'm not married to "Pat" so it didn't make any sense, but directing me to a youtube clip with the explanation of "What were you thinking?" kind of got my attention. However, it wasn't a youtube clip at all - it would have directed me to somewhere else.

Edit: I got a couple more today. Here's one of them...


When Did This Happen?

Fox 4 News did a story on a "four wheeler" park soon to be open Bridgeport operated by the city.