Decatur Water Shortage

From Fox 4 News tonight: "The Wise County town of Decatur is now under a water emergency. Crews working on the 380 expansion west of Decatur cut through the town's main water supply today. Two of the city's water towers were almost drained by the rupture. The water plant's storage was, though, intact. All residents are being asked to cut water use until the line is repaired." So don't water your lawns.

Santa's List Of Female Teachers . . .

. . . who have been very, very naughty. (Here - and scroll down just a bit.) I think Carrie McCandless and Debra LaFave should receive presidential pardons for Christmas. It's the only humanitarian thing to do.

I Think . . .

. . . I'l start Post Christmas Depression early this year.

A Stocking Stuffer Idea

A former Tyler, Texas undercover drug agent thinks the War On Drugs is silly and plans to sell a video on how not to get caught.

From The Star-Telegram Home Page

If you ever become the subject of headline #1 above, would you think your life went terribly wrong at some point?

Time Waste

Don't hit Santa, but it's pretty funny when you do. And I love the "ooooowwww" when you hit the Will Ferrell looking guy. Here.

Crazy Art I Just Hung In My Office

Corporate America . . .

. . . believes in productivity.

Some People Use Mistletoe, Others . . . .


50 Things That Only Ever Happen in the Movies


This Week's Issue of Time . . .

. . . calls some girl named Tila Tequila the "Madonna of MySpace." I missed that one. (Uh, that's her on the cover of the a magazine.)

I Don't Know

Things To Do In Denver When Your Stuck

Actual photo. It would be an absolute beating to be stuck in the Denver airport at this moment.

Everybody Else Has Posted It, So I Might As Well

Rosie O'Donnell attacks Donald Trump while on The View. Here. (Funny) Trump calls Rosie names. Here. (Not funny)

Strange Sports Note Found At Lunch

BYU and Oregon play in the Las Vegas Bowl tonight. "BYU has 31 married players and six with children." (At least, that's what the Star Telegram tells me.)

One Of The Comments Below Reminded Me Of This

Even here in Wise County? No way!

How Is This Possible?

You only have to watch 45 seconds of this. ESPN's Desmond Howard breaks down the Holiday Bowl between California and Texas A&M. Some how, some way, he believes that the University of Texas will be playing California and even goes so far as to reference Texas players. Everybody else on the set just stands by and watches the carnage. (This occurred two days ago during the TCU bowl game.) So what does he do later? ESPN puts him on a different show to say he "mis-spoke." Say what? You didn't accidentally say a word you didn't mean to. You didn't know who was playing in a bowl game that you were paid to analyze! Incredible.

I So Need A Wife Like This

> Story. But I am worried a little about this statement from this guy's attorney: "We are still as confident as we were before that he's not guilty, and focused on proving that," Mr. Wilson said.

I Love My Office Christmas Party


The Star Telegram has started the infuriating practice of using those "hovering" pop-up ads - the kind that get past most pop-up blockers. I hate them with a passion.


A Christmas Present To Those Disturbed Enough To Read This Blog

I rarely share anything personal, but here is something I'm extremely proud of: Me and my family (all of whom distance themselves from The Blog and would be much happier if I'd stop this silliness.) That's my mom and dad on the left. In the middle is my brother and his wife and two kids. That's me, the good looking guy, on the right. (This is from last Mother's Day. As far as we could remember, this was the first photo of all of us at the same time. I just love it.)

Time Waste

Of the list of 25 Addictive Flash Games I posted yesterday, one I tried that I find absolutely fascinating is Sand. Give it time to load. Then start by choosing "Wax" and drawing a line. From there, choose "water". It makes absolutely no sense at first, but from there you'll figure out that it is absolutely spellbinding. (Throw in some mood music, and it's Christmas time.)

YouTube.Com Reflections

From time to time, I'll upload a clip on youtube and post it here. One thing I'm still scratching my head about is one I posted, on a whim, about a golf shot by Fuzzy Zoeller in June of this year. I checked on it a second ago and learned that it has been viewed 848,409 times. That, my friends, (as the screen shot above shows) is the #28 Most Viewed Sports clip on YouTube.com in the history of ever. But my uploading of this girl is still my favorite.

I Often Regret Not Having Kids

You know, that might be edited with sound effects but, still, it's happening somewhere in America tonight.

So Wrong

Santa Jesus?

This made me think of my former post about the confusing combination of Jesus and Santa. And I was very shocked to learn that a former commenter on this blog is in favor of the practice.


And that's just a guy's Christmas bonus. The progressive income tax system sounds really good right now.

Boyd Football Gets A Shout Out In The "Morning News"

Story Edit: This is confusing. I saw the AP All State team in the Morning News at lunch today and then did a quick search on the newspaper's web site so I could post it. I'll admit, I saw the date and then didn't look at the story. My bad. What's odd is that two kids from Boyd did make the All State team this year. I'll track down their names.

This World Is A Confusing Place

The Update . . .

. . . isn't working online. And the world has stopped turning for a moment.


An Absolute Disqualification for Any Wise County EMT

9 out of 10

Story. Random note from Wikipedia: Clinical depression affects about 16% of the population. I have a team of scientists working on a possible correlation.

My 5th Wife Used To Dunk Over Me . . .

. . . but I rarely told anyone. (Photo: From the very family friendly Sports Illustrated)

Biggest Time Waste In The History Of Ever

25 Really Addictive Flash Games

YouTube.Com Joys

- Sarah Silverman on Leno a couple of years ago discussing her "Brazilian wax" (I think I love her.) - And if Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees had a talk show (from Saturday Night Live - last weekend, I think. The first minute "opening" was gold.)

You're A Bad Man

Donald Trump, who runs the Miss USA pagent, completely used the current title holder, Tara Conner, over the last two weeks. Rumors first began to flow that the 20 year old girl had been hanging out in bars in Manhattan, and then the speculation grew (by Trump) that she might have to relinquish her crown. Trump drug it out for days before finally holding a nationally televised press conference today giving her a second chance - but humiliating her for the sake of publicity in the process.


I'm at a driver's license hearing office in Fort Worth (it handles suspensions due to DWI arrests) as I type this out. It's weird today because most of the officers in attendance have black bands over their badges in honor of the Fort Worth officer that was killed over the weekend. Somber place.

Edit: Sheesh, I'm away from the comments for the afternoon only to return to find that Christmas Cheer has broken out all over the place.


Rest in the Update here. I guess this is a, "see you later, we'll be in the gym" situation. Of course, the teacher of the "student leadership" class would probably be in a bit of trouble.



As a follow-up to my Barney Williamson "Does God Intervene?" post a few days ago, I thought of this tonight. As you probably know, three hikers had been missing on Mount Hood in Oregon with two of them being from Dallas. Yesterday, one was found dead (sheesh, can you imagine freezing to death?) but the other two have not been found. It does not look good. But tonight, on Fox 4 News, I learned that the local church of one of the men held a prayer vigil this afternoon, with the pastor leading the congregation with: "We pray that [they] will be found. But we remember that God alone can save." Questions. Questions. Questions. Has God chosen not to intervene? Can prayer change that? Can God be persuaded to change his decision not to intervene? Does it matter as to the number of people that showed up at the vigil to pray? No one talks about these questions. And although everyone must have thought of them at one time or another, we feel guilty for having those thoughts enter our minds. Don't we?

Joe Barbera . . .

. . . might mean nothing to you. Knowing that he is half of the team of Hanna-Barbera might ring a bell. Joe Barbera died today at the grand old age of 95. The partners, who teamed up while working at MGM in the 1930s, then went on to a whole new realm of success in the 1960s with a witty series of animated TV comedies, including The Flintstones, The Jetsons , Yogi Bear, Scooby-Doo and Huckleberry Hound and Friends.

I Refuse To Link . . .

. . . to a Sports Blog that thinks its appropriate to post about a bar sponsored pillow fight between a girl in lederhosen and another girl in a short skirt. Disgusting.


There are a ton of "law blogs" on the Internet. From law school students, to professors, to defense lawyers, to public defenders (my 8th future wife?). This one was a great assessment of a "special prosecutor's" bill to Dallas County in connection with the Fake Drug Scandal.

Random Cop Thought

When you think about it, isn't it odd that a cop has the absolute discretion to write someone a warning instead of a ticket? No standards. No guidelines. Some people get a break while others do not.

A TxDot Engineer's Dream Girl

Brit's Crazy Dress

My Next Wife Is 26 Today

Christina Aguilera

From The "Update"

I like the word "Rumors" in the first sentence and the "According to reports" phrase in the second. I bet this is a done deal or the Messenger would never have run with it. (I heard the rumor on Friday.)


How Much Did You Pay In Taxes Last Year?

The Drug War Clock updates every second. (And these figures are based on 2003 date.)

Lexus . . .

. . . runs a ton of commercials during Christmas season promoting one spouse giving a Lexus as a gift. Does anyone ever scream, "How are we going to pay the mortgage?" after such a gift?

I Saw This Sign . . .

. . . at a Fort Worth convenience store yesterday. I assume it has something to do with protecting kids, but I really don't know what it means.

I Don't Know

That's Silly

"The winners this year were anyone using or creating content on the World Wide Web." Mailing it in. Edit: George Will on this morning's "This Week": "It’s about narcissism, which is why a mirror is absolutely perfect. So much of what is done on the web is people getting on there and writing their diaries as though everyone ought to care about every one's inner turmoils. I mean it’s extraordinary."