High Speed Pursuit

I'm 30 minutes late on this and got nothing so far. Developing... Seems like it started westbound on 380, went by Decatur, and ended in the Slidell area. And by "end" I mean in a pasture. Edit: Started near Old Denton Road east of Decatur. It sounds like every law enforcement officer in the Wise County was after this guy.

My Small Town Baptist Upbringing . . .

. . . required me to go to look up "minaret." Edit: Thanks to the comments, I've learned that the Clash's Rock The Casbah contained the line "Drop your bombs between the minarets." Heard that a thousand times, but never knew what it meant.

Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up: Ruskie Edition

Sorry comrades, but I'm turning on the good ol' US of A in the sport of Women's Curling. The lure of Moscow is just too much, and those accents alone are enough to melt a patriot's heart. And I bet they could work a mean mop on a kitchen floor. Warning: Don't get to 1:43 on the tape because coach Olga Andrianova makes an unwelcomed appearance.

Official Tiger Woods "Press Conference" Betting Line

Edit: I listened to it at 10:00 a.m. and it was pretty good. Really good, in fact. Took all the blame. Said he was "selfish" and "irresponsible." He said he was sorry A LOT. One detail: He said his wife in no way injured him on the night of his car wreck or at any other time. "I brought this shame on myself. I hurt my wife, my kids, my mother . . . . " He also said he has been in rehab (didn't say "sex rehab") for 45 days with "a long way to go." He denied performance enhancing drugs (a rumor) and sounded mad about that. He also chastised the media for pursing his wife and kids to try and obtain photos. A small wow: He said he was raised a Buddhist and practiced it until he drifted it away from it several years ago --- "many may not realize that." "I plan to return to golf one day I just don't know when." Odds (really) the following will be said: 7/2 I regret the hurt I’ve caused 5/1 Thank my family 5/1 I’m sorry 6/1 Time to reflect 10/1 Return to golf 12/1 Appeal for privacy 12/1 Getting back on the course 12/1 Thank God 14/1 Thanks to my sponsors who have stuck by me 14/1 The Masters 16/1 Doing what I do best 16/1 Look to my family and God for forgiveness 20/1 Thank IMG for all their support 20/1 I am now just looking to the future 20/1 Time for change 25/1 We all need to move on 25/1 We’ve all made mistakes 33/1 I love Elin very much 66/1 Sex addiction 80/1 I just want to get back out on the course and concentrate on scoring birdies 80/1 Hate the sin, love the sinner 80/1 OK I admit it looks bad, but… 100/1 Jack Nicklaus 100/1 I’ve lost count how many 100/1 Get in the hole 100/1 I got a few too many birdies 100/1 Gentlemen do prefer blondes 100/1 They tried to make me go rehab 200/1 Thank God for John Terry 200/1 I’m not as bad as Ashley 200/1 I am retiring from professional golf 250/1 My tiger is back in it’s cage 250/1 My tiger has been tamed 250/1 At least I didn’t pay 500/1 I did not have sexual relations with that woman How many times will Tiger say “sorry”? 16/1 None 5/2 One 9/4 Two 7/2 Three 9/2 Four 5/1 Five 7/2 Six or more

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I really like the Old Spice commercial with the black guy saying, "Ladies, look at your man. Now look at me. Now back to him. Now back at me." And it ends with "I'm on a horse." Funny.
  • I wonder what it is like for an Olympian to spend years training for an event that is decided in five minutes, three minutes, or even less?
  • Has there ever been a male figure skater who was not effeminate? But the brother/sister combos can be uncomfortable.
  • I'll grow tiresome of doing the Random Thoughts one day.
  • One reason America is insane: In civil cases (where someone is after money), the lawyers of either side have the right to force a witness to sit down prior to trial and testify before a court reporter (that's a deposition). In criminal cases, where someone's freedom is at stake, you don't have that right. Priorities = Fail. Edit: To commenter Jason -- I'm not sure where you practice, but I've seen only two Motions to Take Depositions granted in a criminal case in 17 years of practice hear in Wise County.
  • Bob Costas at the Olympics every night: "That's a look at the medal count, presented by McDonald's." Ugh.
  • Drug War Fail: It took 16 cops to execute an arrest warrant last night in Fort Worth with two of the cops getting shot. (They are fine.)
  • I'm not sure who she is or what the newsy-looking website is about, but this gal keeps writing articles about Wise County. (The most recent one about the City of Bridgeport.)
  • The Kay Bailey commercial that starts out, "Maybe you like us both" always makes me want to reply, "Why would you think that?"
  • Heard there was a one day DWI trial in the Wise County Court at Law yesterday that ended with a guilty verdict. The only thing I know about it is that it started with the defendant running a red light in Decatur -- never a good start.
  • Sports Note: There is a crazy amount of talk of the Big Ten or Pac 10 taking two or three teams from the Big 12. And it sounds serious.
  • I bet the guy that flew the plane into the IRS building will become a martyr in some circles.
  • A crazy T.O. on-the-runway pic from Fashion Week.
  • There a few documentary fans out there, but I'm one of them. And the voice of Peter Coyote can be heard on so many of them these days.
  • Wanna know what the girl behind the voice of the Geico pothole looks like?



Not That Kind Of Donut
The Messenger's Update says that there is/was a fire late this afternoon at Daily Donuts on Turkey Creek Trail in Bridgeport. Anybody from the mean streets of B-Town know anything about it?

Media Working Terrorism Angle?

Edit: Woah! Edit: Double Woah! The guy left an online manifesto explaining why he did it.

Austin American Statesman story link.

I Didn't Know This Stuff Was Going On Or I'd Be Watching More

> Edit with new copy:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We never had "crisis counselors" show up at my high school whenever some tragedy happened to a classmate
  • Lindsey Vonn won the gold medal yesterday in the downhill. Yep, that stuff about her injury a week ago and "I might not be able to compete" was nothing but a publicity stunt. But no one is really calling her on it.
  • Tiger Woods is holding a "press conference" on Friday but won't allow questions and the only reporters in the room will be handpicked. That's silly, but at least he is coming out of hiding. Although it'll be the ultimate Orchestrated Generic Speak.
  • And Woods just "happened" to be photographed yesterday jogging. Let the PR Rebuilding campaign begin.
  • Watched some of the old Ali G Show on DVD this weekend. Funny stuff.
  • I've been holding the movie called Seven Pounds for three months and can't bring myself to play it.
  • One week ago today it was snowing like crazy outside. I miss that.
  • It's a lot easier for America to win gold medals with the Soviet Union no longer around.
  • Do we really know who the greatest snowboarders are on the half pipe? Raise your hand if you've tried it. Raise your hand if you know someone who has tried it.
  • The Dalai Lama visits President Obama today. I've never really understood the Dalai Lama (outside of Caddyshack.)
  • If a relatively popular Kay Bailey Hutchison can't beat Rick Perry, who can ever beat him?


For My Law Enforcement Friends Out There

Any of you guys want a gig in Romania? The rules seemed a little more relaxed.

Meet Mr. Wizard

Stuck my head in on the Jackie Murphree civil trial a second ago and finally figured out what this guy is doing. It appears he works for one of the defendants and is in charge of the two video screens that hover above the courtroom. (It's kind of like Jerry World, but different). But this guy just waits for a particular cue from a lawyer and the he's throwing up pictures and video clips instantaneously. He's quick and good at it. I've never seen a guy in a courtroom dedicated to that one purpose.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Those following the Jenny Bizaillion posts got some bad news last night. It looks like she'll have both feet amputated today. Horrible, horrible situation. (Although that situation changes dramatically day to day.)
  • It looks like the Jackie Murphree trial will go into next week. Among those to have compassion for are the members of the jury. That's a lot of involuntary commitment going on.
  • The Grapevine 121/114 project begins today. Get ready for years of congestion if you head that way. Then again, can it be much worse than it already is?
  • Double killing at a small Texas courthouse on Monday. (Not ours).
  • I wonder what the average Bubba thinks about men's figure skating? Sissy looking boys performing athletic moves that he could never do?
  • Curling is dumb. Always has been.
  • The fact that you get to choose what you get to give up for Lent kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? The rule should be that you have to pick someone you've wronged over the last year and then they get to pick what you must abstain from.
  • Talk to a high ranking guy in the Sheriff's Office yesterday who said that they received a criminal mischief call over the weekend when someone knocked down a lady's snowman.
  • I ate at Joe's Crab Shack last night and made the comment that I was surprised that the Cajun place wasn't celebrating Fat Tuesday. I received a ton of stares. At least I thought the restaurant it had a Louisiana feel to it.
  • See how I never make a Dallas Mavericks post? Aren't you thankful?
  • I still can't get over the fact that the guy that got screwed out of his $1 million lottery winnings is named "Willis Willis." (Although he was awarded about $350,000 yesterday.)
  • Kenneth Starr at Baylor Basketball game last night: Man be styling.


Channel 8 Covers Bridgeport's High Electric Bills Tonight

Although the story was very brief and uninformative. Bridgeport is odd in that the city actually sells electricity to its residents and pockets the money. I've never really understood how that works.

Your Local Government Lesson Of The Day

There's nothing particularly earthshaking about this video of some gay rights protesters showing up at the Fort Worth City Council meeting, but once I started watching it, it was a little hard to cut away from. Apparently this occurred two weeks after the raid of the Rainbow Lounge, and the protesters were actually placed on the agenda to speak. But some of them were none to happy to be the LAST item on the agenda. The good stuff kicks up at the 1:00 minutes mark. Part 2, where there were some very cooperative ejections from the room, is here. Random Thoughts:
  • Anyone who wants to spend their time at a council meeting is either a great citizen or crazy.
  • Mayor Moncrief knows how to run a meeting. That's exactly the way you handle it -- show as much patience as possible until the only option is to kick someone out.

From The Update

  • That's a funny headline
  • There used to be 28 varsity cheerleaders?
  • I guess the most disappointing position would be the Senior that finishes 13th.
  • Can guys try out?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Four people snowboarding at the same time on a banked course filled with jumps in the Olympics is more like the X-Games. But I liked it.
  • There will be 19,000 homicides in the U.S. this year but 32,000 suicides? (Source)
  • I end up buying Girl Scout cookies every year and then giving them away because I can't stand them.
  • Mardi Gras looks like a beating.
  • I'm still stunned that Kenneth Starr was named president of Baylor. I think what always drove me nuts was that he made the decision to refer the impeachment proceedings against Clinton to the House without ever having tried a criminal case or having met Monica Lewinsky. He just seemed like an Ivory Tower guy (or Ned Flanders) that wasn't qualified to make that decision. And, in the end, he wasn't.
  • A vicicous postcard targeting a gynecologist in Fort Worth who also performs abortions should at least be produced by someone who has the guts to sign it.
  • I've written before how I loved The Wire -- but that was after Season One. After watching Seasons Two and Three, however, I really lost interest.
  • Sheesh. That Heidi Montag does look like a new person after a ton of plastic surgery. But she's still a Hey, Now. (But I swear I saw a clip of her on Talk Soup where she said the message she was trying to send to young girls was that "Beauty comes from the inside.")
  • I can't tell you how much better my shoulder feels.
  • Unless I'm losing my mind, I never hear a jury instructed before deliberations that they should not use their cell phones during those deliberations.
  • Some news stations reported in light of a seizure of counterfeit NBA gear this weekend that "If you bought an NBA jersey this week, you may have been ripped off." Nope. You wouldn't have been ripped off. The NBA would have been ripped off from get its licensing fee.
  • Guess when the youtube.com domain name was registered? It was just five years ago (as of last Saturday). That's amazing. (Having been formed in February of 2005, Google bought it for $1.65 billion in October 2006.)
  • I was watching an old Seinfeld episode last night (Kenny wants a free meal from Jerry in exchange for an Armani suit) and I was wondering when it first came out. I pressed the Info Button and was stunned to see if was in 1991. Wow. Almost 20 years ago.


Little Late On This: Wade Phillips Dancing To YMCA

We're doomed. (Credit: BagofNothing.com)

A Faithful Reader . . .

. . . sends in this Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • This make you comfortable?: New DPS troopers now only have to go through 18 weeks of training instead of 27 weeks. Is it that hard to find someone who wants that job?
  • I watch the first 10 minutes of the NBA All-Star game just like the 108,000+ that were in Cowboys stadium. Fortunately, I had the option to change the channel once I immediately became bored.
  • Jamie McMurray won the Daytona 500 yesterday and then tearfully mentioned that "my dad is here" while on Victory Lane. But dad, for whatever reason, had left early.
  • And they had to stop the race twice because of a pothole? The Ticket joked about it this morning by playing excerpts from the "Because I'm a pothole" commercial.
  • A commenter mentioned on here the other day that the "shin injury" to US downhill Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn might be a hoax to drum up publicity. Since she has miraculously healed over the weekend, I might buy into that theory.
  • WBAP's Mark Davis built a snowman and posted a pic. If that's his house in the background, it's a big one.
  • I flipped over and watched a bit of the Olympics yesterday but all they were showing me were guys cross country skiing and then hitting the ground and firing five rifle shots at targets. Riveting?
  • I saw Avatar in 3D over the weekend. I would be able to give you a review, but since I sat in the second row, it was a little tough to tell what I saw.
  • I blame myself for getting there 10 minutes before starting time (after buying tickets online), but are those first three rows really worth being in a theater?
  • If given a choice between an arm injury or a leg injury, I'll take an arm injury every time.
  • There's a report this morning that Special Prosecutor Run Amok Kenneth Starr will be Baylor's next president. You've got to be kidding.
  • Lead singer of The Knack has died. I've always liked My Sharona.
  • Oprah Winfrey didn't know Drew Brees had a birthmark on his face as she welcomed him to her show. Awkward.