It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here

Trump voters on election night expecting to 
lose and get drunk. But realize they won.

A re-enactment of my live election night blog

Me versus reality on election night.

 Me going to bed on election night. 

The cup is a metaphor for the country.

Ann. Oh, Ann.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I had one guy list all the things I've been wrong about lately. I told him I might go all George Costanza and do the exact opposite of every thought I have. His response: "I'm way ahead of you."
  • Yesterday we had the first Wise County Bar Association in years with over forty in attendance. There's something very funny about one of the speakers mentioning ALL CAPS guy and how he was hoping a check would have been exchanged at the meeting. And he actually said "all caps guy."
  • Shout out to First State Bank and Andrew Rottner for hosting the meeting and buying lunch. (The man who has received more publicity photos in the Messenger over the years than anyone else now has used his super human persuasion powers to get free publicity on Liberally Lean. ) 
  • Think someone got to Trump? His tweet last night compared to what he said this morning:

  • I do not understand this. The guy does crazy bets like this one all the time. For purchases over a $2,000, he allowed customers to bet on either Clinton or Trump. If you won, you got all your money back. How in the world does he make any money? 
  • I was wrong about the first Wise County Republican being Todd Durden. Two years earlier in 1994, Judge Melton Cude was the first one to switch parties and win an election.
  • I heard the phrase "navel gazing" the other day. It means to be over-contemplative with your own thoughts. I had never heard that in my life.
  • This from a sitting judge on Texas' highest criminal court in Austin. I'm stunned the guy, especially a veteran, didn't put on a suit for the moment when he is sworn in.
  • Do you think Sarah Palin is sitting back and thinking she could have won? Heck, she might have. 
  • Trump got 86% of the vote in Wise County. You can't get 86% of any group to agree on anything. And I run a blog named Liberally Lean in that county. 
  • There's a very uncomfortable narrative going around that the more educated voter voted for Hillary. Example: "Former Texas state senator Wendy Davis says Donald Trump won Tuesday’s election thanks to an 'under-educated electorate'." To make it more uncomfortable, it appears to be correct
  • When it is all said and done, it looks like Clinton will receive almost two million more votes than Trump. Of course, it doesn't technically matter. But this tweet from Trump is 2012 is pretty funny now:
  • Trump as the new President has to make 4,000 political appointments. Want to win me over? Get the list and a pen and start eliminating needless positions. 
  • Trump's conflicts of interest are mind-boggling.  Someone comes to Washington as the guest of the government? There is no way that the federal government can choose, and write a check to, the new Trump hotel. And that is the mildest example I could come up with. 
  • I had the strangest email asking me to take down a comment where someone questioned Johnny Football's sexuality because it was allegedly defamatory. It quoted my policy of taking down anything anyone asks and quoted the comment. And it came from an email address that ended with "aussiemail.com.au". What's up with that? 


This Is Pretty Funny

Golf Etiquette

What's the plural of Mongoose?

First Picture Of Trump In The Whitehouse Today

Too Funny

Straight Ticket In Wise County

25,164 Total voters
15,037 Straight ticket Republican
2,162 Straight ticket Democrat

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There were protesters in the street last night about Donald Trump being elected President. I have a message for those doing so who did not vote: Sit your butt down. For those who did vote: Sit your butt down. If you lose, you lose. And give the man a chance. 
  • The concept of "give the man a chance" is something we all live by. I guess the problem is how you define "a chance."
  • Trump's acceptance speech was gracious. Hillary was fantastic yesterday. And President Obama was comforting. As he said, it is the peaceful transition of power that makes us who we are.
  • Trump will enter office with an all time stock market high and with real estate at the very end of crazy bubble. Both will probably crash/pop over the next four years. It won't be his fault but he will be blamed for it. It's just time for it to happen.
  • I own one of those stainless steel Yeti drink thingies (cue the orchestra music) and one which came from Buc-ee's. They seem to be exactly the same and will hold ice for hours and hours. Someone told me that they are the same and the two companies are owned by brothers who own the same patent. That may not be true, but it makes perfect sense.
  • Watch out for this: A Texas Supreme Court judge was re-elected to a six year term but will only be able to serve four years due to an age restriction. He will be replaced by a governor's appointment. Remember that I told you Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's son lost his judgeship in Houston yesterday? There you go. 
  • There is absolutely no way any public office age restriction law is constitutional.
  • I forgot to mention yesterday that Sheriff Joe got beat. Why don't people retire while they are ahead?
  • Tell me the straight ticket voting in Wise County! I do not want to walk thirty yards to the Wise County Election office and ask!
  • One commentor on here revealed that he looks at the source code of any photo I post to see how I labeled the ".jpg" file.  That's crazy. But I almost always think about that possibility when I label them so normally I choose names which are completely random (i.e. "fxes1.jpg")
  • There was a first time appearing "out of town" lawyer come up to the courthouse this week and was able to piss off a prosecutor who is hard to piss off. I do not understand how so many of those guys can be so dumb. 
  • Is Megyn Kelly getting hotter?
  • You don't see many Amber Alerts with the "armed and dangerous" warning or "suspect/s" in the warning. (She kind of looks like the crazy girl from Dr. Phil I posted earlier this week.)
  • Mark Davis said on his weekly appearance on Fox 4 this morning that almost all of the Hispanic roofers you see are here legally. 


And I Just Remembered This Gift That Was Only A Bit At The Time

Above The Fold

Full readable page.

Bonus close up:

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "I don't believe what I just saw!" - Jack Buck calling Kirk Gibson's home run in the 1988 World Series and me, holding a Teddy Bear,  at around 11:00 p.m. last night. 
  • I've seen Bush v. Gore at the Supreme Court and the presidential upset of all time. We've all seen some crazy history. 
  • Trump beat Hillary like TCU beat Baylor. It's been a good week for me. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House turned 14 today. We told her, "Baby, remember that when you turned 14 that we learned Donald Trump will be President of the United States." Nothing more. Nothing less.
  • When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. And I have never in my whole life been so wrong about an election as this one. 
  • I thank the Baby Jesus that ALL CAPS guy didn't have $25,000 (or $10) to bet or I would be $25,000 poorer this morning. (Side note: My dad, who never chastises me and lets me be a nut as he stands by shaking his head every day as he reads Random Thoughts, told me last Friday that the bet I proposed was "dumb" and that "you better be careful." He was, as he has always been, correct.)
  • Look at my "live blog" from last night (below). I sound like a moron. But at least give me this credit: I never take down any stupid thing I've said. 
  • I woke up Mrs. LL last night to tell her that Trump won. She asked, "He won Florida?" My response, "No, baby, he won everything." Her in a very groggy state: "Does this mean we are moving to Costa Rica?"  For a second I thought about putting her on the back of a chopper.
  • The great quote going around about Trump voters is this: "They didn't take him literally. They took him seriously." That is the most accurate thing ever written.
  • And Mrs. LL can back me up on this as I told her last night before 7:00 p.m. that the Ticket's "Gordon Keith scared the hell out of me this morning. What if there are a ton of voters who just want to throw a human hand grenade into the whole system? We laughed at him when he declared. We laughed at him during the primaries. And we are laughing at him now. And he has proven us wrong every time."
  • In all this chaos, the son of crazy Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who was handed a district judgeship in Houston by appointment, got beat by a Democrat. Blame your daddy. And he sounds like a good guy and a fair judge.
  • Note to Messenger or the Wise County Election Office: Tell me the percentage of straight ticket Republican voters. I bet it is insane. 
  • Random Compliment: Shout out to a clerk in the Wise County Clerk's office who cares so much about her job that she gets rattled when things go wrong when it is not her fault.
  • I got into a Twitter Fight with Fox 4's Steve Eagar! I'll post it later.
  • Voters in California, Massachusetts and Nevada approved recreational marijuana last night. I told you to invest in legal edibles. That may be the only thing I've been right about lately.


Election Night Open Thread

We begin:

As I watch Fox News for the first returns, I see they have their own Clarice Tinsley reading tweets from the viewers. Sheesh.

And the polls closing in Texas in one hour, I just saw an ad paid for by Texas with your tax dollars on what type of ID you need to vote.

Edit: At 7:04 the early voting regarding Ranger Stadium is all I need to know. It will pass.
Edit at 7:06: Are we getting close to calling Florida for Clinton?

Edit at 7:14: It is over. I'm calling this election right now. The only reason the networks aren't calling Florida is because they will lose viewers before the night even begins.

Edit at 7:23: All the networks are putting up ridiculously close voting numbers. They need the excitement. I've been told for years I can't trust the Main Stream Media so they are holding back as long as they can before the call it for Hillary.

Edit at 7:30: Florida is still close, but the networks now finally tell me that Hillary is way ahead in North Carolina and Ohio. Ohio! It's over. Some network needs to call this election.

Edit at 7:42: I'll back off my call of Florida. Maybe. It's still obviously over. This is all Idiocracy news entertainment now.

Edit at 8:01: Adding to my conspiracy theory that this is all entertainment, CNN says it is too early to project Texas and New York. You kidding me? I could project that yesterday.

Edit at 8:18: They will drag this out for about 45 more minutes. And CNN's coverage is a complete microscopic mess. I'm over to Fox now.

Edit at 8:36: Still think Hillary has this thing without question. Even Fox is saying that North Carolina is "not as close at it appears". That means they think Hillary will win but won't say it.

Edit at 8:59: If there were four networks facing the greatest night of viewers of all time (when they all struggle for viewers), would not the Network Heads get together and agree to drag this thing out? It's ridiculous. I haven't heard an update for NC, Florida or Ohio in the last 20 minutes.

Edit at 9:09: Ladies and gentleman, you are all being scammed for entertainment. My prediction: There will come a designated moment when all the networks call, by agreement,  the election at the same time based upon the results they have been holding. And it will obviously be for Hillary.  This is all about ratings.

Edit: 9:22: Adding to my conspiracy theory, Fox News hasn't talked about incoming election results for 15 minutes. Just a panel discussion to promote the brand. Earlier they were in a frenzy of pointing out county by county votes.

Edit 9:36: There is no way a network has not called North Carolina or Ohio or Pennsylvania or maybe even Florida. There is your agreement. (And I absolutely realize I'm talking like a Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theorist.)

Edit 9:54. Let's see how Hillary is doing against Trump in Wise County. I'm certain the county is now a bit more progressive:

Edit at 9:54 and 30 seconds: I retract that.

Edit at 10:01: Trump wins Florida. (AP says).  I still think this is an orchestrated release of information.

Edit at 10:03: Now we just have to wait for the networks to call Pennsylvania and Michigan for Hillary. I'll say it again - this has been an organized crime of news entertainment.

Edit at 10:34: Is it down to Michigan? Oh, my lord. Have I been wrong? I'll admit it when I'm wrong. Nevada? Pennsylvania? I have to grab my Liberally Lean calculator.

Edit at 10:45: Throw in Nevada and Arizona. I overreacted for a second. There is no way Hillary loses this.

Edit: It's midnight and I'm going to bed. It seems like it is not technically over but that's about itl

Trump Calling Baker In Three, Two, . . .

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

And Now For Something Completely Different

Update: Trump Voted

That's a funny photo.

Let's Check In On The Election

Oh, my. (And the comment is more shocking then a random person dying overnight.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Election Day. I love politics but I'm as tired of this as you are.
  • Clinton wins. She wins big. And by "big" I mean "big" by national election standards. It looks like Florida has swung back to Hillary but it's too close to call.  If that turns out to be an early win for her, the election will be called before you finish dinner.
  • The great 538.com finally settles on this: 

  • I don't know where ALL CAPS guy went over the last three days. 
  • The next person to carry Wise County as a Democrat is the first person smart enough to garner the Hispanic vote. And it starts in Bridgeport. 
  • Everyone forgets that Wise County, not too long ago, was completely Democratic. In 1992, every county-wide office holder was a Democrat. In 1996, Todd Durden won the County Attorney's job as a Republican -- the only Republican to win -- by a razor thin margin. (He beat the incumbent, Stephen Hale, who publicly refused to prosecute marijuana cases.) And then the transition began to Republican as everyone finally saw the writing on the wall.
  • And make no mistake, Wise County didn't have Democrat "ideals" even pre-1996. It was just the way it had always been. And we are slow to change. 
  • I saw where Hillary just voted. Random thought: Trump did remember to register, didn't he? 
  • See screenshot below. Before the paywall got me, I read it was likely that one of them will plea to a misdemeanor and all others would have charges dropped. I'm guessing the initially reported facts turned out to be far from true. Edit: The Dallas Observer now has the story.
  • ESPN's 30 for 30 will produce an episode on the 1988 Dallas Carter Cowboys.  Robbery and mayhem abounded. 
  • Denton County court reporters, and there are a ton of them, make $103,737.92.  What they do is amazing, but that is one great gig. 
  • It will be interesting to see if Arlington voters approve the new Rangers stadium. Hey, I like air conditioning too, but how can you just walk away from a perfectly wonderful ballpark?
  • We need to rethink police chases, and I would have lost my mind it this had been the result of a stolen "bait car" yesterday. (I think most bait cars are inoperable or can be shut down remotely.)
  • There was a prayer vigil for "our country" at the Wise County Courthouse steps last evening. I didn't see that advertised beforehand.
  • I was watching Fox News last night and saw the following three ads in a row: (1) Some kind of freezing machine which can make food last for 25 years -- for the Doomsday Prepper, (2) Gold, and (3) the NRA.  Make no mistake about it: There is a very large percentage of the population preparing for a civil war. I'm serious. I know a couple of really smart people who those ads are aimed at. 


Entertainingly Intense!

But At Least She's A Real Charmer

USA TODAY- A 19-year-old woman claims she is pregnant with “baby Jesus,” despite an ultrasound proving that she is not carrying a child. Haley, who appeared on the Dr. Phil show this week, said she feels her unborn baby moving, and despite an ultrasound proving otherwise, she will not turn her back on her child.

Get on board the crazy train. Amazing. She just gets hit with uncontroverted evidence and fires back with the equivalent of "Just the opposite" after a long and awkward pause. And what's up with the foul mouth on her? You would expect that from someone claiming to be pregnant with the Angel of Darkness, but not the baby Jesus.

Sympathy to the doctor in that clip. There's no he saw that verbal attack from the Fake Mary coming.

Oh, My!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Texas DPS Trooper has been suspended pending an investigation after stopping two teenage girls for speeding coming home from a concert. After discovering "one pill" both were arrested and, while at the jail, it was discovered they both had nipple rings. So, according to the girls, he attempted to remove the piercings with his own pair of pliers. This is really mind-blowing. 
  • Yes, that was a Baylor disaster against TCU. And it doesn't help when the assistant coaches took a shot at the incompetent Board of Regents the night before the game on Twitter.  That wasn't Baylor vs. TCU. That was a civil war of Baylor Football vs. Board of Regents.
  • Art Briles might be guilty of something. He might not. The problem is that this thing has been so ridiculously handled that we don't know. The closest we got was that the Wall Street Journal said he "learned" of one of the assaults. But we don't know who he learned it from and it was well after the assault had already been reported to others in authority who were in a position to do something. But who knows. And therein lies the problem. 
  • I said the other day to invest in Drones and Virtual Reality. After tomorrow's elections, I want to add another: Legal edible marijuana products. There's money to be made.
  • My dad says that he recalls when juries in Texas weren't selected at random from voter registration or drivers license lists. Instead, four or five folks were called in to hand select those who would come in for a jury panel. 
  • Wow: Before 1954, females were not allowed on juries in Texas. 
  • At the request of the Eighth Grader In The House, we watched the new Ghostbusters over the weekend. Verdict: It is horrible. And when they made the rare clever joke, they would then explain it to you. 
  • I watched one episode, Nosedive, of Black Mirror. I love that series. It's a chilling insight as to where we are headed.
  • Mark Cuban has revoked the credentials of two local ESPN reporters who cover the Mavericks. That guy is unhinged and is almost a mini-Trump.
  • There is a Letter to the Editor this week in the Messenger complaining about a local bookstore placing atheist and agnostic books next to the Christian books. She blamed "political correctness" because they used to be kept "under the counter" where they belonged. Uh, what year is this? 
  • A guy got rushed out of a Trump rally after an assassination scare. (There wasn't one.) He was causing a ruckus and later claimed to be a "Never Trump" guy. Then I saw him interviewed and he said he had donated and voted for Hillary.  I guess that technically makes him "Never Trump" but not exactly what the term means.
  • Former Attorney General Janet Reno has died. I remember her for ordering this:
  • Or this:
  • The Ticket sent Gordon Keith for a "man on the street" type interview on Friday morning at the Texas Motor Speedway where campers had gathered for the race. He talked to two nine year olds who said that Hillary was "evil", was going to "take away the Internet" and "separate the whites and blacks." Oh, my. 
  • Once you learn about the "Mannequin Challenge" I hope you conclude it is stupid. (The Cowboys did it and TCU did it.)
  • Wrong way driver over the weekend:
  • WBAP's Brian Estridge this morning on ISIS encouraging American Muslims not to vote tomorrow: "Not a bad idea." And on the organization's threat for violence: "Be on the look out for any Middle Easterner with a backpack at Spencer's at the mall." Incredible. 
  • Some say Jerry Jones will replace Prescott with Romo once they get to the playoffs because of Romo's experience. Dumbest thing I've ever heard. What exactly is it about Romo's playoff record that would make someone inclined to believe he would give the Cowboys a better chance to win?