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This Is Fine

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • When news broke last night that we were attacking Syria, I pretty much figured we were headed for World War III.  Trump told us as much right before the election:  
  • But it turns out that the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles on a Syrian air field was a pretty measured response. And it was in direct response to Syria using gas. Overall, it was more symbolic and "sending a message" than a massive military operation. I have no problem with the strike. 
  • This is not an escalation into war: Secretary of State Tillerson said last night that the U.S. will not intervene in the Syrian civil war. 
  • Re: My prior claim that Trump would never cross Russia. Uh, I was wrong.
  • Trump was smart enough to give Russia the heads up before the attack. However, that doesn't mean Russia isn't pissed: ""President [Vladimir] Putin regards the US attacks on Syria as an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law, and under a trumped-up pretext at that."
  • Considering the number of people the U.S. has killed with drone strikes, when we are actually trying to kill people instead of damage property, it is really strange that this story is so much bigger than the average drone strike.
  • I guess it's because it involves Tomahawk missiles so we have a "Shock and Awe" effect. Side note: The cost of one Tomahawk missile is $1.5 million. The strike, in Tomahawk expense alone, was $88.5 million.
  • Trump believes striking the Middle East will help poll numbers. Trump in 2012: 
  • On to other news . . . .
  • This guy, yes this guy, is leading the Masters: 
  • A famous (infamous?) and over the top criminal defense lawyer in Austin is being held in contempt for the second time. That will happen when the judge calls you up to bench during during selection to chastised you for disregarding her rulings and you loudly say, "I'm just trying to show these people how hard it is to get a fair trial in this court."
  • I can't explain in one sentence how much the Texas House considers Rep. Jonathan Stickland a goofball. When he got up to speak yesterday during a marathon budget session, the chamber emptied out. Here's a few seconds of his rant after that happened. And it sounds like he almost got in a fight. He also went on record yesterday saying, "Taxation is theft." 
  • If you don't think Bill O'Reilly's show is in trouble, read this about last night. Little known advertisers filled the void and then, shockingly, the show just suddenly went off the air and was replaced with Shepard Smith in the last 15 minutes. No explanation was given. Edit: No, goofball, the show was not pre-empted by the Syria attack. Smith just did routine interviews.


Cardinal Game

Haven't heard how that happened yet. If it is because of some sticky substance, someone is in trouble. And if it is the chest guard that is sticky, why is it sticky?

Let's Check In On New York

Well, If You Didn't Believe In Miracles Before . . .

. . . this should change your mind.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday Trump said Bill O'Reilly a "good person" and didn't do "anything wrong." This after a few days naming April "Sex Assault Awareness Month."
  • When I said O'Reilly won't survive, it's not because of his audience because they don't care. It's about the $$ that Fox News is losing. (I think the loss of sponsors is now up to 35).
  • Re: Pepsi ad controversy. I don't get it. And I really don't get why anyone would want to watch an "Internet only" ad and especially and ad that is 2.5 minutes long. 
  • After three games, the Rangers are three games behind the Astros, and the Ranger's closer has an ERA of 72.00.
  • And after that closer gave up a grand slam last night in the 9th, this lady became an Internet sensation. It looked like she was actually crying:
  • Boeing is coming to Plano. With all the developments and increase in population, I bet living in the Frisco and Plano area is like living in a can of sardines. 
  • I watched John Oliver's show last night. I need to start watching it every week. That guy is funny. 
  • If you listen to any sports talk radio or TV, you'll hear a million times this week that pimento cheese sandwiches at The Masters cost $1.50. 
  • Trump gave an interview to the New York Times (with six advisers hovering in the background) and he was all over the place. The following may be my favorite exchange. I'm sure Cummings said that: 
  • So what is Trump's policy on Syria? Blaming Obama is not a policy. It's your problem now. The time of tweeting about Celebrity Apprentice is over. 



Craziest Girl You Will Ever Meet -- But Wait! There's More!

The guy claims he just kissed his girlfriend on the back of the head when the madness started.

And then, as the Internet will do, someone made a crazy discovery. Crazy Girl is a "cam girl". Yep, that kind of "cam girl."

From Last Night

After the hit at home, I thought he was dead.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • With all the advertisers fleeing Bill O'Reilly's show (up to 20 so far), he may have to write a new book: Killing O'Reilly. (Admittedly, I stole that.) I don't see how he survives this. 
  • Stellar day for Team Trump yesterday. First, Trump sends out a press release blaming the horrific gassing of civilians in Syria on inaction by Obama. Flashback to 2013:
  • Note: We will never take any action against the Syrian regime because it is supported by Russia. And Trump will never cross Russia. 
  • Then his son praises the guy behind "Pizzagate" and says he needs a Pulitzer for his recent reporting. Let's check out some of the guy's past comments:
  • The guy who defeated Sheriff Joe will shut down that goofy Sheriff's "jail tent city" after 23 years. 
  • I watched Disgraced last night on the Baylor basketball scandal. Good lord. It was a heck of a lot worse than I remember.  It is a fantastic documentary. 
  • North Korea fired another missile landing near Japan. 
  • Fox 4 reported on Monday that a teenager in his home along Bonds Ranch Road had a e-cig explode in his face causing "life threatening injuries." Nope. It caused a small fire in his bedroom, he inhaled some of the fumes, went to the hospital for observation, and was released the next day. 
  • Michael Irvin has been accused on sexual assault and the "victim" has hired Gloria Allred to sue for money. Case closed. It didn't happen. 
  • A Fort Worth officer and his wife were killed over the weekend after a motorcycle wreck. They had been at a bar in downtown Fort Worth. 
  • I was trying to find the amount of money Tony Romo has made over his career which netted just two playoff wins. I couldn't find it. Edit: Through 2015 is was $118.9 million. In 2016, he was paid $8.5 million more. 


Final Liberally Lean Pick 'Em Results

Full list.

The Top 15 all picked North Carolina to win it all. No one outside the Top 15 picked North Carolina. These brackets pretty much boil down to: Pick the winner and another final four team and you are in the mix.

That Must Have Escalated Quickly

The brief story said there was a "No Solicitation" sign on the shooter's home. He certainly meant it.

Let's Check In On Oakland A's Tailgaiting

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • News this morning is that Tony Romo will go into the broadcast booth. I think its weird that some network would pay him a  bunch of money to do a job he's never proven he could do. Then again, considering all the football talking heads out there, the bar for TV is very low. Edit: How do people read that and think I'm criticizing Romo's football career?
  • Texas is rolling out some of the worst looking statues in the history of statues: 
  • You want to know why there were weird lines on the Ranger's outfield grass last night? During the off season they had a golf course out there.  Here you go: 
  • The Washington Post reported late yesterday that the founder of the corrupt Blackwater held a secret meeting in the Seychelles with Russian spies in January. He also contributed $250,000 to Trump after the Republican Convention. His sister  is Betsy DeVos who now serves as Trump's Education Secretary. And he was seen in the Trump transition team offices in New York in December. 
  • I never text while driving and no one should. But any law to make it a crime is unenforceable. 
  • I've got Showtime's Disgraced, a documentary on the Baylor basketball scandal, but it's amazing that just three days after it airs Baylor's coach at the time, Dave Bliss, quits his job at a small school in Oklahoma. Why he agreed to be interviewed for that documentary is beyond me. 
  • Oh, my:
  • Let's check in on opening day in Washington: 
  • Parker County "constable was charged with abuse of his ex-girlfriend after he was 'caught putting a tracking device on her car'" There's a lot going on in that story


Celebrating Opening Day With Trump and Bill O'Reilly

aTm Chilifest Fight

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like we have a terrorist attack in Russia this morning after explosions at two subways stations. Early count has 10 dead and over 50 injured. 
  • April Fool's Day is a beating. 
  • Five women have claimed harassment at the hands of Bill O'Reilly at Fox and Fox has paid out $13 million
  • This guy at the run looks like the guy from House of Cards.

  • It's amazing how what you think is a crisis in your life doesn't seem that big when a larger crisis comes around. 
  • I've never been to Edgefest but, after looking at the rules, it doesn't exactly sound like Woodstock. And they charged $20 for parking: 
  • Jerry Jones wants the NFL to stop testing for marijuana. 
  • Trump meets with the leader of China this week. What could go wrong? 
  • Funny Bit: Some guys were at home and somehow had the number to the Aggie bullpen. They called out there during a game, told the bullpen coach to get a particular player warmed up, and it happened.
  • I had no idea so many people were interested in Wrestlemania that happened last night. It's so weird. They know it's fake but get just as fired as if it were real. They truly just get detached from reality. 
  • The best game of the weekend was the Women's Semis where UConn had its 111 game win streak snapped on a last second jumper.