Just Bugged Me

Ok, it's not interesting to you folks that OU coach Bob Stoop's kicked an incoming freshman off the team for this youtube video.

But I haven't heard anyone make reference to the fact that two days ago Stoops said:
"Kick a guy off the team for what he says?” Stoops said. The whole Internet culture frustrates Stoops. "We're starting to talk about everything kids say and do,” Stoops said. "Now we're in people's homes, in their private spaces.”
(The only way I know about the quote is that I have an RSS feed set up to a Big 12 Football Blog by ESPN that is amazing good for something produced by ESPN. I know all of this is not that interesting, but I was just sitting on my leopard print couch thinking, "Hey, that's not what he said a couple of days ago!")

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrre

I lived through the Summer of 1980 in little Bridgeport, and I was truly thinking that this summer, when all is said and done, might rival it. Man, I'm wrong.

Today is the 23rd day this year that temperatures have broken the 100 degree barrier.

1980 was a heck of a lot worse according to the always reliable Wikipedia: "In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, high temperatures exceeded 100 °F (38 °C) a total of 69 times, including a record 42 consecutive days from June 23 to August 3. Dallas/Fort Worth reached an all-time high on June 26 and 27, soaring to 113 °F (45 °C) on both days."

Scanner Craziness

Lots of reports of big activity on the police scanner this morning. Anyone?


I'm Back From The Dark Side Of The Moon

Originally written on Friday morning . . .
  • As I'm typing this, I know I won't be able to immediately post it because Blogger has flagged my little Blog as being a possible "spam blog". They actually have to have a human review it before I'll be able to publish again.
  • I'm pretty sure the government is behind this blatant censorship
  • My DirecTv went out yesterday and I spent the entire evening without live television. I almost went insane. And I began to plan my weekend for an extended outage. (Prior TIVO recordings, DVDs on hand, Netflix on demand, Hulu). But it was working this morning.
  • Someone wrote the other day that Star Wars had the roman numeral "IV" in its title when it was released. I look it up. Nope, it didn't
  • One of those girls in the pic above is 18 years old and will be a cheerleader for the New England Patriots this fall.
  • I think digg.com is extremely overrated.
  • We have a "heat advisory" until 7:00 p.m. on Monday? (per WBAP)
  • The most violent So You Think You Can Dance clip ever. (Or it could be called "Faceplant Friday.")
  • The Man jacked with Snoop Dogg's tour bus outside of Dallas yesterday and arrested two of its occupants for marijuana possession. Marahoochie on Snoop's bus? I'm shocked. Absolutely shocked.
  • Since I had no live TV I put on as background noise the four hour recorded Today Show from that morning. Eventually, three hours into it, Kathie Lee Gifford appeared. Oh, my. Talk about television anthrax. She is unbearable.
  • Mark Cuban lost an arbitration with former coach Don Nelson yesterday and has to pay over $6 million. But look at this quote from Nelson's lawyer: "It was not so much a defeat of Cuban as it was an ass-whipping." That's a bold statement.
  • It didn't take long for the jury to find the defendant guilty in the Intoxication Manslaughter case in Fort Worth I've been following. Punishment, which could be up to 20 years in prison and as low as probation, will be assessed by the jury today. I don't think the Defendant has any criminal history. That type of decision is so tough because the defendant didn't intent to kill anyone. Some people get drunk and hit a curb. He hit an occupied car. I would never vote for it, but I bet the jury picks 12 years
  • I saw about 40 army tanks on a train between Rhome and Decatur this morning. Freaky.


Camera Phone Pic - Love It

Random Pic

Waggoner Mansion

From The Update

I've been trying to come up with some new scams lately, but have hit a stone wall. But, for the life of me, I have no idea how this scam works.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Whenever I hear a siren in the background (like I did this morning in Decatur), I want to go follow it (Edit: I soooooooo didn't mean it that way.)
  • I rarely say stuff like this, but I'm not sure the defense lawyer in the Intoxication Manslaughter case that killed Fort Worth Police Officer Dwayne Freeto knows what he is doing. (Story from yesterday.)
  • The gym at Decatur High School is impressive
  • I think I'd get fired if I was a teacher because I'm sure I'd say something sarcastic that some kid would take as serious.
  • Remember when AOL was going to be the king of the Internet?
  • I wish I knew more about Intellectual Property Law. I mean, I know I couldn't put Britney Spears image in an ad for my law firm that says, "Go visit this law firm, yawl", but John McCain can use her image in a campaign ad. Or can he?
  • I'm getting close to giving up on Scott McLellan book, What Really Happened. It's boring and really provides no insight whatsoever.
  • The reality show Black Gold (about life on an oil rig) is getting a little bit better. Man, I don't know how more guys aren't killed on those things.
  • I just realized last weekend that the Dallas Morning News now costs $2.00 on weekends. Almost not worth it.
  • I'm paranoid about leaving my garage door up. I never roll out of the driveway until I see it go all the way down and stop.
  • Internet gambling on sports should be legal. I can bet $10,000 on American Airlines stock today but I can't put $100 on Wake Forest to cover the spread against Baylor?
  • The Cowboys are expressing interest in ex-Evil Empire QB Chris Simms as a backup. One of the wildest moments in my sports history when I was at the Big 12 Championship Game at Texas Stadium between Colorado and Texas when I thought the the Texas crowd was going to lynch Simms on the spot.
  • I've always thought it would be cool to live and work in Manhattan.
  • And I want to spend a week driving leisurely through The South.
  • This is the equivalent to the heat of the Summer of 1980, but with all of August still left, it could be. (And it's supposed to be 105 on Sunday?)
  • John Kerry party photos. (He claims the girls just came up to him after he got off a boat. I tend to believe that. Note to self: Get boat.) Credit: Emailer Keith.
  • It seems like I'm hearing of lots of kids killed by falling TVs. I think its a situation where flat panels are placed on TV stands and not mounted to the wall.
  • Not a golfer at Runaway Bay.
  • Former Ranger great Pudge Rodriguez became a New York Yankee yesterday. Didn't Ranger management think he was going to "break down" about 10 years ago?
  • A tankless hot what heater sounds like a good idea. A "sleep number bed" seems silly.
  • Gangs of New York is pretty good (but it comes on two DVDs). The main character's hatred of Irish immigrants reminds me of some local folks hatred of Mexican illegal immigration today.
  • A big title company pulled out of Texas yesterday. Trickle down effect of the mortgage fiasco, I presume.
  • If you want to see what Cowboy's training camp is like, here's a youtube video. People are way too excited.
  • I was in a seminar in Austin once and dropped by the Cowboys training camp along with a girl who decided to wear a bikini top because of the hot weather. I can't stop thinking about that now.
  • There was an Air Guitar competition in the metroplex last weekend. That drives me insane.
  • Exxon Mobile has released its net income figure for the second quarter. No company has ever made that much money in three months. Ever. We're all suckers.


I Ruined A Perfectly Good Lunch . . .

. . . of some nice Decatur teachers when I was asked to speak about this blog, technology or something.

  • I was like Obama in Germany except completely different
  • But man, that was a huge crowd. I was scared to death.
  • The group was very gracious and, in general, laughed when I had planned for them to laugh (although I'll keep my day job.)
  • That was the first time I had been in Decatur High School. Very nice place.
  • Awkwardness developed when I spoke of my "running bit" of posting stories of female teacher/male student sex scandals (my "And Another" topics). Note to self: Rethink that
  • I had a wireless mic and a wireless presentation from Google Docs. That was cool.
  • The Superintendent, Gary Gindt, even came up and said hello before the presentation. That was a very funny moment because I had a live mic on me so I really couldn't say anything. But he seems like a very nice guy.
  • Saw a couple of friends (even Lovelit from that blog list on the right.)
  • My voice kind of cracked when I was asked about posts I was most proud of (you'd be surprised, it was a completely sappy moment.)
  • Although it isn't that interesting without my down home country witticisms, the presentation is below now here.

Running Scared?

Ok, this new campaign ad by McCain is basically boring but we do learn three things: (1) He's going negative, (2) he knows who Britney is, and (3) he knows who Paris is. Or someone in charge of campaign ads knows who Britney and Paris are.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Admission: In looking at my old posts in 2006, I found that I didn't think much of Barack Obama.
  • There's another Tarrant County motorcycle death. No helmet. Sheesh.
  • Oddest call on KLIF this morning: Lady calls in saying she is a single mom of five kids (one disabled) and that she has two disabled adults also living with her as well. She then proclaims her electric bill had gone from $700 to $1,400 last month
  • Another radio note: I don't get offended by much, but WBAP's "This Reporter" comedy bit (which is gawd awful) included a Michael J. Fox Parkinson's "joke" this morning.
  • The earthquake in California didn't look like that big of deal, but with all the cameras in existence now, there was some pretty cool footage. (And apparently there is a pretty good one from the taping of Judge Judy. Edit: Found it. )
  • When the "big one" hits California, it will be a massive disaster. I mean massive.
  • I can never get use to sandals.
  • Someone wrote yesterday in one of the comments that its cheaper for a family of four to eat out than eat at home. Is that as crazy as I think it is?
  • You've got to love the "wacky youth pastor" trying to make a big entrance on a motorcycle. (Credit: bagofnothing.com)
  • Craigslist can be nutty. But I did find a new maid.
  • The Brett Favre saga is giving me Tired Head. And you would have to be a desperate NFL team with absolutely not quarterback to sign him for a year or two.
  • Want to feel old? Roger Staubach was on The Ticket yesterday talking about his first Cowboys training camp in 1968. My calculator tells me that was 40 years ago!
  • Texas AG Greg Abbott is a media ho. The mere fact he became involved in the criminal prosecution of five people in the Polygamy Compound smacks of attention grabbing. That's the job of the local DA - he needs to keep out. (And when I went to the official AG web site a second ago, a video immediately started playing of his press conference announcing the indictments. Sheesh. Go collect some child support.)
  • The Messenger must have caught some heat about printing the "details" of the sexual assault allegations against Jimmy David Brazile because the paper has an editorial today defending itself. I read the story and didn't think twice about it.
  • As of this writing, Jarhead hasn't updated his blog in five days. You are all suspects.
  • I can't remember the last time I ate at Bennigan's anyway. (And for you Office Space fans, I wonder if you can buy some extra "flair" on the cheap right now?)
  • Funny line from Time magazine about last week's appeals court ruling throwing out the FCC sanctions for the "wardrobe malfunction" in the Super Bowl: "Janet Jackson's nipple was acquitted on all charges."
  • I've begun watching Gangs of New York. Good stuff. And it makes me feel like I'm learning at least a little bit of history (i.e. what parts of New York City was like at the end of the Civil War.)
  • And we are excited about gas prices dropping to $3.70?
  • Only 17,618 at the Ballpark in Arlington last night (and that includes season ticket sales regardless of whether those folks showed up.) And Ranger Ramón Vázquez entertained the crowd with three errors (is that possible?) but had the game winning hit.
  • I'd like to go to Japan with a guide
  • Being a football stadium aficionado, I couldn't believe the view of some of the seats in the new Colts' stadium. Aggie engineering?
  • How can we go all our lives never hearing of cryptosporidiosis but now it's in every public pool?
  • The Bridgeport City Pool had an incredibly high diving board when I was a kid. I think most people wouldn't let their kid swim in a city pool these days.
  • What is the main reason some families choose a "graveside service" over a traditional one?


I Understand This But Can Never Seem To Apply It

We are distracted by what was, and consumed by what's next. Gloomy feelings are always related to the past or future, while the freedom to be exists only in the here and now. The true glory of our lives is being played out at this very moment and not in what was or what will be.

(Source. Adapted.)

I've Solved My Debit Card Problem From Earlier This Week

Just got this email and, while some of you might be skeptical, I must point out that it is an official Spanish email from the official Spanish government. I, sir, am on easy street.

A little lobster for dinner is going to be treating me mighty fine.

Thank goodness this isn't from Nigeria, or I would be getting scammed.


Just heard this on WBAP and by an email. Things are notta-good.

Long-time, national restaurant chains Bennigan's and Steak & Ale have
closed their doors and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection,
shuttering more than 300 sites and letting go of thousand of employees.
It is one of the country's largest restaurant bankruptcies and
eliminates two sit-down chains that have been part of the casual dining
landscape for decades. The chains will liquidate and are not likely to

That'll Play Well Around Here

An emailer just pointed out this story that was just posted on CNN.

I fully expect the Wise County Commissioners to have a similar resolution on the next agenda.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The AP did a story on Kenneth Copeland Ministries this weekend with the basic gist being: He's rich and so is his extended family. No surprises there.
  • In a related note, they were discussing pastor wealth on KLIF this morning when I heard this odd caller: "I don't want my pastor driving a Hummer 2 with 26 inch rims, but if he has a standard Mercedes I don't have any problem with that." Huh?Actually watched the first half of the Cowboys/Giants playoff game from last year that I've had on my TIVO forever.
  • Man, the testimony yesterday in the Intoxication Manslaughter case that killed the Fort Worth police officer was graphic. And with the blood-alcohol content of the driver being .20, I don't know why the defense lawyer just doesn't have the guy plead guilty, take responsibility, and have the jury assess punishment.
  • But the defense lawyer, who was interviewed outside the courtroom, seems to struggle a little with his thoughts.
  • I was bothered by this from the defense lawyer: "Sometimes blood alcohol tests may have some errors in it." Really? Breath tests, yes. Blood tests, not so much. And the prosecutor always has this ace in the hole: If our blood test was wrong, why didn't you take the sample an analyze it by your own experts?
  • I saw some of the prosecutor's opening statement on TV and he did a good job. But this was an odd statement: "At the time he was making these choices, his alcohol level was over that objective limit," prosecutor Mark Thielman said. Why get fancy? Why not say is alcohol limit was "though the roof?"
  • I had my iPhone lock up on me for only the second time in four or five months yesterday.
  • Time waste? Some sportswriter in Oklahoma ranks in level of importance all of the 96 Big 12 games this year.
  • Talked to a fellow lawyer yesterday who goes to Vegas every year for the opening weekend in the NFL. Good bit.
  • Someone wrote in the comments about having trouble hearing the dialogue in the Batman movie. True that. I wanted subtitles.
  • I'm through 9 episodes of the The Wire. Here's a bold statement: Best. TV. Series. Ever.
  • Williamson County DA John Bradley (who used to be my nemesis but has turned out to be a really nice guy) emailed me to mention that he'll be speaking on blogs and ethics at the Advanced Criminal Law Course in San Antonio at the end of this month and that he'll mention my fine work here. I think he's amused at the Random Girl Pics every day.
  • I almost went with this girl for today's pic.
  • The Whataburger chicken salad is pretty good. But I think the lady on the speaker gets confused when I say "no dressing." (I use my own fat free stuff.)
  • Apparently tires were getting worn down left and right at the NASCAR race at Indy this weekend. Here's what Dale Jr. had to say, "I've never seen nothing like it."
  • Do you still have to register for the draft when you turn 18?
  • After a week at an all inclusive resort, I only gained 2 pounds. (I think it takes a week or so for the extra weight to officially show up.)
  • Flashback: 23 people killed in Luby's in Killeen in 1991. I'm pretty sure that gave rise to the concealed handgun law a few years later. (The shooting in the church in Tennessee this weekend made me think about it.)
  • This youtube video has caused a NYC cop to be suspended.
  • Suicide bombers killed 32 in Baghdad yesterday. Is The Surge really working?
  • The "top party school" lists give me Tired Head. All of them on the new list make sense to me except for this entry at #6: Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.
  • And of course in a couple of years we'll have a new campus on the list: Weatherford College at Wise County, Texas.
  • Documentary maker and Wise County commissioner Ken Burns is 55 today. Wait. Let me double check that.
  • Not hearing much from the Global Warming naysayers right now, are we?


Here's My List

(1) Get out of car. Remove kid.
(2) See Rule #1.

My New Hero

I rant all the time about my weedeater because the dang thing would rather malfunction than wack some weeds. I "might" have actually tossed it a good 10 feet in disgust the other day in my front lawn. (I've noticed the neighbors have distanced from me ever since.)

But what has this guy done? His lawnmower wouldn't start so he reacted like any good These-Colors-Don't-Run American and took the business end of his short barrelled shotgun and unloaded on his Lawn Boy. I'm right there with ya, brother.

But, since we now live in Communist Russia, he was arrested. If I were him, I'd whip out a copy of the U.S. Constitution and point to the Second Amendment. Our founding fathers certainly had the protection of a man in mind who wants to blast a crappy Lawn Boy. That's what's called an inalienable right.

Yearning For The Good Old Days

There used to be a time when Britney would give us four or five great pics a month. These days, however, she has become "responsible" and deprived my readership of some much needed entertainment. But at least someone got this pic of her from over the weekend. Not bad.

And if you want to walk down the long memory lane of this blog's love affair with this southern girl, click here.

I Was Close

I wrote this last week:

This is from the Morning News on today's practice:

Oliver Stone Won't Let The Terrorists WIn

First trailer of the upcoming movie "W". This, I think, will not disappoint.

Kind Of Funny Courtroom Moment This Morning

I was sitting to the side of the courtroom going over plea papers with a client while the judge was hearing an adoption prove-up. It's basically a formality of the attorney asking the prospective parents a series of questions that have to be on the record.

This one was a little unusual because I bet there were five kids up there with the parents. It was a little chaotic, but the judge allows a little bit of chaos during adoption hearings because, unlike almost everything else he handles, they are happy occasions. From the best I could tell, a very young child was the one that was subject to the adoption.

And then the funny part happened. The child was crying quite a bit as the attorney asked the mother if the adoption "was in the best interest of the child." Of course she will say "yes" and once she does so the judge can grant the adoption. But the moment after she uttered the
yes", the kid (who was oblivious to the whole process) really gave out a loud cry. The judge, in mock humor, then told the one, "I'll give you a chance to reconsider if you want to."

All went well. And a child has a new mom and dad this morning.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm so bummed that I didn't like the Batman movie. I think I've got a handle on pop culture - why things are popular and why things aren't - so I feel like I'm really missing something here.
  • Soccer star David Beckham played in Frisco yesterday, but for some reason the game was scheduled for the middle of the afternoon. Temperature: 105. What a beating. But 21,000 people showed up.
  • I went to the pool on Saturday afternoon and almost died of heat stroke. Well, not really. But it was hot.
  • Jean Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News seems to have a big bag of nothing. He writes a lot but never really says anything -- he just states the obvious amongst a bunch of throw away quotes. But that's what most sports columnist do.
  • In case you missed it, a 55 foot, $2 million boat burned on Lake Lewisville yesterday. (But I think the world will survive the loss.) And, if Fox 4 Emily Lopez is correct in that report, the boat holds 800 gallons of diesel fuel (Is that possible????). If so, a fill up would cost $3,600 at $4.50 a gallon.
  • This is Jerry Jones' 20th preseason with Cowboys. Man, time flies.
  • Obama takes his largest lead so far per the Gallup Poll. But the electoral college break down doesn't look as favorable.
  • And according to Dallas Morning News financial columnist Scott Burns, the income tax plans of Obama and McCain are essentially the same so long as you don't make over $200,000 a year.
  • Funny line from The Ticket: If Mark Cuban buys the Cubs, he'll be the first owner to watch the game from the dugout and in full uniform.
  • It has been announced that Hank Williams, Jr. will whip us again with "All My Rowdy Friends" on Monday Night Football.
  • My debit card was "declined" this morning when making a purchase of $2.46. I presume I entered my PIN wrong but switched to a credit card to avoid Convenience Store Embarrassment.
  • I almost wrote "PIN number" above but that wouldn't be right.
  • I bet the guy with the 55 foot burned boat will vote for McCain.
  • Recurring news over the weekend: Child dies after being left in car. Man dies while swimming in Lewisville lake.
  • One of the worst experiences of my life, the Texas Bar Exam, will be given this week. And I remember I had to be thumbprinted before the test because, as the proctor explained in all seriousness, that was to insure that a "real lawyer" wouldn't sneak in and take the test for one of us. Trust me, the only time any lawyer can pass the bar exam is when he actually took the bar exam.
  • The Drudge Report was hailing a new search engine this morning called Cuil that is said to "take on Google." I searched for "Wise County on the Web" and it came back with zero results.
  • Hal Jay on WBAP this morning, "Pacman Jones doesn't want to be called 'Pacman' anymore. He wants to be called 'Jewel Quest' Jones." Followed by long pause. Followed by the sports guy saying, "You've had better Mondays." (Heck, I had to look up what he was talking about.)
  • Speaking of movies, Swing Vote looks bad. "In a remarkable turn-of-events, the result of the presidential election comes down to one man's vote."
  • I wouldn't wanted to have been the first person back in Burger's Lake
  • So much for my knowledge of pop culture. I thought Soulja Boy was a group. Nope. It's just a guy. A guy who turns 18 today.


The Dark Knight

I think I'm the only person to say this: I think that movie is silly, boring, unbelievable and extremely long. And, maybe I'm just dumb, I think it is incredibly confusing.

I like back stories. I want to know who people are and why they are doing what they are doing. You won't get that here. (Extreme side note: I hate all Star Wars movies because I don't know how that civilization came to be. Case in point: Luke Skywalker says in the first movie to Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You fought in the clone wars?" without ever telling us what in the heck the "clone wars" were. I was out from that point forward. OK, extreme digression over.)

But this Batman movie is borderline awful. And I can't believe I'm saying that. I saw the last one and loved it and was really looking forward to this one. (Maybe that's why I try to live my life with extremely low expectations - that way I won't suffer disappointment. Try it - it works.)

Honestly, it started out with a bang and really had my attention. Well, there was a warning: Did you know you can back a bus through the wall of a bank, fill it with money, and then get away by joining a group of real school buses passing by just as the cops arrive. Yeah, rigggghhhhhttttt.

But Heath Ledger was great as the Joker, and I don't think I'm saying that simply because he's dead. (That sounds weird, doesn't' it?)

Not a spoiler: I knew the movie was also off to an unstable start when a courtroom scene had the actual DA of Gotham City trying a case when the witness pulls a gun on him during cross-examination. Yep, a gun. In the courtroom. The DA then nonchalantly slugs him and bailiffs quietly usher the defendant out like it's something that happens everyday. And did you know that no one in the courtroom panicked? Seems believable. Then, out in the hallway, someone tells the DA, "You've got quite the right hook." Groan.