I Love Odd Movies

And The Door In The Floor qualifies. It's on HBO a lot this month. Check it out.

I Loves Me Some Christina Aguilera

But there is some bad news.

Quick Loading Google Videos

Motorcycle flip. Baby got huge back. Back flip gone wrong. Cobra man.

Beautiful Girls . . .

. . . is a really good movie although a little sappy. I rented it based upon a comment to one of my blogs below. Good job to someone name anonymous. And quite the cast: Timothy Hutton, Matt Dillon, a 13 year old Portman, Rosie O'Donnell, Uma Thurman, and Matt Dillon.


I actually bought one of those laser levels this week. You know, the doohickey that beams a laser light across a wall so that you can line things up. It worked like a charm.


In Never Said Republicans Were Stupid

A funny day in Congress. The Democrats in the House proposed a resolution that the U.S. remove troops from Iraq "at the earliest practicable date." The Republicans came up with an interesting plan. They proposed an alternative amendment, that required a vote, that read: "It is the sense of the House of Representatives that the deployment of United States forces in Iraq be terminated immediately." Say what? The point was that the Republicans wanted to force the Democrats to vote on the alternative. Most of the Dems, of course, couldn't support such a drastic measure. Kind of a "put up or shut up" proposal. Genius.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Gravy

I've never read a Harry Potter book. I never seen a Harry Potter movie (the newest one debuts this weekend). And I don't think that's going to change.

Sir Paul

Paul McCartney is in town this weekend and it reminds me of high school. My brother was a huge Beatles and McCartney fan so I ended up buying the double album of "Wings Over America" - a live album. (You can see the song titles by clicking on the image). I played that thing constantly throughout high school with specific emphasis on "The Long and Winding Road". My high school girlfriend loved it. Until five years post high school when she admitted that she hated every song on it.

Walker, Texas . . . Huh?

I'll kill you with these...

Jodie Foster Turns 43 Tomorrow

Help Me Out Here

The Dallas Morning News said today that UNT coach Tina Slinker, who has been at the school for 17 years, will seek her 200 win tonight. Doesn't she have a Wise County connection? My memory is breaking down.

I Am Royally PO'd . . .

. . . that I did not make this list.

I've Never Been Much Of A Hockey Fan

"So far, the Stars are posting an announced average home attendance of 16,868 (with American Airlines Center capacity at 18,532), down 1,487 from their season average in 2003-04. In addition, their most recent home game Nov. 7 hosted a crowd of 15,286, the smallest since 1997, when the team played at Reunion Arena. "



"MIAMI (Reuters) - A jury has ordered Ford Motor Co. to pay $61 million to the parents of a 17-year-old who died when the Ford Explorer in which he was riding rolled over, a lawyer said on Thursday. " ......story here. The amazing thing is that all of the damages were "compensatory" damages. That is, damages to compensate the parents for what they lost. Since we aren't talking about lost income (as in the death of a spouse), the damages had to be for such things as pain and suffering, loss of companionship, etc. Amazing. There were no punitive damages awarded. That is, damages to "punish" Ford for doing something wrong.

I'm So Confused

I Bet He's Not Worried About TAKS Results

"Superintendent arrested after camera found in restroom".....(story)

Don't Worry, Mom, I'm Sure Coretha Won't Be Bitter Years From Now

"Tasha Henderson, right, and her daughter, Coretha, left, pose for a photo outside their home in Edmond, Okla., Friday, Nov. 11, 2005, with the sign Coretha was forced to hold for an hour at a busy intersection so that passing motorists could read it. The 14-year-old freshman already has been forced by her parents to give up basketball and track because of slipping grades, and said she hopes to improve in school so she can play next year. (AP Photo) "


This Christmas, you can put this gift under this tree for your wife or husband.

The Great Wall of Texas?

Headline: "Momentum builds for fence along U.S.-Mexican border." There seems to be a growing firestorm storm in the area of illegal aliens. Bush's right wing critics are constantly harping on how he had done nothing to curtail illegal immigration (Bill O'Reilly is at the top of the list). Now throw in the local story of the Dallas cop that was killed over the weekend by an illegal immigrant. It's getting kind of tense. It's getting a little tense.


just hit $400 a share.

Random Update Thought

How many people show up for something like this?: "CHICO BAND — The Chico High School Band Boosters will meet tonight at 6 at the band hall."


"All right, all right, all right"

People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive goes to Matthew McConaughey. I finished tied for 3,423rd with Al Roker.

A Flashback From Way Too Long Ago

E-Bay is running a commercial with the Monkees's hit "Daydream Believer" being prominently featured. As a kid, I remember the Monkees and Gilligan's Island being on TV in prime time opposite of each other on different channels. (Lordy, I'm old). My brother loved the Monkees. I, shamefully now, loved Gilligan's Island. My parents, being the diplomats even then, would alternate weeks as to which program we got to watch. Anyway, I couldn't help but perk up tonight when I heard the voice of Davey Jones as the EBay commercial rolled.

Ok, Maybe I'm Illiterate

Mav's owner Mark Cuban recently called The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand as the most influential book he read in college. He said, "It was incredibly motivating to me. It encouraged me to think as an individual, take risks to reach my goals, and responsibility for my successes and failures. I loved it. I don't know how many times I have read it, but it got to the point where I had to stop because I would get too fired up." I feel stupid. I've never heard of it.

Some American Guy . . .

. . . is going to give some Japanese guy $52 million.

Cue The Banjos

"A pregnant 37-year-old Georgia woman who eloped with a 15-year-old boy was in jail on charges of child molestation, authorities in the southern state said on Tuesday. Lisa Lynnette Clark was arrested last week in Hall County, Georgia a day after a judge married her and the unidentified teenager. Clark was being jailed in Gainesville, about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. "Clark and the teen had a sexual relationship, perhaps for as long as two years, according to the Hall County Sheriff's Department, which is investigating the case. Clark's marriage to the boy does not protect her from prosecution, police said. "Under Georgia law, teenagers may marry as long as they are at least 16 and have the permission of a parent or guardian. Those restrictions are waived, however, when a female applicant is pregnant. "In a statement, the judge who issued the marriage license said she had complied with state law. "


Am I Delirious?

I think I just saw Elton John and Dolly Parton sing John Lennon's "Imagine" on the Country Music Awards. (Looking for picture).

The Slain Dallas Police Officer Story Is Incredibly Sad

He had married his bride two months earlier.

Another Reason Not To Let Your Daughter Date Older Guys

.Photo Link.

Kid Letter To God

This Is So Immature That I Refuse To Post It

Cool Commercial

Anyone seen that Gatorade commercial where they talk about how important a fraction of a second can be? It's so bizarre. They changed the video footage of "The Catch" by Dwight Clark to show him missing it, changed Jordan's buzzer-beater 1989 shot over the Cavs to have him miss it, changed Derek Jeter's crazy cutoff play in the playoffs vs Oakland a couple years ago to have the A's runner be safe at the plate.

Jennifer Aniston . . .

is GQ's first "Woman Of The Year". And, for the cover photo, she forgot her shirt.

Seasonal Moods

I think this is my favorite time of year. I like it cold. I like two major holidays on the horizon. I like the chance of snow in the next couple of months. I kind of like driving home in the dark after work. I like reflecting.

287 Near Decatur Shut Down?

WBAP just reported that but I didn't catch if it was north or south of Decatur and/or whether both lanes were shut down. How's that for information?



Note To Cowboys: Could You Do This Before We All Go To Bed?



OK, This Is Getting Bad For W

Today, the President's approval rating dipped to an all time low of 37%. Hey, it's not just the liberals that aren't proud of him, it's a combination of those "regular Americans" who finally realize the war in Iraq was ill conceived and the hard line conservatives who finally realize that Bush is not one of them.

Hey, That's Illegal In Texas!

I'm watching the LSU and Alabama game at home on Saturday (once again, sitting on the couch and holding my Baylor pennant) when LSU wins in overtime. The camera cuts to the LSU crowd and I immediately think that I just saw two guys kissing. I grab my TIVO remote control and replay it about 10 times. Yep. Guys kissing. I'm so pleased today to learn that I wasn't the only one who giggled at the event. The Internet was buzzing about this very funny moment. Someone had even posted the above picture memorializing the moment.

A Friend Of Mine Visiting the Florida Keys . . .

. . . just emailed me this picture which was taken about an hour ago in Key Largo. Technology is cool.

UT Karma [Edited from "Charma"] Is Haunting Me

So Texas moves to 10-0 and looks bound for the Rose Bowl and then on Sunday: (1) former UT quarterback Chris Simms throws a game winning pass for Tampa Bay, (2) former UT receiver Roy Williams catches three touchdowns for Detriot, and (3) former UT defensive back Nathan Vasher returns a field goal - yep, a failed field goal - an NFL record 108 yards for Chicago. I just sat there on the couch [edited from "coach"] holding my Baylor pennant. [Edit: I've got to start proof reading]

Crazed Prosecutor

There was a pretty interesting case that wrapped up yesterday in Dallas. The prosecution had charged Angela Disabella with capital murder alleging she had intentionally killed her infant daughter with chili pepper. If she had been found guilty, she would have faced an automatic life sentence (and would not have been eligible for parole until after 40 real years). Instead the jury found the death was caused "recklessly", found her guilty of the second degree felony of Manslaughter, and assessed her sentence at seven years in prison. I saw a bit of the punishment phase on the news last night and some female prosecutor was screaming questions at the defendant's mother. It was not a good scene.


When I Clicked On the "Next Blog" Button In The Corner . . .

. . . I found this: "Here we are at the 2005 Bomba Halloween Party in Downtown SA. John was a baker and Sandie had a "bun" in the oven. We took first place in the costume contest!"

Reflection From A Couple Of Weeks Ago

Probably one of the most surreal moments from my football trip a couple of weeks ago occurred at Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Twenty minutes before the game, the loud speakers actually fired up Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama". It was a heck of an experience to hear 80,000 people sing "Well, I hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don't need him around anyhow." I don't think there were many Democrats in the crowd.

I Wonder If This Is A Big Deal?

Then again, I had never heard of Selena before her death, either. "MINNEAPOLIS - Eduardo Gory Guerrero, a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar was found dead in his hotel room Sunday in Minneapolis, where he was scheduled to appear that evening in a WWE Supershow. He was 38. "

Queen Rania of Jordon

. . . was on This Week this morning on ABC. I don't think I heard a word she said.