Spring Break Fun?

To paraphrase Ludicrous:

Move [guy], get out the way
Get out the way [guy], get out the way

I'm so glad I'm not young.

And The Latest Standings

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, a lot of people have the day off and the courthouse is closed but . . . wait for it . . . here I am: The hardest working man in show business!
  • The latest issue of Texas Monthly is about our gun culture with Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle, on the cover with a rifle strapped over her back.
  • I saw maybe the craziest docket in district court yesterday. A guy gets put in jail. He won't stop mouthing off. His girlfriend in a short skirt with knee high boots won't stop talking to him. He has to be cuffed. Then a guy on the docket walks up to the bench wearing shorts and cowboy boots. And that is just the beginning of what I saw. Kudos to the judge for not blowing a gasket.
  • The Ticket this morning pointed out that the NFL's denial of CTE is just like Big Tobacco back in the day denying that cigarettes can cause cancer. That is dead on. 
  • I'm now at a point if I don't have reading glasses I can't read a thing. 
  • Mrs. LL's little nieces showed up at the house last night. They visit maybe twice a year. My favorite bit is to look at them and say, "Who is this person?" They love it. 
  • Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of a very unfortunate bird flying in front of a Randy Johnson fast ball. Video.
  • I received a question yesterday from bagofnothing if that I had the opportunity to argue before the Supreme Court would I do it or hand it off to someone who had experience in doing so. Great question. But for some reason my brain went back to when I was arguing a case back in the 1990s before the Fort Worth Appellate Court when a judge in a very stern voice (and in a bluff) looked at me and asked, "Did you write this brief?" I had written it but looked at my assistant DA (we only had one back then) who was there just to watch. I very briefly thought about throwing her under the bus and blaming it on her but my assistant DA gave me a "don't you dare!" look. I meekly replied to the judge, "Yes, I did your honor."  The judge's reply, "Thank you. It will be very helpful." I won the appeal. Years later that same judge would, during oral arguments, start a question to me with "Barry, let me ask you . . . ." As opposed to the formal, "Mr. Green, let me ask you . . . ." Moral of the story: Be honest and you earn respect.
  • But would I argue before the Supreme Court? Yep. But it would probably cause me a heart attack in my preparation
  • The Harris County DA tried to do it 2003 in trying to justify Texas' sodomy law and got crushed. Note to self: Track that down and listen to it. 
  • Garry Shandling died yesterday. An admission: I've never seen one second of the The Larry Sanders Show but everyone tells me I would love it. 
  • Oddly, my reference of "Hey, Now" comes from The Larry Sanders Show but I just heard it from The Ticket. 
  • Very random thought: Can a knuckle ball be thrown in women's softball?


Wise County Law Enforcement: Someone Explain What I Just Saw

A backup officer says, "It's a California plate!" as he sees a vehicle go by and then says, "I'll be back!"

There may be an absolute legitimate explanation for this. Perhaps there had been a prior report of a vehicle with California plates that had been driving erratically. But remember I've been ranting about how cops are stopping anyone with out of state plates southbound on 287 because they think they were transporting legally bought dope from Colorado. This was southbound on 287 during a traffic stop of kids who were from the South!

Edit: This clip is four seconds for a couple of reasons. The backup officer had only been there a couple of minutes and had been called because the vehicle in front of the officer who made the traffic stop had five young guys in it. These are WCSO deputies and they had made reference to a trooper -- not in a disparaging way -- but he didn't need his name involved in this.  While the officer who made the stop explains what he had observed about the kids in front of him, the car with the California plates comes by and then you hear what I posted. I'll say it again: There might be an explanation. I just want to know what it is.

President Obama Dances The Tango

But Arnold did it better in True Lies:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's a guy who tweets me everyday and rates the Random Thought Girl. I'm guessing he is going to be pleased.
  • There might have been a 12 vehicle accident in Dallas this morning. Everyone just needs to slow down. 
  • This Cruz/Trump twitter fight over their wives is insane. Did Trump really say that Cruz's wife is a former call girl?
  • And this from Trump is insane as he compares his wife to Cruz's wife: 
  • Implosion of the GOP at the national level. 
  • Dallas coach Jason Garrett on new free agent Alfred Morris: "He's a really good football player."  As Trump would say, "Garrett is so low energy." 
  • That was a heck of lightning storm last night which was also beautiful.
  • Shout out to a high ranking Wise County law enforcement officer who gave me a call yesterday because he wanted my thoughts on what I have been observing from my review of DVDs of traffic stops. And  you know how this works? He didn't take what I said at face value but he made notes. He'll continue to research and compare other notes as he talks to others and will then make his own conclusions.
  • In the NFL, a new rule is that any kickoff out of the end zone or downed will now be set at the 25 yard line. It's a different college rule, but you know what Baylor does? They "pooch kick" almost every time. It gets launched high in the air and try to have it come down at the 20 but with the kickoff team basically already there. The return team is almost in panic mode on many occasions.
  • BagOfNothing has his boy in T-ball and wrote today about fielding grounders. Here's the greatest tip to do so: Bend at the knees and get your butt down! So many kids just bend at the waist which will end up in a disaster.
  • I'm sad to announce that Barry University lost in the basketball playoffs (lower division) in Frisco yesterday. And I would like to admit I actually have a couple of Barry University T-Shirts. 
  • Great line I heard at the courthouse yesterday: What the heck has Belgium ever done to anyone?
  • Incredibly random fact: Did you know that Doris Day is still alive? And what percentage of the population knows who Doris Day is? 
  • Happy Birthday to Mrs. LL. I think she is turning 21 but I'll have to double check that. 


Fire It Up!


Please Tell Me This Isn't True


But there would be a motivation: To keep their budget at a record high level that got ramped up during the last legislative session for border security at the request of the head of DPS who fudged about the facts.

Truth from our government?

"Is this Russia, Danny?"

Texas Criminal Law: These Times Are Changing When The Highest Court In Texas Slaps Down Law Enforcement

The opinion was released this morning.

It begins:

It ends:

When the right wing Texas Court of Criminal Appeals tell cops they have gone too far, something has gone horribly wrong in our State.  

"The right to be left alone – the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by a free people." - Justice Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. U.S. (1928)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4 Morning news has changed their set and format. Consultants!
  • Trump wins Arizona! The craziness continues. It's over.
  • Basically the only "civil case filings" I do are for Essential Needs License. But over the last year, it has become mandatory to do it electronically in the State of Texas. The "new" fees associated with it are outrageous. Instead of having my assistant walk across the street, file it, visit with friends in the office, I now pay a fortune.
  • All three terrorists in Brussels were brothers. And the more I look at that photo the more they look like they were shopping at Walmart.
  • Today "the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Little Sisters of the Poor’s legal challenge to the Obama administration’s so-called religious 'accommodation' to its contraceptive mandate." Let me go down a rabbit trail: Is there a more weird name for a group than "Little Sisters of the Poor"?
  • The lady who allegedly killed her two kids in Benbrook had been released from a mental hospital. Everyone did a fine job on that case. Good lord.
  • Trump and Cruz got into a Twitter fight about a nude wife and "spilling the beans". I love this campaign.
  • Some 50 year old kills another 50 something year old neighbor who was at Walmart in Kaufman because he was seeing his estranged wife. Maybe I don't understand relationships, but  my attitude would have been: "If she doesn't want me, take her."
  • Jeb Bush announced at 5:00 a.m. this morning that he was endorsing Ted Cruz. What odd timing. And, man, that endorsement of a failed candidate named Bush will change this campaign. #Sarcasm
  • I hope the new Sheriff of Wise County is making some personnel changes. I watched a WCSO traffic stop video yesterday which made me yell because of the absolute illegality of the detention. The new Sheriff is a good man. Get that place in order. 
  • And note to law enforcement: It is not your job to lecture anyone. The only possible consequence is that the situation will escalate and something horrible might happen. 
  • I started to grow my hair out, it got long, but the wind drove me crazy so I had it all cut off yesterday.  (Every hair cutter loves me because I always say, "I don't care what you do, I won't complain. Just make me look good." And then I tip her very well. She ends up giddy.)
  • The current Rhome City Council vs. Police Chief dispute (see Update) is better than an episode of The Housewives Of Wise County I've been considering developing
  • I had a funny conversation with a guy yesterday when we talked about how as kids we jacked around during church sermons only to have one of our parents wear us out after the fact. (Some of you will understand the phrase "wear us out".)
  • Funny moment yesterday when I got into a social policy debate with an elected official at the courthouse and two administrative assistance started eavesdropping and I heard one of them say, "I learn so much when they have these fights!"
  • What's up with this crazy crayon type hair color for some women?


Rumor: Rhome Chief Of Police Brandon Davis Has Resigned After Failed Sheriff's Office Bid

I'm working on it.

Cruz Just Got Crazier Than Trump

Go Get 'Em!

Lots Of "Oh. My!" These Days

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • On the heels of the murder of two kids allegedly by the hands of their mother in Benbrook comes this news: "2 adults, 2 children found dead in Sherman home." And this news: Glen Rose mom alleged to have put baby in oven. The country has gone crazy. Or, and here his a hot opinion, the country is on synthetic and prescription drugs because of our idiotic drug policies over the years. 
  • Belgian subway official says there are 26 dead, 130 injured in a series of attacks - two near the American Airlines counter at an airport - today. (Video of people running.) And it caused an officer at DFW Airport to walk around with an AR-15. He later said he does it every day. Anyone ever seen that at DFW?  
  • If you ever want to know how beautiful Belgium is, watch that fantastic movie In Bruges.
  • So Hulk Hogan gets awarded $140 million for being filmed having sex with someone else's wife?  (I don't know if I'm more stunned by that or learning his name is really Terry G. Bollea.)
  • TCU has not won an NCAA tourney game since 1987. They have now hired a coach who was part of that team.
  • I think I'm seeing more crazy drivers than ever before. If you see a red light 100 yards away why weave in and out of traffic to get there quickly?
  • Dear Reagor Dykes: Your latest commercials on The Ticket make you sound like even more of a moron than you have sounded in past ads which so many have mocked. It's basically a defensive, "Don't hate me until you get to know me". And you really believe that "Keeping It Real" is truly a great slogan? 
  • "The University of North Texas brings in more than $11 million in [sports] revenue but also runs up expenses totaling more than $31 million. Its students are asked to subsidize the difference in the form of additional dedicated fees ($165 per semester)."
  • Glenn Beck urging Utah voters to not vote for Trump: “Utah has an incredible opportunity. So many Christians have been standing up. But all throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God. Let us raise a standard in Utah.” 
  • Breaking Mavs news that some of you might care about: Chandler Parsons is out for the year.
  • I'm nearing the 20 year anniversary (next November) where I searched to see if www.wisecounty.com was available. It was and I bought it on the spot.  And like the Drudge Report, I've kept the format simple and easy. At one point there was a discussion between Wise County officials about suing me for having the domain name. I still remember having a talk with a local government lawyer at the time, a friend of mine, where I told him: "Please sue me. I beg you guys to sue me." 


Stand By Trump!

This is great. Horrible lyrics. Dr. Ben Carson standing awkwardly by. The Secret Service guys. And it ends with an announcer telling the audience that "their dinner will be served in a few minutes -- starting with your salads."

Updated Rankings: Sir!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • "FORT WORTH - A Fort Worth officer who avoided criminal prosecution on allegations that he assaulted his wife in Kaufman County has been fired from the department after officials say their own investigation uncovered evidence that the assault did occur." That is law enforcement chaos.
  • Is it just me, or TxDot put up/replace a ton of those green highway signs in Wise County?
  • Real tweet by that goofy Sheriff Joe: "We will not be intimidated by these [Trump] protesters, especially in a town that I run." A town you run? Where are you? Dodge City in the 1800s?
  • FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress is promoting an Alaskan cruise. And you know he's getting a cut.  The 30 second ad even includes a "comedian" who suggest you purchase it because "your kids don't need your inheritance." And what follows from the web site is the most amazing thing I've ever read from a "Christian" minister. It promotes an upgrade with your ticket: "Travel in a new class of Christian luxury. Enjoy an incomparable experience by upgrading to our new Signature Service option of exclusive privileges and luxury amenities for your embarkation and disembarkation days. Make your Christian cruise exactly as you like it by adding the services that suit your travel style." I'm checking my bible for the phrase "Christian luxury". I thought it was right after "blessed are the poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs " but I was mistaken. Incredible. 
  • "Christian luxury"? I'm almost livid. Dear First Baptist of Dallas which has lost its way: Fire that man or just admit you don't care one iota about Christianity. If it does not, every member of that church needs to walk away and let it go down in flames. Talk about Idiocracy.
  • March Madness: Between the Aggie comeback (down 12 with 44 seconds left), the Texas crazy heart breaker, and the SFA heart breaker, that was insane. Baylor just simply got beat. And the Surrender Cobra was everywhere.
  • President Obama visited Cuba this weekend. We are a long time away from the Bay of Pigs.
  • I went to Walmart incognito with a visor and shorts on early yesterday morning only to run into a courthouse employee who almost scared me with a, "What are you doing!"
  • Mrs. LL constructed a porch swing which had about one million parts. 
  • Her craziest question to me as she saw me adjusting limestone bricks with a rubber hammer: (Angrily) "You have a rubber hammer!!!!" Apparently it would have helped in assembly of the porch swing.
  • I didn't watch it but Fox's live "The Passion" putting Jesus in present day with modern music seemed bizarre.
  • I woke up at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday to get the 7th Grader in House to a very early softball game in Benbrook. Mrs. LL would have done it but she had to get her hair "done did."
  • I'm in the process of developing a list of the dumbest Texas elected officials ever. So far I've got Konni Burton, Tim O'Hare (former Farmer's Branch mayor who cost them millions and the worst fill in radio host ever) and Jonathan Stickland.
  • Afterward the softball game, I stopped by the Fort Worth house (cue orchestra music) and noticed that the grass was slightly high. I decided to pull out a manual spinning mower that we are storing for Mrs. LL's mom. It was the first time I had used it and, let me tell you something, not bad at all. But the funniest part was when my 80 year old Russian neighbor who doesn't speak a bit of English walked over and stared at it. He then took it from me and then began mowing my lawn. He either thought it was space age technology or it brought back memories of his days in Mother Russia. 

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article67095312.html#storylink=cpy


Greatest Picture Ever

Unfortunate Officer, Rick Perry, and Ted Cruz at the Border

Second favorite from yesterday: Sheriff Joe and Trump.