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The Blues Brothers Scene I Referenced This Morning

Everyone Watch This

And the bravest person in the whole thing is the reporter.

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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I am at a loss for words that Trump went completely off script yesterday and equated Nazi Protesters to Nazis. And he did it with extreme passion. 
  • I am also at a loss for words that anyone -- and I mean anyone -- would defend it. At least we are learning people's true colors. Mark Davis. Everyone on the morning show on WBAP. Fox News (which initially desperately tried to act like it didn't happen). 
  • After I watched the remarks in full, I was positive his presidency was over. There is no way someone can say that and survive. Now I'm not so sure. 
  • I forgot to mention this yesterday: 
  • The Blues Brothers scene where Jake and Elwood drive into a bunch of "Illinois Nazis" sure feels different now. 
  • Is it just me or is the standard portion of food that a restaurant serves enough for two meals?
  • Tom Cruise was injured while filming a movie. He'll be fine. I was more fascinated that the movie was Mission Impossible 6.
  • Breaking News. Is it just me or does the military seem to have a lot of non-combat helicopter/jet crashes?
  • That's a female, right?:
  • My office got a robo-call which was an IRS scam. It has happened to so many people: You are told you owe money (I don't), and I need to call them immediately. There are so many people who have been hit with this.
  • I was walking into Walmart yesterday with my standard office outfit of a white shirt and tie when an angry guy comes up to me and asks, "Are you a manager here?!"
  • What is the purpose of those heavy duty grill guards that are on the big trucks? And are they standard options? Is smashing into stuff a problem? 
  • The Texas Legislature's special session ended last night. Nothing got done. And that is a good thing. 


And Even He Deleted It!

This is incomprehensible.

Find And Arrest These Nazis

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Legendary Arkansas coach Frank Broyles died yesterday. When he was hired, his salary was $15,000. After coaching he went into broadcasting. He then became part of a team that was never better than this:
  • Trump tried to do damage control yesterday by coming out and giving a stronger condemnation of the Saturday events in Charlottesville. He looked like a child told by his parents to go next door and apologize. (Ticket fans: I promise 100% I wrote this before Junior Miller said the exact same thing this morning at 7:20 a.m.)
  • Aggieland has cancelled a white nationalist rally scheduled for 9/11. I think that's wrong for a public university to do that. Let them speak. They have that right. And I definitely want to hear what they have to say. 
  • And I'm split right down the middle on whether to remove Confederate statues. On one hand, they remind us of history. On the other, statues are put up to honor someone. But it is absolutely wrong for a mob to destroy one like what happened in North Carolina late yesterday.
  • The Mooch was on Colbert last night. I'm still sad he's not Trump's spokesman any longer. The guy is full throttle entertainment.
  • Road rage?
  • One piece of advice I gave to the College Sophomore in the House. Never, ever, honk at someone. In this day and time, your momentary anger can get you killed.
  • In the past, I've criticized the FBI for finding idiots online and setting them up to do something they aren't smart enough to ever pull off. In the past, they just went after Muslims. (The Dallas case in 2009 was a prime example.) Well, at least they don't discriminate now: 
  • Three CEOs have resigned from Trump's "Manufacturing Council" because of the way he handled the Charlottesville crisis. 


This Seems Perfect For Today

Language warning.

Brad Pitt's anti-Nazi speech seems so appropriate after a weekend which has led so many people to be shaken to the core.

(Credit: I got this from The Ticket which just played and edited version of it.)

This Is Odd

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched what happened in Charlottesville in real time on Saturday, and it may be one of the most horrifying days of my life. 
  • And what happened the night before is something I  thought I would never see.
  • Many of those people have been identified. And some of them are not happy about it yet try to justify their conduct. 
  • This is the face of hate. This is the face of terrorism. If you are an employer, you need to start researching online every employee to find out if they are part of a racist organization. I discovered "Proud Boys" a few weeks ago.
  • She is dead:
  • Those White Nationalist were openly supporting Hitler and Nazis. What would a World War II veteran think? 
  • I always feared a civil war, but I never thought whites would try to start it. 
  • KXAS Channel 5 News had a pretty big typo:

  • Mrs. LL hit me with a hard question this weekend: Would you represent him in this case? 
  • Trump's "many sides" off script statement tells you all you need to know about him.
  • Changing gears here, Mrs. LL went on a rant about the Teacher Retirement System. I'm still trying to figure it out. 
  • I watched "Hell or High Water" this weekend. That might be the greatest Texas movie of all time. And Jeff Bridges portrayal of a Texas Ranger reminded me of two guys in Wise County.
  • Mrs. LL thinks Jeff Bridges is not a good actor. This will not end well. 


Someone Tell Me This Didn't Happen

Go search for videos and images of the rally. If you aren't horrified, there is something seriously wrong. And there's a formal rally today!

Edit: Well that rally didn't go well.

Cop vs. Prosecutor: Who Ya Got?

I've been in the criminal justice field a long time and this fascinates me to no end. A prosecutor and a cop have an obvious history of tension and the cop goes to visit the prosecutor about a case. And he turns on his body cam. (That should give every prosecutor something to think about.)

The subject of the discussion was a pending drug case. The newspaper in South Texas which first reported the story was critical of the prosecutor. Yet a Houston defense lawyer came to the defense of her.

One of the oddest parts was when the prosecutor asks the officer for his wife's phone number since he "listed her as a witness" He doesn't give it but reminds her she's a court reporter.

There has to be a huge back story between the two.

Side note: When did it become professional for prosecutors to wear jogging clothes in the office and have a dog there?

Edit: I've now watched this twice. My verdict: Both are guilty. She is condescending. He is dumb as a box of rocks.


Above The Fold

It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Spray the dog and stop doing bits!
I truly do  not understand this.
I promise you this happens in our house every day.
That does not happen in the house
Funny, but I hate office pranks.
This is for every female Liberally Lean reader who is now (smugly) laughing. 

I'm Trying To Be Appointed As Special Prosecutor

Just like "nobody puts baby in the corner", no one messes with the Official Liberally Lean Girl!

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I saw that Fuzzy's Tacos in downtown Decatur has a big sign out that says, "Now Hiring." Someone explain to me why twenty-somethings aren't beating down the door to get the job.
  • The minor league baseball team, the Bridgeport Bluefish (of Connecticut), will leave after 20 years because the city is converting their stadium into a concert venue. The organization is now considering a move to a different state which includes Texas. I know the perfect town. There just needs to be a small baseball park that could be used for years to come for them and others. 
  • I'm sure this device was accurate. But I love the name.
  • I forgot to mention that the Dallas Stars officially came out against the "Bathroom Bill." It sounds like it won't pass in the Special Session because it is so insane. 
  • One of my many regimented routines of mine is to watch the recorded NBC nightly news every day when I get home. I'm not sure I've ever been happier when the College Sophomore In The House put down her phone yesterday and got locked into it with me. And, to make my day even better, in the middle of it she asked, "Do you like Trump?" 
  • Please tell me he is not talking about nuclear weapons this morning:
  • I've noticed that in the last month he doesn't put a space after the comma. 
  • Trump better mean ground troops. How do people not realize that using only ground troops that the U.S. or China could take over North Korea in 24 hours without using a plane, bomb, or missile? 
  • I would love to be part of what goes on behind the scenes at a newspaper. The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy wrote a column praising our local Sheriff for opposing DPS's decision to charge counties and municipalities fees for lab testing. Yet the paper ran an editorial that said "It’s reasonable for them to pay a portion of lab fees. They should get used to the idea and plan accordingly." Or perhaps they don't talk at all. 
  • Texas Aggie play by play man David South will retire after this year. He was the first "homer" broadcaster I ever heard and I loved it.
  • When the media reports that any Dallas Cowboy (or any pro player) "worked out after practice was over" or "played on the field before practice with his kids" they are doing it because the cameras are there.  It's like when the team visits a hospital. When you do it when the cameras aren't there then I'll be impressed.


Tone Deafness At Its Finest

The 8% references the Texas "tax free weekend."

The official organization of the Texas District and County Attorney's Association doesn't understand why some people would want to save 8% on a tax free weekend.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Scary: "State law enforcement regulators shut down the Lone Star College System's police training academy, the second time in four years the state has forced closure of the beleaguered police academy over failures to meet state standards." 
  • And Another (North Carolina):
  • I had someone tip me off, with documentation, that DPS will issue a ticket for not paying a toll to NTTA (technically a private entity?) and a criminal case will be filed in a Justice of the Peace court. What I saw was stunning. I'll do a post on it today or tomorrow.
  • Wise County Constable Doug Parr took a plea deal yesterday and will resign. Two thoughts: (1) The plea deal was fair and appropriate but that 40 days in jail as a condition of the probation really jumped out at me, (2) the Messenger  needs to be congratulated for exposing all of this in the beginning. That is why a free press is so important in the country. 
  • The Ticket finally went off on FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress this morning and said everything I have said about him for years. And I'll never not love this photo. Gordon Keith said this about it: "Jesus's selfie in front of Caesar was the first thing I learned about in VBS."
  • I was listening to the radio this morning and heard a commercial for "flavored" mouth guards for athletes. And it said that for everyone purchased one would be donated to a "needy athlete." I thought it was a joke, but it is real. 
  • I saw someone else comment on the Decatur siren test at noon that, even though you knew it was coming, it caused a few seconds of anxiety due to the fear of nuclear war.
  • The FBI raided the home of Trump's former campaign head as part of the Russian probe. That certainly is a witch hunt, right? 
  • Some history: 
  • The Mooch is about to start TV appearances. I cannot wait.
  • There was a shooting in the parking lot of Stonebriar mall. I haven't read the story but I'll take a guess it was fighting over a parking space. 


I Can't Believe I Missed This

In this world of information overload, this column completely slipped past me. I was on the story of the DPS charges the moment it came out and complemented our Sheriff when the policy was revoked. But I missed this in the Star-Telegram. 

Nuclear War Talk

What do guys think about this article from 1981?

Above The Fold

Glen Campbell's Passing

I never thought much of him as a kid but he grew on me as time went by. And once he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, my fondness ramped up.

But I wrote years ago that this song has, in my very humble opinion, the two greatest lines in history.

And I need you more than want you.
And I want you for all time. 

Pure poetry. 

And who would have ever thought you could write a love song from the perspective of a county worker?

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's start today off with a few quotes from yesterday which should make us all fear like we've never feared before.
  • Trump: "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen," Uh, like the world has never seen? 
    Nagasaki on this day in 1945
  • North Korea's state run media responded:  We will "turn the U.S. mainland into the theater of a nuclear war" at any sign of an impending American attack.
  • Everyone feeling pretty good now?
  • Let's check in on First Baptist Church of Dallas' pastor: "In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un." That should make you fear this guy is a pastor.

  • Maybe Trump was off his meds yesterday and we don't need to be concerned. Let's check on him this morning: 
  • Ummkay. And I didn't know you could update a bunch of nukes in six months. 
  • Flashback to Trump from 2012: 
  • There was an ad on The Ticket this morning paid by a conservative PAC which went after SMU for their 9/11 flag "controversy" and mentioned how Gov. Abbott was upset about it. 
  • "If a baker doesn't want to sell [a cake] to a black person, I'm OK with that." - WBAP's Hal Jay yesterday at 6:54 a.m. You could almost hear everyone else in the studio stepping back. 
  • Am I the only one who is surprised this is the same guy? 
  • Road Rage is now creeping over to Valet Rage?: 
  • I've got a Glen Campbell post going up in a just a little bit. 


My New Favorite Couple

Breaking it down to "Tipsy" like nobody's business.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Dallas Morning News laid off 45 people after they "outsourced" their advertising. 
  • Heard in a courthouse elevator in Denton yesterday: "I'm sorry. It's just the voices in my head. I didn't take my medication."
  • This is the result of a wreck yesterday of a spouse of a Wise County Courthouse office administrator. Not a scratch on him. And I heard a Decatur police officer went beyond the call of duty. Proof you should wear your seatbelt.
  • Fox 4 News led with a story from over the weekend of yet another road rage case. A girl actually was shot in the arm. I'm now fascinated with watching how people drive and if there is a war going on between two cars. You can see it developing sometimes.
  • There is a new arrest in the DART beating case. The easiest and simplest legal advice ever is this: Shut up. 
  • What an odd and horrible story: A sailboat on Lake O' The Pines in East Texas comes into contact with a power line and three Boy Scouts died. 
  • This is a heck of a start for a court opinion that just came out. The result? Pay the man his money. 
  • Trump has started his own network, "Trump TV". It's a modern day American version of Pravda
  • I've dogged Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett for a couple of years for his "aww shucks" twitter account. It's a disguised and constant political ad.  Then he tweeted this out this weekend implying how poor he was back in the day. Uh, he went to private Baylor University for undergrad and went to the extremely high tone private Duke Law School. He is trying to con you. Being thrifty does not mean you are poor. And there are many, many people who could explain to him what poor is. 
  • One of my favorite sayings when the kids (or Mrs. LL) keep an outside door open for more than five seconds during the summer: "Shut the door. You're letting the bought air out!!"