Saturday Morning Pick Me Up

Not related. At least the pictures aren't.

Allow Me To Retort

The above screenshot is a portion of a prior blog I wrote back in April. I'm reposting it because a Tarrant County grand jury quietly declined to indict him yesterday. What's the phrase? "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"


"Wreck with carflight west boyd on 114"

What does this headline mean along with this tiny pic? I have no idea. But someone was kind enough to send it to me this evening. Yeah, it may not be the work of Joe Duty and Robert Morgan, but it's news.

Details won't hold us back. Potential misinformation won't hold us back. This is The Blog: Printing rumor and innuendo for two years. And if someone is kind enough to tip me off to something, I'm running with it. Godspeed.

Any Guesses?


And Jerry Jones won't say how much the personal seat licenses will be (the purchaser will have the right to renew his season ticket every year.)

But for reference: The Cowboys used "seat options" (same basic concept, kinda) in the early 1970s to finance Texas Stadium. They cost $250 way back then.

I think the Texas Motor Speedway used personal seat licenses, but I don't know how much they cost.

Edit: A faithful reader has discovered that the Cowboys sell a handful of PSLs right now for Texas Stadium.

There Is . . .

. . . some news about OJ today, but the pictures that are popping up featuring OJ are far more entertaining.

100% Gold

So a guy in Minnesota allegedly steals a cell phone and a purse from a woman and then tells her to remove her shoes because he is going to suck her feet. Ok, I've seen worse. Actually, who hasn't thought about the combination robbery & toe suck? But, for a moment, pretend that you just became the guy's court appointed lawyer. You go to the jail. Take your seat. And in he walks. If you don't do anything else the rest of the day, you gotta take a look at him.


There was quite a bit of stirring this week when a New York Times / CBS News Poll revealed that one in three Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks. I thought that time was clouding everyone's memory. When I finally found the actual report (click to enlarge), I was surprised to learn that this misconception used to be worse!

Our Annual Local Story of Starving Horses Or Dogs

Fox 4 . . . . . News.

Friday Crowd Pleaser

Incredibly slow news day. Nothing got my attention this morning. Absolutely nothing. And when the Messenger's Update leads with "Football Tonight" and a blurb about street paving in Decatur, I don't feel so bad.

So I'll please the masses with that Matthew guy and his hot Brazilian girlfriend.

Victory Park

I went down to Victory Park in Dallas last night and you have to go see it. This pic is an old one and doesn't do it justice. There is now a high definition screen on the front of the American Airlines Center which is massive - 50 feet across? And the two screens on the side break up into four smaller screens and move move horizontally along the buildings.

Throw in three fountains that rise out of the ground along the center of concourse and you have quite the scene.

(And, I was there to be in the studio audience of The Gordon Keith Show - more on that later. Good times.)



Once in a blue moon (whatever that means), I visit www.BaylorFans.com which has a message board that is, uh, boring.

But I grabbed this screen shot today (click to . . . uh, you know) and that first ad should cause some concern for the Baylor Faithful. Sic' em?

Mandy Moore

For a Thursday afternoon pick-me-up.

Slight Double Take

I have to admit that I had to re-read that last line. But I guess it's grammatically correct.

Britney's New Home



Even Though . . .

. . . they look like they might be from Wise County, they aren't. Why they are in the news here.


"Family First" On The Blog?

Ok, this poll is still open, but we have some shocking results going on. The majority are married? And the overwhelming leader are those that take their vows for the first time and actually honor them? What is wrong with you people?

I think I'm beginning to figure The Blog's (mild) popularity out: It is the only place that married guys can go on the Internet and see the occasional pic of a hot woman and not get in trouble.

What Is Going On Here?

There's nothing I enjoy more than waking up at the crack of dawn to the sweet voice of Fox 4 morning personality Megan Henderson. That voice will sadly be on the TV that I left on all night, but I know she secretly wants me. It gives me a reason to live.

But for two or three days in a row she has been replaced by new hire Krystle Gutierrez. This is unacceptable. For two reasons:

(1) First, what is up with that name? At first I was certain that she had to be Hispanic but then I realized she probably engaged in a practice that is illegal in Wise County: Interracial marriage. But that doesn't explain that first name. Krystle? How about a good old American spelling of "Crystal"? Obviously, her parents or uppity which means she is probably uppity. Strike one.

(2) She's kind of hot, but not quite the wise arse that Megan is. But I decided to check her out. I learned on her blog (lord, those corporate censored blogs are painful to read), that she recently got married. I had figured that out already due to the Hispanic thing (see above). But what really shocked me was that I learned she was married to some guy on the Fox News Channel (the big one)! She wisely refused to name him (since she is probably having second thoughts), but she did reveal that he covers stories "in the Southwest." Megan would never marry a Fox Network guy. Strike two.

Megan, come back soon. I'm reaching for the Paxil. Things aren't good.

Wife . . .

. . . #9.

Man, I'm Getting On A Plane

Southwest Airlines asked this young gal to put on a sweater. What's wrong with Southwest? And where are all these women coming from?

"They Are, Like, Getting Closer To Me"

The administration at TCU should kill this video immediately. And note to all tailgaters: A choreographed dance routine involving guys is never a good idea.



Just saw tomorrow's issue of the Messenger and couldn't help but notice that sports writer Robert Morgan gets roasted in the Letters to the Editor section for this article last week. It has something to do with the alleged disorganization of the pee wee football program in Decatur. I've heard some complaints as well. Edit: The Letters to the Editor have now been posted here.

Wheels Off [Edit: Moved To Top]

If you were watching Channel 5 this morning at 7:25 (when The Today Show cut to the local news break), you saw the wheels of KXAS news go flying completely off. I can't do it justice, but I did manage to TIVO it. I'll try to get it posted this evening.

Edit: Ok, I may have oversold this, but here it is. Note:

(1) I cut off the first 32 seconds of absolute complete dead air as KXAS scrambled to get on the air
(2) The very odd camera pan left, pan right beginning movement
(3) How they had the wrong graphic up as Tammy Dombeck took over
(4) The very shocked look of the anchor at the end as she is filmed removing her headset
(5) The dead air after the spot before the commercial begins.

Claire Danes . . .

. . . has nothing to do with Wise County, but we won't hold that against her.

Incomplete News

I could have sworn I just heard a report on WBAP about a bad accident at Stephen F. Austin [Edit: Tarleton?] One or two students were killed and a young man from Alvord was injured. I'm trying to track it down. Edit: Maybe this is it. Motorcycles wreck on Sunday. One of the two died today. Does the name Apollo Long ring a bell to anyone? Double Edit: Maybe that wasn't it. Edit: Now WBAP hasn't run with the story again. Edit: Finally got confirmation that Ryan Crutsinger (as a commenter pointed out) was involved in the wreck at around 2:30 a.m. at Tarleton. No alcohol involved (that's what the email said). Despite suffering a broken jaw, three broken vertabrae, and a broken shoulder blade, he is expected to fully recover.

Shout Out To All The Wise County Teachers Out There

This new Carl's Jr. ad is catching a least a little bit of grief. I haven't seen it on TV because I don't think we have any Carl's Jr. fast food joints in North Texas.

Baylor, You're Killing Me

Actual shot before the Rice game last weekend. Remind me never to get fat and talk on a cell phone all the while a young child colors on my belly.

Stuck On You

Remember the nurse's aide in Fort Worth that hit a guy with her car, he became embedded in her windshield, and she drove home and left him there in her garage?

Well, now it's a movie called Stuck starring Mena Suvari. It's completed and looking to be picked up for major distribution.

Crazy Story

A pregnant Austin woman is attacked by her estranged husband last February. She goes into a coma.

Last Thursday, while still in that coma, she gave birth to the child.

A Different View of 9/11

The aftermath of Flight 93. I'm not sure I've ever seen this. (Credit.)

All Signing Bonuses Suddenly Seem Too Small

Story. I might be wrong, but NFL players are getting so big and so fast that one of these days there might have to be some fundamental rule changes. It may take 20 years to see it, but I bet something will have to be done. Kickoffs are inherently dangerous, so I could see them eliminated with a team getting the ball on the 25. And the tackler "cannot lead with his head" rule will have to be enforced.

Edit: I just saw that NINE players had season ending injuries after week one.


I May Start Watching The Canadian Football League

Streakers are entertaining. Always. Here we have one on the ground, another takes off with moves better than Emmitt Smith, followed by a guy who refused to take his pants off. I'm embarrassed for the last guy and his lack of guts. Go commando, buddy. Your friends were counting on you.

Random Movie Thought

The Dallas Morning News has an article in its Arts section yesterday (which I just read today) asserting that applauding at movies would be a good idea. Yeah, the actors/director/crew wouldn't hear it, but that an outbreak of applause would be cathartic for the audience.

When I was a kid, I remember a commercial for a movie (and I'll swear it was promoting Billy Jack with it's theme music of "One Tin Soldier") which had the tagline of: "One movie has audiences standing up and applauding."

But, as I search my memory bank, I can't recall ever being in a movie where the audience actually applauded at the end.


School Newsletter Prank

But you can get $750,000 for falsely being called gay? I'm calling my lawyer. If I had one.


That Put A Boot In My . . .

Just as I was getting comfortable in my adoption of the Sooners, ABC did this to me this weekend: They had that goofy Toby Keith introduce the starting Oklahoma line up.

The man wraps himself in the flag and then drains the life force out me.

Throw Down

Not sure where this camera angle came from, but I think it's the only video of the Kid Rock v. Tommy Lee "fight" at the MTV Awards last night. And stick around for the second video that automatically plays showing Jamie Foxx's reaction to the altercation. Funny stuff. Edit: Pamela gives him the what for.

Surely A Joke . . . I Think

www.MarryOurDaughter.com Edit: Snopes.com weighs in.

Surging Along

Moveon.org has an ad today in The New York Times regarding today's testimony which will certainly be that the war occupation is going well.

Bond Amounts Confuse Me

It's Monday

I got nothing.

That Was A Lot Of Rain. WIth A Little More To Come.


Back At It

While I was watching the opening kickoff of the Cowboy game I missed Britney parading around in her bra and panties as she opened MTV Video Music Awards. I love this girl.

Uh, she might have lip synced. Like, a lot. And the video was posted on the Internets within 2o minutes.

Rice And Beans

Some quarterback from Baylor threw six TD passes last night, setting a school record, in a 42-17 win over Rice. I didn't know God hated Rice so much.

And it wasn't televised. The high point of Baylor Football for the year (decade?) and those few of us who care didn't get to see it. And the crowd in the above pic looks a little sparse as well.

Planes, Trains, and . . . I'm Awake Now

So the guy that sends me the pic of the American Airlines jet sends me this pic that he took. But he didn't explain how he got it. Anyway, as I sit here and watch the Cowboy game (not-a-good in the beginning), I thought I'd at least throw the pic out at ya. Maybe it's some rich Wise County person.