It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I figured out the huge uptick in the Wise County inmate population: We are housing people for Collin County.
  • The massive Quick Trip in Decatur opened yesterday, and by 8:00 a.m. there was a wreck in the parking lot. My trusted source failed me in not getting a picture. 
  • A Fox News correspondent got roasted yesterday for giving the impression that the border is so dangerous he needs a bullet proof vest, and he was triple roasted when everyone realized the bullet proof vest looked ridiculously fake (Backpack backwards? Party City purchase?)
  • Trump will go to the border today and lie to you about the wall being built. (Even Fox News admitted it was just rebuilt fencing this morning.) Nevertheless, the following was golden yesterday as Fox and Friends interviewed Sarah Sanders about it. Reign.
  • Cops doing bad bits:
  • Property owners in Tarrant County have taken it in the shorts over the last five years. This data doesn't even include the increases which were just mailed out. Those folks got a crash course in escrow withholdings: 
    And that's just school taxes.
  • People, well some people, paid good money to see Sebastian Gorrrrrrrka and Mark Davis last night in Grapevine. 
    Look at that crowd! Look at those demographics!
  • Remember when the House voted 420-0 to release the entire Mueller Report? (3/15/19) Remember when Trump said, "I want to see the report, and you know who will want to see it? The tens of millions of people that love the fact that we have the greatest economy that we have ever had." (3/20/19)
  • This is how you do it:
  • This is how you don't do it. (Fox 4's Steve Eagar made this a "news story" last night on the 9:00 p.m. newscast.)
  • Trump, who actually bragged about sexually assaulting women and has had adulterous affairs with porn stars, continued to embarrass the nation yesterday by posting a doctored video mocking Joe Biden. He's a child.  (How's the First Lady's anti-online bullying campaign going, by the way?)
  • The Jeff Bezo divorce has been worked out. She'll get 25% of his Amazon stock (that's 4% of all outstanding Amazon stock). It's worth $35 billion and makes her the third richest woman in the world. Private note to ex-Mrs. Bezo: "What's up girl?"
  • Stay with me here. Our ultra right wing state senator Sen. Pat Fallon is up to something. He's trying to amend a reasonable state law which prohibits a school board member from using taxpayer dollars or resources to support a bond issue or a candidate. But that amendment increases its scope in a shocking way in that it makes it a crime for an employee to use school "funds or resources" to express an opinion about “a political philosophy” or “a matter of public interest.” But those terms aren't defined. So a teacher sending an email on a school computer or a text on school time (there's your "school resources") to a friend that says, "I really like Beto" or "I love Trump" or "I love America" or "We should help Hurricane Harvey victims" would be a crime punishable by up to a year in jail. Yep, it absolutely would. Like I said, he has some unspoken reason for doing this (perhaps "We don't want them liberals indoctrinating our children at school!") but it has unintended consequences (that anyone with half a brain should have seen). 
  • This is crazy. A guy placed $1,500 on Texas Tech to win the National Championship before the season and the payoff is $300,000.  On the open market (yep there is one), he could sell the ticket right now for $65,000. Would you do it? I would. Then again, I wouldn't have bet $1,500 on any team at the start of the season. 


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Texas highest criminal court yesterday struck a blow against a prosecutor and the desire to move trials further towards Idiocracy: "Playing a video of a lion trying to eat a baby to argue for a high prison sentence in a simple robbery case was an improper use of a demonstrative aid because the video invited an analogy that was not anchored to the evidence presented at trial." The court even took the rare act of posting the video.
  • I've learned that Amarillo now has a Minor League Baseball team which is affiliated with the San Diego Padres. They are officially my favorite team because of one reason: They are named the Sod Poodles. (But if you want to know what a beating being a minor league player would be, check out the post below. They are driving to Corpus Christi for their first game -- 651 miles one way.)
  • Speaking of official, The Official Liberally Lean Girl has checked into a mental health facility. Thoughts and prayers.
  • As I predicted yesterday, the Dallas DA has killed any potential criminal charges against the gal who was assaulted in Deep Ellum. (Side note: How did breaking out a back windshield cause over $2,500 worth of damage? Is it possible cops fudged on the value of damage to reach a felony threshold? No way.)
  • After last month's Supreme Court ruling, Texas has announced that it will no longer allow any clergy in the execution room. Think about that. This state is so back woods that we would rather ban all clergy from an execution than allow a Buddhist spiritual adviser. (That would be like Jackson, Mississippi closing all public pools instead of integrating them which actually happened.)
  • The House Ways and Means Committee officially requested Trump's tax returns yesterday. But they are demanding them not from Trump but from the IRS. Delicious. And he's mad this morning. 
  • Chris Faulkner, who has been in my virtual cross-hairs for a long time because he's a fraud, was told by a judge that a plea deal with a maximum of 12 years wasn't good enough. This gives me great joy. (He's the former exclusive sponsor of radio's Mark Davis podcast.)
  • The price of refurbished phones (that's what they do) is going up: 

  • Unless I'm missing something, the jail list at Wise County right now shows 29 people arrested within the last two days who have not made bond. That's a massive number over the norm. (And 22 of them were from yesterday.)
  • Let's check in on Fox News this morning as they warn us about sexual predator Joe Biden. 

  • Someone in Waco has made a huge mistake. I was glancing at the Texas front pages this morning deciding which one I'd pick and saw this one released by the Waco Tribune-Herald. It's dated for next Sunday, and the women's Final Four hasn't been played yet. I know one coach who is going to be livid.  Edit: It's gone.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • TCU has cancelled its spring football game due to practicing with "only about half of an 85-man scholarship roster" due to injuries and new players not yet on campus. I'm not sure I've ever heard of that before. That Cheeze-It Bowl must have taken its toll.
  • When I was a little, little kid, we all went to Disneyland on a family vacation. The travel agent told my dad that for $20 more the entire family could take a helicopter direct from the airport (LAX) to a helipad near the hotel and Disneyland. We took it.  I remember my mom was kind of freaking out because the helicopter seemed kind of rickety, and dad would later disclose he had serious concerns. He should have. That helicopter crashed one week later due to "fatigue failure" killing all 18 passengers and crew. True story. 
  • The lady who was beaten in Deep Ellum now has a warrant for breaking the window of the guy's truck.  As another example of how the new Dallas DA is already going to war with local police agencies, the office issued the statement below. Translated, it says, "The police made this decision and not us. Once we get the case we are going to kill it."
  • "This photo was buried in our #Galveston County Fair photo gallery from Friday and that's a crime." - Galveston News reporter. I have no connection with any of this, but someone should have put this photo front and center. Nothing like the quick monkey-on-a-dog glance checking out the position of his opponent as you enter turn two. And throw in the intensity of the dogs, and we've got us an award winning pic.
  • Once second you are a district judge, and the next second you're not. (Article.) He's not the first elected official to make this mistake. Apparently he "announced" his candidacy for a different position on Facebook, but I can't find exactly what he said. That seems kind of important. 
    He had been in office three months.
    Article 16 Sec. 65 of Texas Constitution.
    (The word "announce" seems very vague and generic.)
  • The mere suggestion of this profession might be the only thing which would cause me to say, "Have a seat right there young lady. I want you to listen and listen good."
  • This is an example of a paid ad. There's no way Fox News is dedicating a segment to Dunkin' Donuts without getting paid for it. But you can't just sit there and talk about how great the company is, because that's too obvious. Instead, Dunkin' Donuts comes up with a throw-away gimmick (peeps) to at least "justify" the segment, pays Fox News, and magically you have a commercial disguised as a segment.
  • Great hypothetical on the Ticket: Would you drive down to Waco to pick up a free $250? $150? $50? What's your price?
  • Speaking of Waco, the Twin Peaks Biker cases ares now officially over (except for the lawsuits) with the dismissal of the final 24 criminal cases. Do you recall how many people were arrested immediately afterwards and held on $1 million bail each?: One hundred and ninety two.  
    • I'm proud I've criticized the police and especially ex-DA Abel Reyna in this fiasco from the git go, so I went back and tried to find the first time I expressed doubts about the way the cases were being handled. I found it: May 25, 2015 which was just seven days after the incident and at a time when all of those people were still sitting in jail. This was what I wrote
    • Once again, I've proven not only am I a sports and weather genius, but also a legal genius. 
  • The abrupt cancelling of the AAF (the new football league) is just weird. This theory floated yesterday makes it even more mysterious:
  • There is a major politician who is trying to trick you about their ancestry. Donald Pocahontas Trump yesterday, for the third time, said his father was born in Germany. He was born in New York. 
  • In a weird TV moment, I was channel surfing last night and discovered I had something called the Cheddar Business Channel and, even more confusing, they were showing the very funny Nathan For You
  • Messenger: Above The Fold


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Insurance update: After three weeks, the Allstate adjuster finally came out and now we wait for an appraisal of the damage. (But I've learned you've got to have someone there on your side who speaks the language of the adjuster -- both details about construction and insurance. And that someone needs to have previously gone over the house with a fine tooth comb on their own. The adjuster yesterday started out wanting to make it quick without even wanting to pull off the tarp but ended up spending two hours with my guy talking about all real and potential problems.)
  • Sparce crowd at the Rangers last night. 
  • I ran by Sean Hannity's radio show yesterday and he was dogging Joe Biden about benign sexual harassment accusations and asking if that should disqualify him from being president.  Is this bizarro world? Hannity is part of a cult that worships at the foot of the actual Grab 'em By The P Man. 
  • In other news, Trump Jr. sat down with Fox News to talk about how disappointed he is in his father for those past "grab 'em" comments, Stormy Daniels, and more. Scratch that. He wants to alert us this morning that Biden maybe "rubbed noses" with a woman 10 years ago. (No one gets crucified in the comments more than Junior.)
  • Last night WFAA's Dale Hansen invoked Jesus regarding Trump's juvenile obsession with The Wall.  "And I don't think for a moment that the Jesus my mom knew and taught me about as a little boy would look into the eyes of the hungry, the homeless and the poor and tell them to stop at the border....while I build a wall."

  • Mrs. LL watches American Idol which causes me to look up and see (and be annoyed by) Katy Perry. There was something about her I couldn't put my figure on, and then someone pointed it out: She's looks like Shirley Jones from The Partridge Family days. 
  • Tragic news out of Bridgeport where married classmates of mine died within one week of one another due to health related reasons: Damon and Sharron Tucker.
  • Just like the Three Mexicos, that brown country of Puerto Rico just "take[s] from the USA."  (And they've actually received $11 billion.)
     "Uh, some, uh, people out there in our nation don't have maps . . . such as."
  • This April Fool's joke is actually a fantastic idea:
  • A faithful reader insisted on the following:


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's been two and a half weeks, but I'll finally get the adjuster-with-authority to take a look at all the damage on the house this morning. I've got a Proof of Loss in the works done by someone who knows what they are doing so we'll soon find out how far apart we are, and how easy (or hard) it was to come to a resolution. Allstate - you're on the clock. 
  • State TV believes all areas south of our border are simply "Mexican."
  • Well, the verdict is in. I'm apparently not a big jerk for questioning Michael Irvin for seeking sympathy when he was having a relatively routine biopsy.
  • My super secret source tells me that former KXAS anchorman Mike Synder has been hired to do PR for the Tarrant County DA's office. You might remember him from his moving goodbye when leaving the station's evening newscast ("I love you, Jane") or maybe from this:
  • Bracket update in the Liberally Lean Tourney: Some guy out of Bridgeport named David Lawson (if that's his real name) is in the lead. It looks like he wins it unless Tech beats Michigan State.
  • Tesla founder and rich guy Elon Musk put out an autotuned rap song over the weekend about the death of Harambe. (As if the country wasn't crazy enough.) 
  • The mysterious Chico ISD athletic saga continues. According to the Messenger, Head Coach Clayton Sanders said, “If any of it was true, we would be in handcuffs, and if any of it was true there would be proof of that. There would be repercussions. None of that is true. You’re going to hear a lot of rumors and hearsay. The proof is in the pudding. I’m still a free man and my staff is still free, from what I understand. It’s unfortunate.” Handcuffs? The school board meets about it on Wednesday.
  • That's the crowd at the Texas Motor Speedway with 12 laps to go? Heck, even the backstretch used to be packed when that thing first opened. NASCAR has a problem that is getting worse. 
  • I watched a little bit of the golf tournament in Austin just for the scenery. At one point when they cut to a shot of the river, I couldn't help but notice that 2 of the 6 boats were police boats. I don't know if they were 600 hp gunboats like DPS has, but they were definitely police boats.
  • I'm pretty sure the Colorado river next to a high tone golf course in the middle of the day is pretty safe. In the middle of the night in this country is not: A South Carolina student goes out with friends, gets separated, calls and Uber, and is found dead the next day in a field about 100 miles away. 
  • Speaking of the middle of the night, the bartender who beat the girl in Deep Ellum has had a transformation. He's clean shaven now and sporting an Evil Empire hoodie.
  • It's April 1st so trust no one. Or as I call it, "Every day of my life." 
  • It's been a while since it happened but the goofy teenage girl who playfully, but stupidly, pushed her friend off a bridge into the water causing a brief hospitalization has been sentenced: Two days in jail. That's amazingly fair.  
  • Don't even think about getting your Rangers' hopes up. They gave up 28 runs in three games. When the American League ERA right now is 3.89, your Rangers clock in at a league worst 9.33.
  • This is the guy who caused the Fake Voting Scandal in Texas. Talk about a swamp. 
  • I feel OK about myself that I had never heard of Nipsey Hussle.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.