Best Of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 5

  • Funny Dallas Morning News page.
  • I keep linking to this, but I'm fascinated with the 1993 AT&T "You Will" ads.
  • Bridgeport Country Grammar.
  • Future Mrs. Green Fail.
  • My half marathon post of 2009 where I got absolutely no credit for a very funny Curt-Schilling-Bloody-Sock joke.
  • My Pro-Socialism post.
  • I'm still stunned about the demographic make up of Texas schools.
  • My greatest effort at memory recall ever.
  • Bridgeport prank.
  • My 10 Days of The Master Cleanse that I will never do again.
I'll be home tomorrow unless I've been killed by a Jamaican drug lord. Or become one.


Best of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 4

  • The Jackie Murphree civil trial wrapped up this year, but I had forgotten how mangled her car was because of the accident.
  • Since I'm not around to entertain the world this week, do yourself a favor and read the award winning article called Still Life from Texas Monthly. If you don't cry, you're not human.
  • The "Eat In Tax" controversy at the local McDonald's.
  • Pics of the only Tea Party rally in Wise County (I think).
  • Loved this one: Trooper stuck in median.
  • "Gone": Man faints on Glenn Beck show.
  • Decatur Walmart gang killing hoax.
  • Grandma dancing at Spring Break.
  • Bridgeport fallen Officer Randy White's funeral. And my thoughts the day after his death.
  • If I chase a man and cut the distance I'm behind him by 1/2 every 10 seconds, will I ever catch him? My struggle with Zeno's Paradoxes.


Best of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 3


Best of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 2


Best Of Random Thoughts: Vacation Day 1

  • Still the funniest photoshopped of Tony Romo after he screwed up the field goal snap in the playoff game.
  • I had a poll once on the worst thing about the Decatur Walmart.
  • When the iPhone was announced, I seemed very technologically challenged.
  • When I'm wrong, I'm wrong: I thought the "surge" in Iraq was a bad idea.
  • Another poll: Most of you would still marry your spouse.
  • A Jessica Alba "Hey, now."
  • Anybody remember the Alvord Hot Skillet murder? The suspect would later be found dead.
  • Art that hangs in my office.
  • I used to post just crazy and bizarre pictures. I should do that more often.
  • When Todd Dodge took the North Texas football job, my first bullet point was prophetic.


I'm Off This Week

But, never fear, each day you'll receive an award winning blog post from the "Best Of" series. Ten links every day for five days. I think I'll have Internet access where I'm going, but if you think I'm waking up at the crack of dawn to fire off some Random Thoughts, you be crazy.

America! Yeah!