Saturday Giggle

Friday Night Lights: That Bridgeport Game Looks Exciting

Alvord (2-2) 26 Muenster Sacred Heart (3-2) 14 Graham (4-0) 49 Bridgeport (1-3) 48 Edit: Got a message from a very reliable source that read, "ESPN and [UT quarterback] Colt McCoy are at the Bridgeport/Graham game." It's an off week for Texas so he's got some free time. Just not sure what the connection would be. Edit: The answers came flooding in.


Who Knew There Were That Many Indians?


Does This Look Like . . .

. . . a man who would kidnap his ex-wife near Teasley Lane in Denton and then leave her naked in Corinth? Buddy, trust me, you can't be treating ex-wives life that.

Olympics 2016

It's not Chicago. (Let the Obama haters jump on this.) It's not Tokyo. Madrid and Rio are left. I'm guessing Rio. Edit @ 11:51: Once again, I am all knowing. It is Rio De Janeiro. (Did you just think it was a coincidence that just two weeks ago I posted this beach pic from Rio?) Edit: Girls celebrate Rio's big win.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Elizabeth Smart's father has always struck me as odd. (She testified yesterday regarding her abduction years ago.) And I'm still not sure she's not in a state of zombie shock. (My own trademarked medical term.)
  • Maybe I'm getting old, but I watched more of the National Parks special last night on PBS. Great stuff.
  • The Fort Worth Weekly has its 2009 "Best Of" edition out this week. But I don't know where to find a hard copy of it anymore.
  • I love any "Best Of" edition.
  • Had an impromptu picture taken last week. The person holding the camera told me to "suck in your gut."
  • The Olympic location for 2016 will be announced today (Obama is overseas working his magic on behalf of Chicago.) I think it's cool when the head of the Olympic committee makes his announcement and the screen is divided with a camera on the crowds in each of the finalist cities. (If that makes sense.)
  • I've said it before: Those Bill Curtis commercials for AT&T Internet services are weirdly uncomfortable.
  • Fox 4's Dan Godwin is really beginning to get on my nerves.
  • Michael Jackson's autopsy revealed he was 5'9".
  • Holdout Michael Crabtree has now proven that he's the dumbest man of America. I don't ever remember a drafted NFL player not signing and then going back into the following year's draft. Who would touch him next year?
  • I ran across four goth kids while jogging yesterday. One was an angry female teenager with jet black hair, black eye shadow, and a I-Hate-The-World attitude.
  • This week I met what might be the hottest 40 something in the history of ever.
  • MzChief's comparison of the FBI's stopping of the teenager from "blowing up" a building in Dallas to cops stopping a guy from killing me didn't make sense. (It's in the comments under yesterday's Random Thoughts.) That hypothetical arrestee could actually do what he planned. The Dallas teenager could not.
  • Fell asleep last night to Sarah McLaughlin singing live on Austin City Limits. Nice.
  • Just released: Unemployment is now at 9.8%. That's up from last month. This Recession isn't over yet.


The Big News On Friday Is . . .


The Book Cover Is Now Amongst Us

Thank god she has that lapel pen on.

"The room is spinning because of all of the gayness." - Ricky Bobby

A voter-approved state constitutional amendment and the Texas Family Code prohibit same-sex marriages or civil unions. And the Texas attorney general had intervened in the two men’s divorce case, arguing that since a gay marriage isn’t recognized in Texas, a Texas court can’t dissolve one through divorce.

But Dallas state District Judge Tena Callahan ruled Thursday that the state's bans on same-sex marriage violates the constitutional guarantee to equal protection under the law.

Story. Edit: Here's a bombshell: Bud Kennedy reported that the judge represented the two men as their attorney in 1999 in this case.

Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Britney in Target.

I Bring You: The SMU Pony Boys!!!!


As Much As ESPN Beats Me Down, This Is Pretty Funny

The PeopleOfWalmart.Com . . .

. . . just keeps on bringing it.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • After watching the Cowboys on Monday night, I was reminded how much ESPN's Chris Berman sucks the life force out of me.
  • Walked by a pharmacy in a grocery store last night and saw the longest line ever.
  • I've never had a flu shot.
  • GM's Saturn line was going to be sold to Penske, but not anymore. That line of car is officially dead.
  • I like the words "strong cold front."
  • I'm surprised we haven't broken out into a crazed Swine Flu Panic.
  • Sarah Palin's new book is #1 on pre-orders on Amazon? Do we need to know anything else about the state of America?
  • I've stopped watching DVDs.
  • This blog got mentioned in jury selection on Tuesday by a potential juror in the Wise County Court at Law. That also got the person struck off the panel by one of the lawyers. (I wasn't there.)
  • Some people start off everyday with a Facebook update of, "Everyone make it a great day!!!" I'm not one of those kind of people.
  • Did you know Marion Barber left the stadium on Monday night after he was told he wouldn't play due to injury. Then Wade Phillips lied to the media about it on Tuesday.
  • I'm still amazed everyone thinks the arrest of the 19 year old "terrorist" in Dallas is a huge victory on the War on Terror. Don't you think if the Feds dedicated a krillion dollars to monitoring white supremacy chat rooms they could at least find one teenage idiot who, after weeks and weeks of coaxing, would agree to park a free fake car bomb at, say, a Grambling State game?
  • Ken Burns has a new series on PBS about our National Parks. I blew by it last night and got sucked in for about 45 minutes. Now I'm mad at myself for not visiting even more of America.
  • If you like high school football screw ups, I've got a doozy for you: Fast forward to around 1:20 if you don't want a big set up. Man, oh man.
  • China had a military parade yesterday. Wow, they are impressive. And I think Vegas would make them the favorite in a war with us.


ESPN and The Mexican

This is weird. A buddy of mine pointed out a very odd "rule" in a long set of rules in a sports game hosted by ESPN.com. The game seems fairly simply, keep alive the longest streak of winning predictions on particular games (i.e. which team will win) or propositions (i.e. will the first points be a TD or a field goal). How to play the game here. But when he looked at the official rules, (you know that boilerplate stuff about how employees and family members of ESPN are ineligible, blah, blah, blah), he ran across Rule 14.4: What's up with that?

Breaking Up The Routine

Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Shakira say's that she was bored by that last Second Amendment post.

Hold On To Your Guns

The Supreme Court, with that new "liberal wienie" Justice Sotomayer, today has agreed to hear a case concerning an issue I suspect most of you didn't even think existed: Does the Second Amendment's "Right to Bear Arms" apply to the states and local municipalities. Stay with me here. The Second Amendment says "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed" But the problem is that when the Bill of Rights was first enacted, all the amendments applied to the federal government and not the States. No one disputes that, and the First Amendment, for example, even starts out with "Congress shall make no law . . . . " Let that sink in. In the beginning, the Constitution did not prevent a city, state, or county from preventing a citizen from speaking his mind, preventing a defendant from having a jury trial, or banning any newspaper. There might have been other laws enacted by the states that would provide that protection, but the Constitution didn't help out. But after states and local governments began trampling on its citizens, the Supreme Court began considering whether the Bill of Rights could, in some form or fashion, be used to prevent states, cities, counties, and any public subdivision from committing civil rights violations. Here is where your head will spin: So began a series of cases using the "Incorporation Doctrine" which decided, on a right by right basis, whether that right "applied to the States through the enactment of the 14th Amendment." If you want to research that, go ahead. Basically, it says that the 14th Amendment sucks out some, if not all, of the first ten amendments and makes them applicable to the states. Call it mental gymnastics or judicial activism or just plain craziness, but you can't take a Con Law class without studying it. But, like I said, the Court has previously made those decisions on a right by right basis (freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, right to counsel, etc.) But as of 2009, I think there are currently only two rights in the Bill of Rights that the Supreme Court has not decided whether they "apply to the States." The first one is the right to a Grand Jury indictment (which doesn't matter to Texas because Texas law requires that anyway) and the other is the Right to Bear Arms in the Second Amendment. Yep, this Supreme Court is going to decide whether the Second Amendment prevents, for example, the State of Texas, the City of Decatur, or Wise County from enacting laws that would ban gun possession. (If the Second Amendment doesn't apply, that doesn't mean all guns are automatically banned. It just means that states and local governments are free to enact any law they want concerning the right to own or possess a gun.) Think it's impossible for the Supreme Court to rule that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to all aspects of government? Justice Sotomayor and a the Second Circuit Federal Appeals Court have already done just that. Annie, get your gun.

Does This Football Sign Violate Separation Between Church And State


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's pressure to send in more troops to Afghanistan, but that situation has "Vietnam" written all over. The British couldn't win there. The mighty USSR couldn't win there. And Obama is smart enough to have learned from LBJ's mistakes.
  • With possibly thousands of Americans lives at stake, idiots like Sean Hannity scream to the masses, "Why can't he make a decision?"
  • After being sick for a day I amazingly felt great enough to jog outside last evening. I went a little slower simply to enjoy my ability to do so.
  • The DOW bottomed out at 4,600 but has risen 49% since then. This despite 1 in 8 homes being in foreclosure, unemployment at 9.7%, and a federal deficit of $7.46 trillion. (See how I sound smart when I watch ABC's World News Tonight?) Edit: A commentor pointed out that my math (from ABC) seems wrong at 49%. The story probably said that it has risen 49% from the point it lost 777 from one year ago yesterday. In any event, the "smart" thing is out the window.
  • Dallas Stars Ice Girls promotional video which includes girls in bikinis on ice with one uttering the always popular phrase, "Where's my pants?"
  • A couple had a little "happy time" in one of the bathrooms in the new Cowboys Stadium. (Uh, this link is not safe for work.) The funny part is that they are both wearing Michael Irvin jerseys -- that makes it a tender moment on, uh, the bathroom floor.
  • The former associate pastor of the mega Prestonwood Baptist Church has been sentenced to 7 years in prison as part of a plea deal. He pled guilty to soliciting a minor online who was not actually a minor but only the government pretending to be someone they are not. There sure is a lot of government pretending that these days to create crime.
  • The privates are going to be the downfall of society.
  • The lawyer gold mine in the 1980s were personal injury suits. Today, it's huge firms representing companies or individuals in patent infringement suits -- with most of them in a federal court in East Texas.
  • One guy on the list of The 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas, Erich Spangenber, got rich by simply buying patents that he never intended to use and then suing companies once they infringe on them.
  • News all over the place yesterday of the tsunami in Samoa where "dozens were killed." I don't think we'll ever comprehend the massive tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean where 230,000 were killed.


Roman Planski vs. Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity just opened up his radio show for calls on whether movie director Roman Polanski should be extradited back to the U.S. for sentencing on a 30 year old rape of a 13 year old victim or whether "we should just let it go." The victim has indicated she wants to move on with her life since hates being hounded by the press every time some Polanski news breaks. The calls, even for the hard right audience of Hannity's show, were 90% "let it go." Heck, that even surprised me. Background from Wikipedia: Polanski was arrested in Los Angeles and pleaded guilty to "unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor", a 13-year-old girl (he was 44 years old at the time).[8] Released after a 42-day psychiatric evaluation, Polanski fled to France, has had a U.S. arrest warrant outstanding since 1978,[9] and an international arrest warrant since 2005.[10] Polanski for many years avoided visits to countries that were likely to extradite him, such as the United Kingdom, and traveled mostly between France, where he resides, and Poland. As a French citizen, he was protected in France by the country's limited extradition with the U.S.[11] On September 26, 2009, he was arrested, at the request of U.S. authorities, by Swiss police, on arrival at Zürich Airport while trying to enter Switzerland[10] to pick up a lifetime achievement "Golden Icon Award" from the Zurich Film Festival.[12][13] (That paragraph failed to mention that the assault took place at Jack Nicholson's home when Nicholson was not at home.)

How Microsoft Lost Its Way

I heard about this about three weeks ago (through a nerdy tech podcast because I'm nerdy like that), and saw the video about a week later. I dismissed it at first but the strange attraction of the Internets keeps drawing me back to it. Microsoft will soon release Windows 7. The best minds in the marketing business decided that it would be a good idea to encourage "Windows 7 Parties" and, in conjunction, Microsoft released this promotional video to get the job done. I can't say I've watched the whole thing, but it's mesmerizing in a horrible way. The jerky camera. The cross section of America. The overly happy participants. The dialogue which has never been spoken in at any party anywhere. Apple is now making a computer that you can hold in your hand (the iPhone), and Google can pretty much replace Windows Office with Google Docs. The future does not look bright if this is any indication where Microsoft wants to take us. (Or, alternatively, the heck with all that. You might want to watch Conan bust his head instead.)

Mind Bursts

  • Just saw a lady cry in front of her attorney in the courthouse hallway. His response, "Get it together."
  • No one wanted to hang around at the court docket with me because the thought I was sick. Or maybe they just didn't want to hang around me.
  • I think there's a DWI trial going on in the County Court at Law. I'll check it out this afternoon since I always monitor those things.
  • I got offered a "BC Powder" for my headache.
  • Heard a rumor that the DA's office may be close to making a decision on whether to seek the death penalty in the Stephen York case.
  • Just got back from the final pre-trial docket. Some Defendant's have the attitude of being scared to death. Others are like, "Screw it, they can't convict me of anything."
  • The news is reporting a 5th Swine Flu death in Dallas County, but he had "underlying medical conditions."

There's A Local Stripper On The Loose With A Stun Gun

Well, it's a north Fort Worth strip club. Link.

Still Dazed And Confused

Seeing this more and more:

Local, state and federal law enforcement officers raided another massive marijuana-growing operation early Monday in northern Navarro County.

The marijuana plants, some up to 10 feet tall, were growing on the top of levees along Chambers Creek, Chief Deputy Mike Cox of the Navarro County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release. Agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Narcotics Service and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration also participated in the raid.

Please make note, in 2009 we still have local cops, DPS, and the DEA all get excited about weed. (Navarro County surrounds Corsicana by the way.

They cops estimated the dope (along with other nearby marijuana busts) as being valued at $31.4 million. Subjected it to a 6% sales tax and you'd have $1.884 million dollars.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Nothing makes you value good health like being sick.
  • I don't know when I started it, but I've got this crazy belief that apple juice will cure me. So no matter how bad I feel when I get sick, I crawl to the grocery store to buy a ton of it.
  • I feel guilty staying home even when I'm sick.
  • The feeling of "I've got to lie down" when you're trying to eat anything is not-a-good.
  • The Iranians launch another test missile. Cocky little son-of-a-guns.
  • I had the craziest dreams last night. They included flying over a mountain lake with only a boat sail, stumbling on the equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah in the basement of the Tarrant County Convention Center (basement?), and struggling for 30 minutes trying to type of a broken keyboard.
  • Those pictures of people floating up to their necks in the Philippines' flooding are pretty shocking.
  • The Cowboys look like an 8-8 team. And Tony Romo looks beaten down.
  • If you like neck tattoos on girls (and who doesn't?), Denton Police have one for you.
  • Did a Decatur man die over the weekend while working on a A/C unit?
  • Crazy metroplex story yesterday: A sport utility vehicle slammed into the side of a day care van loaded with 20 children. The van had a capacity of 15, the driver was 20 years old and without a driver's license, and the SUV driver didn't have a license either.
  • The new ESPNDallas.com (which debuted yesterday) has stolen at least three writers from the Dallas Morning News. They are dropping like flies over there. Edit: Just saw they fired back by re-hiring baseball guru Evan Grant.
  • Did the 14 year old girl in Tarrant County die of swine flu at Cook's or was it pneumonia? They are still deciding. But it was sad to see the dad agonize over her death showing frustration at not being able to help. "That's my job."
  • And her symptoms seemed just like the run on the mill flu. Scary.
  • Ticket Talk this morning: The new Cowboys Stadium is built east to west -- isn't that going to cause an issue with player vision with the setting sun on late afternoon games?
  • I don't feel too confident in seeing news footage of school maintenance workers scrubbing down desks and counters with one rag.
  • Captain "Sully" hasn't flown since landing the plane in the Hudson?
  • I kind of cock an eyebrow at anyone who refers to Muslims as "those Muslims."


Ugh. Sickness Crushed Me Today.

I've been so lucky over the last four years since I haven't missed a day of work to illness. Until today. I'm not sure what it was, but I think it's going away. I think. I hope.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll have more. I just don't feel very well.
  • It's always a bad sign when a co-worker asks you if you're OK.
  • Decatur now has a sign entering the city which proclaims it the "Home of Trevor Brazile."
  • I saw a Massarati this morning.
  • I forgot to mention that after Baylor's quarterback tore his ACL early in the first quarter, he played the rest of the half.
  • Trouble in Tech Land.
  • A Montague County deputy was involved in a shooting over the weekend and he used to work for Wise County. I'll find a link.
  • If Glenn Beck drives you crazy, you'll get a kick out of this.