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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts


  • Above: The link (from a Star-Telegram story of 1/24/2011) was dead, and a quick Google search didn't turn up anything about it. 
  • Texas hospitalizations: Slight uptick but probably an anomaly. 

  • Dominion is going to own MyPillow. From last night:

  • And another. 

  • The Frisco realtor now wants everyone to know she has an account on the social media platform known for courting neo-Nazis.

  • She's a weird bird -- comparing herself to someone who, as best as I recall, didn't fly in private jets and storm government buildings. 

  • Here's the portion of the bill filed by the Democrats in the House to ease the minimum wage up to $15.00 an hour.  No, it won't kill small businesses.

  • I don't' know if this new book is any good, but I love the title. 

  • See? That's not hard, is it?

  • How it started/How it ended.

  • Remember the Zoom video of the defense attorney acting sassy and unprofessional when the judge wouldn't let her withdraw because her client wouldn't take a plea deal? Well check out this paragraph from a story two weeks ago which has a comment from the lawyer after the judge held her in contempt and fined her $500. How did this not get more attention? (But that was a fantastic Randy Moss callback.)

  • Someone call the Decatur hospital, ask if it's available, and get back to me. 

  • I got into a long discussion yesterday with a guy who was well versed in this bizarre world of GameStop stock and the sub-reddit group "WallStreetBets". It's basically a battle of a massive social media group (with money) who simply wanted to jack with a hedge fund which was betting on GameStop to fail. It's fascinating. (And he also has promised to walk me through short selling with options the next time he does it -- and he does it a lot. I'll walk you through it as well once I understand it.) 

  • Edit: GameStop just doubled in the first five minutes of trading. 
  • Didn't expect to have to say this but I, too, am opposed to "forced monkey labor." 

  • Over 20 years ago I wrote about how an indictment in Jack County against Indian leaders Santana and Big Tree, for a massacre near Fort Richardson around 1871, had the language of "not having the fear of God before their eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil." I thought it was bizarrely funny. Well, yesterday I learned that the indictment against Jefferson Davis used the same language.  And a second ago I learned that so did the indictment against Aaron Burr in 1804.  Let's bring that back.
  • Last night OU beat Texas by one point. Here's the video clip of a Texas player scoring two point for the Sooners.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts



  • Ten years ago I though the military vehicle was war related. If I saw it today, I would think it was insurrection related. 
  • Texas hospitalizations: Still high but dropping like a rock.

  • The Frisco pastor speaks! “I am a target of the cancel culture and the establishment media is coming after me. But it is not just about me. People of faith are under attack in this country." No, hoss, people of faith are not under attack -- it is QAnon conspiracy nutcases who are being called out. (In his Youtube statement, for some reason he decided to say there are "rumors of pallet of bricks even being left off right here in Frisco, Texas" by “radical groups like Antifa.” That, of course, is a common false conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon followers. )

  • First, the Texas GOP run by Allen West announces it is joining a neo-Nazi social media platform while using a QAnon slogan ("We Are The Storm") and now the Oregon GOP says that the Attack on The Capitol was a "false flag." Really. The Republicans need to get control over these groups which purport to officially speak for them. 

  • Speaking of Allen West, he is coming to Wise County to speak to a group calling themselves "Wise County Conservatives" at their inaugural meeting.  What's this about?

  • The Wise County Probation Department was shut down late last week and yesterday due to a COVID outbreak. 
  • County benefit war: Wichita County ups the ante. 

  • Let me tell you something, having Patrick Leahy preside over the impeachment trial instead of John Roberts is a bad, bad look. They've got to find someone, maybe a retired federal judge, who will be considered impartial.  The optics of Leahy, a sitting Democrat Senator who can vote on impeachment, are unnecessarily distracting. 

  • The MyPillow guy has been permanently suspended from Twitter. If you describe the Attack on the Capitol as "very peaceful" and blame "undercover Antifa that dressed as Trump people" for the chaos, that will get you banned.

  • I need to someone to explain it to me, but how a bunch of users of a sub-Redditt group were able to impact the price of GameStop stock would seem to be a major story. 

  • What's the deal with that huge American flag and construction below it just west of Runaway Bay? 

  • The producers of Tucker Carlson's show never seem to understand how an out-of-context screenshot will look. Last night:

  • Nerdy legal stuff: Normally, the odor of marijuana (or, more precisely, the claim of smelling marijuana) gives the cops probable cause to search a vehicle. But what happens in a state where marijuana is legalized? Can state cops claim that they have PC to search because marijuana is still technically illegal under federal law? Those questions are coming up more and more with some answers.
  • Legal stuff not so nerdy:

  • Five people, including a pregnant woman, were murdered in a home in Indianapolis on Sunday. Yesterday it was announced that a seventeen year old family member has been arrested
  • Two related stories about the same shooting on the front page of the Wichita paper: Deputies Kill Man and Puppy Found In Dead Man's Vehicle:


Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Let me experiment with this as a replacement for the Random Thought Girl: Going back 10 years  to the week and reprinting and linking to a bullet point or a blog post from back then.
    • Here's my thinking: It seemed that every time I researched the Liberally Lean archives to find something specific I wrote, I always ended up going down rabbit trails when I was reminded of something unrelated to what I was searching for. And it was often some pretty good stuff. 
    • The one above was about a Denton County murder prosecution that I railed about to no end while it was ongoing. The jury, amazingly, convicted the man. Eventually, the Fort Worth Court of Appeals, like me, thought there was no way anyone could not have a reasonable doubt about the guy's guilt and ultimately reversed the conviction
    • Hey, I'll print my big misses as well. They are pretty fun. 
    • And I think I can link to a post and show the comments which were posted about it. Remember those wild west days? The one above, however, didn't even garner a reply. 
    • We'll see how this goes. 
  • Texas hospitalizations: Yep, we've definitely peaked. But be careful out there.
  • Jacksboro lawyer David Spiller is a Political Machine.  
    • The results from Saturday:

    • The "Carter" in the results who made the run-off is Craig Carter. I don't want to call the guy a spare, but he runs a lot and always gets crushed. He got involved in the Fallon/Estes race in 2018 and got only 15% or the vote, and ran in the Springer/Luther race last year and got 5% of the vote. 
    • I feel a little bad for Jason Brinkley who resigned as Cooke County judge to run. (And I was contacted a couple of times by one of his family members who seemed like a really nice person.)
  • Look what just happened. Rudy might need that $20,000 a day he was wanting from Trump. (And these pages from the lawsuit about The Big Lie show that Dominion is going full throttle.)

  • Since Allen West took over as head of the Texas Republican Party, it has been off the rails. This weekend, they announced they had joined a neo-nazi social media site and included on the announcement a slogan from QAnon: "We are the Storm."  What the heck is going on?

  • Kyle Rittenhouse’s bond conditions have been amended to prohibit the 18-year-old from drinking or associating with known white supremacists. That was done as a result of video surveillance from two weeks ago which showed the 18 year old  drinking and flashing white power symbols at a bar.

  • If there is a rumor out there that I had an affair with the Jane Krawkoski, I promise not to sue. In fact, feel free to float that rumor. She really had a thing for me.  

  • Larry King died over the weekend. I was a big fan of his CNN and radio shows, and I've always thought he might be the best interviewer of all time.  But he has some other claims to fame. Shooter's shoot:

  • That was quick and easy.  (And he didn't even spend six months in jail while being falsely accused about a serious crime.) 

  • The count so far:

  • There might be no bigger liar that lawyer John Eastman who told CNN's Michael Smerconish on Saturday morning that those who stormed the Capitol were not even part of the rally at the Ellipse. My jaw dropped. (He's the guy who was grinning and by Giuliani's side when he urged the crowd to have "trial by combat.") 

  • Tom Brady is now going to his 10th Super Bowl.  Only one team in the history of the NFL has been to more Super Bowls than that -- and that was New England who has been to 11 (and nine of those were with Brady.)  Pittsburgh, Denver and Dallas are tied for second with eight appearances. 
  • I don't know if Aaron Rodgers would have scored there or not. But those two defensive backs at the goal line were moving away from the top of the screen at that moment so he might have gotten close. Regardless, throwing it to the guy double covered by those two was dumb. 

  • Edit: That new angle makes it look like he wouldn't have made it.  And here is an "all 22" video of it. 

  • I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the protests across Russia this weekend about the incarceration of  Aleksey Navalny and Putin's excesses. For fun, here's a quick video of the crowd pelting Russian cops with snowballs with some pretty fine accuracy. For a deep dive, here is the two hour video that Nalvalny was ballsy enough to release from prison revealing Putin's ill gotten riches.