It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

I think we now have a common theme on Friday:
That was not well planned out.
 And I'm worried about the nutcases in the left lane. 
 Me getting out of my lawyer monkey suit every evening.
 Ms. LL this week when I pulled out my "Living Abroad in Costa Rica" book. 
"I'm not your average horse. I have reservations for dinner. Step aside, sir."

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This headline in itself got my attention. But my jaw dropped once I saw the lead lawyer has the same name as a lawyer in Decatur. I presume it is him.  I'll give him credit. Trying to get a jury worked up over a "luxury home builder" who is mad at a bank seems like a pretty big task. 
  • And Another (Texas.) But to be fair, she did meet him in church.
  • An Alamo Draft House is coming to Denton. And it looks like it'll be near the I-35 split.
  • Dear DPS: Tell me why when I watch one of your videos using the software "WatchGuard" included in your DVD I see this: 
    Propriety software screenshot
  • . . . but if I'm smart enough to root out the video file on the DVD (and I am) and play it with a free downloaded program I suddenly see onscreen data? I am not making this up. Is there a button I'm not clicking or is something amiss?
    Free downloaded program screenshot
  • EDIT: This is from a commentor. Is this true? HOLY CRAP! They have been withholding evidence? 
  • There is no way this story is true. The bank won't cancel the draft and issue a new one? They want an indemnity agreement in case the original is "illegally cashed"? 
  • The AG Paxton aide who I posted about yesterday no longer has his job. He was an assistant DA back in the day and continued to work for the government. You make inappropriate comments about women in that position you should lose your job. He was paid $151,000 a year, plus pension, plus medical, plus expenses.
  • There is a huge difference between humor and offensive comments in the workplace. And it is not hard to see the difference. 
  • As I predicted after watching just 30 minutes of the trial, Rhome Police Chief Brandon Davis was found not guilty. The AG's office, who was in charge of the prosecution, had subpoenaed over 30 witnesses. If there was ever proof needed that they have no idea what they are doing, that is it. Those people are not trial lawyers. 
  • This might appeal to only a few but it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. One of Trump's federal judge nominees gets grilled for five minutes in a Senate hearing. He admitted he had never tried a case, never argued a motion, had never conducted a deposition and, shockingly, didn't know what a Motion In Limine was. He had ultimate Shake Voice. It's almost a "Must Watch." 
  • Scandalous Pajama Guy can't do anything right. The crazy part is I think Texas voters might re-elect him. 
  • I thought the official White House Christmas photo reminded me of something. 

  • I've said this many times. I don't, in any form or fashion, like Star Wars. It's simply boring. (And I went and saw the original in the theater with my dad.) But if I watch any Star Trek TV show or movie, so long as Captain Kirk is in it, it is great. 
  • I told a friend at the courthouse the other day that most cemeteries are owned by funeral homes and they make money from selling the plots. I was wrong. I had no idea the Eastside Cemetery in Bridgeport was owned by the city (according to information provided by a reliable source.)
  • I hate This Is Us. It's a fantastic show but my job is to deal with people in crisis. I don't need to go through it again at night. 


But His Credentials Are Good. Right?

This goofball thought it would be a great idea to mock female victims at 2:00 in the morning on Facebook. 

Jeff Foxworthy voice: "You might be a right wing nut case if . . . . " 

War On Drugs! War On Drugs!

"The district attorney's office of Barrow County, Georgia, has dismissed criminal charges against Georgia linebacker Natrez Patrick, his attorney told ESPN on Thursday."

And this is why you have smart prosecutors rejecting these kind of cases. And when they notify the arresting agency in writing they want to write, but won't, "Are you kidding me? We kind of have our hands full over here without having to prosecute this crap."  

This Is One Weird Story

His final Facebook post.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Don't even ask about the Random Thought Girl. The photo simply made me laugh. 
  • Dogs are the best in animated Christmas specials. Snoopy in the Charlie Brown episode. The dog in the Grinch. Why doesn't someone create a Christmas special with all dogs? #PatentedIdea
  • Two Trump federal judge nominees, who were completely unqualified, have backed out. You never see that. 
  • There is a murder trial going on of a former Farmer's Branch police officer who killed a guy while off duty. Prediction: That guy will get convicted.  
  • I really didn't know anything about Trump's former Apprentice candidate Omarosa Manigault, but the fact that she is no longer employed at the White House is odd. And she said this morning that what she saw at the White House “profoundly” disturbed her. What is odder is that the Secret Service issued a statement that she was not physically removed. 
  • I've watched thousands of police videos, but I have never seen an officer tell a female to "Shut your mouth." That is, until yesterday. 
  • Alabama coach Nick Saban finished third in the Senate race in Alabama. 
  • This is from yesterday: I would think so. 
  • You wanted to see a picture of the new puppy? Here you go. The lone surviving Yorkie is having nothing to do with her. 
  • Roy Moore won't concede. He will "wait on God and let this process play out." Anyone know what Bible verse controls recounts from Heaven?
  • Sunnyvale ISD was shut down because of the flu. I need my old Bridgeport friends to help me on this: When I was in the Sixth Grade, didn't we get shut down because of a flu epidemic? (Side note: We were all part of an educational experiment. Every class in the entire grade was held in one huge room with four "classrooms" in each corner. In retrospect, that was insane.)
  • Just happened. Gone!
  • Brett Shipp, running for Congress, was on with radio guy Mark Davis. Question: "If Democrats take the House back, will you vote for Trump's impeachment?' Shipp: "Yes, I will. absolutely."


County Law! County Law!

Or it might be City Law.

Looks like there was a huge police presence on the 2300 block of Fair Oaks Drive in Bridgeport this morning. Two high school girls arrested. A very Faithful Reader tells me there were 14 cop cars.

I always told you guys I grew up on the mean streets of Bridgeport.

And, plus, this gives me the opportunity to repost one of my favorite videos.

Obviously A Dirty Lib

I was half asleep last night as this was on and Mrs. LL fired off a "What the heck? Did you see that kid?"

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There is hope for America. When a Democrat wins a Senate seat in Alabama of all places even over a pedophile, Roy Moore, who was given the full support of Trump, there is a new day coming. 
  • Here was local radio host Mark Davis yesterday: 
  • Look how this went down for Trump: (1) Trump creates a Senate vacancy by appointing Jeff Sessions as AG, (2) Sessions appoints a special counsel to investigate Trump over Russia, (3) Trump endorses Roy Moore's opponent, Luther Strange, in the Republican primary to replace Sessions, (4) Trump then endorses Roy Moore after Moore wins the primary. This did not go well for the "Grab Her By The P" guy.
  • The Onion can still bring it: 
  • These local Wise County races have my attention. (Stolen from the Messenger. Don't sue me, Mr. Eaton. But I'm guessing I just got you more paid "Hats in the Ring" for JP Pct. 2. A couple of folks have dropped the ball.)
  • This blogging platform is acting up. Changes and updates I write sometimes disappear. I'm trying to figure it out. 
  • No way! 
  • The Brandon Davis trial (he's the former Rhome Police Chief) is ongoing in the Wise County District Court. After watching part of it yesterday I have a hot prediction: A Not Guilty verdict. Fort Worth lawyer Jim Lane is killing the inept AG's office which is in charge of the prosecution. I'll have more on this.
  • Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie.
  • More movie talk: I walked by a package in the office hallway the other day and it had "Fragile" written on it. I started laughing as I thought that it must be special since it came from Fra-gee-lee. 
  • Ticket Fans only: Mrs. LL thinks Gordon Keith might be retiring. He is taking a strange three week vacation (although he did show up yesterday for a segment or two.) 
  • Presented without comment. Robert Jeffress was at the White House for Christmas.  
  • We've got a new puppy. Let me rephrase: We've got a new puppy who loves to have a party at 2:00 a.m. 
  • Trump Jr. was hired to speak by UNT.  He "required a speaker series record fee of $100,000, and, according to university records, hosting the Oct. 24 event at ATT Stadium cost a series record $149,680.11, totaling a record $249,680.11 in expenses . . . ."
    "Roy Moore lost even with daddy's endorsement?"
  • Why on God's green earth would Boyd ISD think it was a good idea to hold a graduation (of 97 students) in UNT's Super Pit instead of their great local stadium? They finally came to their senses.
  • We are watching a Republican Civil War: 
  • There was a story about a guy committing suicide after killing his two little kids in North Richland Hills. Now we learn he was a surgeon


Alabama's Roy Moore Goes To Vote This Morning

(And the comments on Twitter underneath this tweet are pure gold.)

And the exit was odd. He almost busted it. I'm certainly no horseman, but does he have any idea what he is doing?

Name The Smartest Living Creature In This Clip

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Incredible: Roy Moore's wife says that the Fake News would have you believe that "We don't care for Jews " She wanted to "set the record straight" by letting them know "une of our attorneys is a Jew!" The video, here, makes it much worse that even the words. She says it with such glee. 
  • This came out yesterday. They show Jones with an incredible 10% jump. Some polling group, one way or another, is going to be horribly wrong. 
  • Man, Fort Worth PD has a lot of money.
  • Sarah Sanders meltdown. She contradicted herself. She made no sense.  The stress of that job is getting to her. Never before has the White House Briefing Room been run by so one unprofessional, unprepared, and so unethical. 
  • The official LL Girl, Britney Spears, created a brief workout video.It's a Christmas miracle.
  • Trump announced yesterday that he wants us to go back to the moon. Why? Did we leave some rocks behind? And it sounds like a wise use of your tax dollars. (I'll bet I he saw Kennedy's Inaugural Address for the first time and decided to copy it.)
  • Boyd ISD got rid of the school's AD. You really don't see school boards do that. Normally there are behind the scenes discussions and someone resigns first. (And, yes, I know "behind the scenes discussions" probably violats the Open Meetings Act but it happens everywhere.)
  • Former KXAS anchor Mike Synder is running for office (Bud Kennedy tweet.) He has had problems before. (Ticket fans: I am the guy who was personally responsible for recording the drop when he read "person" as "peron" off the teleprompter.)  

  • Freshman In The House: "Do you want to go to Europe? I want to see Europe!" Me: "I want to see your checkbook."
  • That Blue Mound Road/287 wreck yesterday was horrific. 
  • No way!
  • The North Texas grass fires yesterday looked awfully meek compared to what we have seen in California for two weeks. 
  • Sonny Dykes has been hired as SMU football coach. That didn't get my attention. The fact that he will coach the team in the Frisco Bowl did. You never see that. 


Trumpy Bear!

This is an actual thing. I saw the commercial on TV and thought it had to be a joke. It wasn't. (Youtube.)

It even comes with an "American flag blanket" in a "secret" compartment in the back.

Just two easy payments of $19.95 plus the always dicey "shipping and handling."

Fox News Puppet Gets Schooled

That stooge, Ex-Sheriff Clarke, denigrates a Civil Rights Activist and a Fox and Friends weekend host was not pleased. (The two white guys uncomfortableness is a nice touch.)


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • From the beach to . . . 
  • Breaking. Early reports say "four minor injuries".
  • A DPS attorney claims the Waco DA urged a Texas Ranger to withhold evidence in Twin Peaks trial. This is getting bad. 
  • I didn't know who Johnny Hallyday was but there was certainly a huge crowd on the streets of Paris on the day of his funeral on Saturday.  He was a rock 'n' roll  musician and referred to as the "corrupter of youth".
  • Radio host Mark Davis mocked someone helping out folks who have to place stuff on layaway and showed a stunning tone deafness of how people struggle.
  • Fox News plays the National Anthem before Fox and Friends? Pander much?
  • I absolutely believe this: A study found the "fair market value" of a college football player, based on revenue and advertising to a university, is $660,029 at UT and, at Alabama, $545,357.
  • Trump is all in for Roy Moore now.
  • I caught almost all of the old Paul Newman film The Verdict over the weekend. I had forgotten how great it was. And while looking up details about it afterwards, I learned Bruce Willis was a "courtroom observer". I never noticed him. 
  • I know you've probably seen this but in case you haven't: 
  • FBC of Dallas charges for a Christmas show? You kidding me?
  • This is amazing regarding the prosecution of Ken Paxton. I have no idea if he is guilty or not, but there are lawyers in Wise County who are appointed to incarcerated poor people charged with far greater offenses who will be paid less than $500, given no or little money to investigate, and do there best to help the person. 
  • Drudge implies that Trump is all-powerful?
  • The Chico City Council has imposed a curfew of 10 p.m. for people 17 and under. Curfews imposed by the government have always seemed weird to me. 
  • The female winner of the Dallas Marathon had to receive assistance near the end. Uh, is that legal?
  • Two more arrests for male prostitution in Wise County over the weekend.
  • Texas hired TCU's athletic director to replace the the disastrous Steve Patterson. Do I have that right? They've been without a hired AD since 2015?