It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here

This is not from the Decatur Reunion. I repeat. Not from Decatur Reunion.

What every married guy sees before (and after) they apologize.
I don't care about her. I hope the ficus tree is OK.
More proof dogs are better than humans. 
I feel guilty for feeling so much joy out of this one. 

Are The Girls In The Back Horrified Or Impressed?

Because I seriously have no idea.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Yesterday the girl who successfully encouraged the boyfriend to kill himself was sentenced to 15 months in prison. This may be one of the biggest free speech case since the flag burning decision in Texas vs. Johnson. 
  • Heard a story on the radio yesterday (the Hardline) about how they were on a plane which was headed down the runway and, seconds before lift off, the pilot shut it down. That happened to Mrs. LL and I once and it is beyond unnerving. 
  • They were headed to Canton for the Hall of Fame game. I went there a couple of years ago and getting to Canton ain't easy. And once you get there, your first thought is: "How in the world is this thing in Canton?"
  • Dallas Morning News lede from yesterday: "A Houston police crackdown on men masturbating and exposing themselves in a park near downtown has led to the arrests of an FBI agent, pastor and a sheriff's deputy in recent years, authorities say." My head is spinning.
  • I love the guy who called me out for posting the story about the grand jury being empaneled in the Russia investigation because "I" once said "a grand jury will indict a ham sandwich." First, did someone get indicted I don't know about? That story just means this investigation just got very serious. Secondly, that's a very old saying dating back to 1985 that I didn't come up with.
  • Can you imagine Trump being called in front of a grand jury and being forced to testify before some of the best prosecutors in the nation? He would be advised by his lawyers to take the Fifth. But would he do it? 
  • We had a guy flee a traffic stop in Decatur yesterday. Based upon the lack of information released, it sounds like he got away. 
  • Did you know Kenneth Starr had never prosecuted anyone prior to going after Bill Clinton? And that he never personally talked to Monica Lewinsky? 
  • The female doctor from Keller who died at the Grand Canyon after getting lost while going to look for water is referred to in every story as an "experienced hiker." It sure doesn't sound like it. 
  • Sean Hannity's new attempt at humor with his "Final Word" is very puzzling. 
  • Trump announced four more nominees for U.S. Attorney yesterday. That brings the total to 33. And 32 of them are men. Just 1 woman. 
  • The more I hear people talk, the more I'm convinced people are having trouble making ends meet.  I don't know if it is suppressed wages or people spending every dime they make.
  • When I worked in my dad's dry goods store as a kid, I got to learn the markup of everything that was sold. One thing I didn't understand was that the markup on Dickie's work pants was the smallest of them all. I asked my mom why. She told me that people who bought those work very hard and "your dad understands that."


Breaking News: BOOM!

My First Ever Female Tongan Rugby Post

I will readily admit this: In my best younger days, she would have plowed me over like nobody's business.

This May Be Fake News

But someone just commented "Candlewood Suites lockdown?"

There's a hotel in Decatur by that name over by the hospital.

Anyone know anything?

Messenger has an update.


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Sarah Huckabee read another alleged letter from a young boy (who just happens to be named Frank). He wants to mow the White House lawn because he wants to make money. She then talked about immigration reform. Wow.
  • There was a story of a home invasion robbery in Fort Worth two nights ago. The man, who is an attorney, and his wife and daughter were all home.  And last night I saw the wife just calmly talking about on camera. 
  • Trump is basically declaring war on all of Congress.
  • Conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs has died. He was no stranger to Wise County.
  • I think one of the biggest logistic challenges there would be is schools this time of year. Can you imagine registrations, classroom assignments, scheduling, etc.
  • The College Sophomore in the House has had a babysitting job of a little baby this summer. That makes me nervous. Not that she can't handle it (she's fantastic) but that she will get the "baby bug". I've told her not to get any ideas. My hot opinion to her is to not have a baby until after 30 years old. I'm not sure she understands.
  • This is a weird story: A 38 year old woman has gone missing in the Grand Canyon. Her two children, 10 and 11, who were with her are safe. She is a doctor in Keller. Breaking edit: She has been found dead.
  • Ticket fans only: It's a little weird that Craig and Gordon just suddenly decided to stay behind in California and they had to scramble for emergency fill-ins for them this morning. 
  • I keep hearing about a football official shortage in Texas especially at the under varsity level. That makes sense. Who would want to do it these days and take that abuse?


A Personal Post For Local Wise County (And Courthouse) Folks

King Barnett has died.

He was an investigator under former DA Brock Smith.

And all around nice guy.

He died of cancer after a short but courageous fight. I once heard that the battle is not fight a fight at all because it is not fair.  And that is right.

At Least He Is Predictable: This Is Full Trump

In other news, he issued two statements this morning calling the Congressional bill sanctioning Russia unconstitutional. And then he signed it. Huh? And then he mentioned North Korea?

A Russia Post! (But It Is Not Trump Related)

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One thing I've noticed in watching police videos over the years is that they now talk on cell phones to other officers. Nothing goes out public over the radio. Burners?
  • I didn't even mention the Washington Post story yesterday that Trump "dictated" the statement for Trump Jr. to explain the Russian meeting because even I was skeptical. Then spokesperson Sarah Huckabee came out during the White House press conference and confirmed it after Trump's lawyer had denied it.  
  • Here's a story about a "senior" bull rider from Bridgeport traveling six hours to compete in Kansas. It's from the local paper up there. 
  • That's a crazy story about the DART train where a guy was beaten because he complained about them smoking weed. There are a lot of lessons to be learned. 
  • Per the Messenger, they have opened the gates at Lake Bridgeport to feed water to the metroplex. I bet it has been two years since that happened. 
  • Also in the Messenger: The Sheriff's office is getting a TxDOT grant for DWI enforcement on certain holidays. J.T. Manoushagian is overseeing it.
  • Mrs. LL texted me last night with the message: "The neighbor says there is a SKUNK outside!"
  • I called BS on this story in Random Thoughts when it first came out. Now the Houston Chronicle is on it
  • The Cowboys play a preseason game tomorrow. That's kind of hard to grasp.


For All Of You Who Hate Your Job . . .

. . .  it could be worse.

Edit: It you understand what is going on, this is a bomb. She will be fired within the week:

I Used To Be Stunned By These Stories


This Certainly Won't Cause Any Problems

Random Monday (oops, I mean) Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Once again, proving I'm a Sports Genius, I told you Yu Darvish would end up as a Dodger.
  • Nothing makes me sadder than The Mooch being fired. He was a brief window into the White House. (And you realize his wife left him and had a baby during his 11 day stint, right?)
  • And he looks different without the aviator glasses.
  • Trump always said he would "surround myself with the best people.": (1) Mike Flynn: 24 days, (2) Sean Spicer: 182 days, (3) Reince Priebus: 189 days, (4) The Mooch: 11 days,
  • Sheriff Joe had a bad day, too:

  • "They won't make me wear pink underwear will they!?"
  • After seeing a colonoscopy and cataract surgery assembly lines over the last year, I'm convinced that is the way to make money as a doctor. Specialize, get referrals, and hire good people. 
  • I've never understood the phrase "If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain." 
  • I had to stop driving yesterday morning in Bridgeport because a big dog was just relaxing in the middle of the road on a pretty remote residential street. It was funny. He finally moved. 
  • And this morning Trump proves once again he just sits around in the morning and watches Fox and Friends
  • I failed to link to the West Texas oil field/drug use story yesterday. Here it is


Noooo! Trump Just Fired The Mooch!

Is This A Common Sign?

Just saw it in Denton.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • In case you missed it, DPS reversed its policy of charging counties and cities for their drug/blood testing. Our Sheriff might have played a greater roll in that than anyone knows. 
  • Mrs. LL and I watched an hour show (Reelz channel?) recounting the life of Anna Nicole Smith. That was one wheels off life. 
  • Adrian Beltre got his 3,000 hit yesterday, and I know people who went there to see it. I hate baseball but I had a buddy drag me to see Nolan Ryan's 5,000th strikeout, It it was fantastic experience.  (One odd thing: I think I was more excited to see a CNN live feed in the corridor after it happened.)
  • Trump, over the weekend, proved again he is not smart man: "When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon. You see them thrown in rough. I said, 'Please don't be too nice." My head is spinning. Two thoughts: (1) "Paddy wagon"? (2) Should police  abandon their policy of putting their hand on someone's head as they get in the police car and they tell them, "Be careful."
  • There's a story over the weekend about drug use and West Texas oil field workers. It's true. 
  • It's all funny until he gives a clear indication that he might bomb a country to get the attention away from his scandals. Wag the Dog. 
  • (For faithful readers, I'm waiting on the "Stay Woke" commentor")
  • Mrs. LL, thanks to a comment, learned she could feed humming birds (or is it "hummingbirds"?) by hand. Video. And she created her own water solution for them. 
  • Go back and watch Knocked Up. Quality comedy.
  • One thing I wasn't prepared for is that when kids get older they get smarter. Smarter than you were prepared for.
  • Goofy former Presidential candidate and former pastor Mike Huckabee (father of the stand in press secretary)  said this on Fox News yesterday about Trump's new Chief of Staff: "If you’ve got four stars on your shoulder, you’re not a slow learner.  You didn’t ride the short bus." He later apologized
  • I had no idea there was a company at Lake Bridgeport which rented pontoon and other boats (at a shocking rate, in my opinion). I'm guessing it is people from the metroplex. Not a bad business concept.
  • Is this real or Fake News? Did a B-25 crash into the Empire State Building in 1945? All of your Jeopardy dollars are now on the line as your prepare to answer.
  • There is no front page of a newspaper today. Instead I want everyone, at least those in Wise County, to read the post below.