High School Results?

The Messenger posts the scores here.

Is This True?

Troy Aikman said tonight, while broadcasting the Redskins/Steelers preseason game, that the Cowboys did not have a play involving a quarterback sneak in the first eight years he played.

I'm Pretty Sure This Is Bad Parenting

Video clip of parents that decide to wake their kids in a sadistic manner.

I Missed This

"A Fort Worth man is in the Wise County Jail on charges of evading arrest, after leading officers on a high speed chase from Mineral Wells to Bridgeport. 40 year old Brian Keith Edwards sped away from an attempted traffic stop in Mineral Wells about 3:00 a.m. Wednesday. After fleeing from Palo Pinto County, through Jack County and east to Bridgeport on Hwy. 380, he crashed his SUV into a bar ditch where it overturned and caught fire. Wise County Deputies pulled Edwards out of the wreckage and took him to jail. He was not injured in the crash.Authorities say Edwards drove in excess of 100 mph and forced oncoming traffic off 380. Two Wise County patrol cruisers were damaged when Edwards squeezed by them at an attempted road block in a Bridgeport industrial park. He is also being held on a felony DWI warrant from Tarrant County. Charges are pending in Mineral Wells." Source: KTFW

I'm So Confused

While reviewing a transcript today on an appeal I'm working on, I had a huge question mark form over my head. It was a drug case and the defense lawyer (not me) was asking the jury panel if they would make the State prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt as required by the law. (Pretty much standard stuff). Then one of the potential juror's said: "In my book all people that's on drugs are guilty anyway. That's my thought." Huh?

Things I Learned At Lunch In The Sports Section

Texas Tech has already sold more than 40,000 season tickets - the most ever. The prior record was 36,839. Baylor had 18 players miss practice due to strep throat (boys, you need all the practice you can get). Mack Brown, the UT coach, is on the cover Texas Monthly with the byline of "Let's Go Kick Some OU Butt". Southlake Carroll plays Midland Lee in its first game tomorrow at, get this, 2:30 in the afternoon. I hope no one dies.

Not a Bad Idea

Some big libraries across the nation are now offering downloadable audio books. It's interesting: They are in a ".wma" format which is Windows version of an MP3 file. That format prevents the downloaded file from being transferred other than what a license file allows. (For example, a music file downloaded from music.msn.com allows it to only be burned to a CD three times and allows a transfer to a different computer only twice). This type of copyright protection prevents you from simply emailing the file to a friend (The friend will get it, but can't play it). And the library even makes you "return" the wma file in that the file simply refuses to play again after three weeks.

Friday Night Lights

High school football starts tonight for Wise County. But there is something not quite right about it being August. Have we ever had that early of a start for high school football?


Have You Ever Wondered . . .

. . . what it's like to almost get hit by a train? (video clip)

Computer Voice Fun

Click here

I'd Still Be Stuck To My Seat

Can you believe the Rangers played a day game today? Can you believe 19,112 people showed up in the heat to watch it?

Movie Thought

"The Upside of Anger", recently released on DVD, is really good.

Now Certainly We Can All Agree On This

Headline: "Brigitte Bardot calls for halt to use of puppies as shark bait". And in honor of the aging starlet, I'll post an old picture of her.

Who's Paying That Electric Bill? Oh

The Star Telegram is running a small story about how the air conditioners failed last night and into the early morning hours at Tarrant County's new $53-million Family Law Center. What got my attention was this: "Even with temperatures in the upper 80s outside, however, Flake said the inside temperature didn't rise much beyond 77 degrees. The thermostat is supposed to keep the temperature at 68. "

New Law Effective 9.1.05 (And I Didn't Know This Was A Problem)

Sec. 201.606. CRIMINAL PENALTY: PROVIDING CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT OR SERVICES WHILE INTOXICATED (b) A person commits an offense if [a license chiropractor] provides chiropractic treatment or services to a patient while intoxicated, and, by reason of that conduct, places the patient at a substantial and unjustifiable risk of harm. (c) An offense under this section is a state jail felony.

I Don't Know Who She Is . . .

. . . but the fact that this actress, sixteen year old Scout Taylor-Compton, is missing is a big deal.

I Thought Chandler Dane Graduated?

The Dallas Morning News has its high school football preseason special issue today. Of their 10 "expert" prognosticators, here are the votes for the predicted winner of District 7-3A: Bridgeport - 4 votes Decatur - 5 votes Lake Worth - 1 vote

Bloop . . . Bloop

I'm a huge fan of TIVO (the digital television recorder). It's incredibly easy to use and works flawlessly. I was surprised to learn, however, that last quarter was the first time it had made a profit and the outlook for the company is not good.


"STUDENTS TREATED AT WRHS — Nine Decatur Middle School eighth grade girls were treated and released at Wise Regional Health System following a 1 1/2 mile run Wednesday morning." - From the Update Take shelter, the fallout is coming.


Horror Flashbacks

As a kid growing up in the 1970s, two TV shows scared the crap out of me: Night Gallery and The Night Stalker. I only mention it because I see that ABC is bringing back The Night Stalker this fall.

Now This Is Good For Public Banter

"MASCOT CHANGE — Bridgeport High School girls athletic teams are going back to old ways. All female teams have changed their mascot from Lady Bulls to Sissies. Karen Daugherty, secretary of the Bridgeport Booster Club, said the change was approved and goes into effect immediately." I think the name originally came from being the opposite of "Bullies" which, if memory serves, preceded "Bulls" as the boys mascot.

OK, Who Among You Can Name The Business Before Then?

"BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – The Decatur Economic Development Corporation this afternoon hosts a reception for a new business announcement for the city. The event is scheduled for 4 p.m. at the Decatur Civic Center. " - From the Update

Or You Could Pick Up The Phone

Google is getting into Instant Messaging with "Google Talk". It's a little late to the party (with Yahoo, MSN, and AOL in control). But I wouldn't put it past them to become a major player. I wonder how many people IM?

Another Reason to Teach Your Kid To Hit A Baseball

Alex Rodriguez has purchased a 5,000 square foot apartment in Manhatten for $7.5 million. He already owns a six bedroom home in Coral Gables, Florida that he bought for $12 million.

He May Need An Aspirin Discount

This morning, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones named CVS as, and I am not making this up, the "Official Pharmacy of the Dallas Cowboys".


Have You Ever Felt More Sympathy for A Movie Character?

LOS ANGELES - Actor Brock Peters, best known for his heartbreaking performance as the black man falsely accused of rape in "To Kill a Mockingbird," died Tuesday at his home after battling pancreatic cancer. He was 78. (And did you know he was a voice in the "Wild Thornberrys" movie?)

Well, Some Of The Tithes Probably Reached the Poor

Northwest ISD has a big brand new scoreboard and they have begun selling ads to go on the face of it. According to the Star-Telegram, one of the ad buyers is a church. "The Church at Trophy Lakes will pay $17,500 per year for the next three years. Church members bought the ads to show their support for the district, its students and educators, said Rick Cochran, executive pastor and administrator."

Now If It Was A Prayer Breakfast, We'd Back That Time Up A Bit

"The Celina Quarterback Club gets a scouting report and recap of last week's [high school] game from the coach and a hearty breakfast at 5:30 a.m. each Thursday." - Today's Dallas Morning News, 12C

Is this 1865?

Out at lunch today in Decatur, I saw a motorcycle go by with the confederate flag attached to the back of the seat. So, in the year of our dear Lord 2005, what message was he trying to convey? Edit: I had no idea this was such a hornet's nest!

That's The Day That The Music Died

Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb's new album.

By the way . . .

I did not act like this (video clip) when I was awakened by the police as earlier described.

Where's Baylor?

The Top Ten Party Schools as Ranked By The Princeton Review: 1. University of Wisconsin-Madison (I noted it was 45 degrees in Green Bay this morning) 2. Ohio University-Athens (Couldn't find it if I had to) 3. Lehigh University (Ditto) 4. University of California-Santa Barbara (Liberals can party) 5. State University of New York at Albany (no idea) 6. Indiana University-Bloomington (Bobby Knight drove them to drink) 7. University of Mississippi (It gets boring in the deep South) 8. University of Iowa (It gets boring in the corn fields) 9. University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Liberals party on both coasts) 10. Loyola University New Orleans (get ready for Louisiana to make a big push on this list) 11. Tulane University (See, I told you) 12. University of Georgia (R.E.M. is from Athens - so let's dance) 13. Penn State University (They drink because Joe Paterno won't retire) 14. West Virginia University (I'm drawing a blank) 15. The University of Texas-Austin (Parents, I've been trying to warn you for years) 16. University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Moonshine is the beer of choice) 17. University of New Hampshire (What is up with all the partying in the northeast?) 18. University of Florida (Drinking because Steve Spurrier didn't come back) 19. Louisiana State University (I'm moving to Louisiana). 20. University of Maryland-College Park (I've run out of steam)


Sports Overload

Ok, I learn stuff all the time. The AP pre-season football poll came out last weekend. I immediately noticed that Texas was at #2 and Texas Tech was at #21. I didn't know this: This was the highest UT ranking in a preseason poll since 1970. I didn't know this: This was the first time Tech has cracked the preseason poll since 1977.

More Proof Of The Growing Hispanic Population

Remember radio station KEGL? It spent 12 years as hard-rock station "The Eagle" before Clear Channel switched it to "Sunny" in May 2004, with a format focusing on softer hits from the ‘60s through the ‘80s and a heavy emphasis on the ‘70s. All indications are that on Thursday it will change formats to a Hispanic music station.

Let Me Ask Her What She Thinks Once She Turns 60

"A woman with a Rolling Stones tattoo gets her bag checked as she enters Fenway Park, before the start of the Rolling Stones concert, in Boston, Massachusetts, August 21, 2005 ."

Random Sport Thought

I bet Texas Ranger's manager Buck Showalter's days are numbered. Can't say that would bother me: I listen to (way too much) sports talk radio and many a Showalter interview. No one comes across as more arrogant and less fan friendly than this guy. (And I noticed that he has his own website: http://www.buckshowalter.com . And it hasn't been updated since 11.10.04).

Random Thought

I still think the Sonic ads are funny....the two guys more than the couple.....unless the two guys are a couple.

Me And My Secretary

Ok, The Story

Ok, two weeks ago I'm half asleep on a Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. - upstairs - door shut. Suddenly I am shockingly awakened my a big booming voice that yelled "[inaudible word], anybody home?!". What woke me up so abruptly was that there was no doubt that the voice was coming from inside the house. (That's odd, because I'm a dead bolt lock kind of guy). So not having my wits about me to realize I should have been as scared as a school girl, I bolted out the doorway, hair going every which way, and in my underwear. Standing below me in the foyer were two uniformed police officers. I see cops all the time, just not uninvited into my home. At that moment, I couldn't say Fourth Amendment much less protest. But quickly one of the officer's said, "Sir, your front door was wide open and one of your neighbors called on us to check on you." I let out a sigh. At that point, one of the officers lets out a belly laugh, walks out the front door, and says (presumably to a neighbor), "Well, he's up now!!!" They excused themselves leaving me alone in the house with my heart still pounding. It then dawned on me that, with my front door open for who knows how long, that there could be someone in the house. (There wasn't. But I'm still trying to figure out how I went about leaving the front door unlocked that - I hope - managed to open itself due to air suction sometime during the night).

Talking Music

A really cool new song is "Gold Digger" by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx (yep, that Jamie Foxx). It's a the oddest combination of Cajun and Hip Hop but it's cool. A link to the clip of it should be here: http://www.musicremedy.com/audio/index.cfm?FuseAction=ShowAudioPlayer&AudioId=3441&Quality=4

On Second Thought . . .

Maybe I was too tough on the Dukes of Hazzard movie. (Time Waste warning)

They Might Want To Put In A Provision Regarding The Right To Bear Arms

It's difficult to follow the drafting of the Iraqi Constitution (the deadline is midnight) but it looks like there are arguments over women's rights and whether Islam will be the official religon (we fought the war for that?). But this looks like a troublesome road: The proposed draft need only be approved by a majority of their National Assembly before it can go to the voters. Simple enough. However, it would then go to the voters on a referendum by October 15. If any three of Iraq's 18 provinces reject the referendum by two-thirds or more, the constitution will be rejected.

Sports Quick Hits

The AP initial high school football poll was released this weekend, and Bridgeport came in at #10. And the Texas Rangers just ended a 13 game road trip. They lost 12 of them. During the free agency period in the NFL, there were "only" six players that received signing bounuses of over $8 million. And the Cowboys signed three of them (Anthony Henry, Jason Ferguson, Marco Rivera). From the Morning News: "Frisco Centennial running back Aaron Jones has been eluding defenders all over the practice field. Jones is only 5-4 and 135 pounds but he runs the 40 yard dash in 4.45 seconds."


Well, That Weekend Wasn't That Much Fun...

but.... I noticed that an NFL player from Fort Worth died after an NFL preseason game. I didn't think about tort reform on the big Vioxx verdict (Hey, I'm a criminal defense lawyer): The verdict will likely be reduced from $253 million to $26 million because of a state limit on punitive damages. The Dallas Morning News had a huge story on how prosecutors routinely strike minorities from jury panels. (But also pointed out how defense lawyers tend to strike whites). I would tell you whether this happens in Wise County but who knows: almost every Wise County jury panel I've seen is 99% white (which is very odd in itself).