Hey, Now

Oh, My #2

The kicker for USC has been found dead "at the bottom of White Point Cliff in San Pedro, according for a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department. Police did not release further details." This is a pic I found of White Point Cliff. (Others.)

Ok, Enough Mourning

Am I getting old, or is mom getting perilously close to being the hot one?

Oh, My


The President Hasn't Been Watching The Google

Response of Press Secretary Tony Snow in response to a question of whether the President had seen the video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein. (Source.) Considering the way it was carried out will probably cause the civil war to escalate even further, it might want to give it a look-see.

My Engineering Brain . . .

. . . has concluded that the Decatur square is now too narrow for traffic ever since it was re-worked last summer. At least it is at the corner where Matties used to be (now Sweetie Pie's Cross Eyeds or something like that.) It's hard for two cars, going opposite directions, to get past one another.

Now I Know Why The Flags Are At Half Staff

And may the surgeon be mindful that swimsuit season is right around the corner. Godspeed, Lindsay. Godspeed.

Please . . .

. . . for the love of all things sweet and clean, let this be Bill Parcels final year. He can single handedly suck a team into a black hole with his negativity and lack of energy. And I believe he possesses the most dangerous trait known to man: He thinks he has nothing else to learn. Back to New Jersey, sir. Back to New Jersey.

I'm Insane . . .

. . . now.

Hot Skillet Killer

As far as I know, he is still on the run. I think everyone at the Star-Telegram is still on vacation because I haven't seen a single story about the incident. The Wichita Falls Time Record News has a small article about it. A big news event on Wednesday morning is poor timing for the Messenger. They have to wait until Saturday to cover it in print.

She's Bringing Sexy Back . . . . What?

Limited Interest

For a lengthy new article on how Texas Tort Reform has hit the plaintiffs' attorneys, check this out. I, amazingly, have been a lawyer for over 20 years. No where has there been a greater change in the legal atmosphere than in personal injury litigation. Back in the 1980s, people could get sued (successfully) for anything (an employer sued for sending a worker home who showed up drunk and then got in a wreck, an electric company sued for a kid touching an electrical line with a makeshift metal pole, etc.) and there were no statutory limits on how much they could collect. Moreover, the Texas Supreme Court was made up of ex-plaintiffs' lawyers and they never saw a claim or a dollar amount they didn't like. But all that is over now. Statutory tort reform limits recovery. And the all-Republican and conservative Texas Supreme Court is ready, willing and able to beeeyotch slap any claim that seems unreasonable or any award that seems too much. Just ask any plaintiff's lawyer if he'll take a "slip and fall" case these days. It's not a good time to be The Texas Hammer or The Tough, Smart Lawyer. And everyone is surprised to learn I've never been a big fan of personal injury law. In fact, my first five years out of law school involved working for two large law firms in the area of insurance defense. I really liked it. But, man, I was simply amazed at how much the system was out of control.

The Fab Five

The North McKinney High School cheerleading "scandal" (old news around her) has made it to Newsweek and The Today Show this week. Haven't heard of it? Suffice it to say that cheerleaders need to be careful not to have their pictures taken in full cheerleading outfits in a Condom to Go store. Someone pointed out that one of the former cheerleaders pics are here. (Source.)

Poll Results

"Did You Have A Good Christmas?" . . .

. . . has been asked waaaaaay too much this week.


"Putting Wax On Bricks"

This all happens pretty fast. The clip starts with an overweight adult telling some skaterboyz to get off the property. That's followed by some bad skateboarding. That's followed by the overweight adult engaging in a borderline assault of a skaterboy. And one F Bomb to boot. Good times.

As You Struggle To Pay Your Christmas Bills . . .

. . . consider this news over the last three days: - The CEO of Home Depot, Bob Nardelli abruptly resigned today, but will receive a severance package of $210 million. - J.C. Penney fired its COO right before the new year (after six months on the job) only to have to pay her "about $10 million in severance ." - Today, the University of Alabama hired Nick Saban for 8 years and $32 million (guaranteed.)

Great "Letter To The Editor" In The DMN Today

"With Saddam Hussein's execution, the only person who didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction was hanging from the end of the rope." - John R. Cobarruvias, Houston Preach on, bruther, preach on.

Who's Your Daddy?

Tom Craddick, the Texas speaker of the House of Representatives, is getting a lot of heat as other reps have decided to take his job. Being a hardline conservative ain't what it used to be. But I was glad to see this note today from out own right winger Rep. Phil King: "I have no intention of running for speaker on Jan. 9. Additionally, I would like to publicly reaffirm my strong commitment to Tom Craddick." Source here and here. Until, of course, he loses the speakership.

Soooo Immature Part 2

Jessica Alba was at the beach last weekend. And not a single guy there noticed. Source.

Soooooo Immature

Link. ("Deadspin", by the way, is the premiere sports-crazy-talk blog on the Internet.)

National Politics

If you kinda like Barak Obama and think the Fair and Balanced Network's morning show is full of a bunch of numbnuts, you gotta check out this.

Actual News

The Wise County Sheriff's Office has identified Antonio Zarate Limon, 44, of Bowie as the suspect in the shooting incident that occurred this morning around 6:45 am at the Hot Skillet Restaurant parking lot. An arrest warrant for murder has been issued for Antonio Limon, an hispanic male, 5' 8", weighing 186 Lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes. Limon left the scene of the shooting on foot in an unknown direction, no clothing description available. He was carrying a rifle. There are multiple agencies working on locating Limon. Aircraft and tracking dogs are working the scene. When additional information is received there will be update issued. If you have seen this man you are urged to contact the Wise County Sheriff's Office at 940-627-5971 or call Wise County Crimestoppers at 1-800-643-8477. Do not approach this man. If seen contact the local law enforcement office with the information.

I Will Not Post This Picture Of Ashlee Simpson

A Faithful Reader . . .

. . . sent me this link (I have no idea why he thought I would be interested.) But, after several hours of study, I'd choose Jacquelyn.

Now That's News

From the Update.


My Last Boise State / OU Post

This was the 4th and 18 play with less than 30 seconds left in regulation. Simply amazing. (For a less than three minute clip of all the scoring that occurred in the last two minutes and overtime, here it is.)

How I Celebrated New Year's Eve

The Only Good Thing . . .

. . . about Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.

They Just Keep Coming

We set an all time record in December for visits (despite the slow holidays but aided by a couple of hot button topics.) And look what happened in September when I shut down the Comments for a couple of weeks.

"You Are Not The Father" - Dance

Al Bundy Plays For Clemson?

Debit Card Update

Update from the earlier post. I just got a call from the bank that a gentleman showed up with my debit card and $400. Incredible. I asked that he give his name and contact information if he would be so kind as to divulge it. The guy deserves something.

I'm Still Hypnotized by The OU - Boise State Game

Here's the two point conversion for the win. A fake throw while the ball is in the other hand. Then secretly handed off to the tailback who had been casually just standing around. Genius. But this play doesn't match the Hook and Ladder on 4th and 19 a few moments earlier. I'm still looking for it.

I'm Sooooo Offended . . .

. . . by guys with a TIVO on New Year's Day.

Me In Pain

From the White Rock Half Marathon last month. One is at the seven mile mark. The other at the finish (I was probably looking for a defibrillator).

This Happened After The Game

Boise State running back Ian Johnson, right, proposes to his girlfriend, cheerleader Chrissy Popadics, Monday, Jan. 1, 2007 after Boise State beat Oklahoma 43-42 in the Fiesta Bowl college football game in Glendale, Ariz.


My bank called me this morning (huge shout out to First Financial) to ask me if I lost me debit card. I said no, and the nice lady informed me that someone had found it and was bringing in "the card and some money" this morning. I quickly checked my wallet and . . . yep . . . it's gone. I last used it two days ago. She quickly checked my records and found out that there was a $400 withdrawal shortly after I made my last transaction. The story so far is that I left the card in the machine and the next person chose "yes" to "do you want another transaction?" He then, the story goes, realized that it was my account and not his account that the $400 was withdrawn from. Will this guy bring in $400? I'll know shortly. What a wacky way to start the new year.


I Can't Believe I'm Still Up . . .

. . . but it was worth it to watch an amazing college football game.

They Would Have Asked For Papers In Farmer's Branch . . .

. . . and then kicked them out onto the streets if they couldn't produce them: "At 12:01 a.m. Monday, Melissa Torres - all 7 pounds and 20 inches of her - made her grand debut as the year’s first Tarrant County baby. She was born at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth to Rogelio Torres and Luz Maria Tavera."

Hey, Now (Again)

Very Random New Year's Eve Thoughts

I've never been much of a New Year's Eve guy, but I thought about a few of them today: 1. Beatlemania. (Probably 1992.)I went to a cover band of the Beatles playing in a huge ballroom at the Worthington Hotel in downtown Fort Worth. It was top notch. 2. Billy Bob's. (Probably 1993). I have no idea who was playing or why I was there. It was memorable because the next morning I got up in the ice and went to the Cotton Bowl only to leave at halftime to fly to New Orleans for the national championship game between Alabama and Miami. Triple good times. 3. Dinner Mystery Party. (Probably 1995.) This was in some hotel in North Dallas. Concept: I don't know how to explain it. Results: Spare. 4. Some house in Dallas. (Probably 1994.) I went with a couple to one of their friend's house. I knew no one there. The event was memorable because midnight came and went with no one so much as acknowledging it. Very strange. 5. On the lake. (Late 1990s). I lived at the north end of Lake Bridgeport for about 10 years and finally settled down a little bit. There was nothing like watching NYE arrive on TV and then walking out onto the deck and hearing the quietness. 6. Skating rink in Decatur. (Sometime in the early 1970s). The first time I kissed a girl. Results: Triple good times again. 6. Most of the time, I stay home. There's nothing wrong with that.


Chief Justice John Roberts calls this annual salary for federal judges a "constitutional crisis." Really, how is a guy supposed to survive on that?

LA Clipper Girls

Somehow I Stumbled Upon . . .

. . . a Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci-Fi channel today. You know, some of the episodes were great but some were absolutely awful.

NFL Bandwagon

NFL.com has a five (very odd) question test which tells you, based upon your personality, what team you should cheer for in the playoffs. There's sound and graphics so it takes a second to load, but it borders on the Theater of the Bizarre. (I get the New York Jets.) And we all should have a backup team since the Cowboys will be one and done. But Bill Parcells will still enjoy his four million for this season.