Oh How Times Have Changed

I watched a documentary this morning while on the treadmill about FDR before the U.S. entered WW II. One portion of the film covered when FDR and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met aboard the ship Prince of Wales after a couple of years of letter writing. But this struck me as odd by today's standard: There they were in a grand ceremony. And they were surrounded by navy men each holding a hymn book and singing "Onward Christian Soldiers".

Get Your Guns Uhhhhh Oh

Texas Tech played Oklahoma State who was sporting a five game losing streak. Not anymore.

Quick, How Do I Clear My Google History?

DURHAM, N.C. -- Robert Petrick searched for the words "neck," "snap," "break" and "hold" on an Internet search engine before his wife died, according to prosecutors Wednesday.

High School Playoffs

Wow. Bridgeport, Decatur, Paradise and Alvord won their first round games. Only Boyd was eliminated.


A Google Video Search for Decatur Turned Up This...

. . and somehow, if you watch it, it is kinda sweet.

You OK, Laura?

I'm Insane Again

Link. (One objectionable f-bomb warning)

It Would Be Nice To Be A . . .

PhotoFrom Yahoo's Most Emailed Photos (which appears to be obsessed with a recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

Real Midgets?

"MIDGET FOOTBALL — Paradise’s Panthers and Bridgeport’s Vikings will square off in the championship Saturday at 6 p.m. at Bridgeport’s Bulls Stadium. Paradise is having a send-off and pep rally at the soccer fields at 4 p.m. on game day. " - From The Update



Ever wonder what Love Field looked like in 1972 when it was the only airport in Dallas?

Jacksboro Wedding, A Helicopter, and A Crazy Hat

Wedding announcement here.

Alcohol and Cheerleaders

Pretty interesting article about alleged drinking by Southlike High School cheerleaders during a game. "Several cheerleaders and their parents said five senior cheerleaders brought vodka to the stadium – concealed under jackets and in duffle bags – and consumed some before the game. The girls also said their teammates clustered into a bathroom stall at halftime to down shots of alcohol but dropped the shot glass on the floor, shattering it, alerting others in the bathroom. Several cheerleaders said they could smell the alcohol on their teammates' breath and observed them swaying on the field, stumbling, reaching for balance and slurring their words. " The school resource officer investigated the claim (maybe), but found no evidence to substantiate it. I love this quote from one of the accused cheerleaders: "We're disgusted, and we feel disrespected."

Couldn't Resist

Did you see this lady on the news last night? She shot an intruder in the leg after she found him in her closet, and the 911 tape recorded a couple of the gunshots. I seriously doubt she will be charged with anything (I wouldn't) but she might was to shut up talking about the incident with so much glee. She enjoyed herself waaaay to much.


I'm Exhausted

I'm in the middle of felony trial in Jack County involving sad, sad facts. You'll understand if the trial takes me away from this silly blogging. (But in looking for this pic of the Jack County Courthouse, I did stumble across this nifty site: http://www.texascourthouses.com/new_page_3.htm)


Maybe They Should Change The Name To "Redneck Settlement"

"White Settlement residents turned out in record numbers Tuesday to overwhelmingly defeat a proposal to change their city’s name to West Settlement and seven other proposed city charter amendments. Of the 2,607 residents who voted, 91.5 percent opposed the proposal. The final, unofficial totals showed 2,388 voting against the measure, with 219 voting for the name change." Star-Telegram Story here.

Didn't You Gulp When You First Saw The Town Name?

"JACKSBORO, Tenn. - A student shot and killed an assistant principal and seriously wounded two other administrators at a high school Tuesday, officials said. The student was arrested." (Rest....)

And To Think I Used To Be Excited About "Assembly" At School

"A model parades in front of street children, some of whom are sniffing glue, in the drug-infested 'Barrio Triste' (Sad Neighborhood) in downtown Medellin in Colombia November 7, 2005. The event was organised [sic] to entertain the children by a member of a local charity that helps children in Barrio Triste by providing food, clothes and cleaning facilities. REUTERS/Albeiro Lopera ."

Prop 2 . . .

. . . official results are here. (My earlier prediction was passage by 72%)

Amber Alert in Decatur?

Everyone is telling me about it, but I can't find any information on it. A couple of people told me they heard one for Decatur, Texas on the radio, but the WCSO's "Amber Alert Ticker" is silent. Edit: At 3:24 p.m. I heard WBAP "tease" the fact that at an Amber Alert had been issued for a seven month old in Decatur. Edit: It's something about a grandmother taking the child when she was allegedly unauthorized to do so.

What Are The School Colors?

The Tulane women's basketball team is playing after Texas Tech in Lubbock tonight in a doubleheader. Tell me, what part of the following sentence from the Dallas Morning News is odd?: "After Texas Tech plays Everyone's Internet at 6. p.m., the student section will be decked out in green and blue garb for Tulane's game at 8:30 p.m."

It's Gay Marriage D-Day In Texas

So by how large of a percentage will Proposition Two pass? I predict, in all seriousness, 72%.


Did you see the story about the pirates attempting to attack a cruise liner off the coast of Africa last weekend? This picture was taken of the "evil doers" before the cruise ship out ran them. That's not exactly how I pictured a modern day pirate ship but the guy holding the rocket launcher would get my attention. And then there is the story today that the cruise shipped blasted the pirates with an earsplitting noise in what is called a "sonic weapon".pirates

Don't Ask. I Don't Have A Reason.


Another Nascar Thought

Carl Edwards, who won at "The Great American Motor Speedway" on Sunday (and, by the way, when did they start calling it that?) has a trademark after he wins a race: Doing a back flip off of his car. I'm waiting on him to bust his butt.photo

For Die Hard Cowboy Fans

Former Dallas Cowboy quarterback Quincy Carter called into KTCK (The Ticket) today and it turned into radio gold. He was questioned about his past drug use and whether he would have to undergo a four game suspension if he were to re-enter the NFL. The audio is here. Warning: This is only for broadband users since the audio file is 22 megs. The interview runs 22 minutes (full of tension). Click on the link and after a few minutes and audio file icon will appear.

While I Actually Work . . .

. . . waste your time making Einstein say funny things.


Fahrenheit 9/11

When this Michael Moore documentary was released, I paid good money to see it in downtown Fort Worth during its opening weekend. (Money well spent, at that). I am still stunned when I recall the presence of a Fort Worth Police Officer at the door of the movie's screening to make sure no one under 17 was admitted with parent or guardian. (We can't let young ears hear this leftist propaganda, right?) I seriously doubt that a police officer anywhere in the metroplex was guarding Saw II this weekend.

This Sounds Like The Plot . . .

. . . of a bad porn movie.

Things Like This Drive Me Crazy

On Meet The Press this morning, Sen. Tom Coburn said that because of his "medical training" he can tell if somebody is lying just by using their body language. The video is worth the look (although I know most of you hate video downloads). If you ask me, from his body language during the interview, I think he is the one that is lying.

If We Had Played One More Quarter . . .

. . . I think we could have pulled this out. Evil -Texas-School-Of-The-Devil 62, Baylor 0

Random Nascar Thought

(And it may be my first one ever). How much does the U.S. Army pay to sponsor a Nascar participant?

Not-A-Good In Aggieland

Last night, Texas Tech routed A&M 56-14 giving the Aggies a 5-4 record for the year. With Texas and Oklahoma still on the schedule, a losing record seems very, very real. During R.C. Slocumb's 14 seasons at A&M, the Aggies never had a losing season. I wonder if Dennis Franchione's days are numbered?