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Well, That Solves It

ESPN is trying to take the lead on the Te'o story by citing an unnamed source who says Te'o was duped. Really?  Can anyone associated with this whole mess be trusted?

ESPN got hit with a haymaker by Deadspin.com and they are trying to recover. This ain't doing it.

(P.S. I love this whole Te'o story.)

Edit: Nice headline . . .

Next Week's Newsweek Cover

Edit: And here is his official portrait for his second term:

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm very disinterested in the Lance Armstrong confession, but he was incredibly candid in his admissions to Oprah. But I've always heard he was a Class A Jerk, so I really have no sympathy.
  • Sports Illustrated yesterday released the transcript of the interview with Manti Te'o upon which the magazine's September cover story was based. Read that and tell me that guy is not lying.
  • From today's Update:  "Another [parent at the Decatur School Board meeting] called for the resignation of a school board member for an apparent post on Facebook regarding [the CSCOPE curriculum]." Someone point that out to me. 
  • To the guy who always posts that I repeat "Gordo's Corner" every morning  (1) That segment on the Ticket is played after I publish "Random Thoughts", (2) How many news stories do you think there are to select from and comment on on a daily basis?, and (3) You try and do this every day without mentioning the top stories of the day and see how long you would stare at the screen. I feel better now. 
  • The gal who drowned in the Trinity River seemed to be having a hard life: She was a teenager, pregnant, on the way to a job interview, and had walked from University Drive towards downtown after getting off of a bus at the wrong stop. Why do I think some of you will have no sympathy?
  • The Dallas Boat Show has been cancelled due to a new boat show being held in the parking lot of the Rangers Ballpark. Outdoors. In February. Seems conducive to boat sales.
  • Worst lawyer in the world with an immoral, unethical, despicable yet brilliant bit
  • I didn't quite catch it all but I flipped over to WBAP this morning which was taking calls on the Lance Armstrong story. The first caller, if I heard it right, did a complete right turn by asking if Hal Jay was still going on a trip to Europe this summer when he had earlier been bemoaning the fact that a charity Hal was promoting was $1,200 short of its goal. Funny. Awkward.
  • Dallas police released a video yesterday of a convenience store robbery where the clerk was beaten with a hammer. Vicious. But the next time you hear people say, "Unemployment? There are all sorts of jobs listed in the paper", think about filling out an application for the position of clerk in that store. 
  • One thing I no longer care about: Predicted scores of NFL or college games. 
  • I heard on The Fan yesterday this argument: What would the reaction of the metroplex be if the Dallas Cowboys drafted an openly gay football player? Would more than 50% of Cowboys fans no longer support the team? I think so. 
  • Random arrest in Denton last night: A 53 year old man was picked up for "soliciting money without a permit."  More proof that the criminal justice system is out of control. 
  • Funny proposed response I read if an alien asked us about our most advanced technology: "In my pocket is a device that holds, at my fingertips, all the information in the history of Earth. I use it to look at pictures of kittens."


And Another: Haltom City

Not much information so far. Edit: That's posted by a Star-Telegram reporter.

Random Facebook Of The Day


Rumors Are That Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Might Run For Governor.

Sure looks like it per her Facebook page.

But not all are happy:

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If you aren't interested in this Manti Te'o story you should be. It may be the greatest "you've got to be kidding story" since O.J. Simpson.
    • I bet the story explodes today once the entire media starts digging.
    • My guess: Te'o is in on it. But I do believe you could fall in love over the Internet (See Kip Dynamite.)
    • He went to school in Indiana and lives in Hawaii. The girlfriend went to school at Stanford in San Francisco. How does he not stop there and see her on the way home? Heck, I bet most flights to Hawaii stop in San Francisco.
    • She had a car wreck and then diagnosed with leukemia and he never goes to see her? 
    • He's a college kid with a college girlfriend and he never goes to see her?
    • He said he would talk to her at night and fall asleep waking up eight hours later hearing her asleep and breathing on the other end. Produce some phone records. 
    • I bet Notre Dame doubts his story despite the fantastic news conference last night where the school supported him. Once Te'o gets busted, Notre Dame can say, "We were fooled just like everyone else -- we believed him."
    • I say all that, and yet there's a small part of me that thinks he's some naive kid who got duped. 
    • I made the Kids In The House watch the story last night to try and teach them about (1) never chatting with anyone online that you don't know, and (2) how lies can explode. I normally leave the lesson teaching to Mrs. LL, but to have the support of her nodding her head in agreement was a good feeling. 
    • Theater of the bizarre: The fake dead girlfriend tweeted last night that "myths" and "truths" would be revealed at noon today PST. This is crazy.
    • The fact that ESPN had to credit Deadspin.com was delicious. That web site has been attacking ESPN for years and to have to site them as the source had to kill them. 
    • One thing is certain: The girlfriend doesn't exist. How in the world did not one single media outlet figure this out before Deadspin?
    • Lance Armstrong should right Te'o a check for taking him off the front page. And how angry is Oprah right now?
  • I mentioned the book-in photo of the "Improper Relationship" out of Denton County yesterday, and the story is in the Star-Telegram today. 
  • How much did Bud Light pay Stevie Wonder use that "Superstition" song in commercials?
  • Transmission in the Gangsta Mobile is getting rebuilt, and I think I'm getting screwed.
  • Mrs. LL was watching The Bachelor the other day. The women are getting crazier, but I wonder how much of it is set up. 
  • This hostage crisis in Algeria sure is slow to gain any traction. 
  • A photo of Lee Harvey Oswald's second grade class in Fort Worth. He's front and far left.
  • I saw where Richie Whitt of The Fan is doing the "Master Cleanse" along with his girlfriend. I did it once. I'll never do it again. 


If This Was A Hoax Then, Wow, Just Wow

Even if you don't care about college football, this is amazing.  It was hard to turn on a TV this fall without being told of the heart wrenching story of Notre Dame linebacker and ultimate Heisman Trophy finalist Manti Te'o battling through a double tragedy: In a span of six hours in September, his grandmother died as well as his girlfriend. The latter from leukemia.  He fought on with the season and magazines and sports stations swooned.

Now Deadspin.com, in a rather lengthy post, delves into the story and concludes: There was no girlfriend.   If this was a hoax either he or Notre Dame created for the purposes of media attention in order to build up his Heisman chances, this may be one of the craziest stories I've ever heard.

And when you hear about "Twitter blowing up", it is stories like this that do it.

Edit: Notre Dame issues a statement saying Te'o was the victim of the hoax girlfriend.  That would be even more unbelievable.

Edit: And if you're into this story and you've seen The Usual Suspects, this photoshop is genius:

Not The Pecan Orchard!

No Background Checks

I didn't realize that the Far Right was taking the position that there should be no background check for those who wish to buy firearms. At the very least that is their position on gun shows and most seem to advocate that position for all sales.

I first heard Texas Congressman Jeb Hensarling say it on The Mark Davis Show and then there was the noon time buzz about Texas Congressman Steve Toth with Wolf Blitzer this morning. (Video).

Someone was not impressed:

That Dallas ISD Superintendent Thing

You may recall that when Dallas ISD chief Mike Miles was hired last year he brought in a "communications director" at a salary of $185,000.  That would be 31 year old Jennifer Sprague who was more than doubling her salary from Miles' old school system in Colorado.

Well, last week she abruptly announced her resignation. -- which might be good for Miles because he needs someone to direct his communications away from "snarky" and she wasn't doing that. At all. Still, you don't see many people walk away from a $185,000 a year job -- public or private.

Then I read today that she will receive a severance of $15,400.  I thought that was bad enough until I read this: "Sprague’s severance pales compared to deals received by others [who have left under Miles]. Former chief of staff Alan King received three months of pay, or about $56,000, when he left in October. Former assistant superintendent Shirley Ison-Newsome, who also resigned in October, will be paid through August, collecting about $145,000."

Mark it down: Miles is a short timer. But can you imagine what his severance package would be?

Well, You Can Keep Your Guns

(Might want to tap the brakes on that threat.)

The fact sheet for the list of the President's Executive Orders is here. Nothing significant jumps out at me.

But he wants Congress to pass the following legislation:

Require criminal background checks for all gun sales. (a.k.a. closing the "gun show loophole.")
Reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban.
Restore the 10-round limit on ammunition magazines.
Protect police by finishing the job of getting rid of armor-piercing bullets.
Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime.
End the freeze on gun violence research.
Make our schools safer with more school resource officers and school counselors, safer climates, and better emergency response plans.
Help ensure that young people get the mental health treatment they need.
Ensure health insurance plans cover mental health benefits.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Al Roker finally talked about his unfortunate comment but managed to turn the conversation to his New York Times bestseller, "So I'm laughing all the way to the bank."
  • Mark Cuban said yesterday that the Mavericks will be active before the trade deadline because the "Bank of Cuban is open."
  • Sheesh. Bank humor.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said that he went to the clinic yesterday to get some routine blood work done. There is no way I'm going near a clinic right now unless I'm sick.
  • Had a weird dream last night where someone else told me that they were haunted by "the voices in the cubicals."  I have no idea what this means. But I woke up thinking it had some profound meaning. 
  • "An increasing number of female students from University of Texas Austin, Texas State University, University of North Texas, and University of Texas Arlington are turning to the ‘Sugar Baby Lifestyle’ to fund their education." So they've got that going for them. 
  • Over the weekend, it was the 30 year anniversary of an Air Florida jet crashing into the freezing Potomac River in D.C.  If that were to occur today, Arland D. Williams, Jr. would be a household name. 
  • Man, if you are a Shady Hook "truther" (see below), I would keep that to myself. 
  • The book-in photo of the former TABC agent who allegedly secretly videod his stepdaughter is really odd. Has he had a stroke?
  • A guy was booked in this morning in Denton for "Improper Relationship Between Student and Teacher." I bet that will be on the news later. 
  • The President is supposed to announce his Executive Orders regarding gun control today. He could order the prohibition of having a nuclear bomb in your garage and people would skewer him for it. (But I saw where Shady Hook victims' families will be there.)
  • I made Mrs. LL watch a replay of the last five minutes of the Broncos/Ravens game because she actually likes stuff like that. I kept referring to the "team in the white jersey" for her until she shot back, "Hey. Stop it. It's the the Baltimore Raves!"
  • I noticed in the Update that someone named "Lisbeth Fischer" was in a wreck. I googled the name for the heck of it and learned that "Lisbeth Fischer" is also is "a punk grindcore band from the wasted earth." So now you know. 

Above The Fold


The Sandy Hook Conspiracy

Since I randomly mentioned Sandy Hook this morning, I came across this video. Honestly, I've only watched about a minute (which probably caused brain damage), but this looks like it will be right up there with Loose Change.

And you want to know how many have clicked on it? Over 5.5 million.

Edit: Heck, there's a whole industry of these "films" out there:

Cute Baby At Church

This video has made it all the way to The Today Show and has over a half of a million views. It shows 17-month-old Ethan Anderson dancing at Calvary Church in Irving. His dad, Coffey Anderson, was performing at a New Year’s Eve concert.

Hey, it's cute but not that cute. I was more focused more on the question of why daddy was  singing Brown Eyed Girl in church. Or maybe he had tricked up the lyrics and I just couldn't understand them. 

Pat Robertson Just Throwing Down Some Truth

(That poor co-host. It seems like once a week she has to sit there and just suck up to that crazy guy as he fires off some hot opinion.)

Old News But I Don't Care

Miss New York won Miss America.

Random Monday Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Apparently some parts of the county are a skating rink while others are all clear.
  • For about two minutes I was stuck next to an 18 wheeler as we both slid back and forth towards each other. That was stressful. 
  • The suicide at Vista Ridge mall yesterday was unnerving. 
  • But the suicide of a Fort Worth pediatrician  might by applauded by some. 
  • There are actually people who believe that the Newtown shooting was planned by the White House in order to ban guns.
  • I wonder if Oprah ever got around to asking Lance Armstrong any questions after she got through talking about herself. 
  • Cute puppy dog up for adoption at the Wise County Animal Shelter. (Facebook.)
  • The Gangsta Mobile is in the shop awaiting for diagnosis. We had to get a rent car and ended up with a Camaro. I want it. 
  • My routine is now seriously in the ditch (figuratively speaking.)

Oh my


Random Thoughts Delayed Because 287 is a Parking Lot

What The Heck Is This Thing On The Square This Morning?!?!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I woke up 15 minutes late this morning. Man, that messes up my routine which I have down to the minute.
  • Mrs. LL's Gangsta Mobile might be having transmission problems or, hopefully, computer problems that control the transmission. She lost power on the highway but it's now running smoothly. If it's a transmission problem it's not going to fix itself, right? We'll find out today.
  • Was that sleet? Tiny hail? 
  • The Golden Globes was/were on last night, and I say this every year: It is 50 times better than the Oscars.
  • I can't stop laughing at this: Tommy Lee Jones was not happy last night at the Golden Globes and someone compared him to "grumpy cat". 
  • And Jodie Foster's speech last night after receiving some lifetime achievement award was confusing and almost indescribable  I think she said, "I've been doing this all my life, it has been so hard, I'm done." Cry me a river.
  • Sports: (1) That may have been the best NFL weekend ever, (2) the touchdown pass by the Ravens with about 30 seconds left truly had me saying, "You've got to be kidding me", (3) the 49ers put in the option read for QB Colin Kaepernick and he turned into a bigger and (maybe) faster RG3, and (4) Mrs. LL was yelling at the TV yesterday because her grandparents are huge Seattle fans -- she now has a hot sports opinion about trying to "ice the kicker", (5) did you notice that Fox's Second team (Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa) were demoted this weekend and didn't announce a playoff game?
  • Mrs. LL told me on Friday evening that she was going on a Girls Night Out on Saturday. Hey, I've seen Magic Mike, what the heck was going on?  But I learned it involved thirty (!) women who went out to eat and then to see a play based upon Footloose in the mid-cities. 
  • My favorite Wise County pastor went on a rant about gays yesterday on Facebook. It's amazingly entertaining. (He later complained that his church attendance was as low as it had 
  • An internet genius, who was only 26, has killed himself
  • I really don't follow the "controversy" over the current Secretary of Defense nominee but I did love this comment this weekend: "He's nominated for Defense Secretary of the United States -- not Defense Secretary of Israel."
  • I've always found it odd how the Right Wing will go the mat over Israel but also believe no Jew will get into Heaven. 
  • I'm still on my X-Box kick.  Bought a family oriented sports game which caused me to yell at some little cartoon girl who was killing me in tennis. 
  • Mark Cuban inherited Dirk. If you think Jerry Jones doesn't know what he's doing, just wait once Dirk is gone. You are beginning to see the fraud that is Mark Cuban. 


Django Unchained

Mrs. LL and I went to the 7th Street Movie Tavern on Saturday on the first leg of a month long trifecta where we are going to try and see three Best Picture nominees. You obviously know the first one. The others are Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln.

First things first. I don't think I'll ever go to a theater again that doesn't have food service. In fact, I don't think I've been to anything else in the last three years. Secondly, 7th Street has reserved theater seating over the Internet. Man, I'm all over that concept.

I'm also a big fan of Quentin Tarantino movies. Pulp Fiction is at the top of my list with Reservoir Dogs being a distant second. Death Proof might fight for the second spot as well as a quasi Tarantino flick called True Romance. I liked the Kill Bill flicks and InInglorious Bastards but, overall, slightly disappointed.

This movie? Fantastic. The basic premise is that of a bounty hunter (a great German character played by Christoph Waltz) who searches for and "finds" a slave named Django (Jamie Foxx who is beyond great in this role) to assist him in identifying three former evil plantation hands who have become wanted by the U. S. Government. The next plot is a search across the South to find Foxx's character's wife -- a slave who has been sold to an unknown but eventually discovered plantation owner played by Leonardo Dicaprio.

As to be expected, it is bloody -- very bloody -- and shocking. But it also has some incredibly funny and tender moments. If you like Tarantino, you'll loved this. If not, stay away.

And, finally, the "n word" is launched about a hundred times in this movie -- appropriate if you want to capture America back then (and now?). But that dialog can be uncomfortable. Especially for me once I noticed the inter-racial couple at the end of the row.

Above The Fold