Goodbye To Halloween Taking You Into The Weekend

Accidents All OVer Place Today

Paradise Lost: Bomb Threat

Bomb threat at Paradise High School per the Messenger.  First UT, then LSU, and now this.

Edit: All clear. Back to readin' and writin'.

Comedy Friday

Here. (Language warning.)

Oklahoma's "Open Carry" Law Went Into Effect Yesterday

Actual photo.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The wreck yesterday on 287 was bizarre with the guy being ejected and then hit by multiple cars. I also noticed that another accident occurred on I-35 this morning in Fort Worth where a man was ejected and hit by cars on a service road.
  • I haven't seen the names of those involved in the Wise County wreck. 
  • I worry about you if you are a Sean Hannity fan.
  • The gas lines in New Jersey are insane. If you are in line a mile away from a pump, you aren't getting gas.
  • Did you know you can't pump your own gas in New Jersey?
  • I would think that tanker trucks with free gas would be brought in.
  • Price gouging is pure supply and demand, right? 
  • It seems the electoral college projections are strongly in favor of the President. Any news of a nation wide poll is meaningless. 
  • Mark Cuban was on Fox 4 last night shooting baskets. As I was openly saying, "I despise that man," Mrs. LL said, "I think he's hot." Comfortableness ensued.
  • Doesn't Sean Lee look like a black man on the cover of the Cowboys official program last week?
  • The judge in Tarrant County who sentenced an absentee juror to five days in jail yesterday might want to think about keeping his job.
  • I didn't watch a second of the CMA's last night. I haven't heard the voice of Terry Dorsey or Hawkeye in over 10 years.
  • I'm not a Denzel Washington fan but the commercial for Flight is cool when the airliner is shown upside down.
  • Cynthia Izaguirre of WFAA is the female version of Ron Burgandy.
  • You don't hear a lot from the climate change mockers during these bizarre storms.
  • The lawyer for the arrest-caused-my-breast-implant-to-burst lady sounds like she's never had to analyze the circumstances of a typical arrest before.


Aggie Quarterback Was Living The Dream Last Night

That DPS Helicopter Story May Get Some Legs Yet


We could rely upon the Texas Attorney General to take the lead in an investigation if the story involved cheerleader banners with Bible verses, a voter ID issue, or United Nation representatives monitoring elections. But, alas, we just talking about cops killing unarmed and (possibly) illegal immigrants.

Guy Caught Up In TCU Volleyball Action

Ah, yes. You can take OU/Texas,  Auburn/Alabama, Notre Dame/USC on the gridiron any day. Real men are indoors in the fall watching women's volleyball.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • What a mess on 287 this morning south of Rhome.  Lots of folks got to learn about the fairly confusing Saginaw cutoff four way stop as tons of vehicles got rerouted to it. 
  • "Woman's suit says Pantego officer caused breast implant to rupture during arrest."
  • I'm not sure why a Highland Park kid accused of date rape becomes a major metroplex story. 
  • Had a guy in the neighborhood last night who would chase kids with a leaf blower while dressed up pretty scary.  I think some kids were traumatized. 
  • Did you know candy was expensive?
  • I yelled "slow down" at cars a few times last night.
  • Saw one idiot teenager on top of an SUV going down the street. That's a good way to end up in ICU.
  • I was kind of joking about my Chris Christie post below, but there are some right wingers which are really angry at him.
  • The New York City Marathon is scheduled for Sunday and it looks like they are going to run it despite the hurricane damage. 
  • Found my phone in my jacket in a closet. I had forgotten I put it on briefly on Sunday. 
  • I never have understood the fascination with the way Instagram photos look. 
  • Mrs. LL dropped one of the baby bunnies (I've mentioned we've got baby bunnies, right?) last night and bloodied his nose. That thing got more medical attention than the JPS emergency room last night. 
  • The Wichita Falls paper has a pretty good story today on the 50th anniversary of Jacksboro's 1962 championship team which included wins over Decatur (70-6) and Bridgeport (68-0).  I hadn't heard the name of Chuck Curtis in ages. 


Taking You Into Halloween

Gov. Christie Sure Has Been Complimentary Of The President

Before Touring New Jersey Today

Maybe he's beginning to hedge his bets with less than a week away from the election.

20 Feet Then 20 Miles To Yuma


Preach On, Sister

In Case You Had Any Friends Heading Into Downtown Dallas This Morning

Actually, that's northbound but the southbound lanes have a bunch of rubberneckers.

This Would Make Me Go Insane

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is weird: The man who found the dead teenager last June at his doorstep in the Tanglewood area of Fort Worth (it was later determined she was part of a botched robbery), was found dead himself in a burning car on Sunday. It would have been the deceased teenager's birthday.
  • The Mavericks beat the Lakers last night. I think I know why: Look at how Steve Nash showed up for the game. I don't think a bow tie and a purse is a good look even for LA.
  • What happened to the churches that would put on the controversial "Hell Night" open house on Halloween?
  • I came home to see about 50 cobwebs made out of straight pretzels last night spread out all over the countertops. Apparently the were going to be "glued" together with some type of chocolate. The last I checked, the plan had gone horribly wrong.
  • You would think the Jersey Shore cast would show up at the destroyed boardwalk along the Jersey shore for a photo op.  It's too soon, but those guys would do it.
  • I've got a neighbor who has a trailer so packed full of stuff for deer season you would swear he was planning for war. 
  • I've got no desire to shoot a deer. 
  • Still the funniest Halloween story. I had a buddy who ran out of candy but had one straggler ring the door bell late. My buddy just dropped a bunch of change in the kid's bag which prompted the kid to run to the front of the porch and scream, "He's giving away money!!!" His friends came out of the woodwork.
  • When I was a kid on Halloween. I threw eggs at a state trooper. Heck, you'd get arrested for aggravated assault these days for doing that. (Statute of limitations has passed.)
  • Trick or Treating has made a comeback in the last ten years, hasn't it? At one point it seemed that the tradition had basically died out. 
  • Yeah, the senior-citizens-cussing commercial put out by moveon.org is offensive but the only reason we know about it is because every conservative talk radio and tv show played it yesterday. (But it was an awkward moment on Hannity last night because you could hear one of the stage crew laugh about it when they quickly cut back to a live shot of Hannity after the  the commercial was played.)
  • I'm not sure I knew meteorologist Rebecca Miller was at Channel 33 but she announced she's leaving that station due to a "new format." 
  • The Forest Hill pastor murder is one crazy story.  But there was an odd twist last night when I heard the janitor interviewed who said he was also attacked with the electric guitar but "when he came to" he found the pastor was already dead. I think people get knocked out and "come to" far more in the movies than in real life. 


Does This Look Like A Statue That Cost $50,000 . . .

. . . and may get the TCU student body president impeached tonight?

Oh. No. It Lives.

Give me Captain Kirk any day. He'd have that universe cleaned up before you can say "phasers on stun."


Probably The Best Video Bomb From Yesterday

Feel His Power

Now there's a man who will not be denied his right to trick or treat.

Drunk Guy On Field. Pays For It.


NYC Explosion Last Night

(3:00 minute mark.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't decide if Sandy was a huge news story or over-hyped because it involves the East coast.
  • But 50 homes burning in Queens this morning seems to be a big story that isn't getting as much coverage as it should. 
  • New Jersey governor Chris Christie was throwing the Atlantic City mayor under the bus for not ordering an evacuation. He's a born showman.
  • That dangling crane in NYC was really scary looking especially when it started swaying in the evening hours. 
  • Real vs. Fake photos of damage from Sandy.
  • Just a week after a man was given the death penalty for the murder of a pastor at a church, we had another pastor in the metroplex murdered at a church yesterday. And he was beaten to death with a electric guitar.
  • It's just too easy to make a Mavericks prediction this year.
  • I'm still awaiting my blood sugar results but I feel like a kid when Mrs. LL leaves the house and orders, "Don't eat any sugar while I'm gone."
  • And now I can't find my blood pressure medicine. I'm thinking of blaming the Family Cat who loves to play hockey in the middle of the night with anything that rattles.
  • I wonder how long of a leash Jerry Jones will give Jason Garrett? I'd think through the end of next season at the very least. 
  • Justin Bieber was at the AAC last night but The Ticket interviewed a gaggle of girls that showed up at the arena before 2:00 p.m.  It was mind numbing. 


Hurricane Sandy: America's Cross Section

Someone Always Has To Do A Bit

Meanwhile, At The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

So How Did Dez Not Land In The End Zone?

Oak Lawn Halloween Outfits


  • America loves a hurricane.
  • Video of waves of Hurricane Sandy already hitting the Jersey shore. Wow. 
  • What a bizarre Cowboy game. Jason Witten catches no passes in the first quarter and then 18 in the following three, Romo throws four interceptions, and Dez Bryant remains the dumbest man in America. 
  • Unless I dreamed it, I think we have three baby bunnies in Green Manor.
  • Mrs. LL was a chaperon on a band trip this weekend. She got home at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday and was delirious. And by "delirious", I mean she would not stop talking.
  • Fort Worth police continue the streak of shooting civilians going. 
  • Kenny Chesney will perform at halftime at Cowboys Stadium on Thanksgiving. I had forgotten that he was briefly married to RenĂ©e Zellweger.
  • The moon this morning was fantastic. 
  • I watched Drive this weekend. Huge meh.
  • I couldn't find my phone last night or this morning. Huge problem. 
  • I also went crazy and watched the first eight episodes of Breaking Bad. You know, that's pretty good stuff.
  • I don't know if the story will have legs, but the report of the trooper who shot at a vehicle from a helicopter is beginning to get some news coverage. It should.