Friday Afternoon PSA for Men

It's Friday afternoon, let's get out of here.

Hold on, Barry's near!

Heidi McKinney, 26

Time for Barry to come back. This sweat pea of a young lady is accused of molesting another female on an Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Portland. He'll need to go ahead and review the case.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • While blogging in a hurry, I went for a quick google of a picture of the West Explosion and that's what I got. Now we're back to doggies. Someone please adopt Sparky.
  • While jotting notes of possible blog posts, The 7th Grader in The House thought they were silly, so she points at an open window and says, "Hey, why don't you blog about that open window?"  
  • I wonder if Rhome will accept the police chief's resignation? Update.
  • RHOME COUNCIL TO CONSIDER CHIEF’S RESIGNATION – The council will meet at 7 tonight to swear-in two new members, Sam Eason and LeAnne Mackowski, and re-elected mayor Michelle Pittman. Police Chief Brandon Davis’ resignation will be submitted to the council as well. The meeting is at City Hall, 105 E. First St.
  • Update to The Great Bathroom Debate of 2016. The White House says: 
  • A school must allow transgender students to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity. A school cannot require transgender students to use individual restrooms or locker rooms when other students are not required to do so. Schools can, however, offer individual restrooms to all students.
  • An Arkanas judge is accussed of swapping sex for reduced sentences. He wrote checks to the defendants for posing inside his home and outside in his yard. Checks? He wrote checks? This has been going on for a long time, but now he has resigned. 
  • It's a busy Friday for me, but I do have more posts coming. Stay tuned.
  • Also, I think I might put in my one week notice for blogging. This and graduation activities may be too much to handle. We'll decide on Monday. (Looking around for Kleenex.)


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The fire that started the explosion in West, Texas has determined to be a criminal act. ATF recreated the crime scene to replicate exactly what happened. 
I saw a Burn Ban sign on 114 last night and thought, really? Turns out, there isn't one for this area yet.
I've been reduced to jotting down notes throughout the day to blog about. When we passed a burn ban in effect sign, the 7th Grader in The House, joked that she saw a window open. I'm not sure where she gets the smarty pants attitude from. She also referred to someone's dad as having being in "an army of somewhere". Me- "Like another country?" "No, here in America."
Did I hear CNN correctly that Missy Beavers mom is living with the husband and kids of Missy? If it were me, I would be highly suspicious of him. Mother n law has written two letters to the killer. They also spoke to People magazine. Any chance they received compensation for any of that?
First time for Dallas Stars hockey team to play game seven at the AA center and they lost.  Hockey is one of those I'd have to watch in person to be slightly interested in. I've only done that once.
More weather today?
Baylor fraternity president, Jacob Anderson, was indicted Wednesday on four counts of sexual assault. 
George Zimmerman is going to auction the gun he used. "I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American Firearm Icon," he wrote in the description of the gun used to kill the unarmed, black teenager. "The firearm for sale is the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012."  Honored and humbled? Eek.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't believe I mentioned the name Noah and didn't post of picture to go along with it. I apologize.
  • Have you watched the movie, "Inside Out"? You should, it's entertaining and a little insightful.
  • I got a bug bite on my leg that I'm a little worried about. As a person that spends a lot of time outdoors, I know odd when I see it.
  • Hurst didn't have a very good evening. First they had a strong storm and then there was a double shooting.
  • I like the term "fake outrage" when referring to LT. Gov. Dan Patrick.
  • Officer Pearce goes home after 2 months in the hospital. Two Months. 
  • Barry update: He's doing really good. It's just about time to hand this thing back to him. 
  • Texas Rangers had a rain delay between the second and third innings. I love a good rain delay that brings out the tarp. 
  • Oh my! An inmate died in custody of the jail. From the Update:
  • INMATE DIES AT COUNTY JAIL – A Chico man died at the Wise County Jail Saturday night. Sheriff Lane Akin said Jeremiah Martinez, 35, was arrested Saturday evening for public intoxication after a citizen called to report Martinez was seen acting strangely on County Road 1540 near Chico. A deputy responded and asked for Wise County EMS to evaluate Martinez. Akin said Martinez was belligerent and uncooperative, but he was finally cleared to be taken to jail. Once at the jail, Martinez continued to be uncooperative. He was placed in a holding cell and placed on a 10-minute watch rotation. About an hour later, Martinez was found unresponsive in his cell. Medics were called out again but were unable to revive Martinez. His body was sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner for an autopsy and toxicology reports. Akin said Martinez did admit to a deputy that he had ingested methamphetamine. Read more in the midweek Wise County Messenger.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I needed a cute kitten for the day.
  • Texas AG Ken Paxton is in trouble again for not reporting a $100,000 stock gift. He said that he tried to pay the CEO at a Dairy Queen but the CEO refused because, "God doesn't want me to take your money." 
  • For the record, I didn't throw out an "ugh" for the kids taking the actual tests, it was more for the procedures involved with the staff that administers the STAAR tests. I've been confident with both kiddos testing.
  • I had someone get oddly angry with me yesterday, complain about me - all while blatantly lying about what was going on. I didn't take any of it personally. Turned out, they had a very frustrating moment before they tried to pull a fast one on me and I wouldn't budge.
  • Between Trump's many crazy comments plus the tons of sound bites from other Republicans over the last few months, the video splicing guy for Hillary's ad campaign must be exhausted.  
  • The lady attacked by the dogs like they were eating steak passed away yesterday. Ugh. What a horrible way to go.
  • Ozzy and Sharon Ozbourne are divorcing. I think that shouldn't be allowed. They've been married 33 years. Come on, they're Ozzy and Sharon!
  • TCU made a big spelling error. Oops. 
  • Someone stole the license plate off of The Family Gangster Mobile. I filed a police report online. I would feel better if I had a police officer take that report. The 7th grader in the House didn't understand why someone would want another's license plate. She also didn't understand what a couple could be doing parked in a dark parking lot at night. I was probably too honest with both scenarios.
  • Two died in tornados in Oklahoma yesterday. 
  • Barry's high school football coach passed away last week.FUNERAL for Orrie Harris, 82, of Bridgeport is 2 p.m. Tuesday at Morris Memorial United Methodist Church in Chico with burial at Chico Cemetery. Family visitation is 6-8 tonight at Jones-Bridgeport.


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • (EDIT: Still Mrs. LL here.)
  • Did everyone behave on Mother's Day yesterday? Personally, I took my Mum to see Mother's Day. It was a cute movie. 
  • To my mom, how about this doggie?
  • So, let me get this straight: Now Rick Perry is endorsing Doald Trump when he called him a "cancer" on conservatism?
  • A three year old fell off a pontoon boat in Rockwall and hit the propeller. Good grief! He's in serious condition.
  • While on the subject of Johnny Manziel yesterday, I was told that there has never been a single guy start as an NFL quarterback who has had his mugshot taken. That couldn't be true.
  • "Noah" was the most popular male baby name last year. That's not because of a man with a big boat, that's because of "The Notebook".
  • A church in Houston had a carnival that included a bounce house that was blown by high winds and tumbled for 30 feet. 
  • There were over 160,000 at the Kentucky Derby. That's over 1-1/2 Jerry Worlds.
  • Dog attack in Dallas: "They ate her like they was eating a steak," said her mother, Barbara Brown.
  • I missed Rhome's Brandon Davis resigning Friday in the Update. 
  • DAVIS RESIGNS AS RHOME CHIEF — Rhome Police Chief Brandon Davis has resigned his position. Davis told the Messenger yesterday that he had decided to resign because he felt like the atmosphere in the city was no longer safe for his family. Davis said that someone has been stalking him, and he believes it is best to move out of the city and change his occupation. He mentioned that because he is no longer a police officer, he has the right to protect his home and family just as any other citizen. “As a civilian, if I catch him coming in my yard, I can take whatever force necessary to protect my property,” Davis said. “I don’t have to say, ‘Stop. Police.’ So I think the best way to protect my family until I can get out of here is to be a regular citizen, because I have more rights.” Read more in the weekend Wise County Messenger.
  • Now the comments make a little more sense. 
  • Local election results. A guy running for Chico City Council got seven votes. Fail.
  • STAAR testing today. Ugh.