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 Bold Vision. Poor Execution.
 Bow to your Sensei. BOW to your Sensei!
 Kid was headed to an alternative universe for a second

 Perfect horizontal position for a moment despite huge obstacles
 Whatcha say? Black lives don't matter?
 “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” - George McFly

My failed former dating technique demonstrated.

In Demographic News


Why North Dakota?

East Liverpool PD in Ohio Fighting Crime Via PR


You know, it's probably one of the more effective campaigns.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That Arochi trial is a must follow. (DMN reporter does it here). And I'm beginning to think the prosecution doesn't know what they are doing. After not prepping the missing girl's parents the day before, they tried to start the trial out by calling the missing girl's boyfriend as a witness to prove he didn't do it. You kidding me!? The boyfriend -- who is in federal prison for drug dealing -- pleaded the Fifth. What a cluster.
  • That boyfriend is doing time after an undercover investigation revealed he was connected to drug deals and a club in north Dallas which had all night dance parties and where one young lady overdosed one night. (Fox 4 staked out the club to catch the partygoers leaving after dawn.) But get this: It was revealed yesterday that during the undercover investigation the boyfriend had sold dope to an officer eight times. 
  • There is a Samsung virtual reality commercial showing people's reaction to watching whatever it is that can be broadcast in those headsets. Once that technology explodes, we are going to live in one very, very weird world. 
  • "Virtual reality" is perfectly named. It's fake real. Literally.  
  • It seems only yesterday there was the first flat panel TV commercial which for some reason demo'd a TV mounted on the ceiling above a bed. Right? But I remember thinking then that flat panels would never take off -- too expensive.  
  • So much going on here . . . 
  • A Baylor University football fan and an administrative assistant at First Baptist Church of Nacogdoches is suing Baylor for over $1 million because she fell into the Brazos River outside of  the school's McLane Stadium last year.
  • Very random yet great article I read about an NFL player who has seemingly and quickly dropped out of sight: Former Oklahoma State great Justin Blackmon.
  • Billboards in Waco have some people worked up . . . 
  • A "Tammy from Paradise" called The Ticket this morning to be a "guest picker" for football games. I'm certain she's called in before. (She said she was on her way to work in Irving which has to be the biggest beating of a commute.)


After I Got Offended . . .

. . . I couldn't get over Mark Dice telling me why I should be offended. I would have never figured it out.

I'll Admit It

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is getting beat up today for not knowing that Aleppo was in Syria.  Hey, I'll admit it: I had no idea. And I try to watch/listen/read more than an average amount of news.

But what gets me is every media guy is doing the, "Can you believe this? Everyone knows about Aleppo!"  I'm not so sure about that. We might have an Emperor's New Clothes situation going on.

Donald Trump Jr. Smells A Conspiracy!

(And if you know who Alex Jones is then you know how insane it is to use him as a source.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • That kidnapping trial of Enrique Arochi for the alleged kidnapping of Christina Morris is going to be very interesting. At this point, the prosecution may be in over their heads. (How that occurs is beyond me. If you can't spot a bad case, you don't need to be a prosecutor. And many times a "bad case" actually means you might have the wrong guy.) Buy we'll see what they've got. 
  • The parents of Morris stormed out of the courtroom yesterday when the judge correctly told them that they could not be allowed to watch the trial because the prosecutors had designated them as witnesses.  The parents didn't know this was coming? How did that question not come up between prosecutors and victims?)
  • Decatur will play at The Star this weekend but you apparently must buy tickets from Ticketmaster? What's the cost and service charge on that baby?
  • BagOfNothing fact of the day: All MLB stadiums do not have the home team on the first baseline and visitors on third baseline. I had no idea. And I'm a certified stadium connoisseur.
  • Is this really a good tip -- you want to keep your most important numbers within the one item which is, at some point, likely to be lost?
  • Draft Kings is now advertising on The Ticket again. I thought our esteemed AG ran them out of Texas?
  • Ryan Lotche was suspended for 10 months. I was didn't care enough to find the answer to my question of "Suspended from what?" 
  • Wise County's CenturyLink internet service is oft criticized but what are the alternatives?  I've heard of Vyve and believe DirectTV can provide internet. What do the masses out there know/think?
  • Every time I see any quote from any historical figure on the Internet I instantly think, "Did he really say that?"
  • I think things like this are paid ads -- Toys 'R Us in this context of what should be the WFAA news feed:
  • Sully is coming out.  The moment the plane went into the Hudson, I -- being the hardest working man in show business --posted this about how a pic from Twitter of some plane in the water was circulating at warp speed.
  • There was a head-on wreck around Aurora this morning. In this day and time, you know someone took a picture of it an uploaded it immediately. But I don't know how to find it other than a Twitter (not there), and Facebook's search function is useless.
  • The New York Mets just signed Tim Tebow.  ESPN must be in a mad scramble in the production room for the coverage for which we are about to be subjected to.
  • The death penalty may go away without a single law having to be passed:
  • Odd story out of the Olney newspaper business . . . 


Free James Webb

Imprisoned by The Man
Arrested in Louisiana for not showing driver's license and insurance?  You can't do that to a first class private sovereign American national of the Mississippi Free State Republic. That's Constitutional Law 101. And his card was still valid!

Rick Perry Displays His Moves

Above The Fold

Full readable page.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Random question: The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK is up for auction. Guess the expected price it will bring. (Answer at end.)
  • I forgot to mention that our governor doesn't know the meaning of Labor Day:
  • The Star-Telegram has an odd story of a homeless ex-NFL player (probably behind a paywall here). I thought it would have to do with concussion or other hazards of the job. Nope. The one year NFL player for the Oilers had a great business but which, much to his surprise, ended up in bankruptcy. And I really can't find a cause of his struggles other than "it's hard out there."
  • There's a Pinterest convention in Arlington. That may be the greatest place on Earth to pick up women who you wouldn't want to pick up.
  • Chipotle caught a little heat for trying to be a little hip:
  • I had one guy, a Texas fan, contact me to disagree with me about whether Swoopes was booed on Saturday. Obviously, he said it was not boos. However, he says he was booing because he's a smart fan and understands that it is Buechele or bust. But he disagreed with me because he didn't think the rank and file at the stadium were that smart -- like people who do the wave. 
  • The U.S. health-uninsured rate has fallen to an all time low based upon news reports this morning.
  • Trump, like Hillary in other deaths, must immediately be considered a suspect:
  • UNT issued a crime alert this morning after a robbery and brief abduction last night. (I do not believe Trump is a suspect in this instance.)
  • I mentioned Burning Man and yesterday people trying to leave the Black Rock Desert in Nevada were delayed for over 24 hours after a  17-year-old girl went missing. It looked like a mess.
  • The Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary saying that "There is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in November."
  • The auctioneers believe Marilyn Monroe's dress will bring between $2 and $3 million. It was last sold in 1999 for $1.26 million.  (For you math whizzes out there, what's the average yearly return if you bought it in 1999 and it goes for $2 million.) 
  • That lady behind Hawk (to the right) looks familiar . . . 


    I Presume There Was A Reason For That

    Perhaps The Oddest Jerryism Ever

    Tech Loves Bits

    "The team gathered around a makeshift ring at the conclusion of drills and watched two assistant coaches, Scott Salwasswer and Adam Hymel, go head-to-head in faux-WWE match."

    That's A Huge Chunk Of Change

    Let's ask Gretchen for her thoughts. Oh, my . . . .

    Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

    • *cough* *cough*
    • Fox 4's Saul Garza posted a scenic shot yesterday morning at Joe Pool Lake . . . right before they resumed searching for a body
    • Isn't this a crazy crime in Wichita Falls sort of hovering off the radar?: On Friday afternoon, two 13-year-old girls were shot as they walked home from school, killing one and wounding the other. I say "off the radar" yet I saw it from People magazine. 
    • Rural prosecutors are now causing rising prison incarceration rates?  Here's a New York Time's story which suggests the answer is yes (and even includes a interactive graphic for every Texas county.)
    • The Catholics kind of fudge it on this "two miracle" thing when it comes to sainthood, right? 
    • Regarding whether the UT quarterback heard negative "Boooooos" or positive "Swooopes", I'm strongly sticking with my contention they were "boos" with one slight change. There might have been many, many "Oh, nooo, Swoooopes" or "Sheesh, it's Swoooopees" or flat out "Noooooooo!"  Texas has been seeking a QB since McCoy. Charlie Strong hadn't committed to one publically.  Shane Buechele came out and gave the masses hope. Not one of them wanted to see Swoopes. I know how the Empire thinks.
    • Ennis police killed someone last night. This one involves an allegation of driving a vehicle in the direction on an officer. 
    • A new dishwasher it is. I engaged in some quantum-physics-benefit-cost-unhappy-spouse analysis regarding the one which has broken down and came to the conclusion of, "Oh, screw it. Let's get a new one."
    • For the first time I can remember, the Dallas Morning News will not endorse the Republican nominee for president saying that Trump "is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote."
    • It may not mean anything, but the Washington Post said this morning that Hillary leads Trump by 1 in Texas.
    • Saw the obituary of my assistant Pee Wee football coach.  It made me realize how kids of all ages never forget their coaches.
    • I think this is weird: A group photo posted by a Dallas judge after a $36 million judgment in her court (Side notes: (1) There was a $36 million judgment? For what? (2) Tell me the defense lawyer isn't in the photo. That's not where I would want to be. (3) Trials aren't parties.)

    • A Houston area DPS trooper is in serious condition after his parked car was hit. 
    • Breaking: CBS 11 is reporting that "sources" say Dallas DA Susan Hawk will resign today.


    Decatur Sign Possibly On Steroids

    Random Monday Morning Thoughts

    • Yep, hardest working man in show business.
    • The Austin-American Statesman points out that some big city DA offices are going soft on the prosecution of marijuana because it is not a priority.  There is no public backlash. Who would have known that former Wise County Attorney Stephen Hale was ahead of his time in the mid 1990s when he refused to prosecute tiny amount of marijuana possession.
    • Lost of great college football this weekend but nothing was quite as moving as Nebraska going out into a "missing man" formation and intentionally getting a delay of game penalty in honor of its former punter who was recently killed in a car accident.
    • From a story of a former meth dealing cheerleaders from The Colony:  "Frisco soccer moms, as sad as that is, were my best customers because they were too scared to get out and get it themselves. But they wanted to clean the house all day and be productive and be wired," she says.
    • The Trump kids put out a print ad this weekend but the photo has been the love of the Internet. They do look like they are about to murder you.
    • I mention that I wanted to go to Burning Man some day, and this morning Drudge has a headline of  "Revolution against 'rich parasites' at utopian Burning Man."
    • It's a Fox News poll so, in this context, it is correct. And it's amazing:
    • Are we ever going to get the cause of death of ESPN's John Saunders? ESPN honored him over the weekend but no one addresses the elephant in the room. 
    • I like Fox 4's Jenny Anchondo but found it interesting that she used the word "philanthropist" on her blog page. (Technically, you don't have to one of the super wealthy to be one.)
    • Texas and Notre Dame was incredibly entertaining last night. But it was so disturbing of seeing the The Evil Empire running the Baylor offense. What took them so long? What has taken everyone so long? 
    • BagOfNothing reports this morning that the "boos" you heard when Swoopes first went in as quarterback were actually yells of "Swooooooopes".  Got to disagree with you there, buddy. Them were boos. 
    • This is actually a cool picture. You can see the coin up at the top while two of the players glare each other down. 
    • The Aggies had a crowd for the UCLA game was 100,433. An all time Texas high? Nope. And not even the biggest crowd of the weekend. 
    • I completely missed that DPS, which had a massive budget increase last year, now wants $1 billion just for border security.  
    • The police union in Santa Clara is threatening a boycott of the Kaepernick no-stand-at-anthem policy inadvertently strengthens his position. 
    • The Denton Police are not happy about this from over the weekend. According to Facebook comments (which are highly entertaining), it had been sitting unattended "for weeks":
    • I've always questioned elected officials on Twitter. Is their account informative or are they just campaigning during work hours? That Texas supreme court judge that loves Twitter as much as life itself must be feeling uneasy since he just unveiled an official campaign Twitter account. Not a bad strategy. He can always say, "No, that's my official account" yet can continue using his regular one for de facto campaigning.
    • Labor day reading: PTA mom was almost framed by a wicked lawyer couple. It's broken down into "six parts" but it is a really short read. The "parts" are the equivalent of very short chapters. Good stuff. (The final part was released last night).