David Fasciano. The Man. The Legend.

So I'm sitting around waiting for the late night Saturday Cinemax movie (wait, did I say that out loud?) when I decide to watch Fox 4 News. There's a boring segment on high water levels at Lake Arlington, but I do a double take when I see video footage of a guy getting a piggy back ride from (presumably) his significant other. Screen shots, above.

You, sir, are a god.

I Know Sports Clips Don't Interest Much Of You

But this is amazing from last night. Note: If you are leading by three point and you intercept a full court pass with three seconds left - hold the ball, don't throw it up in air. Because, well, there's three seconds left.


And the lake will probably pick up another two to three feet before all the run off is done. Updates here.

West Virginia Won The NIT Basketball Tourney This Week

But championship spelling? Uh, not so much.

Crazy Thing I Saw Between Decatur And Rhome Yesterday


It's All About Me . . . At The Cowtown Half Marathon

65 MPH?

Fox 4 News reported at on their 5:30 newscast that winds in Runaway Bay hit 65 mph within the last hour. Anyone confirm that?

Dumb Idea For Today

From the Star Telegram's web site.

The Wise County Attorney/Client Room

Purple Rain

At the risk of turning into the weather channel, we got some purple moving in. You don't see purple very often.

I'm Not Exactly Sure . . .

. . . where the "water shed" is for Lake Bridgeport, but I think it is getting pounded with rain.

Freak A Leek

This girl allegedly did something incredibly freaky at the PIKE house in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Story here. (And it deals with the privates, so discretion should be exercised.)

Some Readers Wondered . . .

. . . whether the Ferrari crash that happened earlier this week was a publicity stunt. Now others do, too.

When Did You Get Skinny?

All the celebrity gossip sites (which I never look at because all they do is publish scantily glad pics of celebrities that offend me to no end), claim this is Courtney Love from last weekend.

I wonder if that's the result of some special diet pills.

We've Gained A Foot

Only 17 more to go.

Drives Me Insane

I just got a nasty letter from a court appointed client. You have no idea how insane that makes me.


I Wonder If It Is Raining?

With A Little Luck, The Story Will Go National

The Dallas Morning News has picked up on the Naked Wise County Driver Incident of 2007. The story has an added twist: He was driving a church van - with permission.

Do not Kumbaya, ye neekid person.

I Love Stuff Like This

Front pages from across the nation, refreshed daily, here.


I'm Not So Sure

This quiz is going around today. I passed. Barely.

And if 5th Graders can pass this test, I have sorely underestimated 5th graders.

Karl "Jay Z" Rove

This was all over the news this morning so you probably have seen it. If not, prepare to be disturbed. (From last night's Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner.

Oh, My

That's Kelly Clarkson with her back to you (taken this weekend in Hawaii.)

There's something else in the picture that caught my attention, however. I'll give you hint: It's much simpler than playing "Where's Waldo."

Hey, Now

I have no idea who she is other than she showed up at the "Grindhouse" premiere. Good times.

That's A Bold Statement

I predict rain. (Image from 10:57 a.m.)

The Location Is What We Call, Uh, "Irony"

Where's My Wallet?

Bidding has ended, but you could have bought this T-shirt ("Excellent condition. It's worn-in a tiny bit. It's flexible") on E-bay.

Our Office Phones Are Down

That's bad news for a law office. Only one line is working 940-627-3142.

Long Story On The Dangers Of Gas Wells

Jerry Holsworth, manager of Midstream Operations, a division of Devon Energy Corp., a major Barnett Shale player, admitted that having so many wells going up is a cause of concern. “What we’re seeing is that with all this drilling, veteran crews are being divided and filled up with people who have no experience whatsoever working rigs, laying pipe, and such,” he said.

Fort Worth Weekly Story here. (Couple of references to Wise County in it.)

Crazy Things Your Mother Told You

The Ticket had a very funny segment this morning on the above topic. Things that hit home with me: - "Don't come into an air conditioned house while sweaty, you'll catch pnemonia." - "Don't play with fire or you'll wet the bed." - "Don't sit too close to the TV or you'll ruin your eyes." - "Wait an hour after you eat before getting in the swimming pool." - "Don't touch a baby bird or its mother will reject it." - "Don't touch a frog or you'll get warts." - The most dangerous people in the world are "hippies" or "Moonies" There are a couple I forgot, but let me know if you've got some better ones.

Just Saw A Silly Segment On The Today Show . . .

. . . warning parents to be on the lookout for their kids playing "The Choking Game" in order to get high.

I've got another warning for those parents: You've got a stupid kid.

(Meredith Vierra told me there was more on the subject on "our web site at TodayShow.com, but their wasn't. A quick search, however, found that they did the exact same story in August of 2005.)

Panty Thief

Heard on The Ticket this morning: "Do you think he ever did anything un-Christian-like with those panties?"



I Am Not Posting This Pic Of Uma Thurman At The Beach


Meredith Vieira of The Today Show cracked her noggin on the ice yesterday after doing an interview with Will Ferrell. (Sheesh, can he promote that goofy ice skating movie any more that what he already has?)

Anyway, the video of the pain is here. (It's at the end of a 5:00 minute clip. It's good, but a toss up if it's worth the wait. If anyone has a quick youtube.com clip of it, send it this way. )

John McCain's MySpace Page Was Hacked

Giggle. (But it's back to normal now.)

Trial Recap (Which Is Way Too Long - And To Be Proofread Later)

This one was tricky. My client was a 20-something year old single male who was accused of DWI. Basic facts: He got off work around 5:30 p.m. in March of 2006 and then headed home and then to The Club at Runaway Bay where, he says, he had two beers with friends. When he leaves (shortly before 7:30), he does something incredibly stupid: He gets a beer out of his cooler and opens it up. As he heads down 380 towards Bridgeport, he meets a trooper.

(Rest of this lengthy post - including some real audio - is here.)


This story is all over the news.

This lady gets choked while scarfing down some food and then tries to do the Heimlich maneuver on herself. (Huh?) Being unsuccessful, the faithful dog then knocked her down and jumped up and down on the lady's belly until the food particle goes flying out of her mouth. But the dog's not done: He licked his owner to keep her from passing out.

Say what? And not that I'm a skeptic, but all she has to do is say this is what happens and she gets plastered all over the news?

Uh, I've got this pet monkey that changed the fuel pump in my car last weekend. Really.

Cuban Movie Crisis

Mark Cuban is catching heat due to his company, Magnolia Pictures, planning to release a revamped Internet "movie" called Loose Change.

The movie claims that 9/11 was orchestrated by The Government in order to justify subsequent attacks in the Middle East. Yep, you read that right. Cuban has been relatively silent since the controversy ramped up this week, but I expect that is designed for the sake of publicity.

The 1 1/2 hour movie is on Google Video here. I've only watched part of it but it is well done. No, I don't believe it - I'm just saying its well produced.

Trial Update

After going out to deliberate at 10:00 a.m., the jury sent a note out shortly before noon that they were deadlocked 5-1 in favor of "not guilty". (You normally don't know which was a jury is leaning but the note certainly gave it away.) As is customary, the jury took a lunch break and will come back and deliberate after that. If this thing somehow turns in a guilty verdict, I'll get out my dress blues. Edit: I can pack my dress blues away. More about it later.

Happy 25th 26th To Julia Stiles

I'm not sure I know who she is, but I just wanted to be neighborly.

Made Me Laugh

From the Update. (Which also has a great note about how the Nazi Traffic Cam in Rhome might become a little more conspicuous.)


I Don't Know Who . . .

. . . actor Eddie Griffin is but I will never let him drive my piece of crap car. Take a look at what he does to this Ferrari today. (Yesterday.)

I Don't Know Much About Baseball . . .

. . . but I think today's box score from the Texas Rangers' game is not-a-good.

Hey, Now

I Missed This Last Month . . .

. . . but check out how Evangelist Kenneth Copeland is using his new $20 million jet.

And since I always wanted to know what the Copeland Compound looked like (it's just southeast of Newark), I found this Google satellite view of it. Sweet. Nice runway.

Screenshot From Fox News . . .

. . . as the new Democrat majority tries to bring our boys home and get us out of that mess.

Fair and Balanced. Sheesh.

Trials Are A Beating . . .

. . . even the two day ones. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow once it is over.

"Dodge Commercial - Pulled"

A buddy sent me this claiming that this commercial was pulled the "first day it aired." I have no idea if that's true and I've got too much Tired Head to verify it. But the commercial is kinda funny.

This News Just Broke In Southlake

There is no other headline that makes me cringe as much as this.


Edit: Saw some helicopter shots on the news tonight. Man, that is one high-tone neighborhood.

During A Break In The Trial . . .

. . . I wondered wandered [edit: I'm delirious] down to the second floor only to find the District Clerk's office preparing for an Easter Party!

Holy lack of separation between Church and State!!!!

Slow Posting . . .

. . . trial day.


A Weather Blog Is Stupid . . .

. . . heck, even this blog is stupid - but at least I didn't name it after the Nazis.

(Star Telegram Weather Blog here.)

The Most Interesting Thing About The Anna Nicole Autopsy Report . . .

. . . is that she weighed 178 pounds.


Me In Vegas Last Weekend

Or it might be David Beckham and wife, Posh Spice, last Saturday.

Not Much To Say . . .

. . . about this story other than it is fascinating. Two young people "fall" off a cruise liner and end up staying afloat for four or five hours in the ocean until they are rescued.

As often as shows like The Today Show beat me down with interviews like this, I would absolutely love to see and hear from these two. (Story.)