It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The Messenger always sent its best photographer to ever accident scene. 

  • As of 8:29 a.m. this morning, the child from Paradise is still missing. There is no need to say that this is now very concerning. And there's a lot of confusion. An Amber Alert was finally issued yesterday which means an there is a reasonable belief that an abduction has occurred. But the Sheriff's Office won't come out and say that they believe an abduction is more likely than any other alternative. 

    • Fox 4 new coverage including video.
    • And I keep away from Facebook in general, and now I know why. How a group called Where is Athena Strand can just form out of thin air and become a cesspool of rumors is beyond me. 
  • Kanye had a heck of a day yesterday. 
    • He and Trump's other Thanksgiving dinner guest at Mar-a-Largo decided they would go on Alex Jones's show. Who would have thought two Holocaust deniers would have shown up there?

    • Yep, Kanye wore a mask.

    • Kanye then went Full Hitler

    • He then posted a swastika buried in the Star of David on Twitter.

    • Then Elon "Mr. Free Speech" Musk took action on Twitter against him.

  • Trump had to get some attention. Last night, less than a week after having dinner with Kanye, he sent out a grainy fundraising video fully embracing the Insurrectionists who are under indictment and who tried to overthrow the United States. Video.  

    • He is now fully embracing the Insurrection of January 6th only three days after one of his followers was convicted of Seditious Conspiracy.  It's exactly like Hitler and his supporters embracing November 9, 1926 -- the date of Hitler's failed coup - and then making it a holy day of martyrdom. 
  • Late yesterday afternoon The 11th Circuit killed the appointment by a renegade federal district judge of a Special Master in Trump's Document Scandal . 

    • The scathing opinion is here. I'll translate the key parts. It starts with this which means: "Seriously!? Why are we even here?"

    • Translated: "You want us to actually decide between (1) following the law, (2) making a new rule where every criminal defendant gets a special master, or (3) making a new rule for ex-presidents?"

    • Translated: "You should have dismissed Trump's lawsuit the second it was filed."

  • If you get KDAF Channel 33 on your TV, the Decatur Eagles vs. Wichita Falls high school playoff game will be broadcast tonight. The channels streaming site is here
    • I don't think you can watch the local boys broadcast online like the Eagles' normal regular season games -- but for some reason you can listen to playoff games at its regular site with the camera on the guys broadcasting in the booth. Here's what it looks like:

  • The Senate, like the House did, voted to end the potential for a railroad strike by an 80-15 vote. Ted Cruz voted against it but not because he was against governmental intervention. Oh, no. He said the intervention didn't go far enough and include mandatory sick days. That's weird for him. 

  • Two incidents of prosecutor chaos across the state
  • Very legal nerdy stuff: A new opinion issued yesterday says that a trial court judge can granted a directed verdict of acquittal in favor of the defendant (1) even if the jury had already returned a verdict of guilty and (2) the State can't appeal the judge's action like it could if the judge had just granted a new trial. 
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 150 days.
  • Messenger - Above the Fold


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I'm normally not a fan of book-in photos, but I made an exception for this guy because of the tattoo. He was arrested in Wise County on an outstanding Tarrant County warrant 10 years ago. For you young ones, that's the title of an old Merle Haggard song which includes the lyrics, "And I turned twenty-one in prison doin' life without parole. No one could steer me right but Mama tried, Mama tried."

  • Breaking alert. "North Texas authorities are searching for a 7-year-old girl who has been missing since Wednesday evening in Wise County. The child’s family reported Athena Strand missing to the Wise County Sheriff’s Office at 6:40 p.m., after the family had been looking for her for about an hour, according to the Wise County Messenger. Athena was last seen in the 200 block of County Road 3573 in Paradise."

    • DPS helicopters were looking for her last night. 

  • I don't like this. I think that workers deserve the right to fight for fair conditions without governmental intervention.

  • Social media picked up on a DPS helicopter coming from Mesquite and hovering around Cottondale last night. I haven't heard why yet other than rumors of "missing girl from Paradise."

  • Fear the gas leak. Initial reports this morning seem to indicate this was heard from miles away.

    • Edit: We've got a picture:

  • I seriously doubt any lawyer is "grilling" any person who might end up on his jury. 

  • Just the pastor of FBC flat out lying. (A November amendment on the floor required by certain Republicans added section 6 to the bill which protects religious liberty.)

  • Let me tell ya, back in the day we good small town Baptists would call this the "mark of the Beast" right there:

  • Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac has died. Coincidentally, that car commercial featuring "Everywhere" is being played about a million times a day right now. This live performance of that song on YouTube -- which has spectacular visual quality and sound -- is great. I stumbled on it when I was trying to confirm she had the lead vocals on it. 

  • Why in the world would a bank use computer equipment -- which becomes outdated and depreciates quicker than a car -- as collateral?

  • This picture was posted to catch a glimpse of the unusual fall colors this year, but I like how it shows and angle we normally don't see. It's taken north of the AAC looking south at downtown. That whole area of Uptown used to be a field and an ugly electric "plant" (or something electric related.)

  • ln a dream world, I could say, "It's December 1st -- Let's Got Out of Here" - and by "out of here: I mean "until Christmas."
  • The missing kid out of Richardson I posted about yesterday was found safe around 10:00 a.m. Let's hope the same works out for the Paradise child. 


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The controversial Dallas cop, with a great rapper name, made the news 10 years ago. I don't' know what ever happened to her.

  • Got him.

    • I'm sure people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Insurrection sympathizers are in mourning. Flashback:

  • It will now certainly become federal law by act of Congress. Texas senators Cruz and Cornyn, and 34 other Republicans, voted against it. The law really has no impact unless the Supreme Court overrules Obergefell as Justice Thomas has threatened to do. If that happens, this law wouldn't won't force Texas and other like-minded states to conduct same sex marriages, but it would require them to recognize same sex marriage legally conducted in other states. 

  • There is scant information about a hunter in Trophy Club falling from a tree after being shot with an arrow. He was then airlifted. 

  • Alvord has a new water tower! Don't underestimate a good looking water tower. 

  • Clarence Gilyard died yesterday. And yesterday was the first time I learned he was also that guy in Die Hard. 

  • The story doesn't say anything about bad weather, it says he just didn't return in the rented boat.
    • The guy was also said to have planned to "visit the SS Selma" which is something I was unaware of. 

  • What did I say yesterday about primetime Fox News?

  • World cup highlight (or lowlight) from yesterday.

  • We get lots of missing children alerts but this one feels different. He left home last night in Richardson after an argument and still hasn't been located this morning.  

  • It's really amazing that Decatur football lost their first three games of the year and is now just two wins away from being in the state championship game. In the playoffs, they have won by scores of 55-0, 42-15, and 41-0.
  • I said yesterday that I thought TCU had to win Saturday to get into the college football playoffs. All the experts on TV sure seem to disagree with that. But if it happens . . . 

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