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Above The Fold

Speed Reading

Article here (with a pretty darn amazing example at the bottom of the page where you can try the technology out for yourself.)

Oh, The Humanity!

Boy, the conservative blogs think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I Think I Found The Lead News For Tonight's Broadcast

Edit: Fox 4 says it is 15 year old Stephen Colbert. (Yep, same spelling.)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • CPAC is firing up (think of every high ranking conservative at a convention who almost says something crazy because the crowd is being whipped up into a frenzy). Sarah Palin will wrap the convention up. Ted Cruz kicked it off. They let Donald Trump speak. And Mitch McConnell showed up with a gun. All is right with the world. 
  • A lawyer appointed by President Obama to the Civil Rights Division failed to be approved this week because "he once represented a cop killer".  That gets him disqualified? That's insane to me. 
  • The Bradford Pears were beginning to bloom then the freeze knocked them all back. Hate that. 
  • So there's a trailer fire in Chico and lone occupant is arrested for Public Intoxication? There is a defense called "necessity" which in this case could be defined as "I wouldn't have gone out in public but for the fact I was going to die if I stayed inside." 
  • I don't know how what Star Power's advertising budget is, but they've got some event going on this weekend that they are wildly promoting by having The Ticket, The Fan and WBAP do remote broadcasts from there this week. (And I heard the owner, Mr. Pigeon, on the radio this weekend and he had some snake oil salesman in him as he was promoting 4G technology.)
  • Sports: (1) The LA Lakers suffered their worst loss in history last night, 142-94; (2) Baylor will wear Adidas made uniforms for March Madness that have "Sic 'Em" on the front which prompted USA Today to bizarrely say that it was "in especially poor taste given past issues in Baylor’s basketball program." Huh? (3) A fan angrily confronted Hawaii's coach on the court during a game last night; (4) Mike Modano, who is having his number retired this weekend, gave hours and hours of boring interviews yesterday. 
  • Three media companies were fined a total of $1.9 million for airing a movie commercial that used the warning signal of the Emergency Broadcast System. But there's a Budweiser commercial on The Ticket right now doing the same thing warning that it is "grilling season" or something like that. 
  • There's a rumor floating around that someone "associated" with Dallas Maverick's ownership is building a 10,000 square foot home north of Bridgeport. Anyone? 
  • Weird dreams the last two nights of being in an area where huge trailers, containers, and large equipment fall off buildings and conveyor belts. Everyone scrambles but no one is ever hurt. Never had those before.

If This Made It To Texas News, I Missed It

The Denver Post posted this video on Monday, released by the feds, showing the shootout in Decatur last year with a Colorado fugitive.


Most Confusing Comment Of The Day From Random Thoughts

Remembering the Alamo correctly? Thought this was the last day of the fighting.

I Remember When This is Something You'd See On Saturday Night Live

By all accounts, this is real. I know he is. He's been licensed one year.

(And, yes, even I was so disturbed that I didn't crack a smile.)

There Was Something Odd About This Case From the Start

From the original Fox 4 story: A Frisco woman charged with murder in the death of her 10-year-old son says she didn't kill him. Arnav Dhawan was found dead in a bathtub Dec. 30 at his parents' home.

Pallavi's attorney, David Finn, said Monday that the toxicology reports on Arnav are back, but they are being reviewed by the medical examiner and likely will not be made public for about a week.

Frisco Police said that Arnav's mother, Pallavi Dhawan, confessed to killing her son -- when asked by officers if she killed Arnav, they say she nodded her head, indicating yes. But Finn and Sumeet, Pallavi's husband, say that never nodded her head. More.

There's some indication that the kid had some medical condition in his history.  And if he died of natural causes, there's a cultural difference at work here as to why she would want to preserve the body for her husband to see before the police. Now throw in a corner's report of "We have no idea how this child died" and this case is going nowhere. A disputed head nod would be a crazy basis for a murder prosecution.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I bet Dan Patrick beats David Dewhurst in the runoff. It's a Ted Cruz situation all over again. That should be the blue print for the Texas Tea Party. Find a state wide race with an incumbent and at least two challengers. Then get to the runoff and flood the polls (which isn't hard to do since no one else votes in a runoff.)
  • And it is kind of ironic that the Dewhurst legislation to close most abortion clinics in Texas is really taking effect. He got his wish. But the same legislative process made him a target of Republicans for that Wendy Davis fiasco, and will probably end his tenure as Lt. Governor.
  • The Kids In The House recovered well from the puppy death. Mrs. LL and I were still in the dumps yesterday. 
  • That's a weird story of the Richardson teacher allegedly killed by her Euless boyfriend while both were in New Mexico. Talk about something going horribly wrong. 
  • I never took the SAT. I was an ACT guy instead. 
  • A Fort Worth officer shot a guy last night. The officer said he was coming at another officer with a pry bar. Cue the video. 
  • I noticed that the BagOfNothing guy is giving up blogging for Lent. And it sounds a little deeper than what you would think at first blush. 
  • I would think J.D. Clark's winning Wise County Judge at such a young age would make metroplex news when the smoke clears. At least I thought that. But I'm not sure how old he is despite a quick Google search. He's been a three term mayor of Chico and has his bachelor's and master's degree. 
  • "Spring Forward" this weekend. And finally it coincides with Spring Break (unless it routinely coincides with Spring Break.) 
  • I woke up every ten minutes last night. Seriously, every ten minutes. (I left my iPad at the office -- which I use for an alarm -- so I had to use an old school clock instead. But I think I had so little faith in it that I could never get into deep sleep mode.)
  • That last episode of True Detective kind of confused me. 
  • Brent Musburger was on The Ticket yesterday, and he was fantastic. He seemed absolutely content and happy (despite having an uncertain future with ESPN/ABC). 
  • Want to see a girl almost get killed after thinking it would be a good idea to get her picture taken with a race car coming up from behind her?


Above The Fold

I'm Taking A Blogging Day Off

The Family Unit watched the birth of a single puppy last night. A puppy that didn't make it.

It was as horrible as it sounds.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Farmers Branch illegal immigrant ordinances, which have been defeated at every level, were a concept that was beyond stupid.
  • Thanks to Mrs. LL,, I received another DVD of converted 8 millimeter films found in my parents' home. I can't describe the feelings of anticipation when I loaded it up.And it didn't disappoint.(The company is Southtree.com)
  • Thank goodness it's election day. I can't handle much more conservatism. 
  • Missed this one: Wrong way driver in Fort Worth.  
  • For weeks now, The Family Cat has been dragging around a shoe string with as much love as a child loves its doll.
  • I jogged yesterday morning. Man, it was cold. 
  • The 'job of the day" this morning on Fox 4 was for an attendant at Cowboys Stadium. You need to be able to stand for up to nine hours at a time. It paid $9 an hour. Think about that.
  • I've got five insect bites on my right arm, and I have no idea of how that happened. 
  • Does anyone else think about Kramer from Seinfeld saying "The Ukraine is weak" when they watch the news these days?
  • Mrs. LL yelled at me this weekend when I happened to say, "You just went full retard. No one goes full retard."
  • I've noticed Mrs. LL is eating regular TV dinners for breakfast. Girl ain't right.
  • I watched the newest episode of Aerial America with the Fifth Grader in The House that featured Idaho. Now we want to move to Idaho.
  • Flashback: On The Ticket this morning they talked about Barry Switzer's decision to go for it twice on fourth and one when the Cowboys faced Philadelphia in 1995. That's one of my favorite moments. First, it was a crazy decision. Second, John Madden has no idea of the rules (the referee has to sound the whistle to kill the play at the two minute warning?), and Third, I remember Chuck Cooperstein on the radio the next day yelling, "That is a fireable offense!!!!"
  • I had a chance to re-listen to Matthew McConaughey's acceptance speech yesterday. Great actor. But that guy is an idiot. 
  • NFL Draft Thought: "Take the best athlete available?" That's dumb. The chances of determining the best athlete is laughable. 
  • How is the world can George P. Bush be elected to anything? But he will.
  • Hey, I've got a flat tire!!! Come on!


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a crazy temperature drop yesterday. For some reason, I took an extended nap on Saturday which caused me to end up standing in the front lawn at 1:00 am on Sunday. (Don't ask,)  A very warm front lawn.
  • I'll often refer to a movie or TV program as "good but not great". I finally watched all episodes of True Detective over the weekend. It's not good. It's great. And I've done a 180 of Mathew McConaughey. He's fantastic.
  • I told the Family Unit that I had never seen Mary Poppins. That, of course, caused a Forced Watch Event of the movie over the weekend. Verdict: Meh.
  • Then I made them watch two episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show. I think I was the only one that laughed.
  • The Girls In The House coaxed me into jumping on the trampoline with them. I'm not sure what happened but the Fifth Grader In The House went head over heels over the side and ended up in a crying crumpled mess on the ground. Scared me to death. Then, once all was well, I couldn't stop laughing. 
  • Many years ago, my favorite burger place was something called Chip's off of Central Express Way in Dallas.
  • A lot of those political ads stressing "border security" have a KKK feel to them..(There is a "What kid of Christians are they?" ad that is snuck between the ads every now and then.)
  • I had a weird moment of contentment the other night when, during the stillness, I realized I had a pregnant dog and non-pregnant wife lying next to me. 
  • David Dewhurst's Jeopardy style commercial against Dan Patrick borders on Idiocracy. He doesn't want a runoff with a Tea Party candidate (ala Ted Cruz) but the ad borders on his "he represented the Chinese" mistake. (Just so everyone knows, the brain dead guy behind those campaigns is Dave Carney.)
  • "I have hip hop questions that need answers!" -- Me while watching the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Videos with the family and no one knowing the name of the artist on the screen.
  • As I'm writing this, I'm looking at footage of I-45 between Houston and Dallas and it is completely shut down. 
  • Awkward Mother-In-Law moment when we were talking about House Of Cards. Her: "I liked it until it got perverted." Me: "When was that?" Her: "When he hooked up with that young girl." Me: "Oh, yeah. That part."
  • The goofy Electra city attorney who was caught on video berating a citizen asserting his right has been fired.