Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It might be slow around here today. I'm having MAJOR surgery. (Actually, it's a minor hernia repair but everyone around me is freaking out which makes me want to freak out.)
  • Jaywalker, who just happens to be black, beaten by cops in North Carolina. Those guys are going to be indicted -- unless the South is trying to rise again. 
  • There was a note from a Wise County jury to the court yesterday which, if what I heard is true, is amazing. I'll try to get a copy. 
  • Trump is going to meet with the North Korean leader? That will never happen. Flashback:
  • And this guy will die on Trump Cross:
  • Who would have thought something could go wrong?

  • The over/under line on the Texas Rangers for total season wins is 77.5. Take the under. #SportsGenius
  • Lawyer to client in the Wise County courthouse yesterday: "What I want to do is resolve this case today [by a plea bargain.]" Buddy, I know you are from out of town and hate driving up here, but what you want is irrelevant. 
  • I guess the nation is already tired about the gun control issue. We have the attention span of a toddler.
  • Rick Carlisle calling the new allegations against Mark Cuban "fake news" and a "proven non-event" are over the top and irresponsible. The only logical response is, "I don't know what is true." He would never say that -- that's why he needed to keep his mouth shut. 
  • Uh, oh. The Fort Worth judge story regarding his order to shock a defendant in court has been picked up by The Guardian with over 7 million Twitter followers.
  • Justin Northwest, which is going to the state basketball final, has a center who is 6'7" and 336 pound center who comes off the bench. He also has signed with Oklahoma as an offensive lineman in football. 


I Want To Be On The Austin City Council

I love bits. And those speakers have a lot of bits.

What's The Point Of This?

And since I'm a softball genius (with one year of coaching experience which almost got me hired by Alabama), isn't she out of the batter's box?

Random Thursday Morning Thoughs

  • Rep. Jeb Hensarling decided to get out of Congress. Someone named Bunni Pounds is in a  runoff to replace him. I'll leave it at that. 
  • The Star-Telegram finally reported about the judge getting reversed on appeal after ordering a defendant to be shocked in court. In the story it says, "Texas Lawyer first reported the ruling Tuesday."  I would like to point out that the hardest working man in show business wrote about it on this blog on Friday.
  • A few weeks ago I said that Trump's lawyer might be the dumbest lawyer in America. I also said, in regards to the Stormy Daniels, "What's Trump going to do? Sue her to say she is violating a confidentially agreement regarding adulterous sex?" Well, the lawyer did it. He obtained a restraining order to prevent the porn star from disclosing any details about the affair which he claims didn't happen. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders admitted the "arbitration win" yesterday in the press briefing. It's a Confederacy of Dunces. (Prediction: Sarah is in trouble.)
  • Stolen quote: "Donald Trump cheated on his pregnant 3rd wife with a porn star, Stormy Daniels, who’s now suing him. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the man who won the Evangelical vote."
  • There's a Texas court reporter shortage. Old timers like me know the cause of it: There is no longer a demand because of (1) worker's comp reform and (2) tort reform. If you your chances of getting a a job are low, you don't go to court reporting school.
  • Say what
  • There's nothing legally interesting about it, but the Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed a Wise County case late last week. It deals with the legality of how the Sheriff's office handled the case. 
  • Nothing makes me laugh more than Fox and Friends trying to be "hip" by using "Diamond and Silk." ("Uh, huh! That's right!")
  • The Colonial golf club has lost its sponsorship for its annual tournament. They unveiled a new logo yesterday for this year's tournament which might have been created with Microsoft Paint.
  • There are parts of Fort Worth which now have flashing yellow left turn lights at heavily used intersections. A NASCAR driver could probably handle it. Everyone else is in a death trap.  
  • For criminal lawyers: Here's a great roundup of the Texas results for the election for DA and Court of Criminal Appeals.


Oh, My!

Being A Member Of The Utah State Bar Has Its Privileges


Texas only sends out a worthless Bar Journal once a month.

Above The Fold

Full page PDF.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a crazy election night: 
    • The Wise County turnout was embarrassing. 
    • The Messenger's website was great last night for returns (although it did get overloaded at one point.)
    • Look how close these Wise County races were. 
    • In the JP#4 race, I'll give Todd Bailey credit. He actually knocked on my dad's door during the campaign. 
    • Pat Fallon crushed, and I mean crushed, Craig Estes as our state senator. I didn't think you could beat an incumbent that badly. But he threw out red meat and it worked.
    • The Waco DA got beat.  How's that ridiculous Let's-Indict-Every-Biker-At-Twin-Peaks work out for ya?
    • The "propositions" on the Republican ballot were either written by a child, an intern for Fox News, or Trump.
    • How on God's green earth does Dan Patrick get 76% of the vote in the Republican primary? Isn't there a better option?
    • Meet who will be almost certainly be the next Dallas County D.A. Look at that platform. These times, they are a changing. Edit: I screwed this up. She lost, once the late returns came in, by about 500 votes.
    • Former WFAA investigative reporter Brett Shipp failed to make the runoff for Congress.
    • Former KXAS anchorman Mike ("I Love You, Jane") Snyder did make the runoff for Tax Accessor-Collector in Tarrant County.
  • "It's always been about the program. Never about winning." - TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson in defense of the lawsuit by a player. It's never about winning?
  • If you have allergies, get ready. 
  • Trump is now a book promoter at the crack of dawn? 
  • Another member of Trump's inner circle quit last night. His economic adviser decided it's time to jump ship because of Trump's tariff threat.
  • BBQ talk whips me to no end.
  • Mark Cuban is having the worst year ever. And it is just March. 
  • Fox 4 had a segment on how Park Place Lexus held a party for an army reserve before he is deployed. Isn't that amazing that the camera just happen to be there to film it? #PaidAd


Wise County Election Results

The Messenger is on it. Link.

"Kaaah, Kaaah!!
Edit: Early voting shows we are in for an insane night.

Edit: As the Messenger site crashed due to traffic, the Publisher and Owner announced the results via Instagram. 

A Pastor, Deputy, and A Restaurant Owner Walk Into A Massage Parlor

Waco. Oh, Waco.

Never A Dull Moment With This White House

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Wow. A visiting judge tells the Waco DA he should be "ashamed of himself" for using a Twin Peaks biker's photo in a political ad. And why would the DA even want to remind everyone of the biker cases which he is not competent to handle? 
  • Random Oscar's pic: Jodie Foster is 5'3". Jennifer Lawrence comes in at 5'9". I don't know the height of the heels.
  • Political junkies only: I had never heard of Sam Nunberg until yesterday but that was the most Wheels Off afternoon/evening  I've seen in a while. The former Trump aide decided to call every major media outlet. In interviews, he was accused of drinking in the afternoon by a CNN host, said he would (or maybe wouldn't) defy a Mueller subpoena ("screw that"), called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a "fat slob", and both berated and praised Trump.
  • The first round pick of the Washington Nationals, who was kicked off the University of Houston baseball team, was "sent home" from spring training. (Who could have predicted it?!)
  • It's election day.  Newspapers and TV stations are mourning due to to the loss of ad revenue. For the rest of us: Our long nightmare is over. 
  • I'd pay a lot to have an option on the ballot for the Paxton/Huffines race which simply said, "I want both of them to just go away." 
  • Man, Mrs. LL got upset while watching Waco.
  • Let's check in on Trump's mental health this morning: 

  • What did he say once? Oh, yeah: "And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."
  • You know, sadly, I barely remember this incident from last Fall. (Side note: He used an AR-15):
  • Former Baylor and current Atlanta Falcons' kicker Matt Bryant  just received a three year deal for $10.5 million  So what, you ask? He entered the NFL in 2002. (An NFL year is like a dog year -- even for a kicker.) 
  • The High School Freshman in the House used the word "dystopian" in a sentence over the weekend.  
  • Williamson County, whose law enforcement at all levels has been a national embarrassment, continues its tradition. 
  • Sharon Stone turns 60 this week. 
  • Shout out to the Wise County media mogul for the hand delivery of "memories" yesterday of artifacts from the First National Bank of Bridgeport. 


Down By 2 with 2 Seconds Left -- State Title On The Line

Saw This A Few Day Ago. Gold.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I might need to make this the new "And Another" bullet point because it happens so often. Story. A prosecutor who wants to win more than seek justice is the most dangerous person in America.
  • I was watching Waco in front of the College Sophomore In The House Who Is Home and she was interested but confused. I asked her how much she new about it. It wasn't much. I was almost disappointed then I figured out she was born in 1998, and The Branch Davidian fiasco happened in 1993. 
  • She had a friend who happened to be a boy over last night to watch TV. They wanted to watch something on Amazon and the guy tells me "I brought over a hacked Firestick so it will be easy." I did the slow head turn at him which caused him to say, "Uh, it's just a 'modified' one."
  • I know one faithful blog reader who will find this story very interesting.
  • I told you that Denton County Sheriff was grandstanding, and his curious tough-guy-rant got him  onto Fox News. Do you realize the number of Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs who are in this country who just shut up and do their jobs? But a handful of them want to be the next Sheriff Joe or Sheriff David Clarke. (Side note: I know the cowboy hat is what that masses want to see, but that's a bad brim): 
  • Compare and contrast.
  • Any of these Texas high school basketball scores jump out at you? (And it didn't even involve overtime.)
  • Trump had a rare Saturday midday tweet. I hope he's not going CRAZY. 
  • Gary Oldman won an Oscar last night (or so I have heard.) His best character was his brief appearance in the underrated True Romance
  • This is the most deceptive and horribly reported stories I've seen in a while. WFAA needs to be ashamed. They give the impression that a guy running for DA in Smith County cut a deal on a case involving the murder of a trooper. Nope, it was an unrelated case which they take a long time to mention and don't make clear.  (Side note: Fox 4 News in the last rating period swept every single time slot.) 
  • Five people have filed to run for mayor in Runaway Bay. I'll tell you one thing, that "quiet" community is a constant political storm. 
  • Alex Alec Baldwin did the "cold open" on Saturday Night Live, but in looking for it  I ran across this photo from years back. That's one bizarre cast of characters. I could name three of the four. 
  • Alabama's Roy Moore says he's broke. To refresh your recollection, (1) he was removed from the  Alabama Supreme Court for not obeying the law, (2) lost his Senate bid even with Trump's endorsement, and (3) "dated"  teenagers he met in malls. In a message begging for money (welfare?) he said, ""Gays, lesbians, and transgenders have joined forces with those who believe in abortion, sodomy, and destruction of all that we hold dear. Unless we stand together we will lose our country."
  • The West Virginia teacher strike continues today. Oklahoma teachers are considering it. Texas? You guys gonna just sit back and watch?