"I got a stage-five clinger"

I finally saw Wedding Crashers.....verdict: pretty funny but not a classic. (Although some quotable lines will definitely come out of it). Probably the most surprising thing was how hot Jane Seymour looked (yep, that's 54 year old Jane Seymour). We should all age so well. And if your a Vince Vaughn fan (and I am), you have to see him in one of his first movies, Clay Pigeons. He's great in it.

I Know I'm In The Minority Here . . .

There is an intoxication manslaughter case going on in Tarrant County that is incredibly sad. Roy Alvin Adams Jr. (in photo) is on trial for causing the death of Grapevine officer Darren Medlin about a year ago. Adams seems genuinely remorseful, and the whole thing is a tragedy. DWI cases are odd in that the defendant's "intent" is irrelevant. As I often say, some DWI defendants hit a curb while others strike a person. The first is a misdemeanor while the latter is a second degree felony. Adams (who will probably be convicted) faces a range of punishment from probation to 20 years in prison. After seeing him in court for a week, a probated sentence wouldn't bother me at all. But, I'm not sure most people don't feel that way. It's all so sad.

I Bet He Could Throw A Baseball Over Them There Mountians

I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I appreciate greatness when I see it. Roger Clemens, now pitching for Houston (and never a pitcher for the Rangers despite going to UT), has a current ERA of 1.46. (For the uninitiated, that means over 9 innings, he averages giving up 1.46 runs). No other MLB pitcher has an ERA under 2.00. That is incredible for a man in his prime, but Clemens turns 43 in August. But, then again, for a salary of $18,000,022 in 2005, you better be good. (I don't know where the extra $22 came from).

That is No. 10

We have a new planet. Astronomers have found a planet that is larger than Pluto, and it is currently about 97 times further from the sun than the Earth. This picture is an artist conception of how the sun looks in the sky from that planet. I bet its mighty cold there.


Doesn't This Happen Waaaaaay Too Often?

In yet another crazy story involving old guys trying to hook up with (very) young girls via the Internet: "CANON CITY, Colo. — A Texas law enforcement officer was jailed on $100,000 bond after allegedly trying to solicit sex with a child. Police arrested Larry Dale Floyd, 62, the elected constable in Denton County's Precinct 2, near a restaurant Thursday. Police say Floyd had made arrangements via e-mail last month to meet a child, but he had unknowingly contacted an undercover officer." His government web site is still up where he proclaims, "As your elected Constable, I would like to thank you for the interest, support and trust that has been shown for this office by the citizens."

That's One Way To Prevent Jail Over Crowding

Most folks are familiar with the slaughter in the 1990s in Rwanda especially after the movie "Hotel Rwanda" was released late last year. Well today comes the news that "Thousands of Rwandan prisoners began streaming out of jail on Friday, following a government decision to free 36,000 inmates, the majority of whom have confessed to taking part in the country's 1994 genocide. "

Ok, You Other Countries, This Is How It Will Be

Did you know that long time W friend and advisor Karen Hughes now has a real job (at taxpayer expense)? She was approved by some Senate committee on Tuesday to serve as, get this, Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. The position is part of the State Department. I never thought her personality was one synonomous with "diplomacy" or the "public".

My Head Hurts, Now

George Will wrote the following recently in Newsweek: "The sun around which Earth orbits is one of perhaps 400 billion stars in the Milky Way . . . There are perhaps 140 billion galaxies in the still-unfolding universe. If all the stars in the universe were only the size of the head of a pin, they still would fill Miami's Orange Bowl to overflowing more than 3 billion times." It kind of makes the Space Shuttle's voyage a little insignificant.

Maybe He's Saying He's #1

There's a video floating around the Internet which appears to show the President, er, making a, er, gesture towards the press. The clip can be found here (just click on the face of the video). Warning: It's an anti-Bush blog which is not exactly kid friendly.

Survivor In Suits

I normally distance myself from "reality TV" but I recorded and quickly watched "The Law Firm" on NBC last night. It's premise: Get a bunch of young lawyers together, give them little time to prepare a small civil case, and then have them present it to either a judge or an arbitrator. It was OK. One thing rang very true, however: The cross section of the lawyers on the show was very realistic. Some lawyers suck. Some lawyers have egos larger than their abilities. Some are pretty good and pretty smart. The most impressive contestant to me was Chris, the black guy. But I'll probably not watch the show again.

Two Drink Minimum

Although he stands No Chance of winning, former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell announced his Democratic candidacy for Texas Governor via email yesterday. (Two very bad signs there: Democrat and Email announcement). He did, however, come up with a very funny line. He said that Republican Gov. Rick Perry was so inept that he "couldn't lead a silent prayer."


Somebody Get This Man A Plasma TV

The White House released this photo the other day of the President watching the launch of the Space Shuttle. A thought occurred to me: Is this the best TV that the Leader of the Free World has available to him?

Lacy Peterson?

Ok, we've got a young, pregnant, twenty-something year old missing in Philadelphia. We all went crazy when Lacy Peterson went missing but there is one thing different: This girl is African-American. Will we care? So far there is enough publicity that I was able to stumble across it. But Lacy was a national obsession. Stay tuned to see if the press becomes infatuated with someone name "LaToyia".

Dope Nomenclature

Ok, a slight pet peeve of mine. The term is "methamphetamine" not "methamphetamines". There is no plural to the word. (I.e. "The cops busted in my front door, slammed me to the ground, told my woman I was no good, and took my stash of methamphetamine.")

Hey, It's Important Because It Impacted Me

You'll see on the news tonight that there was a chemical explosion near I-35 in north Fort Worth. You will also hear how it tied up traffic. You are hearing from me that it kept me waiting in traffic for hours. (This shot, taken with my cheap camera phone, is from I-30 and I-35 near downtown looking northward).

All Cruise Ships Be On The Lookout

The photos being released by NASA in connection with the Shuttle's current mission are amazing. This one is picture of the external fuel tank as it is jettisoned to the nether regions. Pretty cool.

They Dropped a Bomb On Me, Baby

From the looks of it, all of James Wood's Motors was shut down early this morning due to emergency personnel. Some reports (and this is all hearsay and unsubstantiated) is that someone of questionable mental stability had told officers that a bomb had been planted in one of the cars. Cops are checking it out as of 8:00 a.m.


Random Constitutional Thought

With all this talk of Supreme Court justices who should be "strict constructionist", I always scratch my head at the "literal text" of the free speech portion of the First Amendment. It reads "Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech." If we read the text literally, it should be unconstitutional for Congress to enact any law regarding libel or slander, threats, pornography, or the overthrow of the government. That is, no law should be enacted which in any way abridges speech. That's what the constitution says, doesn't it? I suppose "liberal, activist" judges have somehow placed limits on that clause.

Maybe There's A Way To Get The Death Penalty, Too

I always try to educate myself by looking at the Message Board at the website of the Texas District and County Attorney's Association. It's normally pretty good stuff and I learn some law from time to time. But I almost spit out my coffee this morning when I saw that John Bradley (the frighteningly overaggressive DA out of Georgetown) is now trying to figure out a way of indicting someone for the Third Degree Felony of Tampering With Evidence in what would normally be a routine DWI case. His crazy theory: If the arrested DWI suspect doesn't provide a sample of his breath (which he has the absolute right to do), then he must be tampering with evidence (to-wit: his breath). So let me get this right: I'm arrested for DWI (a Class B misdemeanor that carries with it a maximum of 180 days in jail) and he wants to indict me for a Third Degree Felony (that carries a maximum of 10 years in prison)? All because I didn't blow into a machine that is in the exclusive control of DPS and whose accuracy is constantly being debated? It never ceases to amaze me how his mind works. (The discussion about this issue is here and its fun to see how all the prosecutors around the state are so scared of this guy that no one will put him in his place).

Whatever happened to John, Bob or Cindy?

From today's Update: "NEW COACHES – Three new coaches will greet Northwest High School students when they return to classes in a couple of weeks. Che’ Hendrix is the new baseball coach, Misail Tsapos will coach boys soccer and Dayna Horak will coach volleyball. " Che', Misail, and Dayna?

The Most Unlucky Bird In the History of Ever

This image taken from NASA TV, shows a bird being hit by the nose cone during launch of Shuttle Discovery at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., Tuesday, July 26, 2005. The illustration was shown during an afternoon news conference. (AP Photo/NASA TV)

This Guy Creeps Me Out

The father of the abducted-but-found Elizabeth Smart, Ed Smart, appeared on Good Morning America this morning. I don't know why he bugs me so much, but he always seems to be a publicity seeker. And it's incredible that he would allow Elizabeth's little sister, Mary Katherine Smart (photo), to be interviewed by Diane Sawyer for a prime time special.

diga qué?

The latest Arbitron ratings are out and for the first time ever a Spanish speaking station was the most listened to station for those individuals age 12 and over. The List: 1. KESS/107.9 FM (regional Mexican) 2. KKDA/104.5 FM (rap/R&B) 3. KPLX/99.5 FM (country) 4. KHKS/106.1 FM (Top 40) 5. KLNO/94.1 FM (regional Mexican) 6. WBAP/820 AM (news talk) 7. KSCS/96.3 FM (country) 8. KLUV/98.7 FM (oldies) 9. KDGE/102.1 FM (modern rock) 10. KBFB/97.9 FM (rap/R&B)


High School Football in July

I watched a little bit of the North - South High School All-Star game tonight. (Slow night). But I did see Boyd's Garrett Tidwell almost catch a touchdown pass in the final moments. I also learned about a shocking playoff revision for 2006: All 5A school districts will send four teams to the high school playoffs. Four! There is no question you will see a team with a 2-8 record make the playoffs (since 3-7 records get in now when "only" three teams are allowed). Oh, for the good old days.

That's The Last Time I Watch The News to Feel Good

After watching Fox 4 News tonight at 9:00 p.m, I've come to the conclusion that Becky Oliver is one harsh individual. And please, lord, never let her come after me with her camera. And my head also spun when Reporter Lari Barager spent about five minutes telling me about two puppies that were stolen from Hurst. And to think I believed crime was going down!!!

Makes You Gulp

I was roaming around Internet news web sites last night around 7:00 p.m. when the news broke that four Boy Scout leaders had been killed in Virginia at the Scout's national Jamboree. That made me gulp. My law partner and his wife were/are attending the event and the initial news reports were very crpytic with no details. I hate the telephone but I was on it immediately. All is well with my partner and all others from Decatur that are in Virginia for the trip.

You Know It's a Hectic Day When . . .

. . . you show up for court knowing that you are the #2 case on the trial docket only to learn that the #1 case has just reached a plea agreement thereby making your case the #1 case. That's what happened to me this morning. Hello, jury trial. And it makes for more of an emotional rollercoaster when a mistrial is declared that afternoon causing you to suffer "I'm not in trial - I am in trial - I'm suddenly not in trial" syndrome.


Remind Me To Get Rid Of All My Knives

I have finally found a person so hideous that even I wouldn't represent her. There are just some acts of violence that I won't tolerate.

Hey, You Looking At My Girl?

Melee disrupts private rodeo "FORT WORTH - A brawl involving up to 100 people armed with sticks, pipes and bottles broke out at a private rodeo Sunday night in north Fort Worth, police said. An off-duty Fort Worth police officer working security alerted police to the fight that started about 10:30 p.m. in the 1600 block of N.W. 35th Street. The crowd dispersed quickly when more officers arrived, said Lt. Dean Sullivan, a police spokesman. At least one person was arrested." If you can't trust a bunch of cowboys to behave at a private function, who can you trust? Source: Star-Telegram

And He No Longer Gets The Giggles When He Gets Tackled

Ricky Williams, who bolted from the Miami Dolphins last season, has returned to the team and offered an apology. He faces a four game suspension for violating the NFL's drug policy. Williams, who has always been a fan of marijuana, claims he no longer smokes the wacky weed. Miami fans will forgive him so long as he averages four yards a carry. I suspect he will average exactly 4.20 yards.

I Want My .....

The MTV Video Award nominees were announced today. Nominated for Best Male Video are: 50 Cent for "Candy Shop," (one girl pouring chocolate on another girl) Kanye West for "Jesus Walks," (Jesus should never be associated with these videos) Beck for "E-Pro," (never saw it) Usher for "Caught Up," (a rapper who understands the white man) and John Legend for "Ordinary People." (boring video, good song) For Best Female Video: Amerie for "1 Thing," (never saw it) Mariah Carey for "We Belong Together," (good song, not sure about the video) Gwen Stefani for "Hollaback Girl," (weird but good) Shakira for "La Tortura" (thumbs up because she has a flat stomach) and Kelly Clarkson for "Since U Been Gone." (thumbs down for strained attempt to be sexy)

Is That All You Got?

What if someone came to you ten years ago and said this: "I have a great idea for movie. Let's have this guy contract cancer and almost die. Then let's have him fully recover and win the Tour De France seven times (although no one has ever won it more than five times). And then, to spice it up, let's have him leave his wife and hook up with a rock star. And, let's add this for good measure: Let's make him a Texan and give him a great last name like 'Armstrong'". No one would have believed it.

But Do They Dance?

Since so little is known about prospective Supreme Court judge John Roberts that the press began last week to look into the views of his wife. Some thought a gold mine had been found when it was discovered she was a member of the oddly named Feminists for Life - a group that opposes abortion. Hey, if she is pro-life, so must he! Right? Well, not exactly. More study revealed that the group also opposes the death penalty. And we all know that the conservatives are in love with executions. Now if she were a member of the Junior League, then we would be on to something.


It's 100 Degrees So . . .

The Dallas Cowboys open training camp this week, and the first high school and college football games are less than 50 days away. The Bridgeport Bulls are ranked #8 in the state, and the Texas Longhorns are predicted to exorcise that Sooner demon and win the Big 12. Both are dicey propositions. And it can't all start soon enough.

I Didn't Even Know There Was A Yuan

China announced this week that it will revalue its currency (the yuan) for the first time in a decade ending the fixed peg to the US dollar. This was very big news in economic circles. I have no idea what it means and I have too much Tired Head to try and find out.