College Football Fans Post

Michigan has found a quarterback that may rival The Empire's Vince Young. Today he rushed for 258 and passed for 244. Incredible.

About as incredible as this photo of him in a Heisman Trophy pose.


Edit: Fox 4's Fiona attempting to recreate the Heisman image:

Football Saturday Mind Bursts

  • Jogged early. Humid and hot. Hate that.
  • A cold front would have been perfect for today.
  • Walked my new little Yorkie around the block. Pretty cute. Pretty funny. 
  • Then she chewed through one of my computer lines. Not funny. 
  • Trying to catch as much as I can of Texas v. Wyoming (over in the first quarter) and Oklahoma v. Florida State (might be pretty good.) Baylor is actually on an obscure cable channel if you can find it at 6:00 pm.
  • Watching Florida trail USF at the moment. (Just looked up and saw that.)
  • Chris Berman has a mustache!!! Now he's as visually offensive as he is audibly.
  • Texas Southern has a football team? Kinda.
  • Just saw the Rangers used 11 pitchers last night --- a Major League record. That also means 11 game stoppages for warm ups. Baseball is a beating. 
  • Lady kills house stalker. 


Wise County Church Allows You To Go To Church Without Having To Go To Church


Don't You Have To Be Found Guilty First?

I Wonder If This Is A Baseball Or Football Area?

Thursday night's local rating for the Rangers-Blue Jays on Fox Sports Southwest: 2.3

Thursday night's local rating for Saints-Vikings NFL opener on Channel 5: 20.6

I'm not exactly sure how that translates into number of homes, but it does seem that for every 1 home tuned into the Rangers, there were 10 homes tuned into a football game that didn't even involve the Cowboys.


Edit: Someone pointed out that Fox Sports is on cable/satellite and the NFL game was on free everywhere Channel 5. Yep, legitimate point. 

Rumor Mill: Jacksboro

Someone just commented about an industrial accident happening in Jacksboro with fatalities?

I've heard absolutely nothing about that. Nada.

Anyone else?

9/11 Anniversary Tomorrow

For an incredible collection of front pages from across the nation and world that appeared on the following day, go here.

Edit: I forgot to mention that you should check out 102 Minutes That Changed America on the History Channel tomorrow night if you get the chance.

Probably No Big Deal

. . . but three Decatur cop cars with lights on are in the Wells Fargo Bank parking lot (downtown location.)  They've got some lady detained.

Britney Channels Courtney Love

Not sure what Pop Magazine is, but she's in it.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Snopes.com has finally weighed in on whether the Michelle Obama and two ladies photo I posted the other day is in fact accurate. Nope, photo-shopped. 
  • The NFL game last night seemed to have a lot of "super slow motion" replays that were, uh, awesome.
  • The crazy Florida Koran burning pastor said he was going to cancel the burning after he said he had struck a deal through through a mediator for the Ground Zero Mosque to be moved. The mediator says that's not true. I believe the Muslims.
  • Long road trip: The University of Hawaii plays Army at West Point this weekend.
  • Helping with math homework turns into my own homework in Practicing Patience 101. 
  • As will listening to and endless number of jokes from a second grade level joke book. (What does a Gorilla learn in school? His Ape-B-Cs.)
  • That was a heck of a gas line explosion that damaged or destroyed 170 homes last night in California.
  • President Obama says he will keep W's Tax Cuts except for those making over $200,000.  Those that disagree with him, please raise your hands.
  • The Wise County law enforcement's target of the Malone clan turned out to be a big bag of nothing.
  • The Saints and Vikings players started the game last night by holding up one finger as a sign of solidarity for the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations. Enjoy your NFL now because you're not going to be seeing it this time next year.
  • Start your day off by watching a monkey ride a pig. It's actually funny.
  • Miles Austin gets paid yesterday with $17 million guaranteed. Man, Jerry is paying a lot to the receiving corp that has yet to be proven: Dez Bryant (not a played a down), Roy Williams (spare), Austin (one year wonder?).
  • Wrong way driver on Stemmons Freeway last night which led to a crash (but no death). I fear the wrong way driver. I guess you should head to the opposite shoulder and slow to a crawl?


We Know!!!!! We Know!!!!!!

And we'll also drink lots of water if we're out in the hot sun!!!!!!

Rockin' The House For County Treasurer

If you like crazy small town politics, you'll love this guy. He really gets going at 1:05


  • Getting the date wrong for the election.
  • "Masters in ....Communication!"
  • Screwing up his favorite Einstein quote of all time
  • "Who said that? THANK YOU!!!"
  • His shake voice. 
  • "Government may be about service but politics is about winning." (He's probably right about that)

An Animated GIF Of Yesterday's Video

Good times.

(Thanks, Chris)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Yeah, it's kind of cool to watch the local news helicopter track down small tornadoes, but I wouldn't want to be flying it. 
  • Car chases and tornadoes: The two things that would preempt coverage of the Second Coming.
  • Channel 8's Pete Delkus' favorite saying: "A tornado could literally form at any moment."
  • "I don't care about cute boys - I care about that math grade!" -- A phrase I uttered last night that I didn't think I'd ever say. 
  • I think people are grumpier now more than ever. 
  • Heidi Montag in a bikini just to pull you out of your grumpiness.
  • Weird case at Trophy Club's Byron Nelson High School. Kid's dad gets shot over weekend, kid goes to school on Tuesday, school accuse him of smoking dope, suspend him and put him in that goof alternative school program, mom provides kid's clean drug test, school keeps suspension intact.
  • I like the fact that the NFL is starting tonight, then I'll end up watching only about five minutes of it. (NFL Factoid: On average, six of the twelve teams that made the playoffs the year before won't make it the following year. Breaking non-news: Pat's QB Tom Brady was in a pretty bad car wreck this morning but was not hurt -- edit: now with photo.) 
  • If I approach an intersection and it looks like I'll arrive at the exact same time as another car, I'll intentional slow down so there won't be any question who arrived first. Then I want to pull my hair out as the other driver won't go.
  • It's funny that the "burn the Koran" pastor is portrayed as a nut case, rouge rogue Christian who doesn't represent Christian beliefs, but a group of nutcase 9/11 terrorists Muslims leads most people to question the entire religion. 
  • If I went to a Gold and Silver exchange, I guarantee I'd walk away feeling ripped off.
  • Saw Meghan McCain on TV this morning. Her qualifications to say anything are . . . .? (But she's kind of hot.)
  • Two SFA players simultaneously faked an injury against A&M to slow down the Aggie offense. Evidence.
  • The lead item in the Update today uses the term "methamphetamines." Drives me crazy. It's not plural. That would be like "snorting cocaines." 
  • MGM Grand lion attack of trainer. Oh, my! Hide ya wives, hide ya kids, hide ya husbands. 


Google Announces New "Instant Search"

You don't even have to hit the "enter" key. (That did take a lot of time, didn't it?) Check it out. 

Watermelon Vs. Chick

I've never watch 10 seconds of The Amazing Race and have no idea what it is (other than I suspect it has to do with a race that's amazing.), so I can't believe I watched this clip.

But that would have been my loss. And yours.

When she was pulling back on those big rubber bands, I was sure one was going to break. Nope. It's much better than that.

And how here face wasn't crushed (or an eye lost) is a mystery.

Saginaw Bus This Morning

Cell phone pic from loyal reader. (Thanks, Ed.)

Edit: And another reader sends in this one "Trinity Blvd behind Bell in Hurst this morning, note the 3 cars in the ditch"

Things That Look Fake But Aren't


This Video Is All Over The Place . . .

. . . and it should be. That's insane.

Edit: Background.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One odd adjustment to this marriage gig with kids? Having to be careful with what I watch on TV. I'll record Entourage, Hard Knocks, and other HBO type stuff and used to fire it up any time I wanted. No more. Offended little ears and a mad mother are no way to go through life, son. 
  • One in five U.S. adults smoke? I don't believe that for a moment.
  • 5K fun runs used to be the norm but now they are tricking them up with obstacles. They had one in Bridgeport a few months back and this one in Roanoke this weekend sounds kind of fun.
  • The Rangers are only in first place because they are (1) amazingly in a four team division and (2) the other three teams couldn't beat Chico.
  • I'm guessing it's just an online mistake, but the Messenger's PDF paper this morning has two page 5s and no page 6 (which is where all the Editorial/Letters are carried over to.) But I might pick up a hard copy to see if that mistake actually occurred there as well.
  • Have my number of postings slowed down? Yeah. Has the quality, too? Yeah. Don't worry. I'm committed to silliness. 
  • I've heard about the Florida church that plans on holding the "Burn The Quran" this Saturday but have refused to post anything about it. It's so stupid that even I won't be sucked in. At least until now.
  • Mrs. LL said she was almost blow off 287 in Rhome during the "tornado warning" yesterday.
  • I fear the hydroplaning. 
  • There was a picture of Hooter Girls taken over the weekend at a charity golf tournament, but something seems to stick out.
  • Speaking of the Messenger, I like the concept of having the writers and editors do a sports "pick em" grid like the Dallas Morning News (and most big papers) does. But they picked only four college games this week and one of them is Wyoming v. Texas. But - get this - they don't use a point spread. Really? You boys going out on a limb by all picking Texas straight up?
  • For you delusional folks that think we invaded Iraq "to liberate those people", why do we sit back and allow this to go on?
  • We've named our new dog "Precious" after (don't tell the kids) the dog from Silence of the Lambs. I'll be coaxing her to get in the basket if she keeps whining.
  • Saw a piece on Fox 4 where the Dallas County DA paraded a group of prosecutors, victims and exoneree in front of the Commissioners' Court to persuade them not to cut his budget like every other department. It worked.  He's shameless, no scholar, not much of a lawyer, but a heck of a politician. His plan worked.
  • I purchased the NFL Red Zone for the year. Unlike the crazily expensive Sunday Ticket (which allows you to see every NFL game), the Red Zone cost $5 a month.
  • Lake Bridgeport water level.  The rain hasn't had the immediate impact that you would think, but it'll continue to rise for a couple of days
  • Lingerie football pics in a Star Telegram sister site?


    Oh, My

    "Left to right – Princess Letizia of Spain, French first lady Carla Bruni and, Michelle Obama."

    I'm trying to verify this because it seems tricked up. Anyone? Here's the First Lady in that dress. I wonder if the other to gals have been photoshopped in. 

    We've Got A Pink Shape Floating Over Us At 4:25 p.m.

    I suppose that's important.

    Edit: Tornado warning? Sirens went off in Decatur.

    Edit: Messenger says "BREAKING NEWS - Rotation has been spotted between FM 2264 and US 380 headed North."

    Edit: Delkus had it covered, too

    Last paragraph. First sentence.

    Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

    • Rain for the next two days? Where did Tropical Storm Hermine come from? I've already experienced some serious rain this morning. 
    • The National Geographic Channel is promoting "Giuliani's 9/11" and the former mayor is all over it. No one has tried to profit off the tragedy more than that guy. 
    • After watching a few episodes of Hard Knocks, I despise Jets coach Rex Ryan. Classless.
    • He's just like his daddy.
    • How can you not believe in Boise State? Every time that team is in the spotlight, it wins.
    • Sign in the stands that I remember from last year: "Boise Is Not A State. We Checked."
    • A tradition that I was oblivious to but now am a big fan of: Virginia Tech entering the stadium to the music of "Enter Sandman".
    • It's amazing the Jerry Lewis Telethon is still going on. And they've raised how much money? And they've cured what? 
    • I can't wait to watch Nancy Grace's new show, Swift Justice. It looks like she'll become even more of a cartoon character. 
    • The Google's logo turns into bouncing balls today. And you can scatter them with a mouse over move.
    • Lady received $9,000 phone bill after using her phone extensively while on a trip to Israel. I blame her. 


    Belated Monday Morning Random Labor Day Thoughts

    • I installed three ceiling fans this weekend. The first one took about eight hours. The second one about 45 minutes.
    • I now understand the term "learning curve." 
    • Never before have I cared so much about the difference between a #8 and a #10 screw.
    • I also had to buy a "screw extractor" and a "T wrench". That should tel you I was beaten down to no end. 
    • Home Depot should make me honorary Chairman of the the Board based upon the amount of money, and the insane number of trips, that I allocated to the company this weekend.
    • I jogged in the morning all three weekend days. Fantastic.
    • My post jog this morning involved the oldest stepdaughter (hate that term) riding her bike with me. What a great experience.
    • TCU did well.
    • I could have sworn I heard the Texas Tech crowd chant "BOR-ING" after the Raiders first offensive series.
    • They might run a silly hurry up offense, and they'll miss Mike Leach, but the offense is not boring.
    • Oklahoma looked unenthused. As did the Evil Empire.
    • For the first time in years I dressed casually last Friday. Then my assistant reminded me I had two court appearances (which I swore weren't on my calender but were). I ran home and changed into a suit. Beating. 
    • I'm waiting for a toy dog to arrive at the house as a new member. He's from Oklahoma. I'm plan on reminding this very Empire friendly house about that every day.
    • Remember the fight between the young guy and the old guy at the U.S. Open I posted the Friday? Now there's audio. (Language warning. Big. Time.)
    • Guy gets hit in the head with a foul ball during batting practice. The Zapruder film quality begins at the 30 second mark. Ouch. 
    • Ugh. Saw a news story of  six month old being killed in a crash on I-35 just north of Hillsboro. Why does it seem even more horrible when you know the stretch of highway?
    • I just woke up from a nap and feel like Otis from the Andy Griffith Show after a bender. 
    • The Deutsche Bank golf tournament was on TV this weekend. I just love being able to pronounce it: Doy-cha Bank. By the way, that outfit was one of the biggest suckers of credit default swaps during the last-big-economic-crisis.