It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

The whole story is too confusing to summarize, but this was a great picture of the Dallas D.A. being called as a witness where he refused to testify. 

  • We've got a play in only two Acts.
    • Act I: Last November, in an elaborate press conference, he angrily denied allegations of sexual harassment made by six people. 

    • Act II: Yesterday.

  • The Cartel dropping off some guys who were (allegedly) responsible for the Matamoras kidnappings/murders and leaving an apology note is next level crime etiquette. 

  • Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, 81, fell at a D.C. hotel and suffered a concussion which required hospitalization.

  • Not that it matters politically, but Trump has been "invited" to appear before a New York state grand jury next week in the Stormy Daniels probe -- which apparently is a clear sign he's about to get indicted. 

    • Trump then went on a a multi-post post rant where he denied every having sex with her despite paying off the National Enquirer to kill the affair story. And he still thinks its a good idea to call her a "Horseface." That alone will kill him in front of a jury. Did I mention there is no bottom?

  • Oh, my. A little excitement at the Wilmington International Airport in North Carolina last night. 

  • Man, does he ever. Audio. Language warning.

  • A nutty moment in a high profile Waco murder case involving Fort Worth defense lawyers happened yesterday when a wheels-off juror was removed because he had been monitoring social media about the trial and shared hot opinions with other jurors.  He took the 5th when questioned by the judge.  (You can see a Twitter play by play of the event on this reporter's feed if you scroll down.)

  • I'm seeing conflicting ages for the 17 year old's pregnant girlfriend. 

  • Big 12 Tourney: Texas rolls, TCU rolls, Kansas rolls, and #10 Baylor got beat because they were out-rebounded 44 to 17 in what may be the laziest team in the history of ever. I'm bitter. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 249 days.


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Yep, he got probation out of Tarrant County for an Intoxication Manslaughter case arising out of a one vehicle wreck in downtown Fort Worth. But when I looked to find a link to the old story online, I found that four and half years later his probation was revoked, and he received 10 years in prison. 

  • A slew of faithful readers have informed be that the Bridgeport Methodist congregation did vote to split from the Methodist church.
  • But at least one Fort Worth Baptist church is making news, too. And that's a big church.

  • So Tiger has women he dates sign Non-Disclosure Agreements? And here's a nugget from the story: "The court papers state that those working on behalf of Woods’ . . .  convinced [her] to 'pack a suitcase for a short vacation and, when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been locked out of her residence [on Jupiter Island], in violation of the oral tenancy agreement and in violation of Florida law.'”

  • We've got another brawl on a flight. This time on a Southwest airliner out of Dallas on Monday.  Society is just a bunch of Barbarians.

  • Big 12 Basketball is making its way to the news page -- and not in a good way:
  • And let's do a 180 to Wise County basketball with something you don't see every day:

  • I might be in the minority here. My view is that the Marriott says they kicked him out because they Irvin said something offensive.   They aren't the ones who may have overreacted and suspended him from his job. Blame that on ESPN.  And let's not go nuts and compare having to find a new hotel to an actual lynching -- in addition to suing Marriott for $100 million in Collin County.

  • Final news notes on the Mexico kidnapping and murder.
    • Here's a map of where everything happened for those who have been to Matamoros:

    • Anyone remember this kidnapping and murder of a University of Texas student?

  • I'm keeping an eye on a high profile Wichita Falls murder case. The State is relying on a so-called blood-splatter expert which should set off alarms to everyone that the case is very suspect. That's junk "science."

  • This is exactly what you'll see in Texas as a reaction to silly politicians throwing a hissy fit over drag shows:  Mainstream bands will preform wearing dresses which, under the wording of proposed laws, should get them arrested. 

  • And drag shows aren't the problem in Texas. News out of Wichita Falls yesterday  . . . 

  • That's a lot of Kentuckians from one tree. And look how it all started: "She took on household responsibilities very early in her life when she married her first husband, Bill Taylor, in 1940. 'She was 16 when she married him. He was 50. That's a big difference,' Howell told Fox News Digital. 'He already had 10 children. His wife died having twins at home. He worked on the railroad. He had to get back to work. He needed somebody to take care of the kids.'" Good lord. 

  • Very, very legal nerdy stuff: The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals yesterday decided to resolve whether a COVID related mask worn by a witness at trial in Tarrant County violated the Confrontation Clause. But it got there in a very strange way. The Court rejected the State's petition to review the lower court's decision reversing the case, but at the same time decided to hear the case on the Court's own motion, and set forth four specific questions that it wanted the parties to brief. They are up to something. 
  • Messenger: Above the Fold


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I stand by that. And the trial went about as well as you would expect . . . 

  • It didn't look good when it happened.

    • One of my only experiences in Matamoras was couple of hours trip across the border as a boy with my family while on vacation. It was the first time I ever saw true poverty as little girls came up to us selling candy. That memory has stayed with me all my life and had a profound impact on me. But that trip would not be made today. 
  • Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana (where it is easy to get a card), but for some reason yesterday the state overwhelming rejected recreational weed. 

  • You've probably seen the video of this guy who was taken down by passengers. I'm kind of shocked he wasn't subdued the second he stood up after his rant.

  • He continues to try and milk this, and I'm not sure what his angle is. In the days immediately after he got kicked out the hotel, he called into a radio station and basically admitted to being drunk and definitely said he didn't remember what the conversation was about.  He's in not position to refute anything. 

  • Cities can't do this no matter how many headlines you see.

  • Trump has become a full blown Seditionist and is now openly supporting the January 6th Insurrection. He added this to his promise for "retribution" yesterday. This is all so mind-blowing when you take a step back. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime.

  • Ironically, we learned last night from the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News that Tucker Carlson actually despises Trump: "I hate him passionately."   

  • The Bridgeport Chief of Police visited the Texas Peace Officers Memorial in Austin yesterday and pointed out the name of Randy White who was killed in the line of duty in Bridgeport on April 2, 2009.

  • I think every Methodist church in Wise County is staying within the fold. 

  • Quarterback salaries in the NFL are way out of whack based upon what has happened in the last 48 hours: 
    • $94 million guaranteed for this guy?

    • $100 million guaranteed for this guy?

  • I'll do the Liberally Lean March Madness Pick 'Em Tourney again this year. It'll be up Monday.